Enjoy your welfare clothes, trash!Oh, Sarah Palin, your trashy ass may be back in Alaska today, but you’ve left enough enemies down here in the contiguous U.S. — the real, pro-America America — to keep Wonkette going until Christmas. From this wonderful Newsweek collection of campaign trails, we learn today that Palin’s shopping spree was a lot worse than the original outrageous $150,000 orgy of luxury.

Palin’s behavior is exactly what happens when some ignorant white trash wins the lottery: total excess, ending in bankruptcy. But she bankrupted an entire major political party, ha ha. Also, her behavior is exactly like that of a gangsta-rapper who briefly hits the big time and immediately covers themselves in golden trinkets. Good god, Sarah Palin is human garbage:

One senior aide said that Nicolle Wallace had told Palin to buy three suits for the convention and hire a stylist. But instead, the vice presidential nominee began buying for herself and her family — clothes and accessories from top stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. According to two knowledgeable sources, a vast majority of the clothes were bought by a wealthy donor, who was shocked when he got the bill. Palin also used low-level staffers to buy some of the clothes on their credit cards.

A disgusted McCain aide calls the Palins “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.”

McCain staffers tell Newsweek that Palin spent “tens of thousands” more than the original $150,000 reported before the election, as well as “$20,000 to $40,000” in clothes specifically for her idiot husband, Todd.

TWENTY-THOUSAND TO FORTY-THOUSAND DOLLARS for a man’s clothes. Jesus christ it is a good thing Todd Palin doesn’t live in California, or his gay Hollywood marriage would be illegal.

Hackers and Spending Sprees [Newsweek]

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  • GollyGeeWilly

    Mama always said, “You can’t polish a terd”.
    And something really stinks up in Alaska

  • Theta


    We keep this shit up, we can end that 2012 Presidential bid before it starts.

  • N8Ma

    Wait her people still have credit cards that aren’t maxed out? I didn’t know that was still possible.

  • Keram2

    This no longer makes me angry. It’s kinda funny now.


  • MARCdMan

    Walnuts was last seen heading north with a shotgun and his pork-chopping pants on…

  • problemwithcaring
  • ph7

    I used her, she used me
    But neither one cared
    We were gettin our share

    As they say down at the Wasilla Keno hall: Get the gettin’ while the gettins good!

  • Chumley

    So uh, when is she going to be donating all those clothes to charity? Will they be going to Alaskan thrift stores? How often can one wear red pumps in the snow?

  • sk1win

    You know how hard it is to spend $40K on men’s clothes? That’s like 25 custom made suits. I’m guessing he got a $15K, blinged out chain that reads: T-Bag.

  • N8Ma

    [re=167359]Keram2[/re]: yeah I’m so happy we no longer have to fear she could actually have her picture on every single “Welcome to the USA” section of every airport everywhere ever. So now we can laugh aha! And get rear-ended by Ted Stevens for a new show on the CW…

  • JadedDIssonance


  • NoWireHangers

    [re=167359]Keram2[/re]: Exactly. It’s like a house landed on the GOP and we’ve all come out to sing and dance on the yellow brick road

  • problemwithcaring

    The best part of the Newsweek article is Hopey saying FUCK. Yes, more pleaz! The worst part is he made me believe I could have an effect on climate change by changing lightbulbs, with that comment he made to Brian Williams. What else is a lie, Hopester?

  • N8Ma

    Wow so who’s headed up to Wasilla’s very own Out of the Closet franchise for their upcoming clearance sale? Anyone?

  • Canmon (the Inadequate)

    So, if they were bought by a wealthy donor it seems to be either an illegal campaign contribution or an illegal gift. Is there any way of doing that legally?

  • The Pumpernickel

    Dear God, Todd Palin. How expensive can ski pants and a hunting jacket be?!?

  • ManchuCandidate

    Come and listen to a story about a dude named Todd
    A rich snowmobiler, barely kept his ass clothed,
    Then one day wife was shootin at some moose,
    And up through the ground came a really old dude.

    Old that is, metamucil eater, Father Time.

    Well the first thing you know ol Todd’s a celebrity,
    Retards said “Sarah Drill Baby Drill”
    Said “Neuman Marcus is the place you ought to shop”
    So they loaded up the dog sled and joined angry Johnny.

