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Sarah Palin’s Book Advance May Dwarf Even Nate Silver’s

NEED MORE MUNNIEZ FOR SNOW MACHINEZAfter her cruelly brief tenure as a vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin is poised to perform a time-honored ritual for national failures and people who have completely humiliated themselves, repeatedly, on the world stage: she will write her memoirs, and she will be paid many millions of dollars for it. And she will waste all her millions of dollars on raw-silk Versace jackets and a new meth lab for her seventh child, Pistol.

Publishing industry insiders speculate she might make as much as SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS on an as-yet completely imaginary book deal.

Palin’s personal account of her tumultuous introduction to national politics is widely regarded as the book most likely to repay a multi-million-dollar advance.

“She’s poised to make a ton of money,” said Howard Rubenstein, New York’s best-known public relations adviser.

“Every publisher and a lot of literary agents have been going after her,” added Jeff Klein of Folio Literary management.

Sarah Palin’s searing examination of a nation in turmoil, and her own pivotal role as the maverick reformer who frightened millions of moderate Republicans into crossing party lines to elect America’s first black president, will be called My Pet Goat. It will be a picture book.

Sarah Palin’s failure set to reap her $7m book deal [The Times Online]

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  1. mattbolt

    SEVEN MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS? Haha, joke’s on them, anyone that would buy a book written (haha, “written”) by Sarah Palin is already illiterate

  2. superfecta

    Since when do her fans read? What is the market for this? Having said that, I know a few ghost writers would would enjoy the work…

  3. mattbolt

    Has anyone in history ever gained so much for being such a failure? She was elevated onto the national stage just so we could tear her down, but somehow, as we all had a hold of her leg and were pulling all we could to toss her into some pit of misery where she belonged, she managed to reach out with her desperate hands and loot every Neiman Marcus in the country and grasp onto a book deal worth more than the entire net worth of Wasilla.

  4. FreshCliches

    [re=178631]bitchincamaro[/re]: What a coincidence! The base is looking forward to a “book” that gives them a pop-up.

  5. Quacker

    [re=178638]Cathangover[/re]: Hell, I’d ghostwrite it myself, provided that we’re somewhere the National Enquirer couldn’t find us, and she was “wearing” that towel again – and I was ready to go straight to hell.

  6. mattbolt

    Yeah, I’m gettin’ Todd ta ghostwrite tha thing wit me, he’s into dem Hardy Boy books in tha Young Adult section o’ the part o’ the library books I didn’t ban, anyhow, he’s addin some spooky mystery parts an’ detectives an’ bootleggers an’ whatnot to punch it up. Also.

  7. mattbolt

    Starbursts in the Snowfall: The Passionate Embrace of the Eskimo Lady and the Handsome Journalist

    By Bill Kristol

  8. Mr Blifil

    I’m assuming she’ll be fine with it if a bunch of us buy a couple hundred copies with the express intent of creating a bonfire with them.

  9. Anonymous Office Zombie

    Oh, oh wait. Even better idea. Please, let it be strictly on audio format where the entire thing is her spitting out one long, neverending, run-on sentence cluster of words for a solid two hours.

  10. Chicken Smack

    [re=178651]mephistopheles jefferson[/re]: To go William Burroughs, you must first go Ambrose Bierce.

  11. AxmxZ

    If there is any justice in the world, Silver will sell his book at the rate of Malcolm Galdwell and Michael Lewis, if they had a book baby, and Palin’s opus will be in Walmart discount bins two days after it comes out in print.

  12. mattbolt

    Sarah Palin’ Ultimate Toilet Reader: A Collection of Huntin’ Jokes, Naughty Limericks and Other Stuff To Read While You Poop.

  13. Larry McAwful

    [re=178670]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: Well, if William Falkner could do it, why not her? I think she’s more of a natural when it comes to that.

  14. coolcatdaddy

    Well, I can’t wait for this little tome to show up in the remaindered bins for $2. Would make a great gag gift.

  15. SayItWithWookies

    [re=178681]Larry McAwful[/re]: There’s a difference between writing from Benjy’s point of view and being Benjy. I fear for the sanity of her editor.

  16. Ted Perino

    Why do I think this will end like one of those stories where somebody in a trailer park suddenly wins millions in the lottery?

