Ralph Nader Still Working Hard To Completely Ruin His Legacy

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Ugh. NADER. He’s been such a dick the last few days. His communications guy has been sending out all of these sarcastic (“pathetic”) e-mails; for example, there was one about how Nader won a mock election in some hippie high school and then decided that they were all more ethical than Obama. And then there was that snippy soundbite press conference. And the shit-flavored hummus. And now this: calling Obama an “Uncle Tom” after his victory and thereby forcing us to side with SHEP F*#$@$ SMITH in the above clip.

It’s not the first time Nader’s played this cheap identity shit, either. He really does have some psychological attention-craving disorder, the end. The man has saved countless lives over the decades by advocating for safer automobiles, cleaner air, water, and food, worker safety regulations, and most importantly the election of George W. Bush. Now he’s just some crazy racist losing an argument to a relatively mild-mannered Fox News anchor.

[YouTube via Ta-Nehisi Coates]

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  • smashtheduck

    Fuck. Ralph. Nader.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    Slather him in hummus and run ’em out ‘o town on a rail.

  • Come here a minute

    The Michael Richards of politics — you want to continue to appreciate his past work, but he makes it so hard.

  • nietzscheprojectile

    [re=167809]smashtheduck[/re]: Um. Ew.

  • spencer

    I have twice admired Shep Smith in the last week for standing up to schmucks.

  • a-petit dejeuner

    [re=167815]Come here a minute[/re]: That is one of the most accurate descriptions I’ve heard of the man. Brilliant.

  • facehead

    I haz a big green sad.

  • Local Moran

    Someone fetch this man a bag of dicks, stat.

  • ManchuCandidate

    Ralph Who?

  • Itsjustme

    [re=167819]spencer[/re]: Second that.

  • Mara47

    The extra garlic in the hummus was for prevention of vampire assault, I guess, but it looks like they got to him anyway. Somebody call the Winchester boys so we don’t have to put up with this walking undead thing in our midst, stinking up the fun, for one single more cycle.

  • smashtheduck

    [re=167817]nietzscheprojectile[/re]: Point taken. I didn’t just volunteer myself did I?

  • Truculent

    Time for Ralph to get the big rocker on teh front porch and keep an eye on the neighborhood kids who trample his flowers. Shut the fuck up, you old ratbag

  • NoWireHangers

    This really is the last straw with Nader. It’s over. I don’t want to hear any more Nader lovers crying about Corvairs and seat belts. He’s used that card. He’s out of second chances and benefits of the doubt, etc. He’s a piece of shit and he needs to go away forever. I get the Nader lover argument of the two-party system being corrupt/politicians are all in a tank of corruption/corporations rule the country/etc. I get it. But guess what? Ralph Nader will NEVER be president. There are better ways to make a difference than anything he has done politically in a general election year. He’s a zombie vampire who stinks of garlic. He’s corpse-ier than Cindy McCain. He needs to head to the senior home now. Put him on a raft and float him off to sea. The end.

  • Larry Fine

    Nader is planning his 2012 run right now.

  • Dave J.

    I want to hate Shep Smith, but sometimes I think he’s kind of awesome.

    Also, when people on FOXNews start calling you out for racism? Time to call it a day.

  • Alex Trebeks Girl

    Ok I defended this ass on the post-hummus post but not this time. If Nader ever meant to help anyone, or the poor, he hasn’t lifted a finger. He is a failure who can go fuck himself. What a shame. I didn’t think you could be a bigger sore loser than Republicans.

  • Tra


    OK. I never, ever thought I would say this … but I just felt a tiny flutter of warmth in my heart for Shep Smith. Something about that pitch-perfect “Really. What was that.”

  • DarkSynergy

    Really. *Blank Stare of WTF?!?* Ralph Nader. *MORE WTF!?!* What was that?

    This is horrible and Shep has actually been rather outstanding the past few weeks. Ughh.

  • Giant Robot

    [re=167819]spencer[/re]: I had no idea who he was before the Joe the Plumber clip. He seems pretty cool or am missing some back story?

  • ella

    What a douche. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Shep, good on you.

  • Darehead


  • PoliTacky

    I had Fox on briefly last night (mocking, drinking their tears, etc.) and actually saw this happening… I was very drunk and it almost made me lose my tequilla. OMGIHATEFUCKINGNADER, the ultimate sore loser.

