Unless you carve a backwards O in your face ....
[Photo of the SixApart office wall by Miz Ginevra.]

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  1. Unfortunately, he looks like my Dad in 2020. And those are good rules; please add “If you bought it off the internet, get the fuck out of my townhome.”

  2. Too bad this never made it to WALNUTS inbox…

    Dear John McCain:

    The use of un-clever and hastily assembled Vice Presidential nominees will not be tolerated.

    Yours in pigfuckery,
    The RNC

  3. Ahhhhh memories of 1999 AND 2000, where ever-so-smart Washingtonian douches thought they were being ever-so-clever with their 50,000 Tinky Winky costumes. Hawk & Dove was practically swarming with the little buggers that year.

  4. Fascist party poopers. I say the more the merrier, it’s our last chance to lampoon her before she floats away into oblivion like a polar bear on an chunk of the Arctic shelf.

    Anyway, my “accessories” are killa — wait til you see the Trig I made out of pantyhose and a stuffed cat. Plus I’m bringing a Russian with a backwards S carved into his cheek as my date.

  5. This was just in my in-box from Barry. Why do I feel like I’m buying the Thigh Master or Ginsu Knife?

    I want you to be there with me on Election Night when the results come in.

    We’re planning a big event that will include tens of thousands of supporters in Grant Park in downtown Chicago.

    We’re saving some of the best seats in the house for 5 people who have given to the campaign before — and who decide to make a donation one last time before Sunday at midnight.

    If you’re selected, you can bring a guest, and we’ll fly you in and put you up in a hotel for the night. You’ll go backstage at the big event and — no matter what happens — you’ll have a front row seat to history as we celebrate the supporters who got us over the finish line.

    Any donation counts — whatever you can afford. Show your support at this crucial time with a donation of $100 or more, and you could join me on Election Night:

  6. I must have that photo taped to my door tonight!
    This morning I was trying to envision the scariest halloween decoration, and McCain/Palin are definitely the most frightening thing going this year.

  7. The party I’m going to is hosted by a fat Libertarian drag queen who adores/is dressing as Palin. As disgusted as I am … the booze is free, so …

  8. There is a new sheriff in town. I’m going to be wearing my Obama mask and go as Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles tonight. “Where are all the white women at” and “Excuse me while I whip this out” will be my pick-up lines for the evening.

  9. [re=158151]shortsshortsshorts[/re]:
    Our neighbor says she’s going to be sexy Ashley Todd. I can’t imagine what she’s going to do to that orange hoodie sweatshirt she bought.

  10. [re=158178]magic titty[/re]: Some of my scalding hot, non-fat organic-milk based latte squeezed through my sinal cavity. Well played, Good Sir.

  11. I’m going to get my haircut really short tonight (as I always do), take a marker to an old t-shirt and write “Joe” and answer the door with a toilet plunger in my hand! Then, when I ask the kiddies, “who are you dressed as?”, and they say “a witch” or something, I’m going to say “no, you are all Joe the plummers”.

  12. OMFG! I just glanced in at the girl in the office next to me, and she’s dressed as Sarah. Funny thing is, all she had to do was change her hairstyle and put on a red outfit with a red jacket. Awesome!

  13. [re=158199]Rush[/re]: Mine said for a donation of $25 or more I could join him on election night. OMG. Barry knows I am a poor! But I can come to his party anyways!

  14. [re=158194]DoctorCulturae[/re]: My college writing professor — who has compared me to Cho Seung-Hui (true story; look for it in the Summer ’07 Ripon College students/alumni/parents quarterly) — prolly thinks I really am Ashley Todd.

    Then again, I do own a Tenessee Volunteers hoody.

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