So what has Joe Biden been up to lately, anyway? WHAT? Ha ha ha, this is insane. Oh, it’s Florida? Okay, so it’s normal. Where’s the original version? [YouTube]

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  1. OT: Amy Poehler just popped out a boy, so she’s off the show tonight and won’t come back to SNL after maternity leave.

    It’s too bad, I was looking forward to the Biden impersonation that she was gonna do after the election was finally over.

  2. She was definately reading off a teleprompter and I don’t think she understood a word she said. I would loved to be able to hack in – “Senator Biden, if I stripped naked, would you do me on the desk right now?”

  3. Fuck Florida, their TV is to the right of Fox News. I like Biden more after watching this. Guy’s a gentleman, I would have been more drastic with this bigot bitch.

  4. If she wants a job on Fox News so badly, wouldn’t it just have been easier to suck Sean Hannity’s dick? Or loofa Bill O’Reilly? Where did they dig up this crazed loon?

    Oh, I get it – she’s got the Michele Bachmann eyes (DON’T look into them for God’s sake!!!!). She sheds her human suit at night and slithers out as a reptilian Shit Demon.

    There is obviously an intergalatic plot afoot to infiltrate our planet with these She-Beasts: Coulter, Ingraham, Malkin, Palin, Bachmann (the list goes on I am sure). We must find their weakness or they will destroy us.

  5. I know a lot of Marxists here at my university that would strongly disagree with the notion that Obama is one of them. Hell, Marx isn’t even a Marxist nowadays.

  6. Ha ha ha that was brilliant, thanks for that! The bit where she discloses evil Marxist policies of equitable taxation, and Biden goes, “Are you fucking kidding me?” had me in convulsions.

    Love it!

  7. Any chance Sarah Palin would get the same treatment? Quote Richard Marx, “Why do you wear your sunglasses at night?” “In Alaska, parts have midnight sun cause Jesus wants us to hunt Russians 24/7 so we have to keep proper eye wear.”

    Is SP doing hard hitting satellite interviews?

  8. Oh and GAWD FORBID that America would ever end up adopting the social and economic values of Sweden. Why, that would be hell on earth. Excuse me while I collapse laughing again, this is really too

  9. [re=149021]Rodney Badger[/re]:

    “represented Vermont in the Miss America Pageant.”

    = Sister of Sarah Palin in the vapid right wing beauty contest contestant conspiracy.

  10. The questions are obviously taken from talking points. What’s actually newsworthy is Biden’s elegance at disposing of the wingnuttery. (Is this a new word?) His full throated laugh was priceless.

    If that station is bringing up Marx maybe we should bring up they’re Nazis. But then we’d be off to Asshatteryland. Come to think of it, is that a new section of DizneyWorld?

  11. According to her bio (thanks Rodney Badger!), she “represented Vermont in the Miss America Pageant.” She’s obviously in the tank for fellow queen Palin.

  12. The YouTube comments are amazing. My personal favorite:

    1) Obama’s belief in Saul Alinsky principles
    2) Obama asking Department of Justice and I.R.S. to silence opposing 527 advertising
    3) School children taught to sing for Obama
    4) School textbook curriculums taught about Obama’s life without mentioning his radical past with terrorists and anti-American radicals before Obama has been elected
    6) Obama controlled internet and news media

    This is very informative. Next Fox News headline: OBAMA DEMANDS CHILD SLAVES TO SING TO HIM AT ALL TIMES FOREVER.

  13. Yeah, what the heck is wrong with Sweden? I’ve heard it’s damn swell. Did they DRIVE THE ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMY INTO THE GROUND AS A RESULT OF CARELESS IDEAS OF DEREGULATION?!?! TAKE THAT BEAUTY QUEEN BETCH!!!

  14. [re=149034]upsidedownpaddle[/re]: Now that I’ve stopped laughing at that clip . . . Yep. America must model itself on a dynamic, agile economy like Zimbabwe rather than the dysfunctional, nightmarish shithole that is The Sweden.

  15. [re=149031]Dientes[/re]: Done. Here is what I wrote her:

    Dear Ms. West-

    I saw your excellent interview with Senator Biden. It is too bad that members of the national medial refuse to ask the penetrating questions you posed to Senator Biden.

    During this election, I’ve noticed a considerable bias in favor of Mr. Obama in the media. Recently, on Chris Mathews’s show, Congresswoman Bachman raised some legitimate concerns about Mr. Obama’s past associations and what some perceive as anti-American views. I believe that Ms. Bachman was correct in raising these points, and some of your questions to Mr. Biden spoke directly to those concerns. In that interview, Ms. Bachman recommended that the media do stories about members of congress and the senate who may have these views. She has been roundly mocked, mistreated, and chastised for daring to suggest such a thing. The treatment she received is shocking and unfair.

    I suggest that you take up Ms. Bachman’s challenge and conduct some investigative reporting of members who may have anti-American, even Marxists views.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless you-

  16. Give snaps to Biden for keeping his cool. And forgive the poor wingnut — lady probably fears she’s going to be made a second runner-up concubine when Muslim Barry starts his Washington Insider Harem.

  17. I’ve shopped at IKEA – does this make me a Commie? Was Karl the Marx Brother would was a sex addict? Can I get a little wealth re-distribution with those lingonberries?

  18. This smells fishy to me. She was just reading words with no conviction and didn’t once press back as Biden slapped her silly after every question. It’s almost like they choreographed it ahead of time. Your more familiar Foxbot would have shouted over Biden as soon as he got past his third syllable in each answer. It’s a conspiracy!!! But I’m cool with that because I’m voting for Obama!!

  19. Wow, just when I thought I couldn’t love Joe Biden any more, he gives me about a dozen new reasons. I’m sure that cuntbag’s bosses told her: You had him on the ropes! He was sweatin’ like a Democrat whore in church!

    Wow. The right wing almost makes having a terrorist president seem palatable.

    Are we sure Sweden is socialist? I’m trying to pick a country for a 2-year Peace Corps gig.