  17. Itsjustme

    [re=178661]intellijen[/re]: I was hoping the froward would be by the campaign aide that made the Hillbilly/Neiman Marcus raid comment.

  18. azw88

    So she was after a big $$ book deal! That is why she sabotaged the run for the WhiteHouse, she knew she couldn’t get a big $$ book deal as Veep. She isn’t really looking to 2012…

    Folks, you need to d what I do: Any time I am in a bookstore or book section of a store, I turn around books by morons like that attacked Obama. I do the same to rags like the Enquirer (well, I didn’t mess with the Cindy is cheating and the Palin family squabble issues). so, when her books hit the shelves just casually walk over, act like you are reading the back cover (don’t actually read said jacket, it will cause you nausea and retinal burns) and put the book on the shelf backwards. Proceed immediately to the restroom to wash your hands and rinse the filth from your eyes. AN alternative would be to pick up a different book and put it in front of the Palin book.

  19. Cape Clod

    My money is on her taking the money, spending it on hideous tacky crap, and never writing a word. Remember, it took her ten years or something to get through college.

  20. Larry McAwful

    Her book’s goin’ to look great in my bookcase. I’m goin’ to put it right between my copies of Marilyn Quayle’s The Campaign: A Novel and David Lee Roth’s Crazy from the Heat.

  21. Come here a minute

    She will “write” it herself by shouting it into a tape recorder over the weekend, a la Stephen Colbert, although in her case it will be more of a screech.

  22. norbizness

    This may the first book that requires ghost-writing AND ghost-living.

    Title: Smokin’ Banana Palins, Nothing Is Real.

  23. TGY

    “History of my EPIC FAIL” by Sarah Palin.

    Obviously, I need to find something bigger and more lucrative to fail at.

  24. Miller

    I pity the poor ghost writer who is going to have to turn her gibberish into readable, understandable, cogent English. On the other hand it might be so chock full of smarmy rural bullshit that the creators of the Andy Griffith Show might sue for folksiness infringement.

  25. Tra


    Um. You’re aware that books have writing on the back covers, too, right?

    Cut it out. You’re just pissing off the people who have to work there. Says a person who once worked there.

  26. mephistopheles jefferson

    [re=178676]Chicken Smack[/re]: Bierce, huh? I can see it now – “Did you happen to know that consciousness is the child of Rhythm?” “Well, gee, don’tcha know, Rhythm is the child of my 1st cousin Consomme’!!!”

  27. queeraselvis v 2.0

    By “book” you do mean “One and a half pages of single-spaced, gerund-laced, hillbilly-laden nonsense with a few *winks* thrown in for good measure,” right?

  28. queeraselvis v 2.0

    [re=178689]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Let’s see, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? Yea, pretty much.

  29. iwillsavethispatient

    I have come to realise that Sarah Palin’s sentence structures are exactly like the SNL character Nicholas Fehn. Ergo, this book is going to be hilariously awesome.

  30. PrairiePossum

    Betcha this one doesn’t make Oprah’s book club.

    Working title – “A Million Little Typos”

  31. Citizen Kang


    Feel free to keep that copy of McCain’s “Faith of my Fathers” I lent you a few weeks ago…

  32. Beef Supreme

    It won’t actually be a book. It’ll just be a greeting card, and when you open it, it plays music.

  33. Atheist Nun

    [re=178698]azw88[/re]: Turning books around? I just use superglue on the edges. There’s a lot of Bill O’Reilly and Limbaugh books where I live that go back to the factory with the pages stuck together, but not because Rich Lowery’s been reading them.

  34. lawrenceofthedesert

    Seems right to me that Sarah is 1/4 as valuable to America as Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics and less than 1/9 as valuable as Richard Fuld, who was paid $68 million last year to lead Lehman Brothers into the toilet. (GROUCHO: “How much if you don’t rehearse and you don’t play?” CHICO: “Forget it, Boss; you couldn’t afford it.”)

  35. sati demise

    [re=178659]mattbolt[/re]: Todd is ‘into’ watching that “ice truckers show” and that “fishin’ show”.

    Working titles of Sarahs book:
    “90 Outfits in 90 Days”
    “Love or Lust: First VP Interview”
    “Word Salad: Republican Beach Party”
    “Image Politics From Down Home Wasilla”
    The curious lies of Sarah Palin.

