But what do the psychotic racists do when they get home from Sarah Palin klan rallies? They plot a race war, which starts with the robbery of a gun store, and then a massacre at a school in a black neighborhood in Tennessee, where 88 black people would be shot to death, and 14 would be decapitated. “The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community,” the Associated Press says. Uh, sure.

After the school massacre, the race warriors would go on a “national killing spree,” according to the ATF’s Jim Cavanaugh in Nashville, which would end in a failed attempt to assassinate Barack Obama. Really, the failed attempt was part of the plan.

“They said that would be their last, final act — that they would attempt to kill Sen. Obama,” Cavanaugh said. “They didn’t believe they would be able to do it, but that they would get killed trying.”

Okay, enough fun for now. Your editor is going to visit the gun shop again.

Skinhead assassination plot against Obama foiled by ATF [AP/ABC 4]

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  1. This is what the fun Urban Dictionary says about 88 and 14:

    14 representing 14 words written by David Lane, “We must secure the existance [sic] of our people and a future for white children.”

    88 representing David Lane’s 88 precepts, or sometimes the eighth letter in the alphabet (H), to represent Heil Hitler.

    I just want to lock these douchebags in a jail cell with a Gil Scott-Heron record on repeat. Then, I want them to get assraped by a whale.

  2. [re=151195]ManchuCandidate[/re]: WIN!

    Alternatively, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. is #88… and you don’t find many black people in a sport that uses a Confederate flag as its symbol.

  3. I’m just going to sit here and hope this was every bit as real as the guy who was going to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with a lighter, or the Muslim paintball terrorists.

    But yeah, it’s probably for real. Lovely.

  4. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re in any organization that has symbolic numerology, you might want to rethink it… I’m looking at you Catholics.

  5. I vaguely remember “14 words” from that one episode of “The West Wing.” Yet again proving Aaron Sorkin’s mastery of all things, including predicting the future and an encyclopedic knowledge of Revolutionary War muskets.

    Anybody know who Lee
    Harvey Oswald was?

    Almost everybody raises his hand.

    Private Snowball?

    Sir, he shot
    Kennedy, sir!

    That’s right, and do you know how
    far away he was?

    Sir, it was pretty far!
    From that book suppository building, sir!

    The recruits laugh at
    “suppository. ”

    All right, knock it off! Two
    hundred and fifty feet! He was two hundred and fifty feet away
    and shooting at a moving target. Oswald got off three rounds with an
    old Italian bolt action rifle in only six seconds and scored two
    hits, including a head shot! Do any of you people know where
    these individuals learned to shoot?

    JOKER raises his hand.

    Private Joker?

    Sir, in the Marines,

    In the Marines! Outstanding! Those
    individuals showed what one motivated
    marine and his rifle can do! And before you
    ladies leave my island, you will be able to
    do the same thing!

    But not those two assholes

  7. [re=151200]JGB[/re]: Yes, nothing those federal agents love better than joking around about assassination attempts. It’s always knee-slappin’ fun at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

    Hey, when did the ATF add an ‘E’ to the end of their name? Shouldn’t they be the ATFE if they’re going to be gettin’ all up inside the explosives bidness?

  8. I should think the neo-Nazis would be more enamoured of the number 96, the number of keys on an Imperial Bosendorfer, the Aryan Superman of pianos.

  9. [re=151219]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I say we amass an army of hipsters and minorities and ironically invade their homes, rape their daughters, and burn their fields, because wouldn’t it be funny if their worst nightmares came true?

  10. and the guys on meth during the DNC were just “playing around” and not really a menace to society because they were tweakers? i wonder if they just nabbed the only two skinheads in america not on meth? actually, if we all do meth right now, no matter what happens on the november 4th, we’ll be really really really ready for it. i mean REALLY READY.

  11. Yeah that numerology bullshit is carrier by just about every waacko cult and street gang out there. For the Nortenos in (affiliation of Northern California gangs) is 14 or XIV for the letter “N”.

    Kudos to ATF. One less violent group of thugs out there.

  12. [re=151219]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Fuck secession – what’s it called it if the rest of us just kick ’em the hell out? Oh right, self defense.

  13. Yeah, they were going to go to an African-American area of Tennessee where the inhabitants would stand idly by and let themselves be butchered.

