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  1. ocirats

    Even worse, they spelled it “holligram of Jennifer Yellin” in the ticker at the bottom of my livestream browser window.

  2. Sassette

    I for one am disappointed that she didn’t open with, “Help me, Wolf Blitzer, you’re my only hope!”

  3. Sassette

    [re=164578]Sassette[/re]: I am also disappointed that I didn’t check to see that joke had already been made four billion times before I made it myself.

  4. WagTehGod

    I love the blue outline and the low quality. It’s like they TRIED to make it look like Star Wars.

  5. nonstory

    Couldn’t tell via the internet if it was horrific or lame. That situation room is one little shop of tech horrors.

  6. JoeFannyPack

    This is a preview of things to come. We will all have holographic Obamas in our home in the near future to help us out around the house.

  7. MMS

    The real mystery is how CNN calls states for WALNUTS when that one is running ahead of him. I mean, Barry was never gonna win Racist South Carolina, but still…

  8. juan pueblo

    holograph THIS cnn. stop wasting our time with nerd products.whats the point of sending the repoter to chicago when you can just keep her in the studio

  9. juan pueblo

    holograph THIS cnn. stop wasting our time with nerd products.whats the point of sending the repoter to chicago if there are going to beam her back to the studio..jeez.

  10. Bug

    Clearly CNN has some kind of unschooled rural PA bitter running their CNN.com live ticker because the text on screen referred to it as a “Holligram.”

  11. tocute2btrue

    That Stupid Ass Joe Biden is forcasting Suiside Bombings to start in major US Cities as soon as Bush is out.
    Does that make me look good or what???

  12. schvitzatura

    Our scout ships have reached Richmond, VA. They found the remains of a McCain HQ, but they estimate that it has been deserted for some time. They are now conducting an extensive search of the surrounding counties.

  13. TheCounter

    Jim writes that this crap appeared on CNN at 7:15 and his post is time-stamped 7:25. That seems pretty quick to me (seriously). Thanks for the breaking news! I think you scooped Rachel Maddow’s Ms. Information segment.

  14. iaro

    Is this the hologram that launched a thousand obnoxious Star Wars gags?

    Oh, what the hell. I still think it’s hilarious.

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