    McCain, that is. Seven Houses, Candidate.

    Well now its time to say good by to Todd and all his louts.
    And they would like to thank Repubs fer kindly paying out.
    They might be invited back to drill at this locality
    To take a heapin helpin of Repub’s hospitality

    Talibunny that is. Set a spell, Take your pay off.

    Y’all come back now, y’hear?.

  • BillyClubb

    McCain himself rarely spoke to Palin during the campaign…

    Senator McCain, you are finally catching on. A little late, but at least you’re not stuck with her in the White House.

  • Jukesgrrl

    I guess she didn’t need to take home a farewell gift for her pal Ted, since he hasn’t lost his job in DC yet. But maybe she can get him a tattoo gift card to get him a head start on the “look” he’ll need for prison.

  • Kwame&#39

    Wait until the bills come in from the “International Male” catalog and Fredericks of Hollywood.

  • ph7

    [re=167370]sk1win[/re]: 25 custom suits, or 2 custom suits and 10 all-leather snowmachine racing outfits.

  • Jukesgrrl

    [re=167374]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Will we get a “free” gift? I’d like one of those polar bear pins to remember them by after she kills them all.

  • WendyK

    I have never felt schadenfreude like the schadenfreude I felt when I saw her on the teevee cryin’. I hope a pair of thugs from the RNC knock down the door to her igloo and tear those suits out of her shivering, clammy hands. And it is all caught on tape. Lord, if you’re listening, you’ll make it happen.

  • Red Headed StepChild

    I think Palin will donate all those clothes, put it in her tax returns as a $500,000 donation, then buy them all back for $50.

  • Aurelio

    From the Newsweek article: “McCain himself rarely spoke to Palin during the campaign, and aides kept him in the dark about the details of her spending on clothes because they were sure he would be offended.”


  • The Decider

    Todd’s dolce and gabbana snowmobile seats should be arriving via UPS about the same time they get home. Score!

  • JadedDIssonance

    [re=167380]The Pumpernickel[/re]: These were lined with hand-clubbed-baby-seal-skin.

  • El Bombastico

    “…to keep Wonkette going until Christmas…”

    Until Christmas?!? This IS Christmas! We have several more days of Sarah-Palin-under-bus-throwing to look forward to from Newsweek. I guess that makes it more like Hanukkah.

  • magic titty

    [re=167364]problemwithcaring[/re]: She can suck a fucking dick.
    [re=167374]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Win.

    I loved that at the end of McCain’s concession speech, how he wanted nothing to do with Todd and Sarah. He barely shook TP’s hand. It was John McCain’s greatest triumph as a human being.

  • El Bombastico

    Plus she fellated Mark Salter and Steve Schmidt in a hotel room while Todd watched! Or something… I didn’t read the article that carefully.

  • WadISay

    The Palins’ suitcases are full of spoons and fluffy bathrobes from the Waldorf. Also.

  • Canuck13652

    Um, is this a surprise? Everyone in Alaska loots the government for their own good. Ted Stevens, anyone?

  • Tommy Says Soooo

    That’s nothing, they raided the minibar at teh Phoenix Biltmore with Bible Spice rolling on the floor moaning, “No more nuts!” as Todd made phone calls from the terlit.

  • Lazy Media

    Jon Stewart and I independently concluded weeks ago that she’s an Okie grifter. Or else the Daily Show writers read Wonkette comments, cause I said it first.

  • MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend

    You guys, please be nice and thankful. Think about it this way: The Palin pick was the greatest gift ever to the Obama campaign. We also should thank Bill Kristol.

    Truly, John McCain was always in the tank and this Palin pick was just another example of McCain’s service to the country.


  • JadedDIssonance

    [re=167387]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Win a chance to ride the Snowmachine, Todd Palin! er, a chance to ride WITH…

    …I am fucked up today. I don’t know how Barry managed to text me from backstage before he got us all hopped on hope.


    Will Nieman’s let you return a $10k suit if Baby Trig spit up all over darn thing?

  • Nathalie08

    In a statement, the McCain-backing Connecticut Senator Lieberman says “it is time to put partisan considerations aside” to tackle problems such as the economy and health care.


