Evil genius.Yeah so that guy who filmed Sarah Palin warbling nonsense in front of a parade of beheaded turkeys? Various news reports have said he is “an award-winning chief photographer,” and this is true. This fellow, Scott Jensen, was the National Press Photographers Association’s TV News Photojournalist of the Year — twice! And now we see why. Part of what makes that Palin video so delicious is the fact that the shot really is perfectly set up: we get an unobstructed view of that creepy butcher, plus vivid red turkey blood and of course the harsh unflattering bronze of Sarah Palin’s blush. Scott Jensen is an American hero. [The Digital Journalist]

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  1. The composition of the piece is breathtaking. Notice how the mutilated turkey draws the eye away from the intentional drama in the foreground. The use of simple pastels highlights the tension, without diminishing the purpose of the lingering sky, floating above, protecting us.

  2. Scott didn’t have to work hard at this one. He just let the camera roll and let the proverbial dead turkey heads fall where they may.

    He might not win a Photojournalist of the Year award for this one, but he certainly could win a Silver Sow award for unintentional hilarity.

    If only Simple Sarah said:
    “As god as my witness, I thought these turkeys were still alive.”

  3. In Palin’s defense, nobody ever thought that their Thanksgiving turkey died of a coronary in a moment of sexual ecstasy, or committed suicide. However. I thought I would share a family recipe for turkey with you:

    1. Catch a big old turkey. Grab it by its feet.
    2. Stuff it in a funnel. When its little head pokes out the bottom, rip its head off. Wait for it to bleed out.
    3. Serves 8-10, depending on if the little bitches have been snacking all day, like you told them not to do.

    If possible, do this in the background of a Presidential press conference. If one is not available, substitute a YouTube of Bush walking into a door in Kyoto or someplace.

  4. the only thing that wouldve made it any better was for them to interview a turkey while the butcher put her in the funnel and then stood there grinning like an idiot

  5. When is the video of Hopey answering questions while standing in front of baby abortin’ funnels going to surface? The damn media is so in the tank.

  6. [re=186307]unprotoize[/re]: Daily Kos is just down the hall. Wonkette will NEVER LET GO of the VPILF. There’s just too much material there, dontcha know?

  7. Among his many awards not previously listed, he also won the Gotcha Award for Outstanding Gotcha Photography from the Gotcha Foundation.

    Well done, son.

  8. It’s also a visual pun, as the man in the background is doing to the turkey exactly what the idiot in the foreground is doing to the English language.

  9. Passive agression is a perfect way to handle the likes of Bible Spice.

    She is such an airhead that she believes her own press and cannot see that she has gone way past the pinacle of what a beauty queen can do with her beauty.

    I imagine that the work is good for the cameraman and that he simply got sick of her shit.

    Kudos to him.

  10. [re=186321]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: You’re right. Really I do come here for the cheap lulz, so I shouldn’t complain. I was heartbroken when the cut-nut story died so quickly.

    [re=186307]HughJennicks[/re]: Rieeght? Her fifteen minutes is so over we’re months now into overtime. I think everyone can agree though in that fashionably bipartisan way, though, that after the Georgia runoff election it’s time to her to get back to Alaska and STFU.

  11. Another example of the “Gotcha Media”!! When will they the poor beauty queen a break and let her escape into oblivion in her Alaskan ice castle? Hopefully never…….this whack job is highly entertaining in a Trig kind of way.

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