  • CrunchyKnee

    Nader/Pain ’12

  • elcapitan

    NADER/PALIN 2012

  • CivicHoliday

    Goddamn it. I respected the guy and even had him sign a fucking book when he came and spoke at my college way back in 2000. I even considered voting for him! (But didn’t because I’m not a tool)

    Now? Now he’s just a sad old asshat who has TruckNutz stuffed in his slacks to attract attention from stoned hippie girls playing Ultimate Frisbee at college campuses around the nation.

  • Mr. Herpes

    Here’s the subtitles that should run under Nader whenever he speaks — “I AM SPARTACUS! I AM SPARTACUS! WHEN ARE YOU STUPID PEOPLE GOING TO REALIZE THAT I AM SPARTACUS.” At least that’s what I hear.

  • rev_matt_y

    [re=167819]spencer[/re]: Agreed, but he (Shep) really needs to cut back on the makeup. He looks like he’s about to go on stage in some Broadway musical. His knockdown of Joe the Dumbass was even better, however.

  • Sassette

    I love how Shep is just staring at the camera like, “Is it me, America? IS IT?!”

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=167819]spencer[/re]: I know. Someone needs to inform Roger Ailes that Shep Smith is going rogue. He’s actually using the powers of analytic thinking–that’s a no-no over there.

  • Gopherit

    I have smarter things than Nader in my stool. Hopey should bring him into the oval ones to laugh at him, then send him hope in a vintage corvair.

  • Tra


    Ralph Nader doesn’t want to be president. Ralph Nader wants to indulge Ralph Nader’s ego. Why does no one but Ralph Nader understand the glory that is Ralph Nader?!

    Countdown to someone showing up to scream about Nader and seatbelts in 10 … 9 … 8 …

  • larz

    So Nader is a wacko, commie, racist that can’t cook for shit. Got it. He makes Fox News seem “mainstream”.

  • Dave J.

    The only redeeming thing about Ralph Nader is that his continued presence on the national stage gives me fresh material to humiliate my friends who voted for him in 2000. I saved some of their awesome emails about why I should vote for him because Bush and Gore were exactly the same, and from time to time I forward them back so they can read how stupid their 8-years-ago selves were. The minute Ralph goes away, I will lose this amazing power to embarrass my friends, so please, hang around, Ralph.

  • DangerousLiberal

    [re=167841]Tra[/re]: Exactly. This part of the clip is gracing all the facebooks of America, from the rocky shores of Maine to the sunshine of California, to the dried cow dung of Nebraska. Because, right now, cow dung is more useful to the nation than is crazy Ralphie Nader.

    Stick a fork in it, Ralphie, It’s over. Now go the fuck away.

  • Giant Robot

    I thought Rove was getting ass-hatty with the Bill Cosby line… but to see him out done by Nader is unexpected. Shame.


    [re=167815]Come here a minute[/re]: Win

  • Schizobicho

    Did Shep Smith almost cry? He looked so sad.

  • MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend

    This is confusing. Is Shep Smith not a total fucking toolbox or what?

    Hey, Ralph Nader can get fucked. The end.

  • Obamaoista

    Ralph Nader, what was that?

    Very simple: I am a shirbird

  • donner_froh

    [re=167819]spencer[/re]: He is the Faux designated puncher when they book a punching bag–Nader, Joe the Plumber.

    Who are equally relevant to national politics just now.

  • OKLAHOMAjesus?

    Not a big Nader fan, and I did vote for Obama yesterday, but I don’t see what the big deal is. I didn’t take that statement as racist, Fox is just trying to take their rage out on others.

  • Uncle Al

    Every few months, people from the local Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) come to my door asking for money, and I always say, “That Nader outfit? Are you kidding?” And then they fall over themselves trying to say they have disassociated from Nader, and I tell them I can’t give money to anything that he ever created, even if they have dumped him out of embarrassment.

    Not funny, just a helpful tip. Don’t give money to PIRG.

  • elector8

    I love how at the end there, at the table with his friends, Shep suddenly turns into an embarrassed 10 year-old boy. Just hanging his head and muttering, ‘I waznt tryin’ ta be a bully, I just wanted to know why he said those mean things.’

  • heronimule

    Wow, this level of self-absorption is almost Clintonian.

  • Moleman v2.5

    I think old people get microstrokes that progressively turn them into filterless cranks.

  • middleamerican

    Sour grapes much, Ralph? You know that the stars had to be aligned last night when we got an Obama win, a gracious McCain and some human decency via a Fox News anchor…

  • Sassette

    I just noticed he criticized Obama for not having a “tax reform thing for for the ordinary fellow.”

    Tax. Reform. THING. Did he go to the Sarah Palin School of Interviewing?