  20. It’s a pity West didn’t have the tough questions Americans want answered on her cheat sheet when she interviewed McCain. Sorry, but this smacks too much of a play for the hearts and minds of Florida’s right-wing Republican power base. Her questions to Biden were in the category of “When did you stop beating your wife?” Any J-school Sophomore knows better than to do that and expedct to walk away with their reputation for integrity intact.

    I say we GET HER.

  21. Attack Sweden! Preemptively! Before our daughters get raped by blond Marxist Vikings on skis and start going topless and growing armpit hair and wearing their braids in wire hangers and calling themselves names like Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraimsdaughter Hussein Longstocking! Our family values are in such danger! Ooof da!

  22. Follow-up thought: Was it a good idea for the Obama campaign to say they wouldn’t play with this little girl because she was so mean? I was a little surprised by that.

  23. I miss the Giraffe Neck gal in Virginia. She had that Deer-In-Your-Headlights-As-You’re-Driving-Out-Of-The-Country-Dead-Drunk-While-Getting-A-Blowjob-From-Your-Business-Partner’s-Slutty-19-Year-Old-Daughter Look I really go for.

    When SisterGirl is not around, that is.

    (To run over, I mean.)

  24. Senator McCain, Hitler once said “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”, does this mean you want to make America into a fascist country like Nazi Germany and kill all the Jews?

  25. [re=149065]DoctorCulturae[/re]: That is heartbreaking. We must send clothing to Sweden immediately. I’m sure Wonkette commenters would welcome any further evidence of wardrobe hardship suffered by victims of Swedish Marxism that you have to offer.

  26. [re=149078]Neilist[/re]: I think you are referring to Ms. Nancy Pfotenwhore who will blow you if you talk dirty energy policy to her.
    She worked for Koch Industries and was a real kochsucker from what I hear.

  27. I’m one of the few people I know who didn’t lose their shirt in the past month, because my money is in Socialist Sweden. And you know what, it’s time for me to join it.


  28. Wow, that trollop was a real trooper much like Bella the pornstar. Biden facialized her and gave her a nice dick slap at the end , and she smiled all the way through it.

    “No more Swedish meatballs there, tootsie. And no more phoney Irish whisky. And no more goddamn jerky beef.”

  29. I think it would help the argument that Obama is a socialist if people who are accusing him actually knew what socialism was. Just a suggestion. This woman’s questions seem too deliberately stupid and juvenile; she made it too easy for Biden to refute them. She’s a closet Obama supporter who’s being pushed to ask stupid questions by her producers, kind of like the McCain telemarketers so she’s mixing things up a bit. Her next question is going to be, “Joe, Don’t you think Obama is a muslim communist crackhead terrorist who’s going to blow up the entire country?” Joe: “No, I don’t. As a matter of fact, Obama is…..” Very slick. Put her on payroll.

  30. In her defence, Barbara West has been dead on the inside since shortly after she stepped inside a nuclear reactor at Chernobyl some time ago. What you are watching is simple animatronics. See, this is what makes America great.

  31. I have just discovered why my sister and brother-in-law (who live in Orlando) have gone insane and are voting against Obama…they’ve watched this idiot on the nightly news. Good lord! I gotta get them out of there, stat!

  32. [re=149097]sezme[/re]: Could be, but Wikipedia said she survived the Titanic when she was one. Come to think of it, her face does look kinda like a nuked fish.

  33. I will wager a six-pack of Bud Light Lime and a pair of Truck Nutz that none of these empty-skulled zealots could demonstrate a single page’s worth of intelligent and accurate information about Marxist poltical theory.

  34. I’m surprised she didn’t ask Biden why the American people should vote for a radical Islamo-socialist who wants to force pre-schoolers to experiment with gay necrophiliac sex on the corpses of their 8 1/2 month partial-birth aborted siblings.

  35. Of course she’s a socialist plant, lobbing these softball questions at Joe.
    She’s from Vermont! They grow nothing but commies up there, in their commie-red painted barns. Heck, they even paint the leaves commie-red every autumn.

  36. I loved the look on Biden’s face when she wanted to return to the redistribution of wealth question… you can see him thinking, “is this bitch for real?” His answer was beyond classy!

  37. [re=149099]dmdlnt[/re]: I’ve got Ogle brothers on two different channels down here in Oklahoma, and the only thing it’s done is make me hate this state even more.

  38. She is a mutant! FoXyNewsGal!

    From her bio: “From the heart of Ukraine, I was the only Western reporter to broadcast from inside the nuclear reactor building at Chernobyl on the 10th anniversary of the nuclear disaster there.”

  39. I really enjoy Biden’s ability to broadcast contempt for his opponent’s stupidity. I’m equally proud of him for managing not to during the VP debate and letting the audience see Palin’s dumminess for ourselves.

  40. Biden’s brilliant. He absolutely skewered her. And answerbird is right, she was just reading this nazi nonsense from a teleprompter and was as stunned as Biden with what was coming out. She kept on looking at him as if to say “Don’t blame me, I’m just reading this crap”.

  41. Gotta love her bio..step aside Coulter….there’s a new wingnut in town

    “From Washington, D.C. I covered the inauguration of President Bush and the impeachment of President Clinton.

    When Hillary Clinton attempted to reform our health care system, I traveled to Canada to examine the Canadian national health care system as a possible model for the U.S.”

  42. You know they are getting desperate when they are holding up Sweden as the land of misery and hopelessness. I wonder how their sub-primes are going?!?

  43. “I also uncovered the long term toll in increased incidence of cancer that the disaster had on the surrounding population.”

    yeah. no one knew anything about radiation=cancer until this lady figured it out.

  44. [re=149052]Rodney Badger[/re]:

    Here’s mine!

    Dear Ms. West-

    Your interview with the terrorist-apologist and communist Joe Biden was a breath of fresh air. When will the liberal media start to expose the terrorist democrats and their treasonous political methodology with the same zeal they have for cutting down Sarah Palin and John McCain? I truly hope they will follow your terrific example.

