Throw away the key.John McCain’s campaign in Pennsylvania pushed the most absurd, unproven version of Ashley Todd’s dingbat Obama-Mugger fantasy to the Pittsburgh media — including the “backwards B means Barack!” nonsense that so thrilled the racists for a few hours last night. Just so we’re clear, let’s say it again: John McCain’s presidential campaign pushed the most incendiary, racially-charged anti-Obama made-up “details” from this crazy GOP gal’s black-assault fever dreams to the Pittsburgh media, which just happened to be the same DRUDGE SIREN MUTILATION talking points delivered to and disseminated by the Drudge Report late Thursday. [Talking Points Memo]

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  1. What’s the big deal Ken? If I had a dollar for every time I framed a black man for a crime he didn’t commit, I’d be rich. As befits my station.

  2. OMG it was terrible! He was a big, tall black man with a cock as thick as your wrist, and he made me say, “Fuck me, your majesty, fuck me! Spread the wealth!”

  3. Umm, you didn’t read in some of those panicy comments on other sites that acually:

    The libruls and media are behind this and she is really in the tank for BHO and she did this to make the Obama campaign look bad, which of course makes it look good.

  4. At the very least she needs to do six months of community service on the graveyard shift at Ritter’s Diner on the other end of Bloomfield. With the B still in place.

  5. Maybe it was the “Mirror, Mirror” universe Barack (with a beard) who did it, which would explain why he’d do something so evil and why it’d be backwards.

  6. We are all behind the times, people! This election is over. Check out Drudge’s latest headline:


    Now that the record is clear, I expect a giant swing in McCain’s direction.

  7. Waitaminit… I need a fricken’ timeline and a flow chart here. Who called whom first? Did the McStupid campaign comms director talk to Todd before going to the media (any media)? Who called the Drudge report? When?

    Lordy, my brains hurt.

  8. [re=148357]picyou[/re]: Is that so terrible?

    I love that this is now a librul conspiracy, so say the wingnuts. Oh wingnuts. This one is over. Work on 2012.

  9. This just might be the “tipping point” (I hate that phrase) for the general public’s tolerance of Republican smear tactics.

    Those Republicans have got to get election tactics that work without resorting to this type of shit — yeah, it might work in a psychiatric hospital, but not out on the campaign trail where voters are disgusted by this.

  10. You gotta love the idiot bigots who work for WALNUTS’ campaign for pushing the Emmitt Till angle. Stay classy guys, stay classy. Only 11 more days until this clusterfuck of an election is over. I look forward to regaining my sanity.

  11. That girl may be mentally ill but the McCain people are crazy for running with the story. Just looking at the pictures, the only fight she lost was with her compact and eyeshadow. Clearly, the McCain people do not know black eyes.

  12. [re=148368]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: swing as in BSD? Joe the “I was on welfare and so were my parents” plumber who hates the colored socialists who funded his welfare with their very own tax dollars Joe?

  13. McCain’s just sad they spent so much money on “We are all Ashley Todd” posters, sewing needles, backwards-B templates, and waterproof mascara to pass around at rallies.

  14. I think Drudge is just trying desperately to do something important, ’cause if he were to die right now, his obituary would read “The original Republican who was unhealthily interested in other people’s blowjobs”.

  15. [re=148401]Ilikepigeons[/re]: And who was probably planning on getting a small business administration guarenteed loan (government handout) to buy the plumbing business so that one day he might make over six times as much as he’s getting by on now and have to (GASP!) help other people!

  16. The Lesson for today: Next time you need to find a Bank of America in the “wrong side” of Pittsburg, just call and ask 911 like a normal person.

  17. “John McCain’s campaign in Pennsylvania pushed the most absurd, unproven version …”

    A quick question: when drinking wine with Elitists, does one say “unprohven” or “unprooven”? I’m not clear on the etiquette.

  18. This is kinda fucked up, but in that OH THAT DIDN’T WORK OUT SO WELL FOR YOU JACKASS FUCK OFF AND DIE GRAMPS kinda way. I know all of you feel the same way, word for word, with no exceptions. Otherwise you are a raceyist.

    [re=148423]facehead[/re]: That was GLORIOUS.

  19. From KDKA:
    from before the non-snarky world knew it was a fraud:

    ‘Meanwhile, late this afternoon, the Obama-Biden campaign released a statement, saying: “This is a horrendous act of violence. Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”‘

    That comment is still true. And when Hopey hopes for it, it comes true.

  20. Nellis and facehood. I get the jokes about commenter AngryBlackGuy, but I don’t think they’re funny. It’s one thing to joke generically about African American men; it’s different to make jokes about an individual Black person, even online. I am an African American woman and too many Black men that I know and love have been racially harassed to find this funny. When your critique of racism risks reproducing it, you’re not funny anymore.

    At the same time, I think this whole story is proof that anybody who supports McCain at this point is mentally ill.

  21. [re=148438]Obama2012[/re]: I just want to say that you are not only right on with the bee girl, but with the song. That was incredibly applicable. Gawd Bless.

  22. Maybe I’m a little too analytical, but I’d really like to know how this story went from her stupid friend’s apartment all the way up to John McCain’s Pennsylvania communications director in such a short amount of time — so fast that he and the police were telling conflicting stories to the press at the same time.

    Isn’t there a chain of command in this operation? Everyone in McCain-Pennsylvania and College Republicans who pushed this story — from Crazy Ashley’s friend on up — needs to hang. Wonkette should make them famous and we should know their names.

    (Repeat that last line for effect.)

  23. [re=148443]SisterTruth[/re]: Wow. So you hate AngryBlakGuy? Would you like him better if he was “Happy Subtle No More Diaspora Black Guy?”

  24. From Part of the US Code on Definition of terrorism: (from the wiki “Definitions of Terrorism”)

    “…activities that involve violent… or life-threatening acts… that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State and… appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (yadda yadda yadda)”


  25. [re=148406]hockeymom[/re]: “We could (sic) embrace government as the answer to all our problems, or we could embrace freedom and liberty.”

    Just one question, Federal Employee Bachman — which side would you be representing?

  26. [re=148350]WendyK[/re]: Stormfront is so lovely, isn’t it?

    “I can’t wait for an obama cultist or cultists to try to attack me. Justifiable homicide rules. Of course they won’t try it on a six foot tall, 230 pound, White man with a nice scar on his face. Like all scavenging vermin they only prey on the weak.”

    That’s right. We Hopey supporters march around with swastikas on our foreheads, craving brains… One of us! One of us!

  27. has anyone watched the donation scale go up since yesterday at the Young Republicans Field Representatives’ website at At least 50 new donations since yesterday.

    I can’t believe people are donating to these little shits. No wonder they haven’t repudiated it – they’re going to fund their little race-baiting operation with this publicity.

  28. [re=148456]SayItWithWookies[/re]: That line made my brain hurt too. I think if you don’t want to be part of the government side of thing, you probably shouldn’t run for office. This being a free country, she’s free to run around in a Guy Fawkes mask spouting off on Freedom and Liberty.

  29. 2003, at Penn State – chairman of the college republicans, Brian Battaglia, posts pictures of college republicans in blackface and KKK uniforms.

    “In response to a controversial Web site showing photographs of a party involving several members of the College Republicans at Penn State, University administrators have taken a number of initiatives over the past several days.

    On the day the Web site was discovered, University officials sent a message to the chairman of the student organization, Brian Battaglia, asking him voluntarily to remove the photos of party goers in KKK costumes, blackface and other distasteful images, and to apologize.”

  30. [re=148460]BaghdadBounce[/re]: That’s great! More bullshit! Let’s wait another 100 years for the whites to be destroyed. I will stand in the front of the line.

  31. [re=148443]SisterTruth[/re]: You’re forcing me to be serious, so here goes.

    On the one hand, you know I’m ONLY joking about the angryblackguy comment, and so at worst, I’m just not funny, and I can handle that. On the other hand, you are being way too serious … do you really think I’m being racist? I’M MOCKING RACISM YOU SILLY GOOSE!!! Again, maybe it just wasn’t funny, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got a pillowcase on my head and a burning cross screen saver.

    BTW, did you like my blingee or not?

  32. I guess poor Ashley’s fantasy is being groped, spanked, and roughly-done by a big black dude. Poor thing. Brothers don’t usually go for the hobbit type when they look at white chicks.

  33. I like in the news report how they said she acted alone. I think John McCain should buy national ad time saying that he had no part in planning this and as far as he knows none of his top staff were working with her either, nor were similar incidence in other swing states being planned.

    Then Rick Davis should write an e-mail to his top staff telling them not to say anything about what they know, and then accidentally send it to all media outlets.

    I mean, if they really think the pity vote is going to be that important this year.

  34. [re=148443]SisterTruth[/re]: I agree half of the time– but it’s hard to make racism funny– I NEEEEEEED to laugh at it it’s the only way I can deal.

  35. I wouldn’t doubt if she’s put on suicide watch during her first night in the pokey.

    Of course, she’ll contemplate her fate with that renowned soliloquy of the tortured Dane….

    “To B, or not to B….”

  36. TPM identifies the McCain Pennsylvania communications director as Peter Feldman. How many degrees of separation are there between him and Ashley Todd?

  37. The Library of Congress is archiving Wonkette this political season for their permanent collection, right? I mean, no historian in a hundred and fifty years is going to believe this shit….

  38. [re=148483]facehead[/re]: haha, so no love for neckface, eh?

    [re=148443]SisterTruth[/re]: There’s no need to get all shitty on everyone’s asses here. Wonkette is a place for understood racial equality. Also, anal sex jokes.

  39. [re=148449]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: WTF are you talking about? I agree with Sister Truth. Sometimes some of you guys get just a little too personal and nasty on subjects that are sensitive like sexual preference, race, weight and your perception of physical attractiveness. Like calling Drudge homosexual like it’s an insult.

