The sleeping beast sleepeth no more, DO YOU SEE? Weekly Standard editor and New York Times dandy Bill Kristol appears to have flipped the website back on for the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the famous congregation of neocons who love declaring war on all Arabs, always. WHAT EVIL THINGS WILL THEY PLAN NOW? Why the election of Sarah Palin, of course! [Wonk Room]

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  1. The GOP needs to split into 2 factions:

    A. Social conservatives, i.e. Crazy nuts, Bible thumpers/humpers, Loonies, and Bitterz
    B. Fiscal conservatives who just want their money

    This way everybody wins; especially the Democrats.

  2. Neo-cons are like weeds. You can exterminate them, and yet they will come back with even stronger numbers the next round.
    Time to buy more herbicides.

  3. The PNAC website states …that American leadership is good both for America and for the world

    Yay! At least I live in the country that will be ruling the rest of the world.

  4. [re=172480]BillyClubb[/re]: Wanting to rule the world and actually ruling the world are two different things. The former makes us fundamentalist-theocracy Iran (as opposed to secular-hedonist-heaven Persia). The latter makes us Klingons.

  5. Considering Kristol’s track record, if they want to try and elect Sarah Palin, go nuts. In fact, they should just put Kristol in charge of the Republican Party.

  6. I hope the NeoCons won’t waste all Saracuda’s experience in beauty pageants and “existing in a nearby region” and allow her MC a few of the Russian discussion panels – you know, if the honorarium includes first-class accommodations for her five kids.

  7. At this point I would suspect anything Kristol does as being a Trojan Horse secretly funded by the Democrats. It’s the most plausible explanation.

  8. What batch of new wannabe warlord losers is going to sign on with the “RW Assholes playing Risk for realz” Club Again?

    Mittens Rommey?
    9ud1 Ghoull1an1?
    Joe the Plumber?
    Sarah of the Stupids?

    I can’t see who else. The first two years will be wasted just explaining the rules and concept of dice to the new members.

  9. So Kristol has 4 years to recast Sarah as the female Ronald Reagan. She’s can’t speak well enough without a teleprompter to make it in the Senate. The ‘Rapture-ready’ crowd may have hit its high-water mark. Obama will bring family values into the White House. She’ll likely end up joining Britney Spears as a B-lister.

  10. Sarah Palin is to Bill Kristol as Vista is to Microsoft. They are both too heavily invested in a discredited, substandard product to simply write off their loses.

  11. From their “statement of principles” written in 1997:

    “Of course, the United States must be prudent in how it exercises its power.”


  12. Randy Schueneman and Phil Gramm planning their reunion tour!?!
    Who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’? Wolfowitz? Vultures feeding on a dead carcass or Phoenix rising?

  13. Well, little surprise here. I didn’t know that Kristol would be the eventual burning effigy, but I didn’t realize he pulled any weight anymore. Perhaps we make fun of him too much to appreciate his sway. Seeing as it will be him exploding in violent showers on 9/11 remembrance days of the hope(tm)ful future, I would like to determine whom, exactly, is pulling his strings. Not Likely, understood. Does this make him the New Dick Chaney/Donald Rumsfeld/M.C. Rove?

  14. How awesome would it be to be Bill Kristol? You could basically just be completely wrong about everything, get us ass backwards into war, and take down the McCain campaign, all the while remaining a complete douche and nobody would call you on it or be punish you for it. At this point, he knows he could just make something up and people would not only let him get away with it, but in some dark crevice in the Corner or Dick Cheney’s heart, they’d think it’s a good idea.

  15. Well done Bill. The only thing that will make people take you more seriously than touting Sarah Palin in 2012 is ridiculing “the incoherent policies of the Clinton Administration.”

  16. Let’s keep an eye on their every crazy idea this time. Maybe they succeeded in the past because they didn’t have Wonkette to kick them around.

  17. “Yes, I think it would be a wonderful idea to restart that organization nearly universally regarded as evil and whose proposed policies have failed utterly and completely during the past 8 years.”

  18. “Her campaign for governor was bumpy. She missed enough campaign appearances to be tagged “No Show Sarah” by her opponents. She was criticized for being vague on issues. But she sold voters on the one product that mattered: herself.”

    And this is a good thing because……….?

  19. Bill Kristol is still influential over the Repubs, because they have driven out everyone but the neo-cons. Non-fundies, non-militarists, minorities, gays (including many of their Congress-critters) are all gone. All that is left is a collection of Bible-thumpers, militia members, and bank board members, none of whom would be seen with the others.

  20. From the article: Among those associated with the McCain campaign, Kristol, Scheunemann, and Goldfarb are known to have been three of the biggest Sarah Palin boosters.

    So they got a nice dumb shiksa to further their neocon agenda. But just wait til they’re finished helping her usher in the End Times. Then she’ll have the last laugh.

  21. From their website: “The Project for the New American Century is a non-profit educational organization” (my italics).

    “Educational”. Yeah, that’s why we think a willfully ignorant, Bible-bashing, anti-science, anti-intellectual pea-brain should be the Leader of the Free World.

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