    Joe Biden is a man who dared to laugh at American troops in harm’s way with his vaseline-white teeth when finally exposed to a real question. Thank you again for bringing the fight to the liberal terrorists and I trust you will continue to expose their lies and communist agenda.

    I’m worried about my wife. I don’t let her vote, because I don’t believe she’s truly conservative, but I hope to change this trend this year.

    I pray that you will continue such hard hitting interviews so my wife will finally see the TRUTH and wake up. You’re just so persuasive and I really believe you can break the hard, cold, liberal heart.

    In our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


  45. I remember some guy saying this in Slap Shot, can’t remember the character’s name, but he was watching soap operas on TV. Anywho, his quote sums things up pretty nicely, I think:

    “That cunt’s no good.”

  46. I was about to post “When did you stop beating your wife?” and then noticed that someone else had already posted it, so that should tell you about all you need to know about this little interview. This was fascinating to watch, as Barbara West has the same aims and tactics as the Fox News people, the difference being that she’s much, much worse at it.

    Biden deserves immense credit for suffering this very well. Now you know why I’m so proud of Joe Biden, and Jill Biden, and Beau Biden, and Mama Biden, and the whole Biden family.

  47. PS- y’all might be interested to learn the following about Ms. West from her online bio page (which includes her e-mail,

    “I am married to Wade West, an international media consultant to politicians, professionals and organizations. Together we often serve as auctioneers at various fundraising events throughout the state.”

    You go, Blanche and Wade! Barbara. Whatever.

  48. [re=149160]Studge[/re]:

    “Oh this young man has had a very trying rookie season, with the litigation, the notoriety, his subsequent deportation to Canada and that country’s refusal to accept him, well, I guess that’s more than most 21-year-olds can handle. Number six, Ogie Oglethorpe”

    Methinks it’s time for Obama to be puttin’ on the foil.

  49. [re=149052]Rodney Badger[/re]: Thanks for the great idea. I hope you don’t mind I copied your idea, correctly spelled Bachmann and Matthews (nothing personal) and added a bit at the end. Thanks again & enjoy.

    Dear Ms. West,

    I saw your excellent interview with Senator Biden. It is too bad that members of the national medial refuse to ask the penetrating questions you posed to Senator Biden.

    During this election, I’ve noticed a considerable bias in favor of Mr. Obama in the media. Recently, on Hardball, Congresswoman Bachmann raised some legitimate concerns about Mr. Obama’s past associations and what some perceive as anti-American views. I believe that Ms. Bachmann was correct in raising these points, and some of your questions to Mr. Biden spoke directly to those concerns. In that interview, Ms. Bachmann recommended that the media do stories about members of congress and the senate who may have these views. She has been roundly mocked, mistreated, and chastised for daring to suggest such a thing. The treatment she received is shocking and unfair.

    I suggest that you take up Ms. Bachmann’s challenge and conduct some investigative reporting of members who may have anti-American, even Marxists views.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless you.

    On the other hand…

    Are you kidding me? If you want to be hired by Fox News wouldn’t it be easier for you to clean Bill O’Reilly with a loufa or fellate Sean Hannity?

    You couldn’t even get out the tiny quote from Karl Marx without tripping over your tongue. I’m sure that’s the first time you’ve ever even heard that quote.

    You read a teleprompter for a living. You are not a reporter, you’re a robot. You were given a chance to interview the next vice-president of the United States and you took this once-in-a-lifetime (for you) opportunity to ask him if his running mate is a Marxist? You’d be completely lost without your daily fax of Republican talking points. What is it with former beauty queens — do they teach you to leave your brains at the door before going on air?

    The only good thing about your interview with Senator Biden is that now it’s being watched on YouTube so the whole world will soon know what ridiculous tool you are. Enjoy your 15 minutes of notoriety. And remember — we’re laughing at you, not with you.


    mr. hobospacejungle

  50. Sweden? Oh Jeez! What the fuck are we doing? Go out everybody and vote for McCain & Palin, you don’t want to be like Sweden. Thank the Lord that John & Sarah have all of our best interests at heart, as they lead the US in replacing Haiti as the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere.
    Its just possible that by inauguration day the media landscape will join the financial services sector, with bankrupcy, thousands layed off, and the few that survive will have to make do.
    Ms West would probably be found fallating Kenyan-terrorist-communist-gay-muslin terrorist behind dumpsters next to the many squalid trailer park ghettos that’ve popped up all over the continent.

  51. [re=149173]hockeymom[/re]:Joe Biden “I am personally placing a hundred-dollar bounty on the head of Steve Schmidt. He’s the head coach and chief punk on that McCain team.”

    Barbara West: “A bounty?”

    Joe Biden: “Yeah, a hundred bucks of my own money for the first of my guys who really nails that creep.”

  52. Anchor: Senator Biden, what do you say to the people who think that Barack Obama likes to rape kittens while feasting on the entrails of Republican virgins that were sacraficed at the Satanic Marxist altar built by the Democrats using money that Acorn stole, with the help of Willam Ayers, from old white women?

    Joe Biden: [cuts a bitch]

  53. [re=149196]Darehead[/re]: from now on they will be indicated as ‘stars and stripes’ states instead of red! Though it won’t matter Obama’s liberal-socialist-gay-jew-muslim-Hawaiin-democratic-black-minority-stupidhead media is in box the tank for Obama came in.
    Flor-nut’s media!

  54. [re=149187]tonehedge[/re]: Ms West would probably be found fallating Kenyan-terrorist-communist-gay-muslin terrorist behind dumpsters next to the many squalid trailer park ghettos that’ve popped up all over the continent

    Kenyan, Ken Layne, what’s the difference?

  55. Wow, Biden kicked even more ass than usual. Guy never loses an argument, he always knows what to say to deflate the opposition’s point. Of course sometimes he decides to say things he shouldn’t (paradoxically, either because they are too honest or because they are not honest enough) in order to win, but he never loses.