  40. So, Hester Prynne had her “A”, now Ashley Todd immortalizes her backwards “B”. So, that means we’ve go 24 more letters of shame to come from the land of the free. Next letter to go viral will be “C”, and I guess we all know what that’ll stand for. This could be a new way to learn our childrens about the alphabet.

  41. [re=148443]SisterTruth[/re]: Sorry, Sister Truth, but I just got your comment.

    Let me reassure you that my vocabulary is sufficiently large that, if and when I need to call anyone “stupid,” “inane,” “jejune,” “incompetent,” etc., I don’t need to preface the label with any racial, religious, gender, gender-preference, national, or other descriptors.

    I only add that coloration for rhetorical effect.

    So when I call you merely “stupid,” rest assured that it is not because I don’t know words like “bytoch,” “fat cow,” etc.

    I simply can’t be bothered, in this instance, to string them togeher.

    [AngryBlakGuy: If, in contrast, you were offended: My apologies.]

  42. Oh, and I’m really really really offended by SisterTruth’s incredibly INSENSTIVE comments about mental illness.

    Even though she is regarded.

    [Oh,breaking news! Benazir Bhutto is STILL DEAD!]

  43. [re=148505]Winsome[/re]: We are not politically correct here. That is part of the point. We are a bunch of snarky assholes, but at least we are genuine and honest assholes.

  44. [re=148489]coolcatdaddy[/re]:

    On it. It’s going to be filed next to the Sarah Palin-as-ascendant files, in the deepest darkest recesses of the archives, where the Arch used to be before George Lucas decided to move it to Area 51.

  45. I can’t get drunk enough to block out all my hatred for this stupidity and lameness. I’m going to watch nascar tomorrow and continue getting drunk and I can say with a certainty that watching people going fast and turning left for some idiotically long period of time is going to be so much more of a worthwhile waste of time than the wasted time I’ll never get back after reading about this fucktard of a jackass that thought she could turn things around for her shitty candidate. shit shit shit.

  46. Take a deep breath, kids. Ok. This chick is what, 20 years old? Who among us didn’t do stupid things when we were that age? No, no, no… I’m not giving her a “bye.” I’m just saying’, she Could Have been influenced to do said act of mutilation, etc., because someone told her to do so who’s important to her.

    Yeah, and on the other hand she’s a nutcase who’s seeking publicity….

    I don’t know: throw her to the lions? Let her “twist slowly in the wind”? –nah, she knows not the reference.

    A jury of her peers? Jesus, in Texas? I don’t think so..

    How say you, Mr. Layne? Your ruling as the Emperial Cat, King of the Wonkette Universe?

  47. [re=148509]Neilist[/re]:
    Holy shit I know Neilist. No really. I know him. Douchetastic L.A. lawyer. A little long in the tooth and was chasing the younguns. My girlfriend met him in an AOL chat room eleventy million years ago. It’s all coming back to me now. I bet he’d totally be into our beloved Ashley Todd.

  48. Egads, now McCain is going to have to pin ALL of his hopes now on linking Obama to either Bigfoot, the Hindenburg Disaster or the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand.

  49. [re=148495]druranium[/re]:\ drudge will report that the young black man ripped himself into pieces before throwing some of his body parts under the truck only to endanger those nice white boys….who just happen to support mccain.

  50. [re=148505]Winsome[/re]: [re=148443]SisterTruth[/re]: Welcome to the wonderful world of Wonkette, where the snark flies and the sparks fly and the sharks lie in shallow waters waiting to bite. We all get bit in this pool and we all bite, and some of the humor is biting and pretty damn funny, and some of the spew is as pathetic as this post of mine is turning out to be. But we can come here and be intelligent or stupid or insightful or obtuse and be perfectly safe and get a lot of good laughing in and that is so, so important. I’m an old man and I remember a lot of bad-ass shit that’s gone down over the decades and if I couldn’t enjoy a little cruel humor I’d go postal on my neighbors or on myself. So my apologies on behalf of whomever if you get hurt feelings, but Wonkette rules (and Deepthroat’s mutherfuckin Blingee kicks ass, by the way).

  51. JESUS CHRIST! I leave for 3 hours and I miss everything!

    Cunt O’ Da Week, Cunt O’ Da Week! I hope she gets homemade-straponed in the most awkwardly horrible way ever by the butchiest female correctional facilities have to offer.

    But, she’ll probably get community service… maybe serving the very imaginary negros she concocted in her half-wit “plan”. HA!

  52. Ken Layne is my HERO. I think Katie Curick should interview him for the evening news, nude, and joined of course by Sara Palin, butt moose shootin naked with a damn doll of Jay McGoo on a stick. WoooooHooooo. Oh, you can forget linking Obama to Bigfoot, I saw Sara Palin holdin a 45-70 lever action on the big hairy dude, while Jay McGoo was blowin him.

  53. And then there is this, Jay McGoo’s brother actually DID THIS>>>
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The brother of presidential candidate Sen. John McCain said Friday he’ll withdraw from campaign activities after calling 911 to complain about traffic. Joe McCain also apologized for making the call.

    The GOP candidate’s younger brother, who lives in Alexandria, Va., told Washington radio station WTOP he was returning from a campaign event in Philadelphia around 2 a.m. on Oct. 18 when he got stuck in traffic on Interstate 495 at the Wilson Bridge.

    Frustrated because of the traffic, he called 911 to find out what was going on. The operator asked him to “state your emergency.”

    “Well, it’s not an emergency, but do you know why on one side at the damn drawbridge of 95 traffic is stopped for 15 minutes and yet traffic’s coming the other way?,” Joe McCain said.

    The operator asked him if he was calling 911 to complain about traffic. McCain then uttered an expletive and hung up the phone. (but never lost a chicken chokin stroke)

    It runs in the family, waaahahahahahahahahahahaha, what a useless cum wad!!!!!!

  54. [re=148505]Winsome[/re]: Really? You think that? Wow. Maybe you could show me all the racist, sexist, nihilist, satanic, Freudian comments that you’re accusing pretty much everyone around you of submitting. Please, share.

  55. [re=148535]Styrofoam Boots[/re]: I would love to see that scenario but replace the poor retarded girl with matt drudge and the “female” with the strap-on is tranny coulter!

  56. [re=148505]Winsome[/re]: what don’t you get? drudge’s homosexuality is an insult to homosexuals who are honest and out not self-loathing and closeted. you are also insulting the homosexuals on this site who have a fucking sense of humor.

  57. [re=148528]WendyK[/re]: Really? You have a “girlfriend”?

    I suppose anything is possible.

    But Ms. Todd is a little too . . .well . . .fat, ugly and stupid for my taste.

    I’ll leave her to you. She’s probably more your type.

    Warmest regards to your “girlfriend” . . .whoever he is.

  58. Matt Drudge ashamed? That’s like asking bacon not to taste so delicious. He has pulled more crap out of his underwear than a pre-schooler. Drudge always struck me as the epitome of a self-loathing butt plug, who is marveled by his pluggedness while being alternately ashamed enough to hide out on the Interwebs in a stupid hat.

    A butt plug in a fedora, if you will. Never the dildo, always the bridesmaid.

  59. [re=148361]M[/re]: And when she’s done at Ritter’s, she can walk a few blocks to The Cricket for some hot pasty action!

    Regarding Xacto Girl, can anyone tell me why – if she’s so goshdarn nutty – Pittsburgh Police took her to jail on a misdemeanor, instead of a secure mental health facility?

  60. I’ve always thought that, given enough rope, the Republicans would hang themselves. Who knew they would beat themselves with it first, then hang themselves, then throw their own bodies in the river.

  61. Oh look she’s done this before

    In March, Ms. Todd was asked to leave a grass-roots group of Ron Paul supporters in Brazos County, Texas, group leader Dustan Costine said. He said Ms. Todd posed as a supporter of former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and called the local Republican committee seeking information about its campaign strategies.

    “She would call the opposing campaign and pretend she was on their campaign to get information,” Mr. Costine said last night. “We had to remove her because of the tactics she displayed. After that we had nothing to do with her.”

    About a month earlier, he said, Ms. Todd sent an e-mail to the Ron Paul group saying her tires were slashed and that campaign paraphernalia had been stolen from her car because she supported Mr. Paul.

    And don’t miss this piece of brilliance:

    “The backwards ‘B’ was the obvious thing to us when we first saw her. Something just didn’t seem right,” Assistant Chief Bryant said. “And, first of all, with our local robbers, they take the money [and flee]. They’re in and out. They’re not stopping to do artwork.”

  62. [re=148554]AngryLeftOver[/re]:

    “She would call the opposing campaign and pretend she was on their campaign to get information,” Mr. Costine said last night. “We had to remove her because of the tactics she displayed. After that we had nothing to do with her.”

    Somewhere Kevin Mitnick is saying, “The Force is strong with this one…”

  63. [re=148539]Worlds End[/re]: Dunno about you, but watching that I briefly flashed to the scene in “Conan the Barbarian” where the governor of California infiltrates the long line of snake cultists headed by Darth Vader’s voice.

    And so, in the spirit of tonight’s sweet, sweet moment:

    “Conan, what is best in life?” “To crush your enemies! See them driven before you! And to hear the lamentation of their women!”

  64. [re=148557]slowhansolo[/re]: If your talking about the nutjobs in that video then yes. I suggest we make a something like escape from new york to put these people, just saying.

  65. It has often been said (Mencken? Twain? I don’t know, but one of those guys that invented all the famous quotes) that “Nobody ever lost an election by underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” The true beauty of this election is that that may finally be proved wrong.
    It’s rather amazing how far down we had to go to hit bottom, but now that we know where it is, the only way is up.

