Here is one of the only non-Palin SNL skits we’ve enjoyed in recent decades: Ben Affleck mocks the crap (however inaccurately) out of that self-righteous silvery fraud, Keith Olbermann, who some of you people inexplicably enjoy. Whatever. But we can all agree that he opens himself to some friendly mockery, right, and that he could be a team player about it when and if it does happen? Well, Olbermann is of course a parody of himself in real life and has responded angrily about the evil conservatives that are bribing NBC to BRING HIM DOWN.

Ana Marie Cox e-mailed Olbermann about his reaction, and she got this amazing response:

SNL and my Football Night In America show share adjoining studios, so upon my arrival yesterday, awaiting me was one of the cue cards from the bit, with Ben writing of the sketch: “Keith – Remember, a) I didn’t write this; b) it took years of study – fondly, Ben.”

As to the giddiness: Honestly, everybody deserves a laugh but if on the weekend before the presidential election they spent more than seven seconds bothering with ME, the campaign staff has even less of a clue than I thought.

Also, what’s this “about time” jazz? Since spring they’ve been trying to cajole, sweet-talk, bully, threaten, blackmail, and bribe everybody at NBC from the pages to the presidents to get the milquetoast coverage they want – especially to shut me down. Then McCain spoiled his otherwise impeccable performance at the Al Smith dinner with that angry-old-man bit about me. They have helped bury their own guy in the polls and helped me pass O’Reilly in the ratings. So, seriously, if they’d like to spend any part of the penultimate day talking about me I’ll send them all fruit baskets of gratitude.

One last SNL thing: I’ll be reporting the details on this tonight. ask them why Governor Palin didn’t say her first line as scripted three shows ago. As they pulled back from the monitor shot of Tina doing the impression she was supposed to compliment Tina. Could’ve been a real rehab to her image – why’d she refuse?

Oh, ahh, hmm… a simple “oh those jokesters got me good!” would’ve worked also. BUT INSTEAD THERE MUST BE INVESTIGATIONS INTO THE POWERFUL.

Keith Olbermann on McCain Campaign Giddiness: They Have “Even Less of a Clue Than I Thought.” [Swampland]

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  1. Leave KO alone. Can we not celebrate our own blowhards? If massive, disproportionate ego is his crime, then we’re all done for.
    At least he’s on the team of reason and intelligence.

  2. After reading that Olberman quote I am struck that either: A. Keith rights his own material for the show or B. His writers respond to his email for him.

  3. Wow, I’ve always thought Olbermann was a blustering windbag, but if you’re going to write a skit, make it funny.

    Oh, wait, it’s SNL. Never mind about the funny.

  4. Hahaha,suck it, Olbermann. Ken Layne can take a joke better, and he actually IS a bisexual bottom who walks Hasidic poodles for drug money.

  5. [re=161448]Not_So_Much[/re]: Your sister’s right.

    However, I’m pretty sure that Olbermann was getting uptight about the McCain campaign, not about Ben’s skit.

  6. And Ben Stiller as KO? He had some funny moments in There’s Something About Mary and a funny moment in Zoolander, but Jeez he can be a lot funnier with a better sense of comedic timing. At least it wasn’t Mr Ben-Lo who seems to only play characters who are retarded stiffs.

    It was Ben-Lo Affleck? Well, then. Carry on.

  7. The cat parts of the skit were very funny. The non-cat parts, not really all that funny.
    Love Keith O, tho, his show has been a rock to hold on to these past many years.

  8. If Edward R. Murrow tried to do comedy, he could have written that “skit.”

    Murrow’s piece on McCarthy had a lot more laughs. Just saying.

  9. I loves me some Kief as much as the next clinging bitter socialist Marxist, but I take his schtick with a grain of salt since it’s Microsoft and General Electric that pay his salary as their token token and he’s got no problem taking their money.

    Those suits, ties, and glasses prolly run more than $150K a year, y’know.

    What always makes me wonder is why one of the richest men in the world and one of the richest companies in the world spend so much cash producing and airing all that Prison Industrial Pr0n for a mass audience?

    Are they trying to tell us something?

  10. I think Olbermann is a self important windbag. Sadly, he’s usually right about every. Also, O’Reilly hates him like poison, so he can’t be all bad.

  11. I loves me the KO too, but he could stand to dial it back a couple o’ notches. Just sayin’. I can’t wait to hear about the line Palin wouldn’t say. I wonder if I can get cable by 5 tonight?

  12. I thought the sketch was well written, but that the impressions involved were awful! It made me laugh, but I guess we should have expected bad acting from Ben Affleck. The voice is just really really off. Except when he did the worst person in the world voice.