  56. Thank you thank you thank you, Wonkette, for this gem. I love that Biden echoes my inner monologue sometimes (“Haha! Are you kidding? Is that a real question?”

    I think this bitch wants the big-time cable news show that is RIGHTFULLY Palin’s. She’s already showing she reads more, and that she may be as crazy.

    BTW has anyone else noticed what a total “Monet” (in the parlance of crappy teen movies) Palin is? Honest to God, that makeup artist is earning her massive keep.

  57. [re=149188]unertl[/re]: Especially the fact his facial expression did not change at all with the head shake. It was like you could read his “what the fuck is wrong with this person” thought balloon.

  58. I have to say, that last sentence that he sort of spit out at her was priceless. I don’t know if the lack of expression was meant to be a seriously “take that, ho” moment, or if the Botox has simply rendered his mug as a permanent death mask, but either way, the delivery was priceless.

  59. You know, I totally remember the part of The Communist Manifesto where Marx and Engels advocate the raising of marginal income tax rates on the top bracket by 3% as the first step in the Global Socialist Revolution…

  60. [re=149216]Mel_David[/re]: When Biden asked her “Who writes your questions” she didn’t react at all. Very odd way for an anchor to act.

    The entire interview was one WTF moment after another.

  61. [re=149235]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: The dirtiest trick in the Communiss playbook is to blind you with something shiny while theys wretchin’ fer yer wallet.

  62. You know what? Fuck this country. Fuck it. If we’re going to have people respond this way to a mild progressive tax, we might as well just junk the country and try again. Jesus.

  63. A hilarious letter from the future (2012) by right winger James Dobson:

    It reads almost like a Democratic fantasy: he starts off by predicting three “ACLU-oriented” justices appointed within the first 1 1/2 years of Obama’s first term. Sweeeeeeeeet! Finally the frauds who preach “family values” are waking up to the erosion of civil liberties wrought by the Cheney terrormongers.

    Now, if Dobson could just predict a way to keep those teenagers in Alaska from getting pregnant despite the biblethumping role models raising them…..

  64. Yes yes, because the stimulus package was the antithesis of wealth distribution. And we all know it was the Democrats who proposed and championed that. Same with the government take over of the majority of the mortgage industry… wait… what did you say? That was a republican president and his republican Secretary who suggested that last one. Wait… who championed the push for the stimulus package to be rushed through… wait. How can everyone be a Socialist if the poor bastards can’t even get enough signatures to get their candidate on the ballot in most states?!?!

  65. [re=149249]Weeping Jesus[/re]: I saw that on another site. I think we will find Dobson with a billion male hookers in the future. Now Hannity is angry on Geraldo, yet no mention of his ties to a Neo-Nazi and racists. He repeated the air raiding villages again completely out of context, ill post a link of him doing it before. Who thinks hannity will go meltdown and just start unleashing racial slurs?

  66. did anyone just see that “glitch” on fox? For some reason they just played a reverend wright for no reason. I mean what the fuck does that have to do with the missing kid. I wonder if it mean their planning something.

  67. Obviously, when you ask someone to “stand with you,” it’s a secret liberal socialist way of saying that we plan to surrender to every other country, forever.

  68. She’s just scared to death because our new soon to be formed Ministry of Truth will never hire her and pay her by making her stand in bread lines and moldy cheese. Her propaganda skills are as weak and she refuses to wear a grey outfit with red epolets.

    Seriously, since when did Republicans start hating the middle class, these are the people who end up creating new business that hire people, not the monolithic corporate giants run by braindead middle managers (who are also middle class, but the bad kind).

  69. I think I’m on to something:
    On August 12, John McCain said, “Today we are all Georgians” upon learning that Russia invaded Georgia in support of the breakaway region of South Ossetia:

    Now, check out this “god” from the Wikipedia page on Ossetian mythology (

    Uacilla (Уацилла; “Saint Elijah”). God of storms and harvests. Also spelled Wasilla.

    And then, on August 29, McCain picked Palin as his running mate.


    Bonus: Google translation of Russian site about Ossetian mythology (

    Uatsilla (uats, «deity», «spiritual»; Illa, the name Elijah, the prophet), in the Ossetian mythology, the god-gromoverzhets, patron of cereals and fertility. In nartskom epic U. – celestial, but as hristianizirovannoe deity struggling with them. U. drive across the sky and sends his arrows (puppy) – thunderous blows to the ground, istreblyaya evil spirits. To avoid the wrath of U. killed thunder is not mourned, and vodili around dance with songs, and then buried on the spot death. Ignition of thunderous strike a house or stack of bread does not rely extinguish. According to submissions Ossetians, U. protects the field of hail and showers shall be disposed of rain clouds, contributes to growing grains and grasses. By U. treated during drought or prolonged bad weather. To do this in his honor cut rams, bulls and staged public prayers. In folk songs U. portrayed Pahari, in one case, performing functions plugarya, in another – sower.

    patron of cereals and fertility! (puppy)!!!! Don’t you see?!?!

  70. [re=149009]Barack Like Me[/re]: Well, if she just gave birth to a boy, she outght to be back at work the next day, just like Bible Spice. Maternity leave is Marxist. Once the child is born, he’s on his own to fend against guns, wars, and the death penalty. But god help you if you interfere with the rights of a zygote

  71. The Anchorage Daily News has now endorsed Obama. If the Arizona papers endorse Obama, that will only leave the Pennysaver that has endorsed McStain.

  72. Well, if I stretched my neck and looked across the Baltic Sea I could SEE SWEDEN. In fact, I’ve been MANY TIMES in Sweden. And now you’re telling me those nicely tanned awfully rich people are bloodthirsty communists? Yes… That explains why my Visa bills are so damn high after every trip to Stockholm. They were just spreading my wealth.

  73. What a horrific bitch, “Are you ashamed that Barack Obama is a cheating, black, marxist?” LOL! Try that shit with Joe Biden and you’re gonna get burned. That last response was good. You can’t pull shit with Joe Biden around. God bless him.