  • 4tehlulz

    [re=167388]WendyK[/re]: They’ll have to go to the local pawn shop because she sold it for crystal meth and a savings account for Bristol’s next five abortions.

  • ManchuCandidate

    Sarah’s Pain sustains me.

  • Tommy Says Soooo

    Hahahaha, Palin denies she cost Walnuts the election and refers to herself in the 3rd person:

    She is ready for superstardom or Dancing with the Stars or being Sara K’s BFF or whatevs.

  • 4tehlulz

    [re=167393]JadedDIssonance[/re]: I thought that was just the elephant costume that the prop…er…Trig was forced to wear.

  • HuskyMescan

    “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.” nuh-uh! they really said that?

  • Tommy Says Soooo

    [re=167408]Nathalie08[/re]: Translated: “I know fifty seven Democratic Senators are going to mount me, the women with strap-ons. All I ask is you spare the fiberglass lube.”

  • sanantonerose

    I can only imagine how those low-level staffers feel, getting their credit card statements every month.

  • FreshCliches

    I’m sure Sarah had to play a lot of flute to acquire her evening gowns, if yaknowuttamean.

  • TheNewHope

    I can see a dude spending 20k to 40k to pay various women to remove their clothes over some period of time but not to buy their own.

  • Alex Trebeks Girl

    at least they helped the economy??? god oh god i’m glad they’re gone. Soon she’ll be a grandma and she’ll be too busy to run for president.

  • charrington

    [re=167388]WendyK[/re]: Oh if only.

  • NoWireHangers

    Since the Palins are going to spend their lives rotting in shithole Alaska, it was nice that they got to “live” for a day, play dress up, and see the lower 48. Back to the icy hell from whence you came! Begone!

  • Gorillionaire

    I think what Hopey was really saying was “Brian that is such a fucking stupid question”, kinda like if Brian had asked each candidate “so how much do you wear your flag pin to prove your own patriotic awesomeness?”

  • Keram2

    [re=167375]NoWireHangers[/re]: So if Palin is the Wicked Witch of the East, then who’s the Wicked Witch of the We– Oh no. President Bachman.

    I do believe in spooks. I do. I do.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …oh god, this is getting delicious! I wonder how long before the receipts for Bristol’s campaign financed abortions surface!!!

  • S.Luggo

    Wasilla doesn’t have hillbillies anymore. They’re now all on Palin’s staff.

  • JadedDIssonance

    [re=167408]Nathalie08[/re]: I stood in grant park next to a huffpo contributor. We had a grand time. When CNN was using their creepy Pedestal Of Light senate diagram, they mentioned Joe Lieberman. The crowd’s reaction seemed palinrallyesque, for some reason.

    [re=167401]MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend[/re]: I want to thank P.Noonan too, but I don’t know Sanskrit.

  • Anita Cocktail

    I love the part where it says that “some articles of clothing have apparently been lost.”
    Lost. Yeah, right.
    Charity ain’t gonna see a chipped button from that haul.

  • shanemcgowan

    Can we get Todd’s receipts with a FOIA request?

  • problemwithcaring

    [re=167400]Lazy Media[/re]: You did and I noticed that. Belated WIN.

  • Alex Trebeks Girl

    [re=167440]shanemcgowan[/re]: The first dude’s sex toy collection must be incredible. Alaskans are so weird.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …how much do you want to bet that Joe “the fukk face liar” had an expense account?!

  • Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo

    Think of what 150K + could have done to the now aborted Bristol/Levi wedding bash. They could have had a moonshine fountain, a buffet of baby whale blubber and live fucking monkeys as waiters…

  • Alex Trebeks Girl

    [re=167434]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Late term abortions, hopefully.

  • MoodProcessor

    Well, I guess she’ll have to go usher in some head rearing in the snow.
    I still don’t trust that Putin guy, so she’ll have her work cut out for her.

  • magic titty

    [re=167396]El Bombastico[/re]: She’s the bimbo in the horror movie. What a disaster she is.

  • Electric Zen

    “One night, Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. “I’ll be just a minute,” she said.”

    Unfortunately, the Newsweek story stopped there. Can someone please write the ending for me?

  • magic titty

    [re=167459]Electric Zen[/re]: I think [re=167396]El Bombastico[/re]: already did.