    If these geniuses try to carry out their plan, they would probably have learned in short order why it is best to pick on those who are WEAKER than you.

  14. [re=151205]Uncle Al[/re]: No, that was Kentucky. And there are dumbass rednecks in every state.

    I live in TN. We don’t all fuck chipmunks and masturbate to Nascar races, I promise.

  15. [re=151235]CrabtreesBludgeon[/re]: A sense of doom only from those who don’t want a Muslim fundamentalist jihad-y terrorist as their leader. The rest of us are good.

  16. [re=151236]WIDTAP[/re]: i don’t know about “kudos” for the ATF. there’s a lot they do that we never hear about. like breaking down doors and killing the wrong people. just saying.

  17. jeez…it’s hard to take plotters seriously when they have to rob gun stores
    to obtain their weapons. probably, step 1 was to rob a pizza joint to get cabfare
    to get to the gun shop.

    even palin has her own guns.

  18. Fuck. These nimrods just had to be from Tennessee. As much as I’d love to defend my state, I can’t say I’m surprised.

    [re=151219]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Nah. Memphis can secede from the rest of the state, ‘cuz we gots all the black folk. Hell, Nashville would probably be glad to see us go.

  19. [re=151262]problemwithcaring[/re]: Good point! The majority of people they talk to in those silly poll thingys have a hard on for just such a leader. Ha ha we heart Musiln terrists! Ok I feel better now. Thx!!

  20. [re=151219]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I believe they already have – that’s where a large number of Alaskans came from. You can’t even begin to imagine how stupid those people are.

  21. it’s like shootin fish in a barrel. catchin retards trying to kill us all. i feel so much safer. actually, they’ve caught two of the biggest drug dealers here in mexico in the last two weeks. the heads of the felix cartel. with any luck, there will be some type of truce or changing of the guard, so to speak, and the drug business will go right back to normal. whatever that is.

  22. SayItWithWookies: Yeah, my friends and I were just talking about that this past weekend. We should just send a letter to the South in general saying our bad about the whole Civil War thing, and let them go on their crazy ways. Then we could let the Republicans who are left up North build their damn wall.

    Of course we would have to have some sort of amnesty period for anyone who is not bat-shit insane to get their collective asses up here before the Confederacy becomes a third world nation.

  23. [re=151220]jagorev[/re]: Yeppers. Just a couple of brave kids from Real America. Go Wolverines.

    Sigh …………….

    (The above was sarcasm, in case SisterTruth is around somewhere, looking for something to piss herself off with, when the overall truth isn’t upsetting enough.)

  24. [re=151198]loquaciousmusic[/re]: Danke, I mean, er, thanks. I always assumed the 88 referred to the Wehrmacht’s famous flak gun. I am so behind on my white supremacist reading, you wouldn’t believe it.

  25. [re=151271]echoman2000[/re]: “i don’t know about “kudos” for the ATF. there’s a lot they do that we never hear about.”

    That’s right. There’s a lot they do that we never hear about. It’s not what you may think. If they didn’t do it, we’d hear about it all right.

    A testimonial!

    Nah, jeez, I’m gettin way too serious. Serious times, though. Here’s a quiet shout-out to the boys and girls of the BATFE.

  26. I want to make it CLEAR that the ’88’ in my handle is in no way associated with white supremacists.

    I am not a neo-nazi racist fuckwad. The only supremacy that I believe in is that of my intellectual supremacy, especially over neo-nazi racists fuckwads. That and anyone on Fox News!

    Let’s hear it for Blond-hair, blue eyed intellectuals over Fox news! Wanna join my revolution? Blond hair, blue-eyed coeds get free membership! :)

  27. While here in WA state our psychos are predominantly cuntrified rednecks, at least they aren’t racisit – they’ll kill whatever color of people God tells them to.

  28. This is a surprise to anyone? Mentally-ill, perpetually broke, racist, gun-hoarding rednecks are probably the primary reason why Colin Powell has never run for President.

    FYI, Tweety and Chuck T are taking odds on the final Electoral College total for Barack on Hardball right now. 335 anyone?