  74. Joey, dude, you were AWESOME. I promise I’ll stop bitching at all the Delaware toll booths. Additionally, I will speak highly of your fine Delaware products, chicken and chemicals.

  75. this is likely where she got her questions. Right from Rove surrogate. From Wiki. “Barbara West is married to Republican strategist Wade West.[6] Wade West is “a popular consultant for political candidates ranging from local elections, to more than 85 members of Congress and members of the President’s cabinet.”[7] In addition, West has made multiple campaign contributions to the Republican Party.”

  76. Hilariously, the dead-enders at Hannity are all high-fives about the interview…

    My fave is the quote from ThinkingMan –

    “Man! I need a cigarette. That was fantastic. The Marx question was priceless. Smirky Joe got a taste of the treatment their campaign’s personal press corps (CNN et al) gives Mac and co. Is this guy the older bad guy in Robocop or what? I love to watch him stand on his head and tell the world it’s upside-down.”

    I have to wonder how many of these numb-nuts are simultaneously playing on YouTube outside a Palin rally. These people are truly the reason you don’t give anyone the finger on the highway these days.

  77. What is funny is that I just read an article on Michelle Malkin’s site where they are claiming the journal was profressional and Biden picked on her.

    I actually figured I would check it out based on the fact she was the only one on the right that called bullshit on the Ashley Todd nonsense, but it seems like the proverbial broken clock being occasionally correct despite itself.

    The comments are pretty choice, especially the jack-off praying for a military coup. And the whole “Obama is trying to silence them by not playing along with their nonsense”, which is an odd form of censorship since he is doing absolutely nothing to prevent them from peddling their garbage.

  78. [re=149274]DeathOfIrony[/re]: Exactly. It is one thing to disagree about the best way to solve problems in our country and another to ignore reality to scream about how everyone that does not want you to do whatever you want is an “Arab socialist”. The right uses the word “socialist” as their new “liberal”, meaning “anyone that disagrees with me because I am too aggressively stupid to know what a socialism actually is”.

    I wonder how many of the assholes going on about Biden’s “arrogance” would say that Cheney’s snarling and growling randomly obscenities is profressional.

  79. [re=149021]Rodney Badger[/re]: Unfortunately, this is what the very important I-4 corridor folks see. Another Douchebagette Former Beauty Queen.

  80. [re=149261]Weeping Jesus[/re]:
    That’s beautiful.

    I love how they try to make it clear that the lack of endorsement for McCain is all about how lame McCain is and how awesome Obama is. Then at the very end, the paper whispers something along the lines of “plus, he picked Palin as a VP and everyone knows SHE’S not qualified to be dog-catcher.”

  81. [re=149287]Terry[/re]: Ouch, that’s gotta hurt for Bible.

    “..Her future, in Alaska and on the national stage, seems certain to be played out in the limelight.”

    perhaps a 2012 president run?
    All I gotta say about that is:

    Quayle ’96

  82. Let me guess when she interviewed Walnuts it was along the lines of

    “Mr Burns, your campaign has the momentum of a runaway freight train…why are you so popular?”

  83. best interview ever. this is some of what I was hoping for when Biden got picked. what a smackdown. this tv reporter lady and member of the undead will be back on the local crime beat or some less challenging job soon.

  84. Ph fucking hell. So, Brokaw asks McCain about Limbaugh’s insanity, yelling about Powell endorsing Obama based purely on race. McCain gets nervous and jumpy, doesn’t respond ot the question, and then rattles off names of five fmr. Secrataries of State, forgetting them, mummbling, fondling his Sharpie. Oh, thenhe remembers the last name two minutes after the fact. And Brokaw offers no follow up to have McCain answer the question about Limbaugh.


    Brokaw does some vicious pandering, showing McCain’s capture photos, and reads froma letter from McCain’s Mom a week after he was captured.

    What the hell is going on here???
    Fuck you Tom Brokaw. Fuck you.

  85. [re=149306]magic titty[/re]: No, instead I’m reading how the largest newspaper in Alaska endorsed Obama today.

    Sounds like some editors are so going to find moose heads in their beds.

  86. [re=149301]Worlds End[/re]: You mean when he DID NOT ANSWER any QUESTION?

    Q. Sen McCain, how come you keep calling Obama a filthy socialist, when you supported the $700B bailout and want to nationalize everybody’s house?

    McCain…We are in a crisis, that crisis is because of Democrats, I tried to stop them, but no one would listen to me. Also, I love people and he wants to destroy your jobs.

    Q. Sen McCain, Rush Limbaugh said that Colin Powell only supports Obama because they are both black. Would you like to take a moment and seperate yourself from this horrible, racist bullshit?

    McCain…No, thank you. I am supported by 5 former Sec’s of State…one of whom I can’t remember…really, I have no idea…look how old I am….shit….

    Q. Since you’re not answering any of my questions, let’s move on to


    Ken, please get video of this…it is fucking priceless.

  87. Over on CNN, Wolfie had Alex Castellanos (with his booshy moustachio and tidal sweep of salt and pepper hair) on a split screen next to James Carville, who is the only famous person skinnier than Flavor Flav and is as hairless as a space alien. These guys look like two different species…


    It’s interesting how many conservative media dopes are looking at the McCain campaign melting down and are choosing to side with Palin. Hopefully this means they’re just giving up on this one…

  88. [re=149316]Worlds End[/re]: The only terrorists in the world have ties to Barack Obama. Ties he hasn’t been very forthcoming about. Because he’s a sneaky, jive-talking Negro.

    Don’t you know anything?

  89. [re=149321]magic titty[/re]: One of the young people that works for me goes to a Christian private school (no idea what denomination). She tells me that there are students at her high school who seriously believe Hopey may be the antichrist. Wowsy-wow-wow.

    Wait, doesn’t the ascension of the antichrist signal the beginning of the enddays? So religious nuts should be damn pleased that Obama’s doing so well…it means they will be beamed up soon.

