One of the personalities everyone in America mocks on a daily basis, Bill O’Reilly, went on Jon Stewart’s political comedy program The Daily Show last night to promote his insanely titled new book, A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity. O’Reilly tries to appear affable for the hippie crowd, but for O’Reilly that means bullying his host with the words, “Listen, Stewart,” and saying all liberals are fags with no “traditional values.” Stewart insults O’Reilly constantly, too! Culture Wars! Part 1 is above, Part 2 after the jump.

Bill O’Reilly Appears on The Daily Show [Indecision 2008]

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  1. a bold fresh steaming pile of crap came on the daily show last night to shill his new book, next week a bold fresh steaming pile of dick morris, a bold quivering mess of sean hannity, and a bold throbbing dick cheney just to make our axis of evil week complete. Although, be warned dick cheney doesnt throb like he used to.

  2. Greenwich village isn’t the real America or diverse because it goes overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Everyone knows that the only places that are really America and diverse are places that go overwhelmingly republican.

  3. Call me ‘CRAZAY’ but I grinned the whole time watchin that. Nobody’s going to change a mind that’s firmly rooted so I found the banter mildly playful…like a PUPPY FIGHT!!!!! With PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love that back-up to the claim that the U.S. is center-right because we were noble to remove Saddam Hussein or something. If we were center-left most people would not just want to leave Iraq, but ass-rape the troops for fighting war?

  5. There is so much wrong with that title Billbo.

    1) No mentions of Falafal or Loofas
    2) Who says you’re human?
    3) How can you give something you don’t have?

  6. and in a just universe, a douchebag like O’Reilly should get his wish and be forced to live as an anarchist. He’s live for a week, and he wouldn’t enjoy it.

  7. ahem…Bill…the survivalists with the land and the guns and hating the government and the beards, they also hate anyone who’s not Protestant. Just lettin’ you know. The KKK was not only an anti-black organization, it was an anti-Catholic one too. You’re not likely to be welcome in the compound.

  8. “I’m an anarchist.”


    That’s Change We Can Believe In.

    (Or “Change In Which We Can Believe,” if you didn’t learn your English through an ESL program.)

  9. I think him looking at that bear and calling it a panda by accident and then having it pointed out to him that it is not a panda, followed by him continuing to insist that it’s a panda is kinda the perfect metaphor. I think everything i’ve ever said about bill o’reilly was proven in that moment. Also I didn’t think it was so awkward. I think Jon likes having him there because he recognizes him as a different beast than hannity and it’s some one he can disagree with without having to basically call them the biggest shithead in the world like he had to do with Jonah Goldberg.

  10. Sadly, I can’t watch videos now that I’m at the office “working”. *laughs and laughs* I’ll try to get to it tonight. I know he had his moments, but I remember him being a giant suck-up for the most part years ago.

  11. Won’t watch this nor anything of him.
    I do, however, invite you to get back to me when his head finally explodes or if he’s arrested for some kind of crime against nature (i.e., something interesting).
    Kind regards.

  12. Well Bill O can come on down to Oklahoma anytime he wants. I voted for Obama and I’ll be happy to cook him some ribs and kick his candy ass back to New York. Stewart can come and stay and minus the ass kicking.

  13. “A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity”

    You’re joking, right? I can’t watch videos at work.

    As in, “Servant! Throw another bold, fresh piece of humanity to the hungry tigers?”

    You are joking, right?

  14. After the interview Bill O’Reilly skipped the whole way back to his fancy SoHo apartment on Elizabeth street and called up his BFF whom he plans to get gay-married to in CT, NY socialite Chappy Morris, to giggle about his dig on “Greenwich Village” (“hehe that will show those village co-op boards for rejecting me!”).

  15. You know I thought I’d feel different after the election. But I still cannot watch arsewrenches like ORLY. I tried to watch it and just the fact that he exists sickened me too much. Even the hope that “Stewart” would just expose him for the moron he is was not reinforcing enough. And even here, my snark is broken.

  16. [re=176930]Carrie_Okie[/re]: yea, the reason Bill-o and all his followers are so ‘scared’ of Obama is they swallowed all the lies about our president elect. Even if you totally and completely debunked the lie about Obama, they believed it anyway.

    sort of like believing a brown bear is a Panda. If you showed Bill-o a picture of a Panda next to that stuffed bear, he would still say it was a Panda. Thats how the rabid right wing constructs their view of Hopey.

  17. Bill lost a lot of girlfriends over the years because he made them call it a “bold fresh piece of humanity.” Not only was it creepy, they’d say, it wasn’t exactly an apt moniker either.

  18. I watched maybe the first minute on teevee and found something else to do. Bill-O pulls the same goddamn schtick every time he wanders away from his litter box at Fox – vaguely polite for a few seconds, defiantly “neutral”, quick to remind everyone that he is 6’4″ and that he once hit his dad in the face or something. He acts like he wants everyone to see he’s some kinda lunch pail carrying long shoreman, but he is clearly a money worshipping pansy who gets his eyebrows professionally waxed while his toes get manicured and then he makes an awkward pass at the Korean girl and huffs out to get another shitty overpriced Scotch at the hotel, where he hits on the bartendress and gets huffy again.

  19. [re=176787]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Jon Stewart’s been having his moments pretty constantly for years. You don’t actually watch him, do you?

  20. all of o’reilly’s overcompensating references to his physical toughness made me feel uncomfortable and sorry for him. “I’m 6 foot 4.” “You wouldn’t go down to the red states, you’d get your ass kicked. You could go down with me, i’ll protect you.”

    Really? No… I actually think Stewart could travel anywhere in the US and not get his ass kicked. Pretty much like any of us could.

    I wonder what happened to poor Billy when he was a kid. Was he bullied and taunted? Is that what’s behind all this? I’m actually serious… it made me kind of sad.

  21. meh, it was pretty sensible and less awkward compared to Bill O’Reilly’s previous appearances on shows like these, the guy’s really mellowed out.

  22. Also, it’s worth noting that Bill O’Reilly does not act the same in reality as he does on his show. It was really funny to see him that first time on the Colbert report, since I think Colbert was expecting O’Reilly the character and didn’t really know what to do with out-of-character O’Reilly.

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