    Everyone was certain that when Obama was elected, every cause for snark and satire would disappear.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ralph Nader – savior of political comedians everywhere.

  • PopeyesPipe

    Tim Curry seems pretty mad at that aspergers dude.

  • blader

    I bet kids don’t knock on Nader’s door on Halloween, probably scares the shit out of them

  • BillyClubb

    This was really a Daily Show skit, right?

    Anchor: “Really.” [pregnant pause] [pregnant pause] [pregnant pause] “Ralph Nader, what was this?”

    It was FUNNY. One of our esteemed Wonkette commenters previously called Nader a “performance artist”. So true!

  • The Faunist

    Shep Smith (whoever he is—I don’t have a TV) is to be credited for unambiguously registering his disgust and disdain for Nader’s race-baiting nonsense. Nader was once a hero; he’s nothing more than an embarrassment now.

  • wheelie

    [re=167879]elector8[/re]: Ha ha, very true.

  • problemwithcaring

    White people, FYI: the character device “Uncle Tom” is not your friend.

  • peorgietirebiter

    I drove a fucking 4-door Nova II on my first day of high school thanks to this douche! Apparently, my semi-bitchin’ Corvair Spyder was unsafe at any speed. That was 1966 and I was just about ready to forgive the cork-soaking Nader. Prick.

  • lampadadog

    Of the many minor blessings in this election: Nader hopefully never to receive media coverage again, unless he does something USEFUL like figuring out which alternative energy source is most efficient.

  • skroocap

    Apparently Tom Unclehood has forever been erased from reality.

  • Monkey

    [re=167823]facehead[/re]: Antibiotics can get rid of that.

  • 4tehlulz

    Well, you have to admit, after helping destroy the country in 2000, Nader has to work hard to top himself.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    [re=167902]lampadadog[/re]: Seat belts on bicycles would rocket Nader to the national spotlight, once again.

  • lawchic

    Is that you Shep Smith? First Joe the Plumber, and now Ralph Nader? This is definitely change that I can believe in :)

    I mean, Shep blasted him…and he is absolutely right. Nader just ruined his legacy and has become completely irrelevant.

  • wheelie

    Hard to believe that Nader could accuse Obama of “hardly mentioning the poor”. That’s not what I’ve been hea

  • slavojzizek

    And in other news, notwithstanding Wonkette’s prediction http://wonkette.com/401844/cindy-sheehan-will-crush-nancy-pelosi, Nancy Pelosi won big time. Jeez. It’s getting embarassing to be part of the far left.

  • wheelie

    Hard to believe that Nader could accuse President-Elect Obama of “hardly mentioning the poor”. That’s not what I’ve been hearing in Obama’s speeches. That’s selective deafness, which combined with the f*cking crass ‘uncle tom’ label, makes the notorious hummus maker a gigantic tool. When friggin Fox says you’re done for being too crass, you may as well resign from humanity.

  • Them

    Shep’s had his moments and not just lately. He’s probably the one guy at Faux who could get a real TeeVee reporter’s job if he wanted.

  • Darehead

    Good think it didn’t come down to Missouri:

    U.S. President And Vice President
    John McCain, Sarah Palin REP 1,442,613 49.4%
    Barack Obama, Joe Biden DEM 1,436,745 49.2%
    Bob Barr, Wayne A. Root LIB 11,355 .4%
    Chuck Baldwin, Darrell Castle CST 8,181 .3%
    Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez IND 17,769 .6%
    Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente WI 958 .0%
    Total Votes 2,917,621

  • Lascauxcaveman

    [re=167840]Alex Trebeks Girl[/re]:

    [contestant Bob] “I’ll take ‘Self Important Windbags’ for $800, Alex.”
    [Alex] “And the $800 clue is ‘Ralph Nader’s Lunch’.”
    [contestant Bob] “What is a bag of Dicks.”
    [Alex] “Ah, could you be more specific, Bob.”
    [contestant Bob] -pause, thinks furiously – “Uhmmm … what is a bag of hummus covered Dicks?”
    [A;ex] That’s correct. (dingdingding)

  • spryte

    Holy Cheesus. Well, Ralphie, you will never ever ever….ever….ever…..EVER be President, but I will now crown you KING OF DOUCHELAND.

    What a piece of shit. I knew he was an egomaniac and a sore loser and a whiny turd, but I didn’t know or even think for a moment that was a racist. And what’s all this crap about “Obama has turned his back on people, wah wah”….he’s not in office yet, you fuckhole. And just because the focus during the campaign season was on the middle class and not the poorest of the poor doesn’t mean he won’t help them out too.

