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Hey there, Wonkeputians! Shypixel here to remind you to remember our Commenting Rules For Radicals, Enjoy!

  • shortsshortsshorts

    Sarah Palin costumes are SOOOO yesterday. Ashley Todd is all the craze.

  • trondant

    Jesus, he looks like Uncle Fester in that photo.

  • Servo

    I knew it! McCorpse is really Tor Johnson!

  • NoWireHangers


  • eoberhauser

    I’ll be going as Ashley Todd tonight.

  • NoWireHangers

    Last years Amy Winehouses are this years Sarah Palins. They’re even reusing the wigs!

  • facehead

    I’d expect nothing less at McCain’s Halloween party.

  • norbizness

    Unfortunately, he looks like my Dad in 2020. And those are good rules; please add “If you bought it off the internet, get the fuck out of my townhome.”

  • BillyClubb

    How ’bout we make it a rule that in addition to ‘no Sarah Palin costumes’, there will be no Sarah Palin.

  • monty

    Im going as j.t. plumber, im going to wear a toilet on my head and a plunger hangin outta mah ass

  • Deepthroat

    Too bad this never made it to WALNUTS inbox…

    Dear John McCain:

    The use of un-clever and hastily assembled Vice Presidential nominees will not be tolerated.

    Yours in pigfuckery,
    The RNC

  • Anonymous Office Zombie

    Here we see a photo of John McCain after visiting FiveThirtyEight.com.

  • 1337b07

    Dam now I will need to figure out a new costume!

  • magic titty

    [re=158158]eoberhauser[/re]: I’m going as her imaginary black assailant.

  • Dave J.

    [re=158172]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: Today’s the first day when I felt like 538 was perhaps OVERstating McCain’s chances for victory.

  • Craptaculous

    Ahhhhh memories of 1999 AND 2000, where ever-so-smart Washingtonian douches thought they were being ever-so-clever with their 50,000 Tinky Winky costumes. Hawk & Dove was practically swarming with the little buggers that year.

  • DoctorCulturae

    We are all Ashley Todd.

  • naomix

    Fascist party poopers. I say the more the merrier, it’s our last chance to lampoon her before she floats away into oblivion like a polar bear on an chunk of the Arctic shelf.

    Anyway, my “accessories” are killa — wait til you see the Trig I made out of pantyhose and a stuffed cat. Plus I’m bringing a Russian with a backwards S carved into his cheek as my date.

  • Rush

    This was just in my in-box from Barry. Why do I feel like I’m buying the Thigh Master or Ginsu Knife?

    I want you to be there with me on Election Night when the results come in.

    We’re planning a big event that will include tens of thousands of supporters in Grant Park in downtown Chicago.

    We’re saving some of the best seats in the house for 5 people who have given to the campaign before — and who decide to make a donation one last time before Sunday at midnight.

    If you’re selected, you can bring a guest, and we’ll fly you in and put you up in a hotel for the night. You’ll go backstage at the big event and — no matter what happens — you’ll have a front row seat to history as we celebrate the supporters who got us over the finish line.

    Any donation counts — whatever you can afford. Show your support at this crucial time with a donation of $100 or more, and you could join me on Election Night:

  • Deepthroat

    [re=158198]naomix[/re]: “wait til you see the Trig I made out of pantyhose and a stuffed cat”

    you’re sharing pictures, right?

  • larz

    It’s the same people that are giving out last year’s day after Halloween 1/2 price candy from WalMart. Bitches!

  • wavingnotdrowning

    I thought everybody was going as the retarded baby. Silly fucking me.

  • druranium

    I must have that photo taped to my door tonight!
    This morning I was trying to envision the scariest halloween decoration, and McCain/Palin are definitely the most frightening thing going this year.

  • Lord Foppington of Dandyshire

    The party I’m going to is hosted by a fat Libertarian drag queen who adores/is dressing as Palin. As disgusted as I am … the booze is free, so …

  • choinski

    Hastily assembled? I spent $150,000 on mine! And apparently its a rental that I will need to return. Or sell to charity.

  • bad_icecream

    What if you go as Tina Fey *pretending* to be Sarah Palin?

  • The White Crow

    There is a new sheriff in town. I’m going to be wearing my Obama mask and go as Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles tonight. “Where are all the white women at” and “Excuse me while I whip this out” will be my pick-up lines for the evening.