  36. hobgoblin of little minds

    [re=178651]mephistopheles jefferson[/re]: “Did I ever tell you about the man who taught his asshole to talk…” Hell, her family members resemble mugwumps and her sentences are basically constructed via some version of the cut-up method, so she should have no problem creating her own version of Nova Express or Naked Lunch set in a frozen wasteland and populated by meth addicts instead of being set in some futuristic space world populated by heroin junkies.

  37. Panderfinder

    before she and her ghostwriter begin, let someone explain the plagiarism laws
    to them. oh, wait, they don’t care.

    maybe judith regan could be her publisher.

  38. NoWireHangers

    Oh, please. If you said they were offering her $7 Mill for a porn, it would be more plausible. Bitch couldn’t write a picture book, and if she tried she’d probably die from exhaustion.

    Damn, the jokes write themselves.

  39. messickc (ROLL TIDE!)

    [re=178638]Cathangover[/re]: Well, on the plus side if you do get a wild hair to read it afterward, you won’t miss anything if you have to skip over the pages that are stuck together.

  40. Toomush Infermashun

    I can’t wait: I love comic books! Palin the Eskimo and her sidekick Joe the Plumber epic fail to save the world from subtly colored Muslin caped infiltrator and his verbose pal: words vs, well, words with thoughts….

  41. Anonymous Office Zombie

    [re=178946]messickc (ROLL TIDE!)[/re]:
    Nice. Although I’ve got to go with The Lynin’, the Witch Hunter, and the $150,000 Wardrobe

  42. messickc (ROLL TIDE!)

    [re=179009]wilbro[/re]: Yes. That and her daughter wasn’t knocked up by a self proclaimed “Fucking redneck.”

  43. rocktonsammy

    Kitty Kelly will be busy with Oprah’s book, thank God.

    Fingers crossed for lots of pictures of her kids.

  44. Hooray For Anything

    Will they allow this ” ;) ” so she can wink at you? And I thought writin’ books is elitist?

  45. Borat

    I’m sure I’ve said this before, but that photo makes you realise how aweful those heads living in perpetuity in a jar on Futurama are. Can you imagine that in your house all day. I’d get my cat to eat it

  46. Wine from Outer Space

    If you want to attack Sen. Obama about Bill Ayers, turn to page 13.
    If you want to label Sen. Obama a socialist, turn to page 64.

  47. Hooray For Anything

    Maybe it’ll be a travel book about where to go and see Real America, what to do there, and how to dress fabulously on somebody else’s dime.

  48. Scandalabra

    Sarah is part of a proud tradition of fundamentalist dingbats who had second acts in their lives. Anita Bryant opened a dress shop in Alabama or somewhere, and Tammy Fay Bakker did the gay cabaret circuit for a while.

  49. El Topo

    Do these asshelmet publishers even know what the word “book” means? It’s a collection of words that are supposed to make some semblance of sense. They are supposed to be written by human beings, a species differentiated from other life forms by its ability to reason, and by its ability to articulate.

    Here, let me write something: Palin writing a “book” is like unto a dog turd inventing a sweet, sweet perfume. My simile is hindered, of course, by the fact that Palin is, in actuality, a dog turd.

    This “book” would be hilarious if it weren’t sure to be “written” by Mark Salter.

  50. Accordion-o-rama

    [re=178754]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: Was “a million dollars a period” a reference to her lifelong preg-a-thon?

  51. WesternCorrespondent

    If the latest from The National Enquirer is true — they have a report from an inside source at HarperCollins that Palin’s book is merely a continuation of her State-of-Alaska press release diatribes aimed at the teenage father of her daughter’s child, not the expected journal-style autobiography — then it turns out Sarah Palin doublecrossed Rupert Murdoch, her HarperCollins benefactor.

    Murdoch paid her $7 million to write a book, but I’m sure he didn’t expect it to be another petty attack on the same teenager she’s been slandering for the past 10 months.

    Palin also failed Murdoch’s litmus test in Hong Kong 9/23/09 — few people thought her speech made sense or had merit. No wonder Murdoch has allowed anti-Palin articles to appear lately in his newspapers (the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal).

    Palin made a big mistake trying to con Murdoch.

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