Here’s old Walnuts on SNL last night with Tiny Fey, as Sarah Palin. They mock their entire campaign, ha ha ha. It’s pretty funny! Especially near the end when McCain takes the floor out from under Palin’s 2012 chances. Awkward! And after the jump, another clip from Weekend Update with John McCain, because he was just bumming around that studio all night long. They probably offered him a hot meal.

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  1. Yeah, after months of crazy cranky Walnuts on the campaign trail, his SNL skit was actually pretty funny. But I think the historical record shall note this as the only sign of remorse for his train wreck of a campaign that he himself created…

  2. Everything my old hero John McCain has done over the past 5 years has offended me, but nothing so much as his failure to shout “You can’t handle the truth!” during this campaign – so far, anyway.

  3. I must admit I found myself particularly vulnerable to the Sad Grandpa approach. And yet… I’m still hoping to see a Double Maverick before this is over.

  4. I think McCain and even Palin came to terms with the loss – you might even say his SNL appearance was his catharsis. Earlier I watched McCain rally in PA on MSNBC and Cindy McCain behind him looked despondent and on the verge of crying. The look on her face said that she reached the stage where she realizes that they lost this election. She did not smile once and her clapping so lacked enthusiasm – I actually felt sorry for her.

  5. Cindy McCain must be thinking “Damn, if he doesn’t win, I will have to actually put up with his wrinkle ass hanging around the house being grumpy. I will have to buy another house just to get away from him.”

  6. This was funny, funnier than My Darling Barry has ever been. But it also shows that McCain is still sane enough -just – to know how evil his campaign is. So it’s funny, but it also makes him seem like more of an asshole.

    Wait, I wrote too soon. Barry is live right now BUSTING HARD on Dick Cheney and congratulating John McCain on working so hard to Dick Cheney’s support. Snap. My Barry looks tired; maybe i should give him a massage…

  7. I am not impressed with Starbuck’s little good citizen ploy.
    When I talk to people who don’t vote, and get an idea of their view of the world, I generally think it’s a good thing they don’t vote.

  8. In years to come, we will look back and recall this as a really remarkable time, without precedent in recent history. Yes, 2008 was the year in which SNL was funny.

  9. [re=159797]aleks[/re]: It deserves the full quote (ok, paraphrase):

    You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! No truth-handler, you. Bah! I deride your truth-handling abilities!

    You need me, America! Your guilty conscience may force you to vote Democratic, but deep down inside you secretly long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and RULE YOU LIKE A KING!

  10. [re=159822]aleks[/re]: Bumbling incompetence and seething bitterness is fine and dandy, but come on Johnny… let’s get an arm-flailing rendition of “you cunts!” on CNN! We can do it!

  11. [re=159842]gurukalehuru[/re]: C’mon, we all know that only Obama voters get coffee at Starbucks. It’s a secret ploy to increase Obama turnout from that oft-ignored Starbucks PAC arm of the Democratic Party.

  12. I thought the whole thing was very funny and very weird. Like he was already joking about how awful his campaign was and how he was going to lose like he pretty much knew it and was okay with it. I also thought it was kind of sad. McCain was pretty funny and loose and likeable– he was the good John McCain. Where has that guy been for the past five or six months? I kinda liked good John McCain.

  13. I was at last nite’s SNL taping and wanted to share a quick story of no consequence whatsoever:

    We sat a few rows behind a group of guys who were dressed in ties and jackets. Their shirt-tails were out, their hair was neat/sloppy, and they were all as white as Kennebunkport snow, and they were constantly slapping one another on the back and sprawling over each other in that ‘we’re straight dudes chilling out’ kind of way. They were consistently obnoxious. I knew they must be young republicans.

    The staff of SNL were constantly on these guys for using their cell phones during the taping. Every five minutes, one of them would pull out a cell phone and begin texting, despite multiple and immediate warnings from the staff. At one point–during a skit–one of the douche bags got up to, I guess, go to the bathroom for a rail or something, and was forbidden reentry. During the musical guest’s performance, one of them started dancing at his seat, doing the white-man’s underbite while raising the roof and a whole series of ‘look at me’ hand-movements that almost knocked an overhanging light onto the audience.

    During McCain’s bits, these guys acted as if Walnuts was the second coming of Jim Belushi, doubling over one another in braying laughter. They actually booed Tina Fey. And after the taping ended, as the SNL stage emptied and McCain walked past, they shouted, ‘You da man!’ and made strange hand-signs at the old fart, which got them a stiff thumbs-up from Walnuts.

    It was depressing.

  14. Barry should pay me some of his acorns monies. I just convinced my sister to vote for Obama. She was one these mildly retarded undecideds that thought McCain ‘deserved to president’ because of his POW status (I used the Palin angle). My Viet vet dad is next. He’s a little trickier, but I’ll do it.

  15. I suspect the “hot meal” he was offered was an early bird special?

    Surprising McMismanager kept the “no return undergarments” line stay in. Do you think he doesn’t know about all the Depends jokes? If he did I can haz little sad 4 Jonny.

    Actually no. Bulldoze their butts Barry. 8 years of pure grain bs, and 28 of the trickle-down lie is long enough. Viva la restructurisation!

  16. [re=159792]thesycophant[/re]: Yeah, he really is. This reminds me of the old John McCain of yesteryear, the one who really was on the straight talk express and who didn’t suck up to wingnuts and right-wingers.

  17. Awwww, this reminds me of Huckabee’s appearance on SNL at the end of the primaries. I still like Huckabee more, though. Also, the Update segment was way better than the opening.

  18. [re=159822]aleks[/re]: Hopefully, the build-up to an arm-flailing, spittle-flying, intern-caning, cellphone video rendition of “you cunts!”, to be played ad nauseum on CNN.

  19. [re=159871]WABishop[/re]: Whoa. That’s kinda freaking me out.

    [re=159887]HuskyMescan[/re]: I mentioned to a couple of my Republican buddies that an Obama presidency means no more Jesse Jackson, ever. They said I had them seriously thinking about voting for Barr with that one.

  20. I thought the sketch was the return of the brave McCain, the McCain who can survive torture and bellow “please Charlie, can I have another!” Nice to see the tough old bastard again, especially in the context of a 98.5% chance that we wouldn’t be seeing him in the Oval Office.

  21. [re=159862]WagTehGod[/re]: So, Johnny Walnuts! is voting for Barack? Must be slipping Truth Serum into those lattes he needs to keep from taking five naps per day.

  22. Just like the benefit dinner he and Obama did a couple of weeks back…it seems like when McCain doesn’t have to do the campaign attack BS he loosens up and acts like a real person.

    I have totally come away from this endgame feeling like John McCain’s creepiness was mostly due to his discomfort with turning into a horrible d-nozzle of late.

  23. Everyone, please:


    They are all cliches–and bad, stupid cliches.


    Avoid cliches like the plague.

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