  66. ngkay,
    has no one else noticed the uncanny resemblance between the B girl and the cartoon on the header of this very page of our lord and lady ms. wonkette herself?

  67. I still wonder what would have happened if it were a black man carving a M in his face that was found out to be a fraud…The right would milk this until election day.

    but can I say, if the dum@zz had carved a “O” instead she might not have been caught.

  68. I just can’t believe you people don’t believe Ashley shouldn’t be able to have Children in jail. Look at all those grammatical negatives. You people should be ashamed.

  69. [re=148554]AngryLeftOver[/re]:

    Jesus H. Wellbutrin Christ. Actually, I don’t rely so much on her mental illness as I do her devotion to McCain. She supported him, she volunteered and she traveled out of state to help the campaign. She knew exactly what her accusation would do, in October, and she should be ashamed. Ashley is crapped the bed, for the rest of her life, and she’s too young to even understand it.

  70. [re=148553]Ilikepigeons[/re]:

    If the economy didn’t suck so hard, I’d try to sell Drudge Plugs. The best we can do it print his picture and tape it on butternut squash. For shoving up their pooper.

  71. This was obviously a pitch for Obama. He did ALL OF THIS personally. He even did it himseld, with whatever the fuck her name is in jail right now. Ohhhh that’s a good feeling. “Andrea D.?” I’m sorry you are not as important as my continually typing rants like “RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL” until I look like a fuckin’ idiot.

  72. [re=148574]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Shit make that gy go to sleep and only listen to him on comments that have to do the east side, whetever that means.

  73. [re=148548]Ilikepigeons[/re]: YOU are insulting homosexuals who DON’T have a sense of humor- and they are the ones who least want to be insulted. Also, you are swearing.

  74. [re=148573]Worlds End[/re]: yes, chris hitchens vs bay buchanan- not much of a contest!
    I especially enjoyed when the McCainDrones tried to belittle him for being atheist and believing in that faggoty science crap

  75. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Fox News man
    Make me a wingnut as fast as you can
    Punch her and bruise her and mark her with ‘B’
    And fuck up the election for Sarah and me

  76. [re=148497]WonderWomyn[/re], [re=148499]JeffGoldblum[/re]: I’m more of an EARSNOT fan (he’s the poor man’s NECKFACE), and much cuter and cuddlier. But if I could get my own shoe on Vans, then I’d accept any comparison.

    BTW, if anyone reading this actually knows who EARSNOT is, tell me so I can laugh at you.

    P.S. AESOP ROCK is the illest.

  77. [re=148561]gurukalehuru[/re]: Mencken. “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people.” We’re smart, we just like wrasslin’ and TruckNutz.

  78. I’m getting irritated by people (not here) saying this has/had nothing to do with McCain. As soon as he and Palin called Todd, they knew that was going to get press and push this story into the mainstream, and to a certain degree, validate it.

    I’m not saying he had anything to do with the organisation of it, of course, but as soon as they got involved in any way, they were complicit.

  79. [re=148554]AngryLeftOver[/re]: “And, first of all, with our local robbers, they take the money [and flee]. They’re in and out. They’re not stopping to do artwork.”

    I love this, the palpable sense of pride in the hard-working Pittsburgh criminal class, which doesn’t have time for all this hippy face-carving shit. Work hard, get the money, get out. Salt of the Earth.

  80. I love how on comment boards across the internet every other comment is like “I just figured out, that backwards B, it’s like she was looking in the mirror & did it!”

    No shit genius! That was so October 23rd. You know, when the soon-to-be Pulizter Prize-winning Wonkette said it.


  81. [re=148447]StrangelyBrown[/re]: Oh, I don’t know about you, Strangely, but I’m cheerfully letting the world know about Peter Feldman, the Communications Director for the McCain campaign in Pennsylvania. He pushed the story out like an annoying bowel movement from the get-go. To the credit of the almost equally culpable media outlets, they questioned some of his assertions and he backed off a little. I have a feeling he thinks he’s not done making hay while this story’s “sun” still shines. Whether or not he’s deluded depends a little bit on us — you know, the folks who yanked the chair out from under Michele Barfmann so she could hang herself faster. :-)

  82. [re=148471]NYNYNY[/re]: If McCain does say that, we can easily counter with the sordid tale of — have I mentioned PETER FELDMAN yet? — McCain’s own staff pushing the story like there were no tomorrow. (For them, that’s true.)

  83. [re=148532]schvitzatura[/re]: I’m sorry to tell you that he has a big expensive farm in The Plains and, although he’s very good about fighting the power lines and all that, he’s a SCREAMING MEEMIE WINGNUT.

    I know. I was so disappointed.

    He hangs out sometimes at Borders in Warrenton aqnd the CUban restaurant around the corner. Ye shall know him by his faded Nantucket Red baseball cap and shortness.

  84. [re=148572]Mojopo[/re]: Ooh! I’m a spare-time farmer and have all kinds butternut squash, all sizes, with and without the stem still attached, for the German market. AND I’m a graphic designer. Let’s work on packaging that great idea.

  85. Okay. Done for a while. Had to catch up from last night when I couldn’t get Wonkette to download for the life of me. Seems we’re famous. I wonder who was watching, but remaining speechless? Could it be that EDUCATION of FREEPERS took place, and they went away muttering about needing to get out more?

  86. This is more subtle than you all realize….we already have the Palin crop circles thing out in RealAmerica, the Todd branding thing is a subtle play for the alien abduction demo…mark my words

  87. [re=148573]Worlds End[/re]: I did see him on Larry King. I was more disturbed by Bay Buchanan who I am still convinced is really Pat in a bad wig and a dress. Now winsome will come after me for attacking teh cross-dressers.

  88. all this talk about buttplugs and fags and cross dressers and butsecks and teh negroes and fat white girls is makin me hungry, the just built a new waffle house up the road i think thats just what this situation calls for, WAFfLES

  89. [re=148457]President Beeblebrox[/re]: I stopped reading after that guy’s post. I can accept that you might refer to being really tall and really big, but something about self referencing a scar on your face makes me question whether you are giving an accurate description. I feel like his first draft also said “and a cleaver for a hand…riding a mighty stallion”

  90. Just because the main stream media and the police have now exposed Ashley’s lie does not mean the wingcunts have to stop believing the gorilla razor rape monster black man story. Have McCain and Sarah Palin called her again to express their continued sympathies? You betcha.

  91. [re=148644]Ilikepigeons[/re]: spelled “schwartzers” (if you’re not using the Hebrew alphabet), pronounced “schvartzas”, if you’re polite, “schvoogies”, if you’re not.

    I heart my first set of inlaws, lower-class shtetl-folk that they were! Nice people. Salt of the earth. Until you got them started on the “schvoogies”.

  92. [re=148645]agitpropster[/re]: You spelled it right. ilikepigeons spelled it more phonetically for the Yiddish pronunciation, although some Jews try to pretend Yiddish has no connection to German … riiiiiiight.

    I’ve had people try to convince me that “shayna” and “schoene” (imagine the umlaut, OK?) are completely different words, despite the fact that they sound nearly identical and mean exactly the same thing …

  93. Hooohah! Bocephus, Poet Laureate of ignorant, bigoted moran Bitters urges them all not to be bitter!

    Hank Williams Jr. (best-known for the Moran National AnthemIf The South Woulda Won) has made a radio ad for WALNUTS:

    “Hello. This is Hank Williams, Jr. When Barack Obama said folks like you and me were bitter, and clinging to guns and religion, I knew he just doesn’t understand small town America. We love our God, and we love our guns, specially handed down from our grandfathers. And we resent it when liberals like Obama question our way of life. Don’t be bitter. Vote McCain.”

    As he plugged it on Watermelonhead’s FAUX NOISE show yesterday, Watermelonhead tried to elicit some Mooselini-style “rational thoughts,” but ‘ol Bocephus don’t suck up to any media elites.

    Cavuto: “Alright. I know you’re a big defender of Sarah Palin. She’s been taking some knocks lately, the latest on these clothes the Republican party bought for her. What do you think of that?”

    Williams: “The whut now?”

    Cavuto: “The clothes that the Republican party bought for her.”

    Williams: “I know nothin’ about that, Neil. No. I don’t know. I don’t know anything about that.”

    Upstairs, Hank Sr. can’t quit cringing.

  94. Nellist; So when black women critique white people’s racism (like yours) we are stupid, fat cow, bitches? That sure convinces me that you’re not racist or sexist. Look, you’re not funny, honey. When racism isn’t funny it’s hurtful to people of color, Period. Here’s the deal. If you’re a man and you’re joking about gender, be funny. If you’re a woman and you’re joking about race, be funny. Because when your humor fails, you’re just a sexist idiot and or a racist idiot and or a racist, sexist idiot. Nellist, apply this logic to yourself, accordingly.

    However, Nellist, you were right that I shouldn’t have slammed mentally ill people (unless they’re racists like Ashley; then they deserve it. Again, apply this logic to yourself, accordingly. )

    And facehead, I think facehood was a freudian slip of the kkk variety. Sorry. But you still weren’t funny.

    Note to white people: when you are making those hilarious knee-slapping black jokes about black men violently assaulting white woman, keep them general, don’t apply them in an accusatory manner to individual black people. Just a thought.

    Shortshortshorts person. I have no idea what you’re talking about, I was DEFENDING angryblackguy. Your shortshorts are too tight.

  95. [re=148554]AngryLeftOver[/re]: I literally cannot process the fact that there is someone so crazy that the Ron Paul Revolution said “hold up this girl is nuts, she can’t work for us.” How freaking crazy do you have to be to be rejected by Ron Paul? The mind boggles.