  • Rush

    Ever see those stories of lottery winners from Bittersville who go from shit broke to zillionaires. They may have the mansion on the lake and the chrome-plated bling, but they are still uneducated people from Bittersville. That is our Sarah.

  • CollegeStudent

    Im really happy that we can go back to happily making fun of Sarah Palin without having to supress the lingering fear that she might become the (vice)President.
    Happy days are here again

  • FreshCliches
  • AngryBlakGuy

    [re=167454]Alex Trebeks Girl[/re]: …third trimester partial birth abortion! Might as well go all the way if you are gonna fantasize about someones complete and utter political destruction!

  • JadedDIssonance

    [re=167461]magic titty[/re]: Didn’t Chris Matthews step out of the drapes just then?

  • mike3031

    So basically, if you make less than what Sarah Palin spends on clothes in two months, you won’t pay one penny more in taxes under an Obama administration.

  • jagorev

    Wow, this Newsweek special is AWESOME. Wonkette didn’t highlight the parts where Palin struts around in a towel, and Obama drops the f-bomb against an imaginary Brian Williams in his head.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    [re=167461]magic titty[/re]: [re=167459]Electric Zen[/re]: …personally I envisioned a triple penetration gang bang! Not that I have ever seen one of those!

    **Erasing Internet History**

  • Gopherit v2.0

    My first instinct coming here was to make a joke along the lines of “you might not be able to put lipstick on a pig, but what about Dior?”, but the better angels of Hope are taking their toll on my snark.

    Good luck, Palins. That tax bill is going to be a bitch. You’ll be one of the Poors yet.

  • LittlePinky82

    [re=167384]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Hmm I wonder if she got BRAAD! anything? Wink wink.

  • Hamster

    Damn! RealTree is some expensive shit!

  • AngryBlakGuy

    [re=167474]jagorev[/re]: …if the whole “F-Bomb” thing dropped prior to the election, I think it would have been worth at least a couple points in non-bible thumper Bitterville!

  • magic titty

    [re=167471]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Yes. With a tingle running up his leg, and then…

  • problemwithcaring

    [re=167452]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Joe is too broke too have been on the payroll. Perhaps, he was probably assigned aides who each now must be reimbursed for hundred of dollars worth of cab rides, Funyuns, Keystone 12 packs, Juggs magazine and eightballs.

  • President Beeblebrox

    Clothing FAIL… and the circular firing squad begins.

  • MoodProcessor

    “…The consensus in the room was no, not yet, not while he (McCain) still had “a pulse.”

    I’ve heard plenty of re-animated corpse jokes over the past few months. Thank Jeebus Newsweek came out and confirmed the theory. So “No” to dead guys.

  • Guppy06

    I’m sure she could pay her debts with the federal highway money that re-elected Stevens will continue to send her way.

  • 4tehlulz

    [re=167459]Electric Zen[/re]: BRB gotta write a fanfic

  • freakishlystrong

    [re=167498]problemwithcaring[/re]: I wonder how that record deal is going? More likely as probable as Crist getting married now.

  • Blue Line

    [re=167459]Electric Zen[/re]: This can be the beginning of the sequel to Nailin Palin!

  • Jamie Sommers

    [re=167381]ManchuCandidate[/re]: ha ha!! Well done, Manchu. Well done.

  • 4tehlulz

    [re=167518]Blue Line[/re]: There is no way this didn’t end in bukkake.

  • vintageways

    The idea of Hopey saying “fuck” makes me blush and giggle.

    Man, I feel sorry for Walnuts. I’m still glad he lost, but I wish he didn’t run this bitter-racist campagin. I want to think he’s better than that.

  • azw88

    [re=167381]ManchuCandidate[/re]: OMFG!! too funny!

  • Pat Pending

    “You betcha you’ll have to pry that leather jacket out of my cold, dead fingers, also.”

  • dano

    You really can’t blame Palin. This is how politics work in Alaska. If you are in office, you get free stuff. Ask Uncle Ted.