    Ugh. Nader can go DIAF. And Shep…please be careful. If you keep showing these glimmers of a real human soul, the others at Fox news will be commanded by the Dark Lord Ailes to roast you over an open fire and eat your internal organs.

  • warreno

    When Fox can make a convincing argument that you’re a bigot, it’s time to pack up, shut up and get out.

  • imissopus

    That Ralph Nader is so uppity. Why, he thinks he’s as good as white!

  • Scandalabra

    At least he didn’t use an Uncle Sam/Little Black Sambo metaphor. Give him a break.

  • Carrie_Okie

    Fuck, old man Nader shit in the fountain again.
    Someone send him a copy of Crusaders and Pragmatists.

  • sublicon

    Shep is on a roll.

  • azw88

    What a prick Nader has turned into. Sorest of sore losers.

    Somebody strap his ass into a supercharged Corvair with no brakes an send him down the Pacific Coast Hiway! We shall end up with some burnt bushes on the beaches below the cliffs, but we will save a few trees needed for a coffin, as the can scrap up his ashes into a Styrofoam container.

    His mouth, like the corvair: Unsafe at any speed.

  • donner_froh

    [re=167937]Darehead[/re]: Nice that Missouri has become as relevant in national politics as D.C.

  • lawnchair reactionary

    That’s it, I’m buying a Covair and wiping my ass with a seatbelt.

  • tonehedge


  • One Yield Regular

    Oh man. Next time I see Matt Gonzalez riding the 22-Fillmore bus, I’m going to yell out, “Say! I know you! You’re the guy whose partner called President Obama an Uncle Tom!”

  • LeHanzka

    It would have been funnier if O’reilly or Hannity interviewed him. Only a bitter fuck like Nader could give those two pricks (or anyone at FOX for that matter) the moral high-ground.

  • Wryknow

    Dear Ralph Nader,

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

    you ignorant motherfucker…

  • bupalos

    I don’t really think old Shep understands the problem here.

    Now if he had said “what does the issue of race have to do with corporate sluttery?” I’d be impressed. I got the idea he just vaguely thought there was something automatically racist in saying “uncle Tom,” and that one should choose one’s words more carefully when saddling people with unrealistic stereotypical racial expectations for socialist revolution. The problem is that Douchey McNosehair there seems to think that Obama has an extra special responsibility to alleviate all poverty because he’s black. Just like the WSJ opining this morning that Obama better personally make sure all those shiftless darkfolk stop all their complaining now that he’s president.

  • wheelie

    [re=167917]wheelie[/re]: Twat. I blame Society for making me this way.

  • sezme

    Oh Ralphie! Oh Shep! Don’t fight: you’re both dicks! (with a slight edge going to Nader FTW)

  • populucious

    Just think about how much more disgust Shep could register if his face was not a Botox death mask!

  • Flying Monkey

    Cover him with hummous and lock him in a room with Bill O’Reilly.

  • Aurelio

    [re=167877]OKLAHOMAjesus?[/re]: Thanks for your sanity.

  • slinkimalinki

    [re=167877]OKLAHOMAjesus?[/re]: i’m guessing you don’t get the problem with “uppity” either.

  • problemwithcaring

    [re=167877]OKLAHOMAjesus?[/re]:I don’t see what the big deal is.

    Seriously. White man calling black man subservient? What’s new under the sun, eh?

  • TimDavis

    This is why America is going to fall, because of idiotic shitfaces like you. Here a man who gave all his time and life for civic rights; safer cars, seat belts, air bags, cleaner air, cleaner water, safer food, etc etc etc. Yeah if you like to end your life with your face smashed into the asphalt be my guest and continue to drive those shit cars or coffins on wheels. You shitfaces are way too sensitive and looking into this to much. He wasn’t saying it to be insulting, he was saying this to be vigilant on Obama’s actions. You dumb fucks! Bunch of sensitive cry babies… Can’t wait to see what you idiots will do in the upcoming years. LOL

  • HedonismBot

    [re=167866]Dave J.[/re]: No need to rub it in. In 2000, at the tender young age of 19, I proudly cast my very first vote ever for Ralph (fucking) Nader. I honestly believed the differences between Bush/Gore were not big enough to matter.
    Fortunately, I cast my vote in the crimson red state of Montana, whose three electoral votes Bush won handily even without Nader’s help, so I feel I shoulder only an infinitesimal amount of guilt for my role in bringing us eight years of rule by Chimpy.
    You live and learn. I voted for Kerry and – yesterday, at long last – Hopey. This is the first presidential election of my adult life in which I have backed the winner, and itfeels good.