    I thought it was funny.

    I miss liking Keith Olbermann. He was great when he was the only liberal voice on tv. It was great to have our own guy actually pointing out bullshit. And the occassional special comment for important stuff was skewering. But then he just started to become more blustery and do special comments for every tiny little thing and we started doing better and rachel maddow came along and she’s a much better liberal voice because she’s not a blowhard like what keith has become.

  13. I agree with BLM — I love *and* mock my KO. The parts of Affleck’s skit which had me ultra-giggling were the tortured grammar… I’m glad someone else can both enjoy and deride correct prepositional placement.

  14. Upon rereading the (excerpts) from KO’s memo, I really think most of his verbiage was in response to some comment about the McCain campaign being “giddy” about SNL pimping KO. I didn’t read it as blowback to SNL’s skit. But that’s just me.

  15. …and props where they go. Maddow is so much slicker and goes down so much more smoothly. KO is great but the reverbs of his voice feedback the pleasure centers of his brain too easily. Maddow is Bugs Bunny to Olberman’s Woody Woodpecker.

  16. I agree with the pro-Keithies. He may be a raging lunatic, but at least he’s not a bigot, have racist anti-Semites on his show & travel around the country specifically looking for dirt on Walnuts. That Hannity–man, he has some issues!

  17. I love KO, but more than that, I love it when SNL gets a good joke out every few years.

    KO, it was funny, and it didn’t take anything away from what you’re doing on your show.

    You know what? If you have an ounce of dignity, Sir, you would resign!!! Sir!

  18. Keif! What the fuck, man? Be a man! Affleck nailed you good. And this is your response? Must’ve hit too close to home. Probably does have a cat. I had higher hopes for the O-man.

    And did you know he used to date Laura Ingraham? That might make a man bitter for life, devoid of humor and convinced there are conspiracies behind everything.

  19. [re=161477]themightysea[/re]: I’m pretty sure that it’s going to come out, just like it did with the Palin skits, is that they simply used Kief’s particular phrasing verbatim.

    Ouch that’s gonna leave a mark.

    I just hope he doesn’t wear that damned pukertastic candy-stripe tie tomorrow.

  20. [re=161474]Chuck Fildren[/re]: I yearn for the days of a calm, sane Keith Olbermann who didn’t do stupid voices of people that made fun of him.

    The wild camera angles for the special comment section were amazing.

  21. Don’t pick on Keith Olbermann, I think he’s one of the last Americans that stands up for what the US is truly about.

    And I’ll probably get a whole lot of shit over me now, but fuck it: I am not saying 9/11 was an inside job but I do think that the Bush eehm Cheney administration is holding back so much information that it would be a true act of patriotism if a new investigation would be done and in my opinion peeps like Olbermann could get it done.

    sorry about the paultard feeling to this post.

  22. Ben Affleck mocks the crap (however inaccurately) out of that self-righteous silvery fraud

    An ‘innacurate mocking’? What sort of mocking is that?

  23. The sketch was less than impressive & waaay to long. Unfunny, except for the end. Keith is the only one this day in age who addresses the issues with the insanity and intensity that is needed to describe them. And Orielly wets his bed.

  24. Oh Keith. As I watched that sketch–which was not that funny and too long–I knew you wouldn’t be able to take the joke and would have to issue some long-winded statement/comment/complaint about it. I enjoy you, Keith, but you are a blowhard. Take your meds.

  25. Milquetoast! Hahaha! Milquetoast! Who so fore hadst the temerity to use this word thusly? Doest not that two-by-four chafe, splendiferously, what which protrudes from thine anus? Milquetoast, honestly. Just say “spineless.” Everyone else does, and then the nascar fags will understand you.

  26. [re=161507]Sussemilch[/re]: To clarify, not trying to be insulting or insensitive; when I said “nascar fags” what I really meant was “totally gay for men in colored suits driving in circles.”

  27. Man, Ben got the camera mugging after Worst Persons, right on – very funny. I thought his indignant response email was hilarious and hit on every criticism leveled in sketch: gratuitous mention of other projects/jobs? Check. Accusation of widespread criminal activity in the McCain campaign? Check. Trying, unsuccessfully, to turn some minor oversight by a Republican into a major news story. Check!

    The fucking email even got a mention in about beating Bill-O in the ratings. Classic! Why even watch his show? Just re-read that email until Barack is president.

  28. cajole, impeccable, milquetoast, penultimate, fruitbaskets of gratitude, 4 paragraphs, and managing to find serious character flaws in ultimately irrelevant McCain/Palin trivialities.

    The only thing missing from that e-mail was a picture of Rachel Maddow giving you the “OK, take a deep breath everyone” look.