  • Doglessliberal

    that whole Newsweek article is worth reading. This makes me love Hopey more:

    The debates unnerved both candidates. When he was preparing for them during the Democratic primaries, Obama was recorded saying, “I don’t consider this to be a good format for me, which makes me more cautious. I often find myself trapped by the questions and thinking to myself, ‘You know, this is a stupid question, but let me … answer it.’ So when Brian Williams is asking me about what’s a personal thing that you’ve done [that’s green], and I say, you know, ‘Well, I planted a bunch of trees.’ And he says, ‘I’m talking about personal.’ What I’m thinking in my head is, ‘Well, the truth is, Brian, we can’t solve global warming because I f—ing changed light bulbs in my house. It’s because of something collective’.”

  • Alex Trebeks Girl

    I did something really bad. I imagined Uncle Ted’s balls. And since I suffered, you must suffer too! I dont know why that even happened. Ted looks like hell. Can’t Bush pardon him? Isn’t that why he pushed this trial b4 the elektion?

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=167474]jagorev[/re]: yes, the towel thing is friggin unreal. What a vapid idiot woman.

  • WadISay

    Picture needs a caption.

    Sarah: Todd, I fucked your business partner.
    Todd: Haha, I fucked him, too.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    [re=167545]Doglessliberal[/re]: …kinda makes you wish you were a fly on the wall after the whole Stephanopoulos debate doesn’t it?!

  • azw88

    [re=167423]Tommy Says Soooo[/re]: we soo need to just royally fuck over Leiberman. I am all of true bipartisanship, reaching across the isle, and all of that, but not when it comes to Leiberman. He said some nasty shit and it is time to put his ass in it’s place. He should get NO chairmanships, unless it is one that he, McCain and Graham serve on, ALONE.. preferably in an old broom closet.

    Tailgunner Joe made his bed, covered it with glass. Now it is time to make that MoFo roll around in it for a few years. Hell, even John McCain should be shown more respect by the Dems. Give him a slot as ranking Repub on a couple of choice committees. Joe, put him on the lamest committees that do Nothing!

  • Flying Monkey

    And also too, goodbye and good riddance, Sarah Palin! What will Tina Fey do with the extra free time?

  • Schadenfried

    [re=167364]problemwithcaring[/re]: The tank requires and IQ test. She ain’t gettin’ in.

  • moneypenny

    That whole Newsweek article is GOLD.

  • sarahconnor

    It’s time for Dick Cheney to go on a hunting trip with Sarah Wasillabilly.

  • Schadenfried

    [re=167528]vintageways[/re]: Hopey swearing=HAWT!

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=167549]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: oh, man yeah!

  • Cape Clod

    Another decent thing that McCain did last night. Vetoing her request to upstage his concession speech in a blantant, egomanical attempt to lay the groundwork for herself as a future candidate. Her vanity and narcissism is breathtaking.

    I hope that one day, while walking in the woods, she takes out a pocket mirror and becomes so transfixed with her own image that she freezes solid and bears eat her.

  • ironyisoverrated

    At the GOP convention in St. Paul, Palin was completely unfazed by the boys’ club fraternity she had just joined. One night, Steve Schmidt and Mark Salter went to her hotel room to brief her. After a minute, Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel, with another on her wet hair. She told them to chat with her laconic husband, Todd. “I’ll be just a minute,” she said.

    Wocka wocka…

    Sounds like a set-up for Nailin’ Palin 2. I just can’t decide if Todd is laying cuckold or pimp.

  • omfg7

    Actually, you can polish a turd.
    Simply freeze it!
    Welcome back to Alaska baby…

  • choom gangster

    [re=167355]GollyGeeWilly[/re]: Contrary to popular belief you actually can polish a turd – if it’s frozen solid.

  • wildeoats

    [re=167459]Electric Zen[/re]: “Schmidt came over to me, the overhead light reflecting off his clean shaven head. Then my towel dropped to reveal a backwards B tattoo just above my Brazilian, and then

    And then the Doctor called me into the office and I couldn’t finish the rest of the article.

  • paulywog

    [re=167408]Nathalie08[/re]: Lieberterd will start kissing Hopy and Reid’s ass. He’s like that crap on the bottom of your shoe. You’re not quite sure if it is gum or crap and you can’t seem to get rid of it!

  • janejax

    Thank you Sarah, you and your hillbilly ways helped kill the Republican party as we now know it.

    Maybe she can get a record deal like Not-Joe Not-a-Plumber.

  • Charlie Tuna

    Smile. This is fucking awesome, if you look at it like The Price Is Right.