  • johnbpt

    Speaking as a lifelong admirer and former employee of yours, it’s time to kill yourself, Ralph.

  • Scarab

    Nader was just pointing out that Obama had done nothing for the poor people in America during his first 14 minutes as President-elect. Obviously it’s reasonable to suggest he might be an Uncle Tom.

  • Custerwolf

    I just ralphed.

  • palmerdawg

    [re=167819]spencer[/re]: Makes you tremble with fear, i know, i can’t believe myself either.
    Nader looks like he has worms.

  • Vewol Mevemont

    [re=168095]TimDavis[/re]: Stop being so fucking sensitive. Why are you joking about my hero? You’re ruining the world. He’s amazing. Why are you mocking him? You’re hurting my feelings. Stop being a cry baby. Why are you being so sensitive?


    Does this short summary of your post help you recognize your own idiocy?

  • SulkyGirl

    I’m so sad to hear Ralph spout off like a wingnut. Must be all those years with no life and with no one he respects telling him that he’s only demeaning himself with these antics. I more than halfway hope that he’s in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. That’s how much I hate the thought of him being nothing but a regular old racist.

  • imissopus

    [re=168095]TimDavis[/re]: Being vigilant with Obama does NOT require the use of loaded terms like Uncle Tom (or idiotic shitfaces or dumb fucks, for that matter.) It’s ironic that a man who has spent so much of his career crusading for social justice would resort to such language (I mean Ralph, not you…I don’t expect a mouth-breather like you to be able to define progressive social justice, much less work for it.)

    He’s being provocative for the sake of being provocative, just to get himself some attention but it’s negative attention that encourages people to leave him out of the discussions about the direction this country wants to take over the next few years. But at least your ’73 Pinto has seatbelts, right?

  • War Eagle

    I’m going to make like a zillion dollars by creating a filter that causes my teevee to automatically turn off whenever Nader or Lieberman or Mitch McConnell come on.

    Oh, that’s what those short, squat digits on the insides of my hands are for.

    Never mind.

  • DangerousLiberal

    [re=168095]TimDavis[/re]: Christ, Tim, where have you been, bro’? What about 2000, when your boy aided and abetted the total assraping of the republic at the hands of GW Bush? When this Nader motherfucker kept popping up afterward to put the fear of Christ into anyone who would run in 2004, only to lose the margin at the hands of dreamy PIRG-organizing 70s burnouts? Have you noticed Ralphie’s erratic behavior (enough to make McCain look like a statesman)? Is this really something worth emulating? Did you watch the clip. He called Obama an Uncle Tom. Get it, nozzle?

    That must have been one long-ass, Rip van Winkle style nap, dude? Were you puzzled by the bag of hummus covered dicks next to you when you woke up this morning?

    I guess we can thank Nader for if Gore had won in 2000 it’s unlikely that Obama would have done it in 2008. But Nader has do so much damage to politics that his good work (and it was good) to get rid of chest-impaling steering wheels and whatnot simply cannot redeem the screwing the nation has taken over the last eight years, simply as a result of Nader’s inevitable ego trips.

    Look, none of us mean to suggest that he he eat a bag of dicks because he’s a bad guy–look, we’re just being vigilant–this way, he might choke and not be able to run for president ever again–that’s my kind of vigilance.

  • BrownMenace

    [re=167843]Giant Robot[/re]: Shep was completely beautiful during Katrina. Good guy. He’s also gay.

  • ironyisoverrated

    Now that we’re about to become the Muslin Caliphate of Amerikastan, can’t Hopey have Nader’s hands cut off for stealing the 2000 election from Gore?

  • smellyal8r

    [re=168179]DangerousLiberal[/re]: No, these folks don’t care about “consequences”. They are just “keepin’ in real” and pointing out the deficiencies in our thinking. Just because Nader helped Bush get elected (and btw, Bush had a lot of help from Gore’s crapola campaign) doesn’t mean Nader is responsible for anything, see. He’s Lebanese. He’s an original reformer. He’s what he is. Whatever. Until he ran in ’00, I thought he was dead or teaching at some university with Hobbit holes and the like.

    And, I do now suggest that Ralph Nader is a bad guy. He gives progressives a bad name, reformers a bad name and he’s ruined his own name. Like McCain, he should exit stage right and be done with trying to help us.

  • ronaldpagan

    Ralph Nader is an Uncle Fucker.