  29. [re=151282]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Memphis should become the capitol of Mississippi, Middle Tennessee can be it’s own little state, and crazyassed eastern Tennessee can join the new republic of redneckistan to consist of Western NC, West Virginia, and Pennsyltucky.

    I kept Middle Tennessee out of Redneckistan because I read today that Obama is running even in the Nashville area so I’m giving us a probationary pass.

  30. [re=151317]lenorecutie[/re]: Last year I was on a Politics discussion group on a social networking site, where we threw the most horrible vitriol at each other, constantly, like YouTube comments, only with better vocabularies and no comment limit.

    The nastiest comments I ever received came when I said exactly this: “Next time the South wants to secede, I say we let ’em!”

    I never heard such hatred in my life from all the Southerners, including the Emery/Rice graduate crowd. You’d think, if we Northerners were *THAT* fulla shit, they’d be happy to go, wouldn’t you? Oh. Yeah. They also “skooled” me, explaining that the South *invented* Civil Rights and did so much more for Civil Rights than us Northern hypocrites, with all our pretended love for black folks, etc. etc. etc. They’d never even heard of Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney, or Viola Liuzzo.

    They really do have an alternate reality down there, apparently.

    I seriously wonder if the best approach in this deeply divided country, about as evenly polarized as a cell preparing for mitosis, might be to establish two separate countries, with extremely different laws/rules/mores. I think our Leftyland country would kick their ass educationally, materially, technologically, diplomatically, etc.

    But it might make sense to establish a political Petri dish and prove it.

    Why not an amicable divorce this time, for irreconcilable differences, instead of another Civil War?

  31. I’m a professor. For the past year, I’ve been calmly reassuring my students who are pro-Obama that nobody is going to kill their guy (I conceal my own affiliation from them.) I was secretly afraid that I might have been lying. Now I know I was. But I had no idea that they should have been afraid that some psycho racists would be trying to knock off the rest of us, too!! I’m sorry, but this takes voter suppression to a new level. If you vote for Obama, we’ll cut you’re head off??? WTF

  32. Another difference between white people and black people: White people try to kill Obama or die trying; Black people try to get rich or die trying. Both are very hard.

  33. [re=151361]nurple[/re]: I thought you were referring to the scene in that particular movie where the deranged vet crouches in his floodlit apartment awaiting the arrival of Mr. Shhhh.

  34. Iolanthe: you’re a great opera, but you have a political tin ear. The South lost a long time ago, and never wants to go back to candles and buggies.

  35. [re=151391]SisterTruth[/re]: Oh, sister … I have thought all along that someone would try. I couldn’t figure out why TPTB laughed off that plot last month. I spend time in the YouTube trenches, and these idiots are all-the-way serious.

    Many of them claim not to know a single person who supports Obama.

    Many of them are absolutely convinced that a vote for Obama is a vote for Stalin-style Communism, to start the week Obama takes office.

    Many of them are literally convinced that Obama is the Antichrist.

    They see themselves as heroes, like the Wolverines in Red Dawn, or the White Rose Society of Nazi Germany.

    My worst fear is that among them is some group of Iraq vets, with weapons training and PTSD (like Tim McVeigh), and just enough brains and inside connections to pull it off.

    Despite my bad Fundie background and the fact that I’m just barely even a Theist these days, I’ve started praying again, begging for protection for Senator Obama.

  36. fuckinredneck: Obama’s just going to step in front of Michelle, rip open his perfectly-tailored suit to reveal his red, white and blue skin-tight Obama-man shirt and those bullets are going to bounce right off of his chest and into the wild eyes of the psycho-skinheads who foolishly sought to take him down. And that gorgeous, knowing smile will never leave his face as he continues on with his beautifully-written and eloquently executed speech.

  37. [re=151202]SuperRounder[/re]: I want Hopey encased in a bulletproof shell everywhere he goes. I want him to drive a pope-mobile armored golf cart when he crosses the WH East Lawn.

    I remember every minute of JFK, from going to a rally when I was 12 and being a part of something I’ve never forgotten to every moment of the last. My parents debated taking me to a doctor because I didn’t quit crying for four days.

    No snark, just the fact that in all these years, I’ve never missed an election (I had to wait until 21, back in those days) and it’s taken this long for me to vote for a prez, hell, any candidate, because I was truly, truly inspired. Not just because it was the Democratic, not just because I had some personal interest vested in it. Even McG wasn’t like this.