    She got called randomly (literally) from the audience to play Plinko (U.S. nat’l election) for a NEW CAR!!!! (control of most powerful nation on earth)

    Instead of winning a new Pontiac Sunfire (co-control of legislative branch), she only went home with the Rice-A-Roni (200K+ in MILF leisureware and classy hair extensions).

    Leave her be. Unlike McCain, this gal has made her dream come true. She is the classiest woman in Alaska, and nobody can take that away, until 2010.

  • wallythepug

    We shouldn’t be suprised, after all she blew $50 grand of taxpayer money putting tacky flocked velvet paper in her mayoral office. Probably cost as much as the entire city hall building in Wasilla. She’s the biggest freeloader on God’s green earth.

  • Itsjustme

    [re=167420]HuskyMescan[/re]: Hey Husky, off topic, Have you been able to fins a copy of the Statesman today? Jeesus, Mary and the Wasilla Hillbillies, I can’t find one!

  • problemwithcaring

    [re=167566]Schadenfried[/re]: Yea, I could care less about who her vapid-ass supported, but I will never forgive her about talking shit about Michelle.

  • proudcitizen

    SP was such a joke I can not understand why intelligent people didn’t see it. McCain could have found a better VP pick at his local WalMart.

  • superfecta

    “Having said that, 2012 sounds so far off that can’t even imagine what I’d be doing then,” she said.

    One word: meth.

  • Schadenfried

    [re=167687]problemwithcaring[/re]: First Lady Michelle (oh, that sounds good) should get revenge, Sugar Hill style:

  • One Yield Regular

    Shouldn’t the term be “Wasillabillies”?

  • Darehead

    Whoever leaked this story originally deserves sainthood.

  • InKnockYouUs

    One last sample of Sarah’s inimitable prose: “This being a chapter now that is closed and realizing that it is a time to unite, and all Americans need to get together and help with this new administration being ushered in,” she said.

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    She IS the gift that keeps on giving.

  • blader

    [re=167400]Lazy Media[/re]:

    I remember that day. You won. No question

  • PoliTacky
  • Mara47

    [re=167681]wallythepug[/re]: Isn’t “freeloader” pretty much the state champeen job description up there?

  • Mara47

    [re=167603]omfg7[/re]: polishing frozen turds

    I would choose Simichrome for this. It adds just that extra diabolical whiff of sulphur.

  • Darehead

    [re=167790]InKnockYouUs[/re]: And will the gentlemen please usher out the Godzilla from Wasilla.
    Will the surgeons kindly perform a national Palinectomy. Will someone please dePalinize our nation once and for all.

  • DemmeFatale

    In a perverse way, she raised the bar for women. America has spoken: pretty is not enough!

  • FreshCliches

    “Palin asked to speak along with McCain at his Arizona concession speech Tuesday night, but campaign strategist Steve Schmidt vetoed the request.”

    His first good decision of the campaign.

  • Midwest_Product

    [re=167775]One Yield Regular[/re]: Shouldn’t the term be “Wasillabillies”?

    To be totally accurate, I think you need to drop that ‘a’: Wasillbillies.

  • ellie

    Wasilla hillbillies! That is priceless.

  • rockstarjoe

    The whole article is amazing, and it is only part 1 of 7!! I can’t wait for the rest of them to be published, it will be like 7 little Christmases.

  • Itsjustme

    [re=167364]problemwithcaring[/re]: Nope, f*ck her. She wasn’t in the tank before the 4th, she is locked out.

  • Texas2Step

    [re=167438]Anita Cocktail[/re]: “Lost” like Eva Perone’s corpse was lost?

    So when is Sir Lloyd Webber going to do the musical “Caribou!”?

  • One Yield Regular

    [re=167885]Midwest_Product[/re]: I considered that, but I thought it sounded too much like something Christmas-y involving wandering around in snowy darkness singing and drinking grog. Which, you know, might just be what they do up there. So thanks!

  • JazzGtr

    Personally I do feel that we were in peril before McCain chose a running mate who’s highest qualification was mayor of the meth capital of Alaska and inspiring people around the world to pronounce their AAAARRRRs really HAAAAARRD making every day she was on the campain “Talk like a Pirate Day”.