  96. [re=148648]iolanthe[/re]: I lived in NYC (26th & Lex) for seven years. While we’re on the subject of Yiddish & German here’s my favorite German word: Schadenfreude.

    It means literally, “joy at the misfortunes of others.” Leave it to those squareheaded sausage-knockers to have a word for that.

    Yessir, there’s gonna be Schadenfreude aplenty around here come November 5th. ; )

  97. What else is there to say? She did it. They pushed it. MSM will never cover this angle anyway. Check your locals and nationals. WAPO doesn’t have it. NYT doesn’t have it. France probably has it, but they hate America. Hell, KDKA doesn’t have it. It’s all about that twisted, little gnome hater jelly roll lying ball of McBullshit. Dammit, we don’t need a president named after a 1000 calorie horseburger! And dammit, where is AngryBlakGuy when you need him? Everybody’s talkin’ about AngryBlakGuy except AngryBlakGuy. Fine time to take a vacation!

  98. well, I was thinking of going out on Halloween and finding some republicans. The plan was to mug them for their cash and jewels a,d fillings, and then carve a M in their face with an emory board. But then i thought, man, I can’t do that, because from upside down view the M would look like a “W” for Bush….damn. Now i have to figure out something else to do. Maybe I should just poison some candy instead. nah.

  99. [re=148659]agitpropster[/re]: I love “schadenfreude”, too — the word *and* the feeling.

    “schaden” = misfortune/shame (may be the word that, in Yiddish, slid to “shonda”?)
    “freude” = joy

  100. [re=148554]AngryLeftOver[/re]: OMG, so … she’s a fledgling Dirty Trickster, a young Karl Rove or Lee Atwater in the making.

    The “weak child with mental problems, so confused she doesn’t know what she’s doing” thing is just a ruse.

    When she is released, perhaps the Dark Lord Rove will take her under his leathery wing, and teach her how to be a more effective Agent of Chaotic Evil. She certainly has the spirit; now all she needs is a brain, some guidance, and much better funding. If she’d focus-grouped this stunt with some other Rove proteges before attempting to execute it, they could have helped her avoid all this embarrassment.

    Perhaps she’ll be the one to help foist some dangerous rich idiot and his pals on us in 2016 or 2020, if she doesn’t start a world-destroying Race War first.

  101. And once the Drudges of the world start blaming the entire GOP election failure on this girl – which they will do, since they won’t admit their own horrible campaign failures – she’s gonna get lynched by a bunch of right-wingers.

  102. [re=148549]Neilist[/re]: Oh yeah, but not “girlfriend” in the Biblical sense. I’m hetero and paired up. I’m old school so “girlfriend” means “woman with whom I socialize”. She emailed me back this morning. You used to troll in some AOL lawyer-lookin’-fer-love chat room, and that’s how she met you. No really, she said Ashley Todd would have been your speed. Apparently you like ’em young. So young, you try to pass yourself off as younger than you are to snag them. You might be out of that game now, who knows, just thought your name rang some bells and I was right. God bless Viagra! It really gives the Ashley Todds of this world a chance at love, or at least a chance to experience the joys of a stiffy just one more time.

  103. [re=148662]Monkey[/re]: WAPO does too! It’s buried on page A7 or something, in one of those little columns about “elsewhere in the news that you never read because it’s usually about some dogshit school bus accident in Omaha or something.

  104. [re=148545]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: The last thing I want is to be banished to Daily Kos. I live for Wonkette’s snark. I lived in SF until 11/06 when I expatted to Jamaica. I got real tired of the PCness of SF where stinky people can’t be asked to leave the library but people wearing perfume can. For some reason, SisterTruth struck a chord and you seemed too harsh on her. I beg your forgiveness. Don’t ban me, bro!

  105. [re=148659]agitpropster[/re]:

    SCHADENFREUDE perfectly represents the ZEITGEIST.
    Maybe not in the HINTERLAND where ANGST ridden people cling to guns and religion.

  106. [re=148678]WendyK[/re]: Gee, are you sure you have the right person? But if you’re emailing this gal, and she’s someone with whom I allegedly had a relationship, ask her to repay the money she owes me, would you?

    You know how it is with womyn: The money they “borrow” from men doesn’t really “count.”

    Unless they’re honest, hardworking hookers . . . but I don’t want to get into how you met your “wife.”

  107. [re=148656]SisterTruth[/re]: Soul Sister, Conspiracy Brother asked me to pass along some bad news. Soul Brother is shacking up with the White She-Devil.

    /h /h

    But he said something about you “meeting them in the shower,” or something.

    I’m supposed to bring the binoculars . . . but I told him that I don’t think you’d bear that close an inspection.

    But hey . . . You Go, Girl!

  108. [re=148704]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Actually, Shorts, old boy, only I am racist.

    For example, it clearly is racist to point out that the reasoning of SisterGirl (or SoulSister. Or TwistedSister. Or FiletofSoleSister. Or whatever) — “I shouldn’t have slammed mentally ill people (unless they’re racists like Ashley; then they deserve it” — makes no sense.

    If one is “mentally ill” — i.e., incompetent — one cannot be “racist.”

    One can, however, be illogical when one is unbalanced, as is Ms. Todd and, by all appearances, SisterVibramInsole or whatever.

    Power To The People! (And All The Money To Me!)


  109. [re=148688]Steeevyo[/re]: But I also question also the WELTANSCHAUUNG of the candidates and their supporters and to what extent this current BLITZ of tactics from the McCain campaign and supporters is ERSATZ, and how much the LUMPENPROLETARIAT responds to such tactics. Do you think the bitters will launch a PUTSCH if McCain loses?

  110. [re=148656]SisterTruth[/re]: You make very compelling arguments. You seem like a smart person. I really enjoy reading your inane bullshit. Please feck off.

  111. Sistertruth’s “truth” almost has me pining for one of our little freeper trolls.

    Can we get an ETA when the angryblakguy signal will be fixed?

    Snap, now I’m being racist, because the bat signal is black, and batman wears a black suit. Why do I hate America?

  112. You know, this is totally unrelated, but have you noticed ads now for the new document requirements for travel between Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean? They come into effect July 2009.

    Does the government think there’s going to be a mass exodus no matter who wins?

    I’m with Hopey – it’s not over till it’s over, and I’m not measuring the drapes. Just making sure that my passport’s in reach in the nightmarish scenario that there’s a McCain-Palin Pre…


    I can’t say it.

  113. [re=148656]SisterTruth[/re]: Sooo…. you don’t like my Blingee? Fuck…

    The problem here is that I imagine you being this sassy black chick, which is hot, but I’m a racist, so we could never requit this obvious passion that is building up between us.

    I have a close friend with an inordinately large nose. I rarely make fun of his nose, basically because it is too easy, and he expects most of these jokes. So, if what you are trying to say is that being black is like having a really big nose, I understand.

  114. [re=148800]facehead[/re]: [re=148753]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: [re=148722]JeffGoldblum[/re]: [re=148746]Reefpilot[/re]:




    However great the temptation, SisterTruth should not cause us to lower the high level of discourse, discussion, and debate for which is known throughout the Civilized World.

    Let us remember Our Core Principles . . . that which we all hold Dear and Sacred . . . the Reason we blog here together . . . and redirect our attention back to What Makes Us Who We Are.


    So, SisterTruth. Do you like buttsex?

  115. [re=148910]facehead[/re]: Oh, Face. You Wild, Foolish, Romantic Boychick, You.

    (But seriously: Don’t they make a lovely couple?)

    (Although, it’s either beastiality or miscegination . . . or perhaps both.)

    Conspiracy Brother: “Oh, shit! It’s Macy Gray with Porkchop Sideburns.”

  116. Congratulations, Nellist, you are now the Sarah Palin of Wonkette and shortshorts and facehood (yeah, I wrote that on purpose) are your Todd Palin and Levi Redneck. Your celebration of your intolerance and stupidity is positively palinesque. You guys have actually managed to be more racially deluded than Michelle Malkin. Her response to the Ashley Todd was more logical and less racist than yours, and even more funny. (And mind you, I think Malkin, despite being a person of color, is racially ridiculous and dangerously stupid!).

    I love the irreverence of Wonkette, including the racial irreverence and humor. You people just weren’t funny, which just leaves the racism. See in order to get away with the racism, you have to be smart and funny and racist. You guys lost it on the smart and the funny. But that’s the point, right? You just wanted say stupid racist crap and get away with it by hiding it behind humor, but you just weren’t funny enough. Sorry. That’s not my fault.

    I find it disturbing that when a Black woman — that’s me, with an ivy league degree and a Ph.D. so I’m not the idiot you folks keep saying I am — asks that your racial humor actually be FUNNY instead of just racist and offensive, you drop the humor completely and say as many racist and sexist things you can think of without any attempt at levity. Despite Nellist’s over-the-top hysterical racist/sexist nastiness, I think the most absurd comment is facehood’s pathetic attempt to combine anti-semitism with his racism by using the being black is like having a big nose comment.

    Yes, I am a light-skinned black woman, but my blackness is visible and obvious. And no, I don’t think it makes me ugly and deserving of ridicule any more than a large nose makes somebody ugly and deserving of ridicule. In fact, I think my obvious blackness is rather lovely and so do a lot of other people despite Nellist’s assertion that a black woman who contests racism must be a cow, a bitch, and whatever other animals she mentioned. You can see my lovely blackness not only on my face, but on my whole body, even on my beautiful black ass, which you are free to kiss at any time.