    I’m 12 and it’s JFK, all over again. Except now I’m an adult, and can stock-pile Lunesta.

    Fuck, this is grim, but I would be so far beyond blue down here in the Dust Bowl if it happens again.

    Has anyone checked to see if Todd Palin or one of his fucking snowmobile friends is showing up at Obama rallies? Those snowbillies probably didn’t realize how much they hated negroes until they left Alaska and saw one in person.

  38. [re=151391]SisterTruth[/re]: I grew up in the South. Just when you think it can’t get worse, another era of crazies piles into the clown car and off they go!

  39. [re=151368]iolanthe[/re]: Picture two cats trapped in one burlap sack. Or picture two cats trapped in one small cage. Foreign investors could sell tickets, make back some of all that derivationist money that’s so recently evaporated.

  40. Boy, I’m just glad these White Right-Wing Loonies were caught before they actually could kill innocent people.

    You know, kill innocent people as did the “business associates” of Bill Ayers and his lovely wife Bernardine Dohrn.

    But of course, that was different . . . .

    . . . somehow.

  41. Just sickening that these hateful whack jobs walk among us :(

    This reminded me that one of my righty coworkers was just telling me the other day that he thought Obama was a diva because he got a secret service detail BEFORE he got the nomination. I guess the bitter righty’s would prefer we’d have given these racist lunatics a clear shot early on so we wouldn’t find ourselves here today getting ready to witness a landslide for Obama.

  42. [re=151361]nurple[/re]: I’ll say. Whaddo we got here? A guy in his golf clothes, precariously perched on a steeply sloping roof—the recoil from his shotgun will knock him loose, if he gets a chance to fire, but he’s silhouetted against a lighted window, wherein his wife and child are clearly illuminated—Darwin says, “Fail.”

  43. [re=151461]Neilist[/re]: Oh, neilist, we see what you did there!

    Would you feel better if we gave Ayers a shot at Grampy? You can throw him in the clink personally.

  44. Did you read their plan? These half-wits wanted to wear white tuxedos and top hats and crash a white car into the stage with guns blazing. Haha! What the hell is that? Who the hell has a fantasy about starring in a racist version of Paul McCartney’s “Give My Regards to Broad Street?”

  45. [re=151494]slappypaddy[/re]: Hey, just look at the picture. That dude is wearing lipstick. And I”m not against guys wearing lipstick. I just want to understand why racist skinheads are wearing. Just trying to make sense of it all, buddy.

  46. [re=151461]Neilist[/re]: The saddest thing is that these two young men, *and* the quite-young-at-the-time Ayers and Dohrn, *and* young Tim McVeigh all thought that they were somehow Helping and Saving the Real America with their violent acts.

    They all saw themselves as heroes, the only people with the Balls to really get out there and do something brave.

    They either didn’t realize they were unleashing horrors, or thought it would be worth it.

    At least Ayers and Dohrn got the chance to become bleedin’-heart Do-Gooders through education and peaceful activism. Maybe these boys, when they get out of jail some day, will take a similar path.

    Why is it that young people, with so much time left, are so impatient, but older people — even if they hate what’s going on in their country, are willing to go through the lengthy frustrating political process to try to shift the direction?

    Ah well. If young people had any perspective, we couldn’t get any of ’em to sign up for the military.

  47. [re=151368]iolanthe[/re]: As someone from Florida, the most beautiful state in the Union and filled with the most bible banging, backwards ass ignorant fucks, I wish they would all pack up and leave and move to Arkansas. This state would be so much better if all we had was fags, weirdos, and old liberal Jews.
    PS – But I am so glad my dad is a gun dealer.

  48. [re=151486]SisterTruth[/re]: Nice job on the eyeshadow, too! I think this boy is in the KKK-Kloset.

    Not all that far in, either.

    This is a *strange* case.

  49. [re=151502]iolanthe[/re]: Iolanthe – Your question reminds me of Gen. Phillip Sheridan’s description of the “perfect” calvaryman as a “16 year old boy who weighed under 100 lbs.”

    You can get them to do anything, in the same way that U.S.M.C. 2nd Lts. volunteered to sit in slit trenches less that 500 meters from the shot towers during some of the nuclear tests in Nevada back in the mid-1950s.

