Ha hahTruly, Virgil Goode was our nation’s finest congressman, because only he stood up for America when a frightening Detroit Muslim, Keith Ellison, won a Minnesota congressional seat in 2006. See, Ellison was sworn in using Thomas Jefferson’s Koran, but Goode wanted to use it, for masturbation, because Goode represented Virginia’s 5th congressional district, which includes Jefferson’s beloved Monticello.

Notice how we said “represented” instead of “represents”? That’s because Virgil Goode lost his re-election bid to Democrat Tom Perriello, and will shortly have a press conference to either concede or blame it all on the half-breed Muslins who keep changing America. Oh, and Keith Ellison easily won re-election. [WDBJ-7]

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  1. Less than 250 votes separate Coleman and Franken in Minnesota.
    Hopefully, more clerical errors (“clerical errors”?) will turn up more votes for Franken.
    That way, we can focus all our ridicule on Bachmann, instead of having to split time between Bachmann and Coleman.

  2. Good, I had to watch that guy’s terrible campaign adds 2 years ago and I wanted to rip off his arms and feed them to the river people in Goshen.

  3. If only we could have rid ourselves of Bachmann too. They could have gone on tour together, playing “This Land is Your Land, If You’re A White Man.”

  4. Speaking of the river people in Goshen, Indiana finally flipped to the blues — no thanks to Elkhart County, the fucking redneck hellhole.

  5. Wake up white people! Afore it’s too late.

    We must stop the AyRabs from taking over our country. I say we all move to Saudi Arabia and get usselves elected to Pres’dent of their cuntry and show them how it feels. I nom’nate Virgil Goode to inishuyate that plan. toot sweet!

  6. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, sir. I hope the door hits you in the ass harder than your meth-fiend boyfriend, fuckhead.

  7. I had the misfortune to have this jackass as my congressman in my cville days. That was back when we “fake” Virginians had no clue that we could do something about being ruled by swaggering ignorant bigots. See also, George Allen, Jefferson Davis, etc. It looks like NC has awaken too. Goode and Libby Dole can now both crawl into the same hole and die.

  8. [re=170424]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Lovely. And there’s further analysis: “What has happened is that a bunch of ultra-liberal Northeastern elites have poured $$$ into the Democratic Party and were able to buy this election at every level”.

    That is what has happened, no doubt.

  9. But, just to be clear, it’s not a mandate for change, nor a rejection of ‘conservative principles’ and we are still a center right nation…

  10. [re=170424]JadedDIssonance[/re]: “People’s Republic of Charlottesville”

    That is the funniest damn thing I’ve read all week. Thank you, sir/ma’am.

  11. I voted for that Muslin! He’s a good dude. Yeah, he won by about 65% to 35%.
    In other MN news, Franken and Coleman are separated by 239 votes. The new total is because, to reference the Start Tribune “Exhausted [Pine] county officials had accidentally entered 24 for Franken instead of 124 when the county’s final votes were tallied at 5:25 Wednesday morning.”
    And we haven’t even done a recount yet! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  12. OMG this is good news. Almost makes up for having to deal with Michelle Bachmann for two more years. Almost.

    At least Bachmann continually provides the lulz, though.

  13. [re=170407]ManchuCandidate[/re]: [re=170409]jagorev[/re]: Took the words right out of my mouth.
    I tell ya, had Prop 8 failed, I don’t think I’d know whether or not this was all a wonderful dream.

  14. See!! This just proves it! That minister form Iowa was ‘wright’. Allah outweighs Jehovah, and may even be taller. Good only knows how big Krishna must be.


    May 70 virgins take a massive steaming dump all over his burned out shell of a political career. He was the lowest of the low, a proud and ignorant racist and bigot.

    As a confirmed atheist, I hold no brief for any religion, Ellisons or Goode’s. But this “my God is bigger than your God” crap is the reason this world is so fucked up in the first place. Those that scream it loudest need to be the first to go.

  16. [re=170424]JadedDIssonance[/re]: as a resident of charlottesville, i can confidently speak for the whole city when i say, “fuck that freeper moran.”

  17. [re=170423]BillyClubb[/re]: It’s called ‘exporting’ muslins, and we haven’t done that since the textile industry fled to Asia years ago.

  18. Keith Ellison is nobody’s idea of a frightening anything. I live in his district, and I’ve met kindergarten teachers more intimidating than him.

  19. [re=170480]emberglance[/re]: I really wonder, had I been around to see this happen in 1996, would I have seen the republican control of the capitol as a mandate of the people or a Haliburton Pledge Drive?

    [re=170500]cal[/re]: Honestly, they make it too easy.

    [re=170568]The Neoskeptic[/re]: I happen to like Charlottesville. The main problem with Virginia is that it’s too beautiful to give up living there just because of it’s Appalachian history. The educated have decided to embark on some ideological “terraforming,” which can only improve its good name.

  20. I have had it in for Goode since my days working at legal aid in Harrisonburg, VA, when a woman, who had been turned down for our services because she had too much money, wrote to him to complain. He sent her a letter, and CC-d us on it, saying that he would work in Washington to make sure that Legal Aid was required to work for “hard working taxpayers” like herself rather than wasting our time helping “illegal immigrants.” Never mind that legal aid is forbidden by federal law from representing non-citizens and the whole point is to represent POOR people… Also his entire campaign against Charlottesville born-and-raised Periello was based on insinuations that he was some yankee carpetbagger who was outspending him with “outside” money. NB: they spent nearly identical amounts on their campaigns. I have a strong stomach for politicians who disagree with me, but when they are both hateful bigots AND out of touch with basic reality, they have got to go.

  21. I remember years ago seeing some Black Muslim concession (can’t remember what it was, honey or baked goods or something) that used the slogan “It’s Alhamdulila Good!”. It always stuck in my head b/c it seemed so anachronistic. But now I think it’s a perfect epitaph for this clown’s downfall: “It’s Alhamdulila, Goode!

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