    Nellist, I seem to have pushed a button with you on the mental illness front, and I apologize. I think that mental health is an important issue and did not intend to offend anyone. However, the bottom line is that you don’t care about mental health, you just wanted to come up with something to attack the black lady with that you hoped would be comparable to my accusations of racism. Sorry, no comparability there. Mental health affects all communities. Racism disproportionately affects communities of color. Your logic, as usual, is flawed Also, I do think people are hiding little Ashley’s racism behind her mental illness. They’re saying that she’s insane, but she was lucid enough to work diligently for the campaign, concoct a racially provocative story embedded in several centuries of American racial and sexual politics, self-mutilate with a clear political agenda, and mobilize the McCain/Palin campaign for 36 hours. So basically she’s crazy like a crazy racist McCain supporting self-mutilating fox!

    The point is to racist white wonketters, don’t assume that there are no people of color in here; don’t assume that we won’t call you on your racism. And that’s the real problem isn’t it, the idea that black people could actually critique a white person rather than begging for your approval or laughing at your bad jokes. How dare we!! (I’m not running for president, people. I can say whatever I want!)

    It’s amazing to see people arguing for their right to be racist and whining when somebody challenges them. Go ahead. Be racist. Nobody’s stopping you, McCain, Palin, and Ashley B-Girl are even encouraging you! You have the right to be racist, and I have the right to call you a racist moron. Free speech, it’s not just for white people anymore.

  117. [re=148929]SisterTruth[/re]: In all your ivy league wisdom, did it ever occur to you to wonder that I, facehead, might actually be…. wait for it… black?

  118. [re=148929]SisterTruth[/re]: Gesh. AFter all of my enthusiasm for Barry, right before the election “The Problem” surfaces: The Professional Minority Victim.

    SistahGirl demonstrates the “mental process” of the TPMV pefectly: Anyone who disagrees with her, or refuses to cow to her mind-numbing self-absorption, is a “racist.”

    SistahGirl, let me thank you for so clearly demonstrating your pathology. But I’m concerned that, when Barry wins, your world view may lose some of its self-fulfilling character.

    But, then again, probably not. The “great thing” about irrational thinking is its independence from facts.

    (Oh, Shorts? If you’re my “Todd Palin,” I’m blaming your imperfect seed for that mongoloid baby. But then, it could have been worse. I might have given birth to something like SisterTwooth.)

  119. Sure, you “might be” black; you might not be. I see you didn’t lay claim to an identity either way. If you are black, are you so ashamed of it that you can’t quite come out as a black person on someplace as meaningless as wonkette?

    I am wise, but I can’t see through the internet. Therefore, I have no idea what your racial identity is. I am a bit of a romantic so I guess I was hoping that a black person wouldn’t be self-hating and stupid enough to attack other African Americans the way that you did, but I’ve been disappointed before. I also think everybody has a right to perform race in diverse and complex ways on the internet regardless of their actual racial identity in the real world. I have the right to label that performance racist regardless of who you are off line.

    I haven’t forgotten that Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice, Alan Keyes, and Thomas Sowell are all black; it doesn’t stop them from demeaning or undermining other black people. In fact, they make quite a lot of money for it and have built their entire reputations on it. As an academic, I could be much more successful if I trashed black people. Being black doesn’t mean you can’t be racist; it means you’ll be rewarded for being racist socially, culturally, professionally, and sometimes financially. I don’t know what your racial identity is, but I do know what mine is. I know that I’m black on and off-line. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care. What difference does it make? The criticism still stands. Whatever your racial or ethnic identity, you can still kiss my very real beautiful black ass.

  120. Just saw the Nellist post. Gee, Nellist, if you didn’t hate black women so very much, you would realize that all black people are not alike. The idea that you would bring up “The Professional Minority Victim” as a reason to question your willingness to vote for Barack Obama is sadder than I can say. Don’t vote for Barack Obama because you think you’re doing black people a racial favor. Vote for Barack Obama because you think he’ll be the best leader for ALL AMERICANS. That’s why I’m voting for him. Barack Obama will not do anything special for Black people, and I don’t expect him to. I expect him to be a great leader for people of all colors. The fact that I know that you, as a white woman, hate black woman with psychotic depth does not mean that I don’t admire and support Hillary Clinton or any of the other white women in the public sphere whom I admire. It just means that I can’t stand you. Your identity as a white woman has nothing to do with how I feel about other white women. Your contempt for me as a Black woman should have nothing to do with Obama. Hate me. It has nothing to do with your voting for Obama. Obama, and I are both black, and we went to ivy league schools. That’s all we have in common other than a love for this country and what it could be under the proper leadership. However, do not think that voting for Obama means that you get to send all other black people back into slavery. We’re not going anywhere. We’re still here; we’re your fellow Americans; we have voices; we may say things you don’t like. So what? Vote for Obama because he represents YOU and your interests, not because he has anything to do with anybody’s race.

    However, now we get to the bottom of it. Your contempt for black people, especially for “professional minorities” is real and kind of scary. Are you about to go on a tirade about affirmative action? (By the way, I outperformed white students academically so don’t start on that with me)Or are we about to hear how a black woman was mean to you 10 years ago at the burger king and that’s why we’re all fat bitches? Forget Sarah Palin, you really are seeming more and more racially deluded like Ashley B-Girl. There’s no racial humor there, is there? You just don’t like us. I AM a professional minority, but, darling, I am nobody’s victim. I am REJECTING victimization when I refuse to tolerate your racist sexism. And in the spirit of NOT being a victim, I proclaim that you, like racially-confused facehood, can kiss my beautiful black ass.

  121. [re=148955]SisterTruth[/re]: SistahGirl, BABY, you don’t have to try so hard. You had me at the first “racist”!

    Let me put on a little Barry White, turn the down the lights, open up a bottle of Cristal . . .

    Just you and me, baby. Just you and me.

    Oh, and Face.

    He likes to watch.

    Well, and Shorts, too, probably.

  122. Oh, SistahGirl, one other thing? “E.D.I.T.I.N.G.” A new concept. Look it up.

    Unless you’d care to put it to music? Say, to a tune from “Showboat” or something?

  123. Neilist: I’m not looking at whatever you posted so don’t bother. I’m straight, but if I weren’t, a woman like you could probably turn me straight in a jiffy!!! However, I would like to share with you that you could meet some of your white supremacist friends at Hurry, they’re waiting for you. Like you, they think that uppity black folks like me need to be insulted and put in their places. Maybe you guys can share some of your slavery fantasies together. Have fun!
    Now I understand why you got so sensitive about the mental illness reference. I’m very sorry about your struggle with sanity. Get help. Until you do, please, please stay away from black people. I’m afraid, you might get an uncontrollable urge to lynch one of us or to accuse a black man of trying to attack you and carve things into your face, etc.
    Facehood: Stop lying. If you ARE black, you know that you’re one of those black guys who never dates black women.
    You can both still kiss my beautiful black ass. I dare you.

  124. Ok, the bitch isnt helping McCain, he, no matter what you psycho freaks say puts his country first and
    has the more experience, and has been getting screwed because there is a bunch of you stupid people out there who think you want “Change”, when the last person to create chnge such as this was Jimmy Carter and he caused almost irreversible damage. that only us republicans could fix. And so this bitch signed up as a voulenteer, problably said she needed voulenteer hours or some shit. And has a wet one for Mr. Obama, who is going to run this country into the ground. Well I hope that he suffers the fate that he emposes on those less fortunete than himself. because baby, what goes around , comes around!

    One article concidered Obama the next Regan, I think not. Ready to theive (through taxes)YES! Ready to lead I think NOT! ]

    Im not racist, It has nothing to do with that. Its his socialist, spread the wealth policies, that promote sitting on your ass, and popping out babys and sitting on welfare, to get free healthcare, college, and what ever other bones he throws there way!

    Down with OBAMA!

    OBAMA+ OBIDEN = Oppression (or Depression)

  125. @Spread the Hard Earned Wealth :

    OMG, you’re so funny! I swear, for a second there I thought you were actually a mentally disabled wingnut for McCain. XOXOXOX

  126. [re=148964]SisterTruth[/re]: Ok, you’re playing hard to get, I know how it is with you cat and mouse Ivy league types. I can handle rejection, don’t worry. I know I’m just too lowbrow for you, I understand, and I’m just not smart enough either, and I’m also a self-hating racist. I know, it is all very unnatractive. In the interest of full disclosure I’ve got a truly nasty zit on my ass right now.

    So here’s my sexual fantasy: You dress up like a clan member, and I play Dave Chappelle trying to escape to Africa. But you catch me as I’m running away, we wrestle for a bit, and … I think you can see where this is going.

  127. [re=148974]Spread the Hard Earned Wealth[/re]: I still haven’t figured out why Reagan is the messiah to you people. I am going to guess, though, and say by the rhetoric that you’re using, you were barely in Pampers when Ronny was in the White House. The 80s were a long, long time ago. The world evolves, and so should your politics. Right now, though, you’re just fucking ridiculous. Move on, Opie.

  128. SisterTruth: Hi, this is Wonkette. Just thought you might wanna know. Mockity, Mockity, Mock and all that. Logical discussion takes a back seat to Truck Nutz and Buttsex jokes. It ain’t Pulitzer winning stuff, but serves humanity in it’s own little twisted way. Kthanks, bye.

  129. [re=148964]SisterTruth[/re]: Your “beautiful black ass”?

    Good lord, is THAT what that is?

    I thought it was NIGHT falling, or a total solar eclipse.

    Nothing else seemed quite large enough . . . .

    [re=148976]SeminoleInDior[/re]: Don’t you realize how RACIST it is to tell a humorless, sophististic git to shut up? SistahGirl is a VICTIM! A VICTIM!

    And thus has a right to preach to us until we go blind. It’s bigots like YOU, Seminole, that explain why eligible black men shun womyn like SistahGirl.

    Eligible black man who aren’t vampires and/or solar astronomers, that is.