  90. So am I being led down a line of argument where the red states are anti-communism, government handouts, etc etc? Aren’t these the same states that get massive agriculture subsidies for producing stuff that goes to waste and useless corn-based ethanol which takes more energy to make than it gives off?

  91. [re=149328]Borat[/re]: Yup, ‘n now dey are gettin’ more moneys for special needs kids, cuz ya know, da gummint just don’t gib nuff moneys to da special needs kids.

  92. Wonketeers: Once again, please pass this information along to anyone you know in Minnesota.
    We need young people to vote, but they may not know how.

    To all Minnesotans:

    If you have moved and your driver’s license does NOT have your current address on it, you can STILL VOTE on November 4th if you do the following:

    On voting day, bring your passport and/or old license with photo ID AND one of the following with you to your polling place so you can register to vote on voting day:
    1. A recent utility bill with your name and current address.
    2. Someone who can vouch for you…that you live where you say you live. Try to get someone from your house or block who is already registered to vote. Older people are HAPPY to do this!
    (Added note: If you live in the city, get someone from your block so that you’re sure they’re in the same precinct as you. If you live in the suburbs, get someone from your neighborhood.)

    To all young Minnesotans: you can NOT just vote at ANY polling place. You must vote at the polling place designated for your address. Go to this website to find the polling place for your current address:

    Thanks again!

  93. What’s killing me is listening to my Republican acquaintances, and them talking about this video: “Look at Biden squirm!”

    I should avoid these people for the next 9 days, else I end up in jail and unable to vote for Obama.

  94. I’m embarrassed for my town (Orlando) but not surprised. She’s a former Miss Vermont, so she’s got a sisterhood thing going with Sarah, no doubt.

    Fox News is calling this “The interview EVERYONE is talking about!” and of course mentioning that Obama/Biden have canceled any and all future interviews with WFTV, asking, with biting journalistic incredulity, “Is this what we can expect from an Obama White house? Contempt for the media? Banning of reporters?”

    Kind of a strange line of attack from the group who wouldn’t let us see Sarah Doolittle until she’d been properly coached and guaranteed softball questions from the likes of Sean Hannity, Karl Rove’s unrepentant blow-up doll. And McCain campaign just yesterday saying, “We don’t indulge bloggers.”

    Get used to it, America. There are two mediums now. One gets thrills up its leg for Obama, the other has a boner for Sarah. Watch CSPAN if you want actual news.

  95. I couldn’t help myself:

    I just saw your recent interview with VP Candidate Joe Biden on the Internet. I must say that, while watching it, I became fascinated with the disconnect between your affect and the words you were reading from the teleprompter. Your cadence was embarrassing; it is quite apparent that you should have actually taken the time to review the materials quoted in your “questions”. You were obviously out of your league.

  96. [re=149322]Worlds End[/re]: “It’s hard for us to imagine, in retrospect, how serious the Great Depression was.”

    You mean The Great Depression, John? The one damn thing in American economic history that everybody has at least heard of?

  97. [re=149339]SayItWithWookies[/re]:


  98. [re=149249]Weeping Jesus[/re]: Were it not that the Dobson letter is just too painfully ingrown to read for more than two paragraphs, it would really deserve a whole Wonkette posting by itself. I wish to hell these people would at least try to familiarize themselves with Freud and spare the rest of us these embarrassing, pathological vomissements.

  99. What a surprise her husband is a Republican consultant and contributor.
    From her bio on the station’s website
    “I am married to Wade West, an international media consultant to politicians, professionals and organizations. Together we often serve as auctioneers at various fundraising events throughout the state.”

    A lookup of contributions nets several contributions to Republicans and the RNC via Mr. West’s company.…&first=wade

  100. [re=149324]ivenson[/re]: the Peanuts guy endorsed McCain? That guys a fag. And a Marxist. And a terrorist.

    Also, all the polls except for Zogby are in the tank!

  101. [re=149353]Deepthroat[/re]: According to fox which is located in bizzaro world the race is either tied or a dead heat. Also to them all the poll are wrong, at least thats what i saw before i flipped the channel.

  102. [re=149355]Worlds End[/re]: Fox News has been hilarious these past couple of weeks, like they’re off their meds. Watching Fox election night could easily be the most entertaining night of television in years.

  103. [re=149358]Hooray For Anything[/re]: You watching the McCain rally on msnbc? Apparently obama is going to confiscate farmers things. Also he just called joe biden, joe the biden again.

  104. OK for the first time in my life, I went to Rush Limburger’s website to check it out. I fully expected my monitor to burst into flames as my home office was sucked into the deepest vortex of Hell. Didn’t happen but I swear I heard my floor groan as the page populated. Anyway, WTF!

    Rush is a pussy, I couldn’t find anywhere where he let’s the Dildoheads post their stupid sheeple bleatings about Socialists and Marxists and WeatherGirls. Nothing.

    I was hoping I could get banned in record time. FAIL.

  105. [re=149311]magic titty[/re]: Brokaw has been McCain’t’s bitch from day one; Tommy wouldn’t know a followup question opp if it bit him in the scrotum. He must have worn some serious brown lipstick to get the network anchor job, because he sure didn’t get it for journalistic prowess.

    Between Brokaw, Jennings and Rather, overall viewership of the network news almost disappeared altogether; the numbers do not lie. How they got from Edward R. Murrow to the hopeless snarl of inch-deep stories, vapid smiles and 22 Prep H ads they’ve got now is a genuine American tragedy.

  106. [re=149313]ivenson[/re]: [re=149313]ivenson[/re]: All McCain had to do was say, “I am supported by five former secretaries of state–all the white guys.”

  107. [re=149309]magic titty[/re]: Titty, dear, I am not fucking Tom Brokaw. Please tell me you aren’t considering it. He doesn’t deserve so much as our librul socialist baby-eating sneers for that. Every time I see the POW photo, I think of the related one of the confession, and wonder when we’re ever going to get to see ALL the propaganda films he made in exchange for medicine and apricots. Not that I’d have turned down a deal like that myself, but in his day, before Carter’ kindhearted re-write of the US Military Code, that was grounds for courts martial and, like, not getting the best tables in the Officers’ & Faculty Club anymore.