  29. [re=161472]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Damnit! First David Axelrod professes his Love for Hopey on Meet the Press, now you write this! Can I at least have sloppy seconds?

  30. [re=161490]RadioFreeBabylon[/re]:

    Olbermann took particular note of criticism from Laura Ingraham, who said on the air, “I believe MSNBC really needs to bring in a medical team at this point. . . . I don’t know what happened to him. I really don’t. He didn’t use to be this way.” (Olbermann dated Ingraham briefly a decade ago. “There were a few problems,” he told me. “There were a few things that I could see were going to be impediments. Oddly, they were not political things.”)

    Impediments = Ingraham prefers a man who has a penis

  31. I’ll admit I enjoy watching Olbermann come close to having aneurysms in his “Special Comments.” He may be a bit of a blowhard, but he’s my kind of blowhard. The skit was amusing, but too long.

    I wish Olbermann had more of a guffawing “Hah, that’s some silly shit” reaction, but if I’m reading his response e-mail correctly, I don’t think he was pitching a fit over the skit. He did have a point about “So THIS is how they’re going to spend their time on the last weekend before the election?” Eh, the bit is from a has-been comedy show that hasn’t been consistently funny since the ’80s.

    And am I the only one who thought Affleck was talking too damn fast?

  32. I remember when I was in high school…I thought Olbermann was AWESOME on ESPN. And he was.

    Now? He’s transformed into the leftist Bill O’Reilly. I know it’s by design, but damn – he’s a fucking moron.

  33. KO should just be flattered that he merits mocking and take it like a man.

    Besides, if he actually takes himself seriously, then he just flat out sucks. If you think he is serious, then his ‘holier than thou’ sthick comes across as being a dick rather than funny.

  34. Poor Keith, a victim of his own success. The foaming hoardes of liberals who want a blowhard of their very own have forced him to become cartoonish in his outrage. As keith has become bigger, badder, and angrier, Maddow has taken custody of the gently mocking vocal cadences, cocked eyebrow, and sharp but subtle wit with which Keith used to skewer his subjects. He is now all anvils and sledgehammers while she kills with a thousand cuts.

    Surprisingly on-point stuff here from SNL, affleck, and co. i liked.

  35. Keith’s mannerisms by now are so well known that they are ripe for an SNL parody.

    However, I don’t recall in 2005 and 2006 anyone else on camera on a major network saying or giving a shit about the U.S. government torturing human beings, which last time I checked was not something intelligent folks joked about it. Keith was and still is just about the only person on network teevee to even pretend to care about this.

    The SNL skit gave me a bad taste — like making fun of Elie Weisel for making such a big deal about the Holocaust.

    The last refuge of shallow people is to ridicule people who actually care about stuff for the crime of giving a shit.

  36. Maybe this is a cock slap to calm KO the fuck down. I quit watching Olbermann every night and I’ve cut it down to once or twice a week. That’s all fake outrage I can take. Campbell Brown’s show in the same time slot might deflate his head a bit.
    Careful talking about KO though, the homos for KO at olbermannwatch might sense a disturbance and drop by.

  37. I thought the comedy gold in the Swampland KO stuff was when Mark Salter emailed Wonkette Emerita that haggling with Olbermann was “not our goddam last 48 hours strategy” (for real, check the update).

  38. [re=161691]Aquannissiwamissoo[/re]: “The last refuge of shallow people is to ridicule people who actually care about stuff for the crime of giving a shit.”

    Last refuge? Shit, that’s my starting point!

  39. Of course it’s funny to see anyone of Olbermann’s prominence made the butt of a joke. However, my friends, to anyone who interprets Olby’s email as “pushback” against the skit itself, please accept my condolences for your tragic lack of reading comprehension skills.

  40. [re=161700]HuskyMescan[/re]: Why watch KO when you can watch Campbell Brown? That repressed WASP sexuality gives me a frisson of pleasure every time I tune in. CNN markets her as unbiased, but after I hit that she’d be in the tank. Good porn name, too.

  41. This skit was quite amusing (including the overlooked imitation of Richard Wolfe) but Olbermann has become his own parody. His unending shock that John McCain and Sarah Palin are actually running against his hero has become tiresome. Did you know that Joe the Plumber may have actually contributed to the Republican Party? Do you care?

  42. I went straight from watching the skit to making sure that tonight’s countdown was tivo’d. Can’t wait to see his on-air reaction to SNL.

  43. Well, he’s a pompous ass, but at least he fact-checks his bloviations. He also seems to be familiar with “fag stuff” like grammar and art. I have long stopped watching him and now much prefer to pour my Bush hatred into the Obama campaign. I wonder how many times and for how long his poor viewers will be subjected to footage and discussion of the SNL parody. What a tool!

