Well, we’ve come to this moment finally, my friends, where an attendee of a Sarah Palin rally shouts that Obama is a “nigger.” We found this on the Daily Kos so of course the video maker decides to flash the word “NIGGER” several million times, in case you miss it.

Sarah Palin clearly hears it and hesitates and ultimately decides to ignore it, being such a class act and all. Maybe she thought the person said “jigger,” a common bartending instrument? Or, to presage our conservative friends, maybe this person was an Obama plant? Or maybe Sarah Palin just heard someone call Barack Obama a “nigger” and decided to keep talking.

[Daily Kos]

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  1. I think that should qualify as a PeeWee’s Playhouse Word of the Day until November 4. Every time somebody says it we all scream and dance around like little kids.


    AAAHHHHGGHHH!!!! (Sirens and bells)

  2. Actually, that voice was one of Palin’s handlers reminding her about an applause line she’d accidentally skipped over on the teleprompter.

  3. God let this election end, these hideous ass puppet mavericks leave our public stage forever, and bring our nation just a little bit of healing and civility.


  4. What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and a race baiting, Nazi bitch? Lipstick. (Carefully applied by a $25K make up artist.)

    McCain dubbed the wrong woman cunt.

  5. She HAD to have heard that. It echoed in the room, for crying out loud. I’m just surprised she didn’t pause and say, “You betcha”.

  6. Palin: “And a big shout out to Frank the Imperial Wizard – another hard working American from real America who doesn’t want his taxes raised.”

  7. ALso from Dailykos:

    “In today’s zany episode, Palin denies the $150,000 clothers were hers, leading the McCain campaign to respond:

    A senior adviser to John McCain told CNN’s Dana Bash that the comments about her wardrobe “were not the remarks we sent to her plane this morning.””

  8. Dear God. I don’t believe you exist, but please, oh pretty please I’ll never ask for anything again if you just make this headline all over the MSM. Please, pretend deity, make it so.

  9. [re=151289]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Yes we are having this terrible problem today where we keep posting at the exact same moments and crowd things, and then we decide to push one of them back 10 minutes. It is appropriate for today, when every post is about death.

  10. Michael Richards, your chance at career salvation is here at last. Do an SNL cameo where you react with shock and terror to a Fey re-enactment of this scene, then indignantly denounce the entire McCain campaign. The K-man is back, I tell ya!

  11. Okay enough of this people!!! Mitt Romney is not going to tolerate people “congregating in public” and mouthing off random words in a wanton manner. As this clip shows nothing good can come of it. When he takes charge, on Nov. 5th, he will instill some common sense values back into American discourse by banning public speech by anyone except him. He will have EVERYONE strap on some of those magic underpants to contsrict their sick and unbridled impulses. They will keep us sitting still as he panders to each an every one of us via an individualized television feed using alien technology.


    The game changes Nov. 5th BITCHES!!!!!!!

  12. and yet, somehow, I fear McCain will not in fact hold an instant press conference to tell us he’s just realized that his pick for Emergency!President is the kind of person who hears a US senator called ‘nigger’ and decides to just keep driving, and McCain’s sorry, so sorry, so ashamed, and he’s endorsing Senator Obama who might just be sufficiently touched by God’s good grace to somehow make this situation slightly less shitty if we put him in charge and do exactly what he says ….

  13. [re=151301]Jim Newell[/re]: Too much poop news cloggin’ up the shoot tubes, eh?

    I like all this posting, though. I like it a lot. I hope Ken takes you and Sarah to Old Country Buffet once the Election is over for a real American celebration. You’ve all earned it.

  14. You know the neo-cons will just say it was an Obama campaign worker plant in the crowd. Because McCain supporter don’t use that kind of language.

  15. On the outside: “And productivity being rewarded … ” (“And he’s a N****R!!”) “[pause] … and … lessons about … (continues) … .”