  108. [re=149386]Mara47[/re]: Drink everytime they mention Ayers, election fraud, or socialism, do a shot everytime they talk about Palin being the leading contender for 2012, and do a beer bong at the exact moment Hannity, Fred Barnes and or Bill Kristol loses their shit on air. Maybe even a keg stand if anyone actually breaks into tears. I’m also guessing that Fox will constantly call the election “close” long after Obama’s given his victory speech and will announce Obama the winner a few days after the election.

  109. [re=149360]Worlds End[/re]: I haven’t seen MSNBC yet, but in the past five minutes, Fox has shown pictures of McCain as a POW, said 5 1/2 years twice, carried comments from noted political deep thinker Elizabeth Hassleback, and is talking about how Biden was out of control over all those “tough” questions he was asked in the interview.

  110. the original link is the tv station video.

    Of course the Marx statement is legit as Obama “spreading the wealth” is the same as Marx belief. What babies to say no more interviews for your station

    What do they have to hide if you ask the legit questions of someone. I mean its not like the liberals attacking Palin’s wardrobe how lame is that.

    Also this is from ABC news not Fox!!!! People are starting to get a brain finally and the Dem are scared to be honest.

  111. [re=149470]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: “Of course the Marx statement is legit as Obama “spreading the wealth” is the same as Marx belief.”

    No it isn’t. The Communist Manifesto is available all over the internet. Perhaps reading and understanding it would be a good idea before you make such silly statements.

    Oh, and the only thing I fear is not having enough hobo wine to drink during the coming race war, tyvm.

  112. Oh I forgot I am dealing with idiots here. you stupid people who defend people who have so much to hide.

    God help you You crazy people. Oh and all you can come up with is threats and intimidation? How birdbrain is that

    You liberals are so funny stupid funny!!!!!

    Get a life and of course a BRAIN you need one!

  113. [re=149492]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: O.K., genius. Would you please explain how “spreading the wealth” and allocating tax monies for government expenditures are different from each other?

  114. You really do not know the Obama tax plan do you? Wow if I have to explain his own plan to you then you need help.

    I will let you go back to your name calling in petty remarks and maybe you should do some digging to find out what you are REALLY backing.

    Good luck. People voting without knowing what they are voting for is more scary than Obama’s lies. And frankly I am too mature to deal with the immaturity of this site.

    I mean a reply talking about drinking hobo beans How old are you? Can you not come up with an adult conversation?

    I am not going to waste any more time on idiots. I have better things to do with MY time than show you what you are actually believing in.

    Oh maybe you don’t have any convitions. Maybe you are all just Obama robots.


    Why can’t you just think for yourselves and do your own investigating of the issues. Maybe thats too tough for liberals to figure out.

    Bye all….Be careful what you ask for. Even Biden said that when he said Obama was not ready.

  115. [re=149522]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: Actually, if you read my reply, I gave you actionable advice (i.e. read the Communist Manifesto before pretending to be an expert on it on the internet).

    I then responded to your false claim that liberals were afraid of being asked tough questions or something like that, by correcting it with actual fears I have.

    So, along with, or perhaps prior to, reading the Communist Manifesto, you need to repeat 1st grade reading comprehension.

    Or not, whatever; honestly I don’t care if you do or not.

  116. Aside from forgetting names, apparently McCain thinks such noteworthies as Al Haig and Thomas Eagleton, not to mention such notorious shitheels as Kissinger and Schulz are worth remembering for their vaunted activities on behalf of ethical behaviour in government and good sense in direction… wow, here I go again, spinning out of control – where’s that goddamn rum bottle, which rabbit hole did it fall into now….?

  117. [re=149522]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: No wonder McCain is losing if your the quality of troll the GOP can send out to places like Wonkette. The problems with republicans is you don’t like having to pay their way. Guess what. The more money you have, the more you depend on the government to help maintain your wealth. Remember the little bailout we just saw to the tune of $1 trillion dollars? The bottom 50% or more wouldn’t notice that whether it went through at all, but you can damn well bet the top one percent wanted it. Republicans are all abut socialism, as long as it’s for them.

    Now piss off. If that’s the best you can do, you’re going to bore the fuck out of me.

  118. [re=149522]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: I assume you mean convictions. Well, the answer is no – I’ve never been convicted of anything, unlike nearly half the republicans in Congress.

  119. [re=149522]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: Oh, go away. I know Obama’s tax plan, and I fully support it. I haven’t heard or read a single detracting argument on the subject that isn’t entirely reactionary or fear-based. Socialist? Marxist? Please. We have a progressive tax right now, and it has been changed over the last two presidential terms to increasingly favor the rich, it’s time for course correction.

    Tell me again how Obama will screw us over when he’s elected? Are you saying that G.W. Bush hasn’t been screwing YOU over for the last 8 years? Do you even know what the Bush tax cuts did for the wealthiest 1% of the country? Obama doesn’t even propose fully rolling the tax code back to pre-Bush levels. Who is uninformed here?

    You’re listening to too much far right propaganda radio, because I sure don’t believe you’re making over $250k a year based on your sentence structure. You’re buying what the captains of industry want you to buy. They’re trying to tell you that you’re an honorary member of their exclusive club, but my gut tells me you’re at least $10 million short of an actual seat at the table, like the rest of us.


  120. Oh, I forgot, on account of the troll: lolz at the Sweden bit. Blue is the new red! I am so excited about the cold war with Sweden, the angry blue menace with their eval socialistic wayz!

  121. [re=149627]jimh[/re]: Probably listening to the same Reverend I just heard on the radio that said Obama is a Communist. Then they launched into the scare tactic of him being raised a Muslim. Blah, blah, fucking blah.

    My favorite part was, it all went to hell in a handbasket (paraphrasing) becasue God was taken out of schools. Give me a break! Are they saying that the churchs are not doing their part, therefore Religion MUST be taught in schools?