  130. SeminoleInDior: You haven’t had enough of Neilist relentlessly insulting black people, complete with references to Showboat!, because insulting black people is jut fine with you, but you want the black woman who questions her racial politics to go back to Africa?
    If you don’t like what I’m writing, don’t read it. Just skip over it. I’ll be skipping over anything that you write.
    And by the way, this lawn is equal opportunity property. This isn’t survivor, you don’t get to just kick the black people out when you don’t like them.
    This lawn is my lawn, this lawn is your lawn from California to the New York Island, etc.

  131. [re=148979]facehead[/re]: SistahGirl, DON’T take up Face on his offer!!!

    I’ve got a better deal: I’ll dress up like Ken Norton in the movie “Mandingo!,” and you can play the twisted James Mason plantation owner.

    But no soup for dinner, okay?

  132. [re=148964]SisterTruth[/re]: I didn’t even read all the lovely exchange here, but from what I surmised:

    Neilist? Yep, just raised his cocksucker flag to full mast. If we’re going to talk go the stereotype route, dude, do you like smell like wet dog when you come out of the rain…or do you like have a small penis or something, and does does your sister like…get out of cars not wearing any panties….AWWWWWWSOME DUDE! YOU *SO* RULE!

    facehead, don’t know much about him, but I thought the blingee was too busy…even for blingee.

    shortsshortsshorts, only an asshole to the right people (as in troll, not saying that you’re one), the Blackwater of Wonkette.

    Now, as one black woman to another, I don’t have to go into how this whole incident, as well as joking about it, is such a blow to our men, and the fact that non-black people, save Latinos and Middle Easterners in this day and age simply will not nor will ever get it, because it’s not as if someone automatically think “Klansman” when they see a white man walking down the street (cue the “reverse racism” posts).

    With that said, seriously, sis, it’s Wonkette, lighten the fuck up. I agree with what you’re saying, but you have to understand that the while you can say you have a problem, the only person who can check someone regarding the jokes about AngryBlakGuy is AngryBlakGuy. He hasn’t spoken on it yet, and trust me, I’ve been here since since the Gawker days, and he has No. Zero. Nada. problem telling anyone to go fuck themselves if he has a problem.

    He’s a black man, but when all is said and done, he’s a MAN, period. Let him handle his business.

  133. Oh also SimonoleInDior. 1. Black men don’t shun me. See, it was a critique of facehood’s racial politics… It was a joke, but you didn’t get it. Why am I not surprised. 2. Gee Neilist, it’s so original of you to say that black women have big butts. I’ve never heard that one before!! You’re really clever. See, I’ve never seen the white women at the beginning of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back video talking about how disgusting black women’s butts are. Neilist, we know you’re a racist, but can’t you get some new material. That’s why I sent you to the kkk web site so they can help you smarten up your act. And yes, you can still kiss my beautiful Black ass.

  134. Sisterchristian: You’re racist because you’re voting for Obama. I know this because you may have subtly dropped the fact that you’re black once or twice, and black people are all voting for Obama, so says Fox News. Stop trying to distract everyone from the real Obama-voting issue with self-righteousness and indignation and uncovering the fact that all of Wonkette are KKK apologists. We’re onto your Rovian style politics. You’re not dealing with morons, Lebowski.

  135. [re=148656]SisterTruth[/re]: I am a black woman.

    Please do not think you speak for all of us.

    It is considered good manners to learn the culture of a website before beginning to post to it. Coming in here and scolding everybody for behavior that predates your existence here, and is accepted as the board’s culture, isn’t likely to hold you in good stead.

    If this were a serious news board with serious discussions of serious issues, you would have a good point. However, on this board, everybody is mock-worthy.

  136. /Snark off

    Where IS AngryBlakGuy, anyway? I hope he is okay. Too many people dying around here nowadays.

    /Snark on

    SistahGirl probably killed him. That “beautiful black ass” thingie can be lethal if not handled carefully.

    What did they used to call the B-36? “Aluminum Overcast” or something?

    And wasn’t “Pressing” a medieval torture?

    Suffocation is nothing to laugh at.

  137. [re=148974]Spread the Hard Earned Wealth[/re]:
    “Im not racist, It has nothing to do with that. Its his socialist, spread the wealth policies, that promote sitting on your ass, and popping out babys and sitting on welfare, to get free healthcare, college, and what ever other bones he throws there way!”

    Oh, you mean like the Duggars and the Goslins? Ah, never mind, they get shit loads of money in endorsements, and whoever buys the products of their sponsors; that’s another way of getting taxpayers’ money.

    You’re also not very good at writing your mother tongue.

  138. [re=148992]AnglRdr[/re]: To you, and to any other “Person of Color” in here:

    If I have offended you, my apologizes.

    But SisterTruth is of a type that brings out the Absolute Worst in me: The Self-Righteous, Didactic Prig Devoid of Any Sense of Humor.

    (And – Good Lord – Her “self-exploration” of her “ass” :::Shudder::: One would think one was listening to Karl Rov. . . .

    HEY. Wait a MINUTE!)

  139. [re=148989]SisterTruth[/re]: People with a sense of humor shun you. Since Wonkette is supposed to be funny (so we don’t cry) Wonkette shuns you. Go back to Dailykos.

  140. SisterTruth: Man, you must not have any friends. You get more boring the more you talk. And that ain’t good. The only thing you are good at is reading your own paranoid, narcissistic inner monologue over whatever anyone else writes. I don’t believe I even mentioned the word “Africa”. You’re just as guilty as the “racists” you’ve labeled on this site. You assume I don’t like black people. You assume I think insulting black people is okay. You don’t know anything about my personal politics, or anyone else’s on this site. Frankly, you just look like a ranting, ignorant jackass with limited social skills. You’re too angry and shortsighted to see that your attempts at educating the masses about racism is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    My “lawn” is teh Wonkettes, and you’re smashing everything that is good and shiny about it. Go with the flow or find someone else’s lawn to shit all over.

  141. Schadenfried: Thanks for the words. I’m glad I’m not the only black woman here. The reason I said something about angryblackman is that I think it’s my responsibility to stand up for other black people, male and female, and would like to think that black men would stand up for us when white people disrespect us. I haven’t been on wonkette long enough to know how angryblackman deals with things, and he hasn’t posted at all on this so I did what I thought was right, what I hoped somebody would do for me.

    However, Neilist quickly jumped from angryblackman to me, and I definitely have every right to defend myself. Also, I just don’t think anybody, black or white or Asian or Latino, has the right to tell anybody else what to write. I’m not telling Neilist to shut up. I’m telling her that I’ll respond to her racism. That’s different. You don’t have to like what I write, but you don’t have the right to silence me nor I the right to silence you. Again, freedom of speech.

    I think Neilist is a woman, but I can’t tell anymore. She/he/it is just insane. Now she/he/it is talking about Mandingo and refers specifically to the part in which a black person gets boiled, as in put in a pot and boiled. That’s what the soup reference is. She/he/it is saying she wants to boil us! She thinks that’s funny Come on, sis. Isn’t that a little problematic/pathetic? Boiling us!!!!! I think she may be too racist for the KKK site because they just want to kill black people, not boil us for dinner!!!

  142. [re=148999]Neilist[/re]:

    “If I have offended you, my apologizes.”

    Meh, I’ll accept it after I have dinner, tea and booze. To you credit, you’re inconsistent in your prickery.

    “But SisterTruth is of a type that brings out the Absolute Worst in me: The Self-Righteous, Didactic Prig Devoid of Any Sense of Humor.”

    We can see that, doesn’t it excuse it though, there’s better ways to get at someone without resorting to stereotypes, I hope you saw that when I did the same thing to you.

  143. [re=149008]Schadenfried[/re]: Inconsistent or consistent?

    I strive so hard for Universal Contempt. But I am, after all, human, all too human.


    So much to hate. So little time.

    (And I believe that the “stereotyping” started with SistahGirl. Her problem is that I’m better at it than she.)

  144. [re=149007]SisterTruth[/re]: :The reason I said something about angryblackman is that I think it’s my responsibility to stand up for other black people, male and female,”

    No, it really isn’t. You are infantilizing those adults you think are in need of your help, adults who have not asked for it.

  145. Man, if anything funny happens out of this, I hope it will be a children’s treasury of angryblakguy’s comments. Though I will only accept it if it has a lengthy disclaimer, stating the fact that Wonkette means no disrespect to peoples of non-WASP ethnicity, Wonkette is a satirical snark newsfeed that occasionally engages in nonracial bling, racism should not be encouraged or condoned behind online anonymity, and Ashley Todd is a fat white lying race-baiting bitch. I will only accept this if a committee is formed to make sure no feelings are hurt, and the people making up this committee are a black male, a hispanic female, a white male in a wheelchair who’s also bald, a native American woman, an Asian woman, and the toddler Malo, from Zelda: The Twilight Princess, so we don’t appear ageist.

    God, where the hell is Angryblakguy? It’s a tragedy and a travesty he’s missed this shit.

  146. I do have a sense of humor. I just don’t think jokes about lynching and boiling black people are funn. I don’t think it’s funny to call black women bitches and fat cows with big asses. I’m not attacking “everybody” at wonkette. I’m questioning Neilist and her racist sexist rants. If anybody’s upset by that, then it’s because they agree with Neilist’s racism. That’s your problem, not mine.

    Again, tragic that people, including people of color, are angrier at me for questioning racism than they are at Neilist for practicing it. Anglrdr, you may think Neilist’s pathetically racist sense of humor is funny, but I don’t. That’s because I have some self-respect as a black person. Sorry you can’t relate to that.