    On the inside: “Oh my God can you believe like I’m still here and speaking in front of like people in what, is this India? Indiana? Inda? What? I don’t know, oh Iowa! That’s right, so anyway where’s my little card and what am I supposed to say … uh … “lessons” … blah blah blah … and if they think I’m paying any TAXES on those clothes they’re freaking crazy and doesn’t my hair look good well maybe not so much today because I have to go all poor and whatever and what do I say now? Oh yeah, okay, and man, I am SO going to be president next time and these people aren’t even listening but — What? Did she just say — What? Oh great, I’ll probably have that Saturday Night Live chick goin’ off on that too, ya know, so … Anyway I’ll just keep going and talk a little bit more … hope there’ no cameras or anything cause I’m gonna BAN those when I’m in charge. Hey she stopped, that’s good, I’ll just keep talkin’ and I wonder what’s for dinner tonight and did Ted really get busted today? Man this whole thing is just not turnin’ out well at all … ”

    [Etc. etc., for hours, with or without the crowd, or even anyone else in the room.]

  16. Cut them Iowans some slack. This was just a common Iowan greeting for a black person who must have been off camera. They get so damn surprised whenever they see ANYONE of color that they experience a brief Tourettes-like episode, and sometimes they forget which words are inappropriate. It’s not a bigotry thing. You might just as easily have heard “Person of Color!” or “Macacca!” or “Chappelle!”

  17. Coward. But we knew that. What’s even scarier…nobody in the crowd booed, or shouted back, or even remotely tried to disagree.

    November 4th is comin’ bitches; you will be defeated.

  18. [re=151330]Monkey[/re]: Ah, “raging.” Got it. I think I’m developing mid-life dyslexia, because I thought you wrote something else that made me wonder just what the hell kind of election night you were anticipating. Not that that wouldn’t be an apt description of the Republican election theft replay we’re about to witness.

  19. Oh man. Oh man oh man ohmaaaan. See, before, I thought she wasn’t qualified to be VP. Now, after seeing her completely fail to stop her speech and say “that’s not how we do things here” or “shut yer pie hole” or even “no, no…” to this racist idiot, I *know* she isn’t qualified for public office at all. Wow.

  20. [re=151363]irisheyes[/re]: In all fairness to the crowd, the camera didn’t show the people around her. And as someone who has sat idly by at many Red Sox games where Alex Rodriguez manhood was challenged by the crowd, I can say that it isn’t all that easy to start yelling at someone who shouts nasty epithets.

  21. If Palin had ever watch Saturday Night Live before it started making fun of her, she would have known that the correct response to “nigger” is “dead honkey”.

  22. I dunno on this one. It’s really not clear what is being said. Until I get some sort of confirmation from another source, I’m not putting too much weight on this.

    Not kidding. No snark.

  23. How many “game over” moments have there been now for the McCain campaign? 20? 30? Is the game actually over now that DumbBot™ has failed to immediately reject the “N word” being gleefully shouted over her speech? Or does she have to actually say it herself? For fuck’s sake.

  24. [re=151330]Monkey[/re]: I absolutely took off November 5th; I’m gonna be either happy drunk, or who can I hurt to make my pain go away drunk…

  25. [re=151381]spencer[/re]: Nope. I am from Philly. I know hecklers. Sports arena not at all the same as political rally. Granted, you are correct in that we don’t see the people around the asshat- but for that Moose fucker to fail to so much as pause to even cast a disparaging look- no. No pass given on this one.

  26. [re=151330]Monkey[/re]: I’m taking the 4th off to help with various election activities. I plan on calling in sick on the 5th.. I will be hung over from celebration or mourning. I also fear having to protect my property for Palin’s racist supporters if Hope wins as the go after all of us ‘nigger lovers’ with Obama yard signs…

  27. jesus fucking christ. these people make me so sick that I have to wear a bib and a bucket around my neck.

    I vow that if that bitch every comes to Texas, I will drive at her and throw 102 turds at her.

  28. Damn those Commie dictatorships of Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK, where they take your hard-earned tax money to give you things like mass transit, health care, and education!

  29. [re=151424]spencer[/re]: No snark here, but we gotta hold the a-holes next to crazy lady accountable too. Mousy people shush me at the movies all time; you’d think this warrants a little finger wag.

  30. [re=151292]Numbat Dundee[/re]:

    Naw, we already have a big assed base right there in the middle of your country. Granted, you did give us the driest, least useful area on the continent…..

  31. Palin heard it, godamned bitch. She actually stammers then continues eructating her pre-chewed cud for the equally retarded slackjawed fanatics to chew upon. Someone should have smashed a grapefruit in that bitch’s face.