  44. [re=161976]Flying Monkey[/re]: Somebody is lying about some line Sarah Palin didn’t say on Saturday Night Live, and Olbermann thinks this is an issue? He is more insane than I thought.

  45. There was a time when Keith was my favorite talking head on the planet. He was intelligent and well-spoken and did not talk down to you, unlike every other anchor (this was back when KO fancied himself an anchor and not a pundit) aside from Jim Lehrer.

    Well, that’s over now. Keith’s ego has balooned in the past year, and while he’s generally a nice guy, his show is still one of the smartest on cable news and he’s usually right (also the Special Comments, while a bit dramatic, are generally very well written and intelligent) he’s become insufferable in a rather hilarious way.

    I still like Keith, and the Afflek skit was the hardest I’ve laughed at SNL since the late, great Phil Hartman left the cast fourteen years ago. If Keith is a fan of speaking truth to power, he should probably recognize that HE is among the powerful now, and be a bit happier about the fact that someone is speaking truth to him through some harmless parody.

    I just hope Rachel Maddow is able to keep her ego in check.

  46. Hmmm let’s see. On the one hand we have the clueless dude from Gigli (ever see him on Bill Maher, it’s like nails on a chalk board – he’s a total tool), taking on the only unabashed liberal commentator in America. I’ll take KO FTMFW!

  47. KO is nothing more than a poor mans local sports guys who happens to suck the right cocks. Ship him away with the rest of the self absorbed assholes that have tried to ruin this election with their vast intellect.

    Fuck that smarmy wannabe.

    Give him enough time and he get caught on MSNBC trying to pick up an under age girl on line who thinks hes cool.

  48. Keith Olbermann demands that Lorne Michaels resign IMMEDIATELY, for the world will not be safe from his devastating perfectly harmless political “humor” until he is so to do.

    I bid you GOOD DAY sir!

  49. [re=161467]Barack Like Me[/re]: Your name is such a cute play on “Black Like Me,” a totally bizarre book that nobody reads anymore except, I guess you and me. But I’ll bet Barack Obama has read it because he is brilliant and has read all books known to humans.

    I love Keith. I have a nerd-crush on him and Chucky-T.

    Also, I just discovered I have the same birthday as Bob Barr. Yikes.

  50. What is it about KO that is the problem? His ego? That he is a blowhard? Sometimes annoying?

    Lets go back a few years. All the TV media were absolute chicken shits when it came to criticizing Bush and his administrations actions. Bush was committing crimes abroad and destroying our country and our constitution. KO was the only one that called him out clearly. All the other TV people with jobs were too afraid.

    And the skit was inaccurate too. The best jokes are based on truths. They made up stuff about him. That isn’t a roast, that’s trashing someone.

    And anyone that acts like KO gets overly melodramatic with his accusations, is full of shit. Did we all already forget what Bush has been doing? The economy is primary on everyone’s mind right now, but Bush is a war criminal. Bush murdered over a million innocent civilians in the Middle East, tortured and imprisoned innocent people, and tried his best to shred the constitution. That is not something to take lightly.

  51. [re=161538]Itsjustme[/re]: I was going to agree, then saw hedgehog’s comment, and well… Laura Ingraham? How? Wow, if I was capable of having a boner, I would not have one for another… probably two or three months. Libido. Gone.

  52. [re=162139]the invisible woman[/re]: How perfect is it for someone going by the name “The Invisible Woman” to comment on the origin of the name of someone going by “Barack Like Me”. From now on I wanna be “I Know Why the Caged Nerd Sings”…

  53. Libs should consider resuming self-policing our blowhards when and if the wingers *begin* doing so. You don’t have to love the guy. Just don’t concede to their demands that we silence our loudmouths from within the group. Women fell for that trick for thousands of years, and libs fell for it these past decades. Never again. If someone on your side is reading at about an 11 and you give in to the other side’s insistence that your side should be embarrassed and should shut them down, soon the people on your side who currently read at about a 9 will seem like 11s, and you’ll be called upon to shut them down, too. And so it continues. Never. Silence. Your. Blowhards.

  54. well said dkissam

    hate on someone else, not the guy that is on our side. he has guts.

    think of him as half entertainment if you have to. you think colbert is funny, right?

  55. >>>“Black Like Me,” a totally bizarre book that nobody reads anymore except, I guess you and me.<<<
    Strangely, that book was required reading at my High School. (Class – o- ’76) So was “1984” and “The Fountainhead”
    So I guess we were just being prepared for the world of the future.

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