    That’s the negative side.

    On the positive side, it’s the same thing that caused/enabled the same sort of people to wade across the lagoon at Tawara, or get off the beach at Omaha.

    (If they had only known that the end result would be us exchanging snark and insults on, they . . . they . . . probably would have gone ahead regardless.

    That “Dulce et decorum est” stuff, don’t know?)

  50. BTW … have we made sure this isn’t a hoax? The lipsticked and eyeshadowed young Klansman, his pal, Beavis with the Neanderthal bangs, the white tuxedos and top hats, the huge planned body count … it’s all so far beyond surreal. Are we *sure*?

    Has the RNC sucked us in with this wacko story as paybacks for how hard we were all laughing over “B-girl” Ashley Todd? Have they planted this absurd thing on the AP Wire just to suck us in?

  51. [re=151514]iolanthe[/re]: I hate to say I told you so, but… um. That’s a lie. Actually, I like it. Told ya so!!!! That kid worked on that make-up. With the specs, he’s working a total Frankie Goes To Hollywood circa 1984 look. Although he added the unfortunate accessories of a gun and a swastika. Poor confused homicidal maniac. Why don’t the just let him kkk-kome out of the kkk-kloset so he can be free, peace loving and happy that Obama is about to be his president, AND he can wear all the make-up he wants? I’ll even loan him my lipstick in a much better shade for him!!!

    Come on out, skinhead, the culture’s fine!! Yes, It can all happen during an Obama administration.

  52. Whoa. Wait a minute. The Tuxedo thing wasn’t a joke??!! That was for real? I thought they were making it up? What? Are they sure they didn’t just find the treatment for the new music video for their totally awful band that hoped to be booked for the McCain/Palin inaugural ball? Are they really skinhead assassins or are they just trying to find a way to break into broadway musicals?

  53. Where is the frowny faced Fox News lady sadly announcing that the Communist US government discovered the plan and the plotters are going to jail? Is she more in love with Ted Stevens than with Nazis?

  54. [re=151531]Neilist[/re]: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?

    Yeah. My kid, a raging “FUCK SHIT UP!” punk at 16, became a raging US Marine at 18, a raging Gulf War I combat veteran and PTSD victim at 19, and a raging combat-PTSD-related fatality (depression … you know … I don’t have to spell it out) at 25.

    So I think about this shit a lot.

    He was principled to a fault i.e., inflexible, completely bought in to whatever ideology had most recently attracted his attention, sensitive, idealistic, a binary thinker, absolutely fearless, tireless, smart as hell but without a lick of perspective. He was very much like Sheridan’s 16-year-old cavalryman.

    What snapped him, from what I could get him to tell me, was the sudden realization in his tank during the combat, as he mowed down fleeing people (including civilians) in the back, that he wasn’t the Brave Defender of Truth and Right and Freedom he’d joined up to be. He had become the sort of person that Brave Defenders of Truth and Right and Freedom are supposed to *fight*.

    Owie to the self-concept.

    I remember discussing the McVeigh case with him. He said, “Mom, my tank killed more people than Tim McVeigh.” They’d both been tankers. Tim was Army; my kid was USMC.

    After he was gone, I got his mail. He’d been scoping out both right-wing and left-wing extremist groups, some advocating violence. Guess he decided to limit the body count to 1.

    I think we need these people, these personalities, for those rare times when we *do* need a group of fearless clever amped-up young fools to defend us! But ah, God … we should always have an unassailable reason for using these kids this way.

    I talk to young Righty wingnuts all day on YouTube. I’m not kind and compassionate. Often, we just trade verbal abuse. I figure I’m warring/bantering for the edification of spectators, not to change *those* kids’ minds. I often catch myself calling them stupid, redneck, etc.

    But what is chilling is not their stupidity. Many of them are seriously not stupid. They are *intensely* committed, more committed to their cause than our troops could possibly be committed to Bush’s War. But they are just absolutely deceived, IMO, about who is the problem and what is the solution. I have no idea how to undeceive them. I figure that some of them — the sensitive bright ones — will be suddenly Undeceived in the middle of, or shortly after, a violent act.