  • trondant

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Now I know why he picked Palin!


  • dkissam

    Our neighbor says she’s going to be sexy Ashley Todd. I can’t imagine what she’s going to do to that orange hoodie sweatshirt she bought.

  • binarian

    [re=158155]Servo[/re]: Wow. Nice Ed Wood reference.

  • mocowbell

    Love it when Walnuts does his Tor Johnson impression…

  • Kwame&#39

    I hope no real retarded kids from Redneck Republican families are forced to trick-or-treat as Trig.

  • Dave J.

    [re=158210]bad_icecream[/re]: I’m going as a drag queen portraying Liz Lemon portraying Sarah Falin playing Tina Fey.

  • Doglessliberal

    only Sarah Palins allowed were at the annual DC High Heel Drag Race on Tuesday:


  • peteypete

    [re=158178]magic titty[/re]: Some of my scalding hot, non-fat organic-milk based latte squeezed through my sinal cavity. Well played, Good Sir.

  • populucious

    Well, mine is a very carefully assembled and outrageously clever Sarah Palin costume, so nyah!

  • Guitar_Guy

    I’m going to get my haircut really short tonight (as I always do), take a marker to an old t-shirt and write “Joe” and answer the door with a toilet plunger in my hand! Then, when I ask the kiddies, “who are you dressed as?”, and they say “a witch” or something, I’m going to say “no, you are all Joe the plummers”.

  • Min

    No Sarah Palins at work today, but I’m dressed as member of Zombies for McCain. “Braaaains! I need braaaains!”

  • Anonymous Office Zombie

    [re=158172]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]:
    Maybe they tweaked the numbers out of pity.

  • Doglessliberal

    [re=158223]Dave J.[/re]: hey, you would have fit in Tuesday at the race!

  • Guitar_Guy

    OMFG! I just glanced in at the girl in the office next to me, and she’s dressed as Sarah. Funny thing is, all she had to do was change her hairstyle and put on a red outfit with a red jacket. Awesome!

  • knoxtheharpy

    I’m going as Bristol, and Mr. K is going as Levi. I got my “True Love Waits” bracelet and everything.

  • qwerty42

    They don’t even want guys showing up as Sarah? That’s brutal.

  • OffTheRecord

    [re=158199]Rush[/re]: Mine said for a donation of $25 or more I could join him on election night. OMG. Barry knows I am a poor! But I can come to his party anyways!

  • TGY

    What if a Sarah Palin costume involves bringing your own gun? (Moose blind optional. Do people use blinds to hunt moose?)

  • miz_ginevra

    [re=158295]qwerty42[/re]: we’re an equal opportunity office when it comes to dressing as Sarah Palin.

  • unstripted

    Is there a link to the original document? I could use a copy.

  • worrierqueen

    Can we come as Tina Fey?

  • miz_ginevra

    [re=158560]worrierqueen[/re]: please do! although I kind of dress like Tiny Fey every day.

  • Mista Eko

    [re=158199]Rush[/re]: Ha, he hit me up for $25. That’s cuz he knows I can only afford his t-shirts.

  • mothermaven

    I am going as Miss Tickertape 1929. I got the idea watching the teevee.

  • Pop Socket

    Beauty Pageant Palin and My Water Just Broke Palin are okay, right?

  • CaptainMorgan

    Would you be allowed in if you cut your own balls off to make the
    costume more authentic. At least one of them?

  • font9a

    I thought replacing the pantyhose over a newly “stuffed cat” increased the odds of becoming preggers by 200%

  • eMonkey

    Did the Palin posters result in a rash of bald wigs and overalls?

  • Xecky Gilchrist

    Are the use of anything else prohibited, or are it only the Palin costumes?

  • Xecky Gilchrist

    Are the use of anything else prohibited, or are it only the use of the Sarah Palin costumes?

  • josereyes.theroof

    [re=158194]DoctorCulturae[/re]: My college writing professor — who has compared me to Cho Seung-Hui (true story; look for it in the Summer ’07 Ripon College students/alumni/parents quarterly) — prolly thinks I really am Ashley Todd.

    Then again, I do own a Tenessee Volunteers hoody.