    Dohn’t ya knoh.

    You know, I shouldn’t be shocked and appalled that almost half the country is so swallowed whole by dogma and false issues like guns and abortion that they would actually vote to continue this Republican misery for 4 more years.

    But I am.

    What do some people have against peace and prosperity? It’s not like we don’t have, not one but, two horrifically failed Bush economic models to compare to the Clinton boom.

    Let’s see. The failures of Trickle Down vs the explosion of Bottom Up.

    How stupid are some people?

    And Joe the ignorant plumber who was neither licensed nor had the money to buy a lemonaid stand much less his own business didn’t help.

    Unless you’re another one of those Republicans with delusions of economic grandeur voting, yet again, against your own economic interests.

    Anyway, thank God and let the peace and prosperity return.

  • rocktonsammy

    Not to worry, Michelle Bachmann will be around for 2 more years to entertain us with her ‘special’ kind of crazy.

  • slinkimalinki

    [re=167807]PoliTacky[/re]: win!

  • bonghitsforjesus

    [re=167375]NoWireHangers[/re]: Thanks, now I have a new email signature!

  • Texas2Step

    [re=168127]rocktonsammy[/re]: Aw, Man! I was hoping El Tink would defeat her. :-(

  • BobLoblawLawBlog

    Wow! Who knew Newel was a McCain aide?

  • PoliTacky

    [re=168145]slinkimalinki[/re]: cheers! I was happy that I could put the wolf animation next to Palin, but I couldn’t make it rip off her face in retribution for killing it’s mommy from a helicopter… there’s only so much blingee can do!

    I made the Palin animation myself, it’s in my list of “stamps” if anyone wants to deface it.

  • Schadenfried

    [re=167847]DemmeFatale[/re]: Good point.

  • Sabre_Justice

    Well, this is a surprise.

  • Mr Blifil

    You left out the part where she traipses around in only a towel, contemplating a foursome with hubby Todd and Mark Salter and Steve Schmidt, who probably opted out at the last second when they realized gang banging her would mean revealing their dick sizes to each other.

  • Thumbcuff

    Election summary: black man beats white n****a.

  • ryang

    But the clothes, donatin’ them and gettin’ them to the people of this great nation who need ’em, tradin’ them in, because a maverick, wearin’ the clothes, borrowing them from the RNC who got in there and gave ’em to her, Americans of this nation will know–the real her–the filter–wearin’ the clothes, she wasn’t wanting to and she DIDN’T wear ’em! In Alaska that, hockey mom they call it she is, she was gonna get in there and donate ’em, lipstick. *WINK!*

  • Nahuatl-Axolotl

    Sarah says she just wanted to get her clothes from a consignment store, and the dumb staffers got carried away.

    I agree with Eugene Robinson: we haven’t heard the last of her. Maybe she’ll resign and get her lieutenant-governor to appoint her to Ted Steven’s seat. (Don’t laugh too hard.)

  • Sister Wolf

    YAY, Sarah! Thanks for all the laughs, you crazy bitch. Who could even imagine a “person” like you! I’m sorry Todd’s mad at you, though. I didn’t like that look on his face last night. Maybe you can get Levi to step in if things get out of hand?

  • zhubajie

    [re=167380]The Pumpernickel[/re]: Guns, he bought expensive guns and ammo! For the Alaska Revolt!

    Zhu Bajie

  • pikaboy

    “Jesus christ it is a good thing Todd Palin doesn’t live in California, or his gay Hollywood marriage would be illegal.”

    This entry captures the 2008 election. McCain/Palin goes down in flames and we have finally hope for progress. Meanwhile, gay-bashing and stereotypes continue to proliferate unchecked.

  • ursomajora

    Actually you can polish a turd, My inlaws live in Alaska, and in gift shops there one of the featured items are polished Moose turds. Apparently after the Moose takes a crap it is left to dry nicely and then someone varnishes it up so that it lasts for eternity as a token of your visit to the great state of Alaska. I am informed that tourists to Alaska buy them all the time , and when my mother in law came to visit for the first time she actually asked me if I would like her to bring me one. I declined.

  • zak

    The Repubs think Palin was bad, wait until the credit card invoices come in for Joe the Plumber. he might be able to buy that business after all!

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