    Ah, shit. That was a book. Sorry, guys. I’ll turn on the Snark again in a minute.

  55. Kudos to the ATF. Right wing hate loonies killed John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Thanks, ATF, for helping to keep Senator Obama alive. The country needs him. Please, Senator Obama, take care. I won’t be offended if you shield yourself against snipers when campaigning.

  56. Not to be an even bigger buzzkill, but the sad fact of the matter is that these people live among us. Well, not ALL of us, just those of us unfortunate enough to live in places like Oklahoma City, Columbine, Paducah, Blacksburg, and Helena-West Helena (who knew?!). But none of us are ever really safe. Hate is universal, always has been and always will be, and that will never change. What’s even more frightening is that racists like these will continue to promote hate and to breed hate for future generations. And we can’t stop them. They will go about their sad, pathetic little hate-mongering lives largely unnoticed by the rest of us. Until that one, shining moment when they decide to strive for some kind of misbegotten immortality. And by then it will be too late to notice the obvious signs on the MySpaces and the YouTubes. No wonder the planet is slowly trying to cook us into extinction. If we haven’t learned how to live together in peace and harmony by now, we truly are doomed as a species.

  57. Now some kind words for China. A military vet served offshore, and tells the tale.

    There were a couple accused of some awful crime in the Republic, and they were guilty as charged, and they were sentenced to two years confinement in a certain secure holding area.

    I say, that sentence seems pretty light.

    And he say, the mortality rate is exactly 100%.

    Oh, I said.

  58. Man this is way over the top. Two crazed skinhead double brothers hanging from a car window dressed in white tuxedos and white top hats blazing away with some kind of auto weapon. That strategy was obviously a result of having the same mother, their sister, with different fathers, their two older brothers. Boyz, you will be so loved in the big house..

  59. [re=151621]WoundedVeteran[/re]: Especially Little Mr. Lipstick. I think he may have been overcompensating because his last name is “Cowart”.

  60. [re=151616]Clovis[/re]: So … an oubliette, a “forgettery”, with no water but rain, no food but rats and roaches, and no medical care at all.

  61. [re=151461]Neilist[/re]: Yeah being a hippy douche who sets off bombs to prove a political point and (accidentally, apparently) killing people is bad. Point conceded. Is that really the same as decapitating people and assassinating a presidential candidate because you think their entire race should be destroyed?

    I can’t wait for the day when these guys reform their ways, earn their doctorates in education and become some of the strongest advocates of social justice and equal educational opportunities in the US. One of them may even be honored as the “man of the year” in Chicago for his years of public service. When that happens, then yeah, it will be similar.

  62. [re=151591]iolanthe[/re]: iolanthe, I am so very sorry about your son. Giving your life for your country has to be balanced with your country giving you a good reason to do so. We have all betrayed these military kids every day that we risk their lives and their sanity. Meanwhile, these tuxedo-wearing skinhead clowns think it’s all a big video game fantasy. The good news is that there are so many amazing young people out there trying to make things right. We’ve just got to back them up.

  63. You’re dealing with real Georg Haider queens here. I am upset that these people did this, and think they could have hurt a lot of people and caused a lot of phsical and psychic damage to the polity, but they wouldn’t get within a million yards of our Magical Unicorn, Barry. Let’s put this all in perspective. These guys are NOT typical Amurricans, they are massive outlier/misfits who happen to thrive in these chaotic times.

    I wish the guy who killed all those ‘Libruls’ at that progressive church in Tennessee got more press a couple of months ago. He’s the guy we have to be skeered of. These guys obviously were broadcasting at full volume and probably knew deep down they’d be caught right quick.

    The threat to the American polity doesn’t come from the crazies, because they’re self limiting. The threat to American polity comes from the people with brains and no principles.

  64. [re=151632]Internally valid[/re]: Yep, “accidently.” Like the Brinks holdup “accidently” resulted in the killing of couple of minimum wage security gu . . . whoops, I meant to say “Facist Insects Who Helped Oppress The Proletariat!”

    Don’t get me wrong: I’m not an apologist for RightWingnuttery. Any more than I am an apologist for LeftWingnuttery.

    But once you start that “Ends Justifies The Means” Stuff, you’re arguing about motives, not behavior.