  • KS

    Anyone who says “fuck Ralph Nader” is a fucking ignoramous. Anyone stupid enough to think Ralph Nader kept Al Gore from winning his own damn state of Tennessee, or any other, isn’t worth wasting the time to listen to.

    Barack Obama has said and done nothing during his political career to indicate that he’ll be anything but another Clintonite-style corporate whore. As Matt Gonzalez so accurately put it, “He talks like Martin Luther King, but votes like George W. Bush.” I hope beyond words he’ll see the light .. but even thinking of having swine like Rahm Emanuel or Robert Rubin anywhere near him is utterly disheartening.

  • jbd

    [re=168095]TimDavis[/re]: Dangerous Liberal pretty much covered this already, but to sum up the original post, just in case you missed it:

    Ralph Nader. Got pwned. For racism. With good cause. On Fox News.

    Or to put it another way, Ralph has accused those of power of becoming corporate tools once they get there for years. At this point it’s frighteningly clear that his “different path” has been to become a self-aggrandizing tool who is bitter that he never had the chance to be a corporate tool.


    Go see if Noam Chomsky wants another blow job, Ralphie. In this world, the actual world, you’re an asshat.

  • Dreamer

    This is really sad! Nader continues to disappoint those who believed in him and live with the fact that their support for him gave us the disastrous Bush years. What a sad old man – how can he piss on his legacy like that.

  • Dreamer

    [re=168217]KS[/re]: Even if what you say about Obama is true it does not excuse Nader’s disgusting use of identity politics to constantly attach Obama.

  • jbd

    [re=168217]KS[/re]: It was Florida, dude. Florida.

    And you’re right, Obama hasn’t done a damn thing to indicate he’ll radically change “the system”. And you know what? He won’t. It won’t happen. Yes, he will be another corporate whore.

    Can you tell I’m one of maybe three commenters outside the tank? I don’t find the man the least bit inspirational, and frankly I think he’s frighteningly populist. Rahm and Biden actually hearten me in that respect.

    But I was genuinely rooting for a Kucinich/Paul campaign, because it really is all about the drama, isn’t it?

    So yes, go get your ass stuck by a unicorn in miracleland. Take Nader with you.

    (See, Wonkette editors? Some of us can remain darkly, deeply cynical, even if the human embodiment of Hope managed to win some silly election.)

  • Dreamer

    [re=167839]Dave J.[/re]: All the clips I saw of Shep seem to portray someone who is decent and fair. I do not watch Fox at all so I do not know if these are aberrations.

  • InsidiousTuna

    What a shitbag.

  • schvitzatura

    If only Nader qualified his corporate house negro reference, with the adjectives “clean”, “bright”, and “articulate”.

    I hear Ralph’s next project is producing a remake of “Birth of a Nation”; Caribou Barbie will be cast as Flora Cameron getting chased down by a Obama look-alike Gus…

  • picyou

    Shep seems to be a decent guy who exhibits the best of Southern white-guy sensibilities. The other anchors are ideological carpetbaggers. In the case of Steve Douchey, a TV whore.

    Nader’s a puzzle. I think he’s probably not completely human….there’s a broken cam or sensor or something wrong in there. It could be that he’s just got too many miles on him and he’s ready for the junkyard. Lay him out beside the ’62 Corvairs.

  • Modok

    I just had a crazy vision of Darth Nader, Joe the Douchknozzle, Sen. Joe Lieberfaceflaps and Bible Spice having a hummus fight while driving a Corvair at high speed into the back of a Pinto, and it hit me.

    That’s what that hummus recipe needs! Roasting the garlic first!

  • WheatConspiracy

    Awe, I love Ralph Nader, but he must be getting senile or something.

    However, fox news is reeking of hypocrisy right now. Who are they to start calling people racist?

  • DangerousLiberal

    [re=168217]KS[/re]: Oh, just bite me. And wake up. Yes, Gore lost TN in 2000. He also probably won FL. And the margin would have been larger if that burnout geezer you so love had just stayed the fuck home.

    I know just as much–if not more–about Ralphie than you do. Others here have proved they can make the same claim. No one denies the value of his work in the 1960s and 1970s, but his latest outbursts have tarnished his legacy, and helped–wasn’t the sole cause, but helped–elect the worst president since the transcontinental railroad.

    Oh, and one more thing, Fuck Ralph Nader.