    Whatever again!

  122. Oh God. Barbara West. You know it’s sad when a household of liberals in central Florida prefers to watch the Orlando Fox affiliate because this crap is on the other networks. Also, the Fox people have better weathermen.

  123. So you liberals think swearing will scare us off. Like I said uninformed intimidation get a brain and make your own choices and quit listening to the far left who hides what they don’t want you to know.

    You people are sad. I will pray for you. You all need it so bad. I feel so sorry that you all can’t get informed and make a rational decision.

    All you know for a vocabulary is “Fuck” Typical liberal.

  124. This is why we are called the “silent majority”

    We get informed and we cannot talk rationally to people who are so uninformed that it isn’t worth it to even try and have a rational discussion with you all.

    So remember polls don’t account for us the majority!!!!

  125. [re=149750]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: What will your prayer be? You aren’t supposed to publicly state that you will pray for us. As a “real” Christian, you would just do it without letting us know. Why is your prayer more powerful than mine? Who informs you? Why are you here?

  126. I am a liar because……

    I state what you don’t want to hear.

    Liberal judging Christian. I never said I was Christian. You my friends are the uninformed just like making assumptions about Obama.

    You just proved it about making assumptions about me.

    You need help. I will pray for you

  127. I am here because its a free country and there is no law that states that I cannot state I will pray for you.

    Also in America we have freedom of religion. I have that right just like you. I have the right to state my opinions anywhere just like you,

    We don’t have to agree. it just ticks the liberals off when we do it.

  128. [re=149522]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: “I mean a reply talking about drinking hobo beans How old are you? Can you not come up with an adult conversation?

    I am not going to waste any more time on idiots. I have better things to do with MY time than show you what you are actually believing in.

    Oh maybe you don’t have any convitions. Maybe you are all just Obama robots.


    Why can’t you just think for yourselves and do your own investigating of the issues. Maybe thats too tough for liberals to figure out.”

    Look here, hockeypuck. This here’s a snarky site and the only thing you wrote that was remotely funny was the bit about not understanding Hobo Beans…

    Try to be funny if you’re gonna crash the party, pal…

  129. Thats ok. Post what you want about me. its easier than disscussing adult issues. Making fun of people rather than thinking is easier for you no brain robots. Hope you are having fun. i am laughing so hard at your ignorance. I am enjoying the entertainment.

  130. [re=149883]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: US for McCain/Palin says at 9:39 pm, October 26th, 2008 – “I am here because its a free country and there is no law that states that I cannot state I will pray for you.”
    ++OK, UfMC/P….first of all, this is a poorly constructed sentence, but the sentiment seems genuine, so thanks for that.++

    “Also in America we have freedom of religion.”
    ++Yes, sure. But I think we all knew that…++

    “I have that right just like you. I have the right to state my opinions anywhere just like you,”
    ++Ok, dude, simmer. You’re getting a little hostile now.++

    We don’t have to agree. it just ticks the liberals off when we do it.
    ++WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I don’t think we have been agreeing…so the liberals should be not-ticked-off? THESE AREN’T SENTENCES, ONLY PILES OF WORDS. Please gather your thoughts and rewrite.

    Best of luck,
    Elitist liberal traitor.++

  131. [re=149933]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: Your comment might have a shred of validity if you did not then post stupidity like calling people “no brain robots”. I am sorry that everyone is so mean to you because you insulted people right off the bat, but trying to play the professional victim card just makes you look even more foolish.

    As far as your earlier remark about me assuming you were Christian, as I never stated such I am curious as to where you made that assumption. It really just appears as though you are randomly insulting people then wondering why everyone thinks you are an asshole.

  132. [re=149881]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: “I am a liar because……”

    Because you stated things that you should know are obviously not true. Is that too difficult of a concept for you to grasp? Like your earlier remark of “Of course the Marx statement is legit as Obama “spreading the wealth” is the same as Marx belief.” When you can tell me how Obama is going to help the workers seize the factories, resources, and farms, etc. and creating common ownership then you can talk about how he is promoting communism without looking stupid.

  133. One is naturally inclined to focus on the speaker in a conversation and observe their expressions as they speak because they convey a lot of emotional info. Many of you may have attended carefully to Senator Biden as he spoke. It is the normal thing to do when listening to a speaker.

    However, in this case you will lose much of the real story. Please rewatch the video again. This time, continue to watch the interrogator even as Biden answers her question. I will wait.

    Okay. What I noticed from her is the lizard-like mannerisms that we have occasionally detected in McCain, Palin, and some of their confederates: rapid-blinking, mouth-consciousness, involuntary flexion of throat muscles in response to points from the speaker. You can see that when Biden remains quite still, the interrogator’s eyes sparkle with prey-seeking nystagmus. She has lost him for a moment! Then, Biden, unaware, moves and she is able to fix her gaze on him again.

    These basilisk ways have been increasing along with the vitriol from the right. I fear that it is true. The Visitors have returned.

  134. [re=149954]countvigo[/re]: Yup. During Joe’s longer answers, she also will change the position of her head occasionally to attempt to get a better fix on her prey.

  135. [re=149881]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: I didn’t call you a Christian. I questioned you on it. I said if you were a “real Christian.” See that part? When I asked why you were here, you pulled a Palin. Rather than state the reason you are here, you tell me you have a right to be here.

    So anywho “silent majority” I don’t follow polls, I make fun of them.

    Glad I could entertain you. I will pray for you….

  136. [re=149883]US for McCain/Palin[/re]: US to “US for McCain/Palin,” US is not for McCain/Palin. Wait and see on Nov 4, then shit yourself and cry. Thank you!

    Note: Of course, that is assuming your nitwit preznit Bush doesn’t declare martial law because we’re at war with Syria. Thank you!

  137. for some reason, i just watched a video of effin malkin on fox and between her and some fox douchelord i have learned that actually, this was hard hitting journalism, and she was asking the important questions and boy, did he squirm.

    i can’t believe how you guys REALLY think this played out.

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