    30 Million or so kulak farmers — or, if you prefer, “Facist Insects” — in the former USSR might agree with me . . . if they hadn’t been killed by Stalin to insure the sort of Worker’s Paradise that Mr. Ayers’ co-religionaries once set bombs to create.

    (But then, those were “Liberal Bombs,” and only killed and maimed BAD people.

    Got it.)

  65. [re=151632]Internally valid[/re]: I second that point. (Rationality is not Neilist’s strong suit, but, then, I think she just came out as a McCain supporter.)

  66. [re=151689]CooterMarie[/re]: The only way to stop the violence is to get this guy together with Sarah Palin’s expensive make-up artist. If we could get him an RNC-funded shopping spree at Neiman’s, where he could find 102 shades of lip color, he would drop out of that skinhead gang in 102 seconds flat. Again, boys in lipstick are fine. Boys killing people, with or without lipstick, not so much.

  67. OMG … 14 * 5 = 70, 88 – 70 = 18, 18 – 5 = 13!!! If only I knew what the 5 stands for, amount of state’s McCain will win? Number of minutes to debunk Ashley Todd?

  68. [re=151728]Neon Trotsky[/re]: Thanks for translating Sarah Palin’s incomprehensible campaign speeches, although you forgot to add ALSO and YOU BETCHA!!! What if we give “the whites” all of Sarah Palin’s fancy campaign clothes and the tuxedoes that these two bozos won’t be able to use for their Obama assassination attempt? Do you think that will pacify them?

  69. [re=151688]Neilist[/re]: Well, sir, shall we apply your logic to other things? Like the glorious Battle of Tarawa that you mentioned earlier perhaps? I recall that 1000 U.S. Marines and 5000 Japanese soldiers died in the contest to see who could control this infinitesimally small islet that was strategically worthless. But we won, so it was Good, right? And the Japanese defenders were Bad and not just barely educated peasant conscripts with families, right? And it was in a Good War, so it was important to win and to do all whatever it took to win, right? So, it was almost like the “Ends Justified the Means” or something? Weird, huh? Maybe that “Ends Justifies the Means” stuff is more prevalent than we think…

  70. [re=151552]SisterTruth[/re]: I also want some of whatever it is Sister Truth is using. She’s got the best humor tonight. Oh, the lonely night–what if Dems get complacent and don’t vote? Early voting isn’t being done in Colorado, much, even after those lucky fucks left an Obama rally.

    Oh, the pain of being a Democrat and knowing we could screw up our own funeral. One of the best things Hopey and Walnuts will have done for us all if Hopey wins is get the Republicans out of our heads. We’re like a pitcher and a batter, psyching each other out.

    If by some bizarre stroke of voter fraud/voter suppression/Democratic fuckedupness Walnuts wins this thing, our winger overlords will control us forever.

    Okay, here it comes. Rachel says Jeremiah Wright is going to blasted onto the airwaves. Where’s the witch doctor video?

  71. [re=151591]iolanthe[/re]: Quite possibly one of the best things I have ever read on a messageboard. Thanks for sharing your story, and please know how I feel for your loss.

    My brother-in-law was just deployed to his second tour in Iraq. He’s USAF bomb squad, and today is his birthday. His name comes up often when I’m canvassing, because he’s one of the reasons I am out there.

  72. I usually feel that I don’t live in the same Tennessee as a lot of these assholes, however, when dozens of folks you know are shot at by a crazy bastard while they are at church, it sorta brings you back to ugly truth. And reading about things like this takes the snark right outta me.

  73. Is it just me or does that guy in the picture look just like the dad from The Family Circus? I always knew Billy and Jeffy’s mischief would end in tears.

  74. [re=151728]Neon Trotsky[/re]: Oh how the white trash will riot when they find Palin was denied the Naval Observatory by all us ni99er-loving, left-leaning luhbruls.

    trailer parks across the nation glow bright red in the night sky November 4th and white-trash nation-wide destroy their own neigborhoods..

    Detroit will burn too, but those f-ers burn shit when they win a world series, wtf do you think they will do when Barak is president!

  75. Their plan isn’t entirely bad. I mean, I like the part where the two neo-Nazis die.

    I don’t like the parts where they kill other people or burglarize houses, though. Maybe they could just do the dying part?