  • jungle john

    I have a campaign idea for Nader. He needs to promise a coal plant near the space needle

  • jungle john

    about a dozen nuclear power plants in California would do their part in reducing our energy dependence

  • ivenson

    [re=167889]PopeyesPipe[/re]: WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN

    I always got the feeling that if you had an in-person conversation with Nader, you’d spend the whole time wondering why he was talking to the air a foot to the left of your head.

  • ivenson

    [re=168095]TimDavis[/re]: If he meant that the public should watch to see if Obama will come through for the little guy, he should have said that….without the clearly racially loaded phrasing.

    With the term “Uncle Tom” in the sentence, there are two options:
    1. Nader is too stupid to realize that using that term about the first black president ON THE DAY HE GETS ELECTED might not be cool. Even if your Lebanese…so you’re not just a regular white dude.

    2. Nader is an asshole who will say anything to get attention.

    If it’s option one, well he’s a stupid ass clown.

    If it’s option two, we just got finished with months of that horseshit, so we might be a little sensitive right now.


  • Wonkeyed

    Ralph Nader, Reverend Wright and Jesse Jackson Sr. all need to go to a corner somewhere, sit down and take some serious timeout.

  • Wonkeyed

    I just listened to this video and as a proud African American who used to have a lot of respect for Ralph Nader, I have this to say;

    Ralph Nader, you are full of shit.

  • Tra


    … 3 … 2 … shit!

  • floofy

    well, to be fair he had just wrapped up his vinegar and water douche.

  • MarieDeGournay

    I admit it…I voted for him in 2000. I was living in Connecticut, but that’s no excuse. Please, please, please forgive me.

  • Larry McAwful

    You know, a seatbelt saved my life when I was fifteen, and I’m a huge garlic enthusiast, to boot. But between this and the whole 2000 election thing, I’ve reached the end of my patience with Ralph Nadir (no, that’s not a typo.)

  • ChrisC

    You’re all idiots. Nader is Lebanese, not white. Saying he cost Gore the 2000 election hasn’t gotten any less retarded since 2000. He’s not calling Obama an Uncle Tom. Read what he said. Listen to what he said in the interview. He asked if Obama is going to turn out to be an Uncle Tom – an Uncle Tom being a black person dutifully serving his white masters (It’s from a book. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote it). You know, a corporate whore with phony anti-war credentials. It’s an important fucking question and it’s very disturbing that liberals shrug it off with all this phony outrage. If he is going to give us more of the same bullshit he needs to be called on it. If he governs in ways that harm poor folks and minorities someone needs to say something. Lay off because he’s newly elected? Are you people serious?

    And speaking of phony outrage, it’s pretty disgusting watching you guys cheer on some jackass from Fox News, as if Fox News suddenly cares about racism now. Oh sorry. Forgot. Ralph’s just so old, and nobody listens to old people. Am I right? No one worry about how no populist voices even are allowed into the mainstream discourse. Ralph’s just being an “attention whore.” He’s angry too. Who wants angry? Hope and change. Woo

  • Icecycle

    And why would anyone think that this silly SOB (who is actually older than I am) is anything other than a *fruitloop?
    I was remembering that thing with the Corvair; damn nice car (anyone else ever driven one?).
    I wondered at the time what would set the man off about a rear engined car and pretty well decided that he had been paid off by the automotive people; they (ford, I think.) were running what are now called attack ads comparing the corvair with an arrow and showing you that an arrow with the head near the fetching could not hit a tree.
    Ok, I could understand that part; but then, I really did not want to hit any damn trees with a car in any case.
    Then Ralph comes along and explains it to ever one and makes a good deal of money with his book _unsafe at any speed_.
    Poor old Corvair got swiftboated before swiftboating was cool.
    Then what (being older is not fun; your memory goes) Nuclear power.
    Never mind the fact that the coal burning plant in our town knocks off a fair percentage of people per year; at least they are safe from RADIOACTIVE CORVAIRS.
    And he made more money and was more self important.
    But I will cut him some slack this time and go with the statistics and (**extreme bad luck) blame senility.
    He is old, like I am and we old people have got to check out our minds every so often to see just how much we have ***lost.
    I can see poor old Ralph has lost more than me because this little gem is not going to make him any money.

    * fruitloop, wackadoo etc. we had such creative terms for the logically challenged.
    **In the last month they might have come up with an altzimer’s preventive STBU pal.
    ***Brains . . . brains . . . etc.

  • loquaciousmusic

    [re=168545]ChrisC[/re]: Calling an African American man an “Uncle Tom” is not a sign of respect. It is a racially loaded — and racially coded — word that has, since the publication of Stowe’s novel, come to symbolize a particularly damaging idea of black men and black masculinity.