  32. [re=151435]problemwithcaring[/re]: Which is more dangerous: shushing you and your irritating little whiny friends in a suburban multiplex, or facing down a tatooed drunken 250 lb southern Ohio redneck in a mob atmosphere? Let’s get some perspective here.

  33. [re=151454]RushLickBall[/re]: You’re right. That person who yelled out nigger was clearly a 250 lb tattooed redneck. They just have that voice thing-y, what Robert F Kennedy Jr. has. Carry on!

  34. The funny part is gonna be when we get to hear the McCain campaign’s umbrage that anyone would dare to call them and their nigger-shouting proteges racists. “And of course the Obama campaign is playing the race card again…their accusations are the most offensive things that have ever been said in the whole history of people saying things…blah blah blah…”

  35. Let’s be fair. Maybe some Tourette’s case in the peanut gallery started screaming that bad word, stimulated into an attack by the complete fucking cog-dissonance of what Palin was saying. The part, I mean, about how government handouts keep kids from learning the important lesson of working hard and earning. Does Palin think the kids of America are imbeciles? Their parents are strangers to them because they have to work 60 hour weeks to survive, and these grey drudges they call “Mom” and “Dad” don’t have jack thanks to stagnant wages and these thieving banks. Grrrrrr.

  36. If that was a 250lb nazi dude yelling, he’s must have already had his balls gnawed off by his wife. There’s a version of the video on YouTube sans the subtitles, and the audio sounds clearer….

  37. All I want from life is to see an airplane with her on it, along with her First Dud and all their little noun-children, flying back to the 49th state, never to show up on my teevee ever again.

  38. As a black guy, I’m just so proud of racist white Folk for containing their rage without shouting nigger in public for this long. Well done, now try burying your (un)righteous outrage that the president doesn’t look like you for 4-8 years, it’s going to burn a bit, but you can do it.
    Now we all know the answer to what did “That One” mean to racists.

    I agree Kev-O-Tron that this may be the word of the week like Pee Wee’s playhouse

  39. @ Numbat Dundee:

    It’s not just Australia – the list of countries where people are not free (according to Palin) would include England, France, Germany, all of scandanavia, Lichtenstein, Switzerland… ah, fuck it – People are not free anywhere except in the USA and apartheid era South Africa!

  40. [re=151485]problemwithcaring[/re]: [re=151511]3-legged Bloodhound[/re]: You girls ever heard Mike Tyson’s voice? You wanna piece of him?

  41. [re=151541]RushLickBall[/re]: You know, definitely not in the scary-hairy mob atmosphere of a suburban middle-class GOP rally, but put his ass in a suburban, middle-class movie theater and who knows…

  42. I’m not big on ignoring hate speech but I listened to it a few times and just didn’t hear the N word, it was probably some other ineligible redneck shout

  43. [re=151512]ella[/re]:
    Fuck the airplane! They can cram themselves into a rotted Cordoba and drive their white trash asses back to the hinterlands. You betcha!

  44. This lousy corrupt little twat with a 10th grade Civics education preaching to racist dimwits with tired old John Birch Society talking points. She’s a star! The future of the GOP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  45. You people are so racially insensitive, clearly this poor woman is an Hungarian caught in a time warp:

    “Forms ultimately derived from Latin niger have been borrowed into various non-Romance languages, and may be used to refer to people without negative connotation; The Hungarian néger referred to black Africans without any negative connotations until the 1990s when its meaning changed under English influence.” (From the all-knowing Wikipedia ).

  46. You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.

  47. [re=151671]facehead[/re]: I hearts me you. But, you know, when future GOP president George Allen needed his convoluted racial history excuse, you said nothing…?

  48. The bitch heard it! and she paused twice after hearing the shout, that Tood Palin loves him some nigger pussy…….. priceless!!!!!!!!!

    white folks.

  49. [re=151711]S.Luggo[/re]: Yes we haz oil – and all the Numbats you can eat. I’m afeared that the scary lady will shoot at me from a helicopter.