    I’m not saying that racial humor can’t be funny. It can. I laugh at it. The authors and most posters here do a pretty good job of it. Neilist’s racial humor isn’t funny; it’s just a pathetic disguise for her ACTUAL racism. I pulled of the white sheet, which she got from the KKK at her last meeting. That’s all I did.

  147. [re=149011]Neilist[/re]: It’s a fancy way of saying that you’re not always a dick.

    It doesn’t matter who started it. I don’t think either one of you is racist, but mindlessly lobbing that shit back and forth is ignorant in my opinion, especially if you feel that a) you’re not on the same level, or b) you’ve run out of anything intelligent to say.

    They say patriotism is the last resort or a scoundrel, so is being quick to bust out the slurs.

    I shouldn’t care, but I am wondering what AngryBlackGuy is going to say about this on Monday.

  148. Anglrdr. I’m not infantalizing anybody. It’s called mutual respect and responsibility. Try it sometime. Part of Neilist’s cowardice is that she tried to hide her general racism by attacking an individual black person. When white people trash one black person, they get to say that they’re not attacking all black people. The same for men attacking one woman. It’s a great way to get away with your racism or sexism or whatever and convince the other black people (or whatever group) that they’re not being attacked and that they do not have the right to respond. . But we are being attacked, and we do have the right to respond. Neilist’s attacks on angryblackguy and me were attacks on all of us, and she’s counting on your distorted logic so that she/he/it can get away with it. That’s the point. Wake up.

  149. [re=149038]SisterTruth[/re]: I would ask you, in kind, to wake up and recognize the board on which you are posting.

    And get over yourself, already. Life is too damn short and sad already to make yourself a martyr for every perceived insult that did not have anything to do with you.

  150. UNBELIEVABLE. Fox News has completely erased any mention of the Ashley Todd story. Real fair and balanced. Try searching for “Ashley Todd” on Absolutely no mention of the headline story from 2 days ago.

  151. oops. typos: I mean funny and off (not of.) AngryBlackGuy does not get to dictate what I say or think. Are black women supposed to shut up because a black man says he’s decided that something is not racially problematic. I don’t think sexism is any more appealing than racism. I can see that some of you are hoping to get AngryBlackGuy here so he can put me, as a black woman, in my place. Guess what? This is not your stereotype of a “rap video.” AngryBlackGuy does not tell me what to do, think, or write. See black people are all different from each other. We think and do and say different things from each other, just like white people.

    By the way, I stopped referring to the insult to AngryBlackGuy. Neilist is so racist that she’ll attack any black person. As soon as she saw that I was black, she went after me. So I have been defending MYSELF, and I have a right to do it.

    Do you all really think that white commenters should have the freedom to racially insult Black people but that we should NOT have the freedom to respond? If so, you head on back to the plantation. Neilist is waiting for you there with her big boiling pot. I’m not going with you. Think about what you’re arguing here. You’re saying that Nellists attacks on Black men and black women are great, but that black women should just shut up and wait until white people give us permission to speak and then only say what they want us to say. What century are you people living in? The 18th? Even 19th century black women had more self-respect than to tolerate this logic.

    I don’t even care about Neilist. Neilist is an idiot. I choose to respond when white people call Black people stupid, dangerous, and ugly. If the other black people want to laugh while they are being insulted, they’re welcome to do so. I’ve made a different choice. If you don’t like the fact that I’m responding, ignore it. Why do you need to censor me? This post is already old anyway!!!! Only three people are still reading it. So just stop reading it. I didn’t look at whatever racist crap Neilist wanted me to look at on youtube. Don’t look at what I write.

    I love wonkette. I come here to laugh about politics, including racial politics. But when we skip the humor and go straight for the racism, I have the right to say something, and I don’t need Angry BlackGuy’s permission, or anybody else’s permission. to do so. Worry about what YOU have to say; don’t tell me what to say, or not say, because nobody controls me, least of all some people on wonkette that I don’t even know. If you want to tell a black woman what to do, go to Anglrdr. She’s open to it. I’m not.

  152. [re=149038]SisterTruth[/re]: Well, SistahGirl, I’d love to stay and chat, but it’s Saturday night and I’m taking some African-American friends of mine drag rac . . . .

    No, wait, that’s not what you think. Don’t get cros . . . .

    Whoops. I meant, don’t get burned u . . . .


    Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. I’m not paying enough attention to my word choice. This Janis Joplin MP3 is playing, and “Ball & Chain” is one of my fav . . . .

    Oh, dear.

    Maybe we could go see a movie? That new thing with . . . what’s his name? The Australian guy?

    Ralph Crow?

    James Crow?

    Jim C . . . RUSSELL Crowe! That’s it!

  153. Anglrdr: Do you see how nuts Neilist is? She’s not just attacking me with all of her slavery jokes. She’s insulting black people generally, but she’s getting away with it by pretending to only target me. And you’re defending her!!! You’re defending a woman who makes slavery jokes.

    My understanding of the “culture” of this web site is that it actually critiques racism and sexism along with promoting political humor. I understand why you think I am not “conforming” to the culture, but Neilist is not “conforming” to the culture either with her over-the-top racism. However, I don’t see you attacking her for failing to culturally conform.

    Do you really think that Black people should conform to racism just because it’s part of the culture? If you do, I feel sorrier for you than you could possibly know.

  154. Neilist: Great, Finally, you made a joke. The idea that you have any black friends is truly hilarious. (Your black maid doesn’t count, dear.) Thanks for giving me such a great laugh. We know where you’re really going. Enjoy your (kkk) rally tonight. Don’t get that sheet dirty.

  155. Prolly? I do recognize mocking and humor and snark, including those displayed in a racialized context, WHEN IT IS PRESENT. Neilist wasn’t funny. She was just racist and nasty. Again, why are the people of color defending the humorless racism? If I were a genuine racist, I would be rushing to this site because I would know that the people of color would bend over backwards to defend my right to insult them. That’s what we used to do a hundred years ago. Haven’t we made any progress?

    I can tell the difference between genuinely funny racial humor and humorless racism. Why can’t you?

  156. There’s something very sad that there are people of color here would say that a woman who repeatedly demeans black people using juvenile slavery references that are not at all funny should be protected and that the educated Black woman who challenges her racism should be evicted.

    You’ll defend the racist white woman, who is insulting you too, against the anti-racist black woman, and you think there’s something wrong with me? Is Michael Jackson the other African American on this site?

  157. God! I dropped out of this cause I knew I would get nailed since I have not the rapier wit. But I can’t in good conscience not speak up one more time. IMHO several of you are real assholes. You turned on Sistertruth like a pack of snarling dogs. Fuck you.

  158. [re=149111]Winsome[/re]: Snarling dogs FTW!

    If you can’t say something funny, don’t say anything at all…. It’s the Wonkette credo, dontcha know…

  159. Also, go ahead and ban me. I’d rather read Wonkette than comment anyway. I know what snark is and it doesn’t have to be nasty, mean and thinly disguised racism and sexism. Wonkette is usually very very funny but Neilist is only rarely and I agree that s/he is only pretending to be joking when spewing his/her nasty comments.

  160. Winsome, your humble opinion is very much appreciated. I think the opportunity to trash a real live black woman was just too much of a temptation for some of them, even the other black women! I guess they don’t know that trashing other black people won’t make white people like them, it’ll just make them think they’re stupid and self-hating. They’ll learn the hard way.

    We both got attacked on this post with very little justification other than people saying, “Don’t take away my racist, sexist, homophobic toys while I’m beating you over the head with them. If you won’t laugh at my right to insult and degrade you and anybody like you, then you don’t belong here?” I actually come here because I think wonkette is better than that. I know you are. Thanks.

  161. Grendel: You said, “If you can’t say something funny, don’t say anything at all…. ” 1. Shouldn’t that rule be applied to racism, sexism, and homophobia because if it should Neilist shouldn’t be posting. 2. If you actually believe in this rule then you shouldn’t be posting either. When have you ever been funny?

  162. [re=149101]SisterTruth[/re]: Wow you’re boring (yes I’m a racist and unfunny and you’re better than me in every way, don’t bother criticizing me cause you’re entirely correct, I’m satan incarnate, you win, etc. blah blah blah..) Now listen, pweez.






    I’ll understand if you don’t want me to kiss your black ass anymore.

    Before you write another thesis on humor and racism…. seriously… just put it aside, and try to be funny, no more seriousness, plz, show us your comedic genius (show me don’t tell me honey).

    Stare at a picture of Eddie Murphy if you have to, whatever it takes.

  163. O Lord, after these long days of hearing mildly progressive income tax schemes described as the most dangerous fruits of Marxism, if a black woman wants to get angry about what she considers racist jokes, BLESS HER SOUL! For each time I’ve had to see that backwards B on that brainless bitch today, please let my eyes be cleansed by the sight of actual righteous indignation. For every grinning idiot holding a stuffed monkey at a rally, please let there be serious, angry, truth loving people somewhere keeping the world in balance.

  164. OK. This isn’t even worth any new words so I’ll just basically repeat what I wrote to Grendel:
    Grendel wrote: “If you can’t say something funny, don’t say anything at all…. ” I wrote: 1. Shouldn’t that rule be applied to racism, sexism, and homophobia because if it should, Neilist shouldn’t be posting. 2. If you actually believe in this rule then you shouldn’t be posting either. When have you ever been funny. Facehood? When?

    However, if you do want an element aristotelian analysis, I might add that according to Aristotle, comedy generally featured persons who are “average or below average,” given those standards, I suppose you and Neilist have a chance.

  165. That last comment was to facehood. To lampadadog, I say, thank you, thank you, thank you. Unfortunately, these are people who think that a monkey with an Obama hat on it is just hilarious because racism is over and any racial representation is a joke. They even think the Ashley B-Girl thing is a joke because they cannot imagine the state of terror that all tall black men in Pittsburgh were feeling until she confessed that she was lying. They have no consciousness about the history of these representations or why somebody might think they are not funny. They cannot tell the difference between racial humor and racist humor. They just don’t have the ability to discern that. There’s nothing we can do to help them. But your words helped me. Thanks.

