Just four short years ago, it was the Democrats who were getting called out in the press for constantly changing strategies and bickering publicly about petty nonsense. And four years ago, Joe Biden took a brave stand and asked reporters the very important question, “Who gives a shit?” (Those are the actual words out of his mouth.) Why will he not now take a stand for his great friend John McCain, who is boldly running his campaign straight out of the Kerry ’04 playbook? [YouTube]

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  1. I can see the RNC ad now…

    (Open on unflattering black and white photo of Joe Biden)

    Voiceover:”Joe Biden wants to know ‘Who gives a shit?’ Who gives a shit, Joe? We do.”

    (Cut to various pictures of stoic-looking, multi-ethnic middle-class American adults, some holding infants)

    Voiceover: “Do you REALLY want a vice-president who doesn’t give a flying shit about you? Let’s never find out.”

    I’m John McCain, and I give a shit.

  2. That should have been his response to every word that came out of Palin’s mouth in the VP debate. “Sarah, Can I call you Sarah? Sarah, who gives a shit”. And then he could have winked.

  3. I heard a story recently about a political fundraiser that Biden attended years ago and apparently someone said something Biden didn’t like and he chewed her out, then finished by grinning and telling the whole room “That’s why I’ll never be president.”

  4. Toomush: Agreed. Methinks this has been a veiled threat of some sort. Since it’s Friday news dump time it may hit teh fan today. Yippie!

  5. Rush: This Eagleberger comment is excellent news for the McCain campaign: it’s one less Secretary of State for McCain to remember…!

  6. The quote was taken out of context. Sen. Biden was soliciting human waste product for a new biofuels project. Just his folksy manner of promoting alternative energy.

  7. [re=157541]Rush[/re]: Eagleburger may point out that plenty of VPs in the past weren’t ready, either, but he should also point out that the last time we had a president this close to the grave was William Henry Harrison shortly after his inauguration speech.

  8. Biden’s trying to tell the press how to do their job, which they just love. He’s absolutely right, though: all these stories about process are interesting only to political geeks like us. They should be reporting on proposed policies of the candidates. [Yaaawwwwn…]

  9. Wonkette eds, why would you even post this? What is the point? So he has a salty mouth? WHO GOES A SHIT? (Ha ha! Get it?) I love Joe. LOVE. He’s like the fun uncle at 4th of July bbqs who gets tanked on Bud and tells dirty jokes.

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