  50. Do not be harsh. Because our economo-educational system no longer requires learning a foreign language in secondary school, the crowd’s enthusiastic declaration of the name of the former French colony of “Niger” (en Frenchie, “nee-JZAIR”) came out, well you know ….
    Bastard liberals.

  51. Sure its real? It did come from the interweb. Not that I don’t beleive this could/has happend. Just sometimes they seem to be to much of a gift to us libtards.

  52. [re=151650]Hedley Lamar[/re]: Go do that voodoo that You do so well!

    You are risking your lives, whilst I am risking an Academy Award for best supporting actor!

  53. One move and the Ni99er gets it!

    Lawdy, Lawdy, he;s depserate! Do what he say do what he say!
    Hehp me! Hehp me!

    Oh baby, you are soo talented, and boy are they dumb!

  54. So dat there gummiment gona be ours mammy?
    Laws, haves murcy, Miz Palin.
    Ya’ll does go on.
    Dis here darky cain’t haadly keep up wit’ ya.
    And dat half colored feller gonna makes de white folks pay usn’ ta lay around all de livelong day eatin watermellonz and bein’ shifless all de livelong day?
    Laws, whats a body ta think about dat!

  55. To those who wonder if the video is real, there is a different video feed of this Klan, uh, Palin rally on the Des Moine Register website. It’s 16:20 in (skip ahead, brother) and you can hear it good. Real good.

  56. Maybe Palin thought she said, “And he’s a tigger!” who is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    “The wonderful thing about Palin is Palin’s a wonderful thing. Her brain is made out of rubber. Her thoughts are solid as springs.”

  57. BOGUS!

    Wonkette, you pretend to be a journalist — surely you must have some contacts at CNN! Why not link the the original CNN footage? Could it be because the original footage doesn’t have any such thing in it? Funny how its not even a story on CNN, where they went ballistic over a third person account of a supporter allegedly shouting “Kill him” which the Secret Service investigated and found absolutely ZERO evidence to corroborate.

    One would think since they actually OWN the video, and its so clearly shouted, that they would make a story of it.

    Yet the ONLY place such an epithet occurs in on a Daily Kos video that has demonstrably been edited, as it has captions not in the original.

    The fact that you even read DailyKos destroys whatever credibility you pretend to have in and of itself — that you use them as a source makes you a pathetic joke.

    Stop spreading lies.

  58. [re=151974]Fact Check[/re]: Well I doubt that CNN would report the on a story about someone yealling N!993R.

    That would go over well, I am sure.

    And The Wonkette has never claimed to be first-hand news source.

  59. That person yelled, “Preggers”, which is some sort of code for baby-spawners who support Sarah.

    Of course, few people know of the Palins’ little inside joke when they (or one of their offspring) think it’s time to crank out another mini-Palin. They say, “Got Milt?”, giggle lasciviously, and get to breedin’.

  60. “When reached for comment, Secret Service agents and RNC staffers who attended the rally responded, ‘Oh, we looked into that too, the woman had shouted that Obama’s was BIGGER (as in his tax plan). You liberal media people will just turn anything into something negative huh.'”

  61. Yeah, she heard it. Yeah, she didn’t care. Yeah, she probably agreed (although she prefers the term “Sambo”). I’d wish her pain, but I think her sad, sad life is painful enough…or will be, as soon as she breaks free of those pesky handlers and gets to see what the majority of people are saying about her.

  62. WALNUTS! wanted her because she was going to “re-energise Da Base”. Well, I have to hand it to the old fart, you certainly can’t get much baser than Ms Moosefart.

    [re=151974]Fact Check[/re]: We are not journalists, we are Wonketteers. Our mission is to re-energise the snark.

  63. You people, getting your shorts in a bunch. Clean your ears out! Clearly, the word was “bigger”, referring, obviously, to a racial stereotype…. Wait, there I go again….

  64. [re=151974]Fact Check[/re]: Well I went to the Des Moines Register site to hear the full speech and it’s the same audio, just without the giant N word flashing over the screen.

    It would be interesting to see other people pick up on this besides Kos though.

  65. you guys have like s.e.p. or something…look what i found on the delightful comments to this very youtube video you posted:

    “She handled as she should have by ignoring it. It’s just a democratic plant anyway. Racism is the least of this country’s worries when we have a war, a weak economy and a socialist running for president.”

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