  76. [re=151465]jann9884[/re]: I know…white tuxedos and tops hats, while firing from a moving car. Did they put all this down on paper? “And smoking a white cigar, wearing contacts that make my irises appear white.”

    The FBI says they didn’t think they could pull it off. I bet they still can. Like I was just reading…um…”It’s a very long shot,” says a Republican strategist who advises the campaign. “But it’s not impossible. At least it’s something to hold on to.” Oh, they’re talking about McCain winning. Yeah, I hope he’s reserved his white top hat and tuxedo for the victory speech.

  77. [re=151498]Chumley[/re]: Oh that’s why “Give My Regards to Broad Street” was painted all over the walls of that mass murder in Birmingham last spring. Shit, someone should find out where these kids were then.

  78. [re=151911]NYNYNY[/re]:

    Inspired perhaps by these guys…’ceptin fer tha nappy dreads.

    If you’re white and you don’t know where to go shite
    why don’t you go where fashion sits,
    Puttin’ on the ritz.

  79. The Church of Realism: Mystery solved: The “A Clockwork Orange” reference explains the makeup. Well, kind of. I actually think the kid just likes lipstick, and he’s welcome to it. However, I also think the white tuxes and top hats are their way of pimping out the classic robe-and-hood kkk look because, let’s face it, even the kkk is inspired by hip hop culture. Mostly it’s just sad and a little bit funny.

  80. I’m telling you, if they messed up the Obama assassination they were going to shrug their shoulders, dust off their tuxes, and drive straight to Broadway to audition for A Chorus Line.

    Also, I don’t understand how they were going to behead 14 people without getting their tuxes all bloody. This plan had a few problems.

  81. Please note: I do not want to insult courageous out gay people. These boys were in the closet with their guns, swastikas, and lipstick. This is like Alfred Hitchock’s Rope except with two really stupid people.

  82. Just imagine if they had etched those swastikas in their arms backwards (Ashley Todd style)… then the wingnuts could be all having a hate fit over those “terroristical democrat buddhists” like Richard Gere who support Obama and… all like…speak buddhist and other un-American stuff.

  83. the sad thing is, from what i know about obama, he’s actually aware of the circumstances that inspire this kind of behaviour. disenfranchisement of poor whites is an important political issue. the mccain campaign is tapping into this particular cesspool of negative emotion in order to boost their campaign (obvs), but all they’re doing is poking a stick into a wasps nest. that’s an unfortunate result of this campaign–the stirring up of racial antagonisms…but that’s bound to happen, i guess, in a political situation with no historical precedent…

  84. I think some time in the first year of Barack’s first term the public is going to find out that having Barry in the White House is a good thing. If he doesn’t put Air Force One on Pimp My Ride, a lot of the yahoos will settle down and find out how refreshing it is to have a president who can actually process thought, understand complex global relations, and manage domestic affairs without running around like his hair is on fire.

    This is simply the best chance we’ve ever seen to let people understand how irrational their intolerance is. Call him Hopey all you want. There really is reason to believe it’s not hollow rhetoric with him.

  85. How is it that I don’t see this featured in any of the “Top Stories” on my iGoogle, nor on the front page of the Times, and yet it was a featured story in EVERY SINGLE Spanish paper this morning? Are we just anethetized to these assholes’ outrage? Are the Europeans more scared of Naziism (and for good reason)?

    Oh, right, it’s cause of that asshole dictator, Zapatero, who insists that we meet with his Pinko ass without “preconditions”.

  86. Man, I am so sorry y’all! I live down here in the deep south and I’m tellin’ you these racists are so fucking stupid. They think cause I’m a southern white woman that naturally, I am one of them. I tell them “Hell no! I’m a Democrat!”

    These people are sick with the hate.

  87. I try not to make sweeping generalizations of cultures, groups, sub-groups, etc… but white supremacists are, without exception, the butt-ugliest beings on the face of the earth. If you must decorate your basement with nazi memorabilia, tatoo shit all over your body, leave flecks of vomit in your patchy chest hair and post movies of yourself on the internets, please, in keeping with the white culture that you are so hot to protect, WEAR A FUCKING SHIRT!!! Old school racists covered up with hoods and robes for a reason you skank!!!

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