    Saying that he hopes Obama won’t turn out to be an “Uncle Tom” is no compliment. It is racist and derogatory, and Nader should be ashamed of himself.

  • nurple

    Wow. Sheperd Smith giving me a happy. Who woulda thunk it. He has a great booking foto.

  • nurple

    Ivenson – I think he has some kind of attention-seeking disorder. This is pathological.

  • Alex Trebeks Girl

    [re=167938]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: HA!!!!!! That was awesome. Now I’m back to knitting my anti-american quilt with barry’s face on it.

  • the invisible woman

    Nader is a cautiionary tale. He’s a non-black progressive who thinks he’s blacker than black people because of his politics so he can call us names as an insider. I’m black. We’re not really down for that. A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDN”T GET THE MEMO, EVEN HERE AT WONKETTE!! Take Note: Driving While Black is still in effect; Driving While Progressive hasn’t been in effect since 1962 and still required the long hair passport to prison. There’s a message here.

  • DeezTruckNutz

    The moment where Shep Smith said, “Really……..[long pause]….Ralph Nader?” marks the first time ever that Fox News has made me smile.

    I also don’t think I’ve ever heard them use the word “offensive” on Fox. Wow.

  • ChrisC

    loquaciousmusic: I’m well aware of the connotations. And yeah, Nader probably should have not have said ‘Uncle Tom’. If he had just asked whether Obama was going to side with his corporate masters or actually help impoverished black folks, the media could just go back to safely ignoring him. Oh yeah, forgot about the “pathological attention whore” thing.

    The point is he tried to be clever and edgy and it just made everyone uncomfortable. He’s spent the entire year criticizing Obama for not adequately addressing the concerns of poor people and minorities and foreign dark-skinned people. And then he chooses his words poorly while posing a perfectly valid question and you all act like some kind of senile, frothing-at-the-mouth racist. Yet Obama can get a free pass for essentially saying Jerusalem is for Jews. You Democrats could not possibly be more infantile.

  • nurple

    I am too busy toiling for my martinet corporate masters, oozing away the very substance of my unique lifeforce in meaningless toil, so I don’t have time to read the entire thread. Did anyone else notice Nadar’s right eye? I’m sure some doctor on the board could tell us if that’s a disorder.

  • fjelsted

    Hi, my name is Ralph Nader. I’m a rock-solid member of the 1% of Americans who aren’t inspired at all right now. Just bitter, out of touch, and stubbornly incapable of retracting an idiotic comment, even when given the chance to do so. Call me crazy. Please, someone, call me crazy.

  • dcmgurette

    @nurple: Nader is Lebanese … well, Lebanese-American if we get all technical about it.

    Myasthenia gravis is common in Mediterranean countries. See: Aristotle Onassis.

  • selfevaluation

    Anyone else notice when he almost said “in this family” instead of “in this country?”
    He reminds me of that not-quite-there, super conservative, more than slightly racist great-uncle
    at family reunions that everyone just ignores.

  • the invisible woman

    It is perfectly appropriate and legitimate for Nader to challenge Obama’s policies regarding corporations. It is totally racist for him to use the term Uncle Tom while doing so. He would not have used the term Uncle Tom to critique a white candidate’s relationship to corporate interests; he couldn’t even have conceived a term that offensive to describe a white candidate.

    I’m also annoyed as an African Americans because by using the term “Uncle Tom” he is implicating ALL African Americans as well as Obama. He is basically saying that if non-blacks supported Obama, they are ill-informed. If blacks supported Obama, we are Uncle Toms/Aunt Jemimas too. If Nader cannot critique corporatism without being racist he needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  • Borat

    [re=167852]CivicHoliday[/re]: I have the exact same story about Nadir’s visit to my college but 10 years earlier. I’m getting the impression that Nadir is like the Greatful Dead – an undercurrent you’ll never get rid of. He’ll always be at college campuses selling books and speeches in the hopes he’ll get the college vote next election.

    Why doesn’t he get out and do something useful. Does anyone volunteer for him and get something done except whine about the system and politics? Why don’t they just do some community organizin’

  • Borat

    If Shep is the future of Fox News count me in – he actually seems fair and balanced. I’ve got starbursts for him.

  • Idlerat

    Nader is bad, but Smith is evil. Nader is a clueless, tone-deaf, irresponsible, reckless old fool who has cost us much too much (though only as much as those who voted for him were willing to pay). But Smith’s side of the dialogue is the definition of Concern Troll. It’s revolting. It’s Rovian.