  166. [re=149140]SisterTruth[/re]: How would you know if someone had said something funny? Your grasp of the concept is limited, at best. How long do you plan to milk your fake righteous indignation over some perceived slight to your race? Save it for the people ACTUALLY making racist remarks all over the country and intarwebs.

    /dick joke

    (yes, you… you’re the dick joke sistertruth)

  167. [re=149144]SisterTruth[/re]: You’ve forgotten that I am a not funny racist (your diagnosis btw, doctor), I admitted repeatedly that I am a comic failure. But you, you are a comedic god, worthy of all golden laughter.

    Bestow upon us your gracious and thunderous humor.

    BTW, I feel sorry for your vagina.

  168. Wow Grendel: You’ve gone for the C-word, why stop there? Why not go for the N-word, too? I’m a black woman, after all, so I deserve to be called any sexist, racist names you can think of, don’t I? Also, I think it’s hilarious that you and facehood don’t mind being called racist, but if somebody accuses you of not being funny, you lose your minds!!! That fact is funny, but you’re not.

    And no, I don’t have Aspergers Syndrome or any other form of autism, but be careful about attacking people with a mental illness because that really upsets Neilist. According to her, trashing women and African Americans is fine, but the mentally ill should be respected. Calling me the c-word would be fine with her, but asperbergers? She’d consider that a low blow. But something tells me you don’t even really know what it means, even though I suspect you may have it yourself, so we’ll let it go.

    Also, don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous for you and facehood to insult me and then ask me to entertain you with some laughs. Isn’t that what they asked black folks to do during slavery, endure insults while being entertaining? But that’s over. I don’t have to entertain people who insult me, my gender, or my race. I just don’t. See black women don’t have to obey you. I know that’s upsetting to you, but you’re just going to have to learn to live with it.

    I’m still intrigued by the fact people on this site are so much more upset over a black woman critiquing racism and sexism than they are over white people or men practicing racism and/or sexism. Fascinating, grendel. Truly, it’s fascinating. But it’s still not funny, and neither are you.

  169. [re=149158]grendel[/re]: Yes, if by “golden showers” you mean “Sister Truth is a mindless academic with no sense of humor (who also deserves to be peed on by wild goats).”

    BTW, I’m voting for McCain because of Sister Truth.

  170. Up, 9pm, and it’s Saturday night. Time for me to go hang out with a group of people who are racially diverse and can actually be funny without saying something stupidly racist and can even have a conversation with a woman, even a woman with whom they disagree, without calling her the c-word. I know this all sounds very strange to grendel and facehood, but maybe one day you’ll grow up and make some ADULT friends as well. Even then, you still won’t be funny.

  171. [re=149159]SisterTruth[/re]: Yes, obviously if I think you’re a tiresome cunt I must be racist… It couldn’t be that you’re just a tiresome cunt.

    I’m beyond wanting you to amuse me. Facehead’s here for that. I’d just like you to leave and never darken (see, I’m a secret racist!) the doorstep of Wonkette again. You’ve totally missed the point of the site and the point people are trying to make to you (i.e. YOU’RE NOT FUNNY OR INTERESTING AND YOUR DIATRIBES ARE BORING AND TEDIOUS YOU CUNT).

    That is all.

  172. I’m not familiar with the pleasures of goat play, that sounds like something grendell and facehead may have been enjoying while not on wonkette. You both sound very excited about it. You two have fun playing with your goat. I’m sure you’ll find lots of creative things to do to it

    And facehead, if you’re so racist that you won’t vote for Obama because of something a black woman you’ve never even met has written on the internet, you won’t be hurting me; you’ll be hurting yourself. And you’ll deserve a McCain/Palin administration. Now, I’m going to be late. Bye.

  173. [re=149172]SisterTruth[/re]: The problem here is that you are still taking me seriously, which is why you are a self hating sexist racist elitist America hating marxist goat lover with a vestigial dick on your forhead.

    BTW, because of your last comment I’m voting for Nader.

  174. Before I go: Facehood. My mother is dead. She was a brilliant and kind African American woman. Please do not write disgusting things about her life, her body, her sexuality or anything about her you pathetic little racist misogynistic turd. I don’t care what you say about me, but don’t even let a thought about my darling mother cross you’re underdeveloped excuse for a mind.

    The reference to Jesse Jackson speaks for itself; you’re actually borrowing racist lines from Bill Clinton now. You’re not even original.

    Grendell and Facehood: Together you are proving the accuracy of every single thing that I wrote here tonight, but you’re actually both worse than I believed.

    I actually have to say something. You both have indicated that you are white men, although facehood thought he would play a little minstrel game for a moment

    I think you should stop now because you are making white people in general and white men in particular look bad, and I don’t think it’s fair to other white men.

    I’ve seen conservative web sites, guys. It actually doesn’t get more racist, sexist and disgusting than this. You two win the prize. From now on I’ll just call you Rush and Limbaugh. Good night to you and your goat.

  175. [re=149183]SisterTruth[/re]: Well, thanks for convincing us that you are not funny. YOU ARE TRULY THE LEAST FUNNY BLACK PERSON EVER — CHRIS ROCK COULD SHIT ON YOUR FACE AND YOU STILL WOULDN”T BE WORTH A LAUGH.


    BTW, because of your last comment I’m voting for Ron Paul.

  176. [re=149183]SisterTruth[/re]: I am not a white man. You are a racist against latinos and people with a sense of humor and also a sexist against men (both gay and straight). Bigot!


  177. [re=149183]SisterTruth[/re]: I DIDN”T MEAN TO IMPLY HE TOOK A CRAP INSIDE YOUR MOM WHEN SHE WAS DEAD, that’s gross, how the fuck could you think that you twisted woman??? You must be racist against your own mother.

    I mean he took a crap insider her uterus while she was alive, so that your mother’s zygote mixed with Jackson’s notoriously unfunny poo, to produce you, you humorless abuse loving degenerate goat fucking whore.

    BTW, because of my last comment I’m voting for Obama again.

  178. McCain’s people need to repackage this for the Nutz-Fer-Jesus.

    I’m thinking: Stigmata.

    Afterall, St. Dyslexia’s “B” now seems to have magically appeared. It’s a warning to the faithful from a modern day Joan of Arc.

  179. [re=149193]AnglRdr[/re]: Honestly, I’ll apologize to you if you think I went overboard. That woman completely got my goat (and yeah, she was trying…and I couldn’t stop trying to get my goat back, but it just loved peeing on her so much…). I haven’t gotten all mean and nasty like that since… second grade? Idk, maybe I needed it, and I guess she did too.

  180. [re=149198]War Eagle[/re]: 2000 years from now, Ashley Todd will be the savior for a new brand of religolists…the mark of the beast will be a forward-facing/right-side up B. The alphabet will only be 25 letters then, too.

    [re=149199]facehead[/re]: I understand the need to reclaim one’s goat, and you are forgiven. But still…ew.

  181. [re=149199]facehead[/re]: Goat? Did someone say goat?

    (Almost sorry I left and went to a play. The Bercht thing I saw couldn’t hold a candle to SistahGirl when it comes to absurdist humor.

    And Face, Old Trout: Now you’re apologizing.

  182. [re=149202]Neilist[/re]: Yeah, you definitely missed our three penny soap opera here, not sure if Bertold would be jealous, but Sister Truth is officially on my poo list.

  183. BREAKING NEWS! This JUST in!

    (AP) Louis Farrakhen and Rev. Al Sharpton early today denounced blogger “Sister Truth” as a “racially polarizing, negative influence who makes it harder for Professional Victims and LoonyTunes everywhere.”

  184. [re=149132]facehead[/re]: Just got to this post and woke up:

    “…autistic/aspergers/havedildostuckinear” Made me laugh out loud! A dildo! Stuck in an EAR! How incredibly ODD!!!

    sorry, i[‘m fucked up. Good night you beautiful people you

  185. [re=149071]SisterTruth[/re]: I think you need to take a step back from the post. This post is really devolved, into watching a hoodrat and a group of pimply faced, meth-scented Kenzos (anyone from Philly will know what I’m talking about) arguing in Walmart because somebody touched the same bag of no-frills potato chips at the same time.

    First of all, yes this is Wonkette, and yes is snark, but using racial slurs to get your funny across don’t make you look funny, unless you’re a member of the LNS and drown yourself in Axe or Tag every morning in lieu of a shower. Unlike many great comedians, you’re not going to get paid for it, hell, it won’t even get you a comment of the week.

    SisterTruth, you’ve basically turned yourself into a concern troll because you’re saying the same thing over and over again, it’s one thing to defend yourself, but it’s another to goad people into making them look bad; all parties involved have done that. AnglRdr was correct in saying this flippancy has been around for a while, and usually it just doesn’t get this bad. The bottom line is that no one is going to win this argument, not you, Neilist, facehead. Oh wait, you guys might win a one-sided conversation with the banhammer.

    Regarding people saying the want AngryBlackGuy to put you in your place, like I said before, if he has a problem with the jokes, he would jump on it in half a second. Also, how will you handle IF you’re butthurt that he doesn’t side with you? How will facehead and Neilist feel if he told them everything they said on the board was bullshit? Will they feel “surprised?”

    How about this kids, if you guys are for Obama (or at the very least, not voting for McCain), and if you at the very THINK you’re smart, how about NOT trying to go the bottom of the racial barrel, gotten goat or not. If you can’t do that, maybe refrain from posting and doing something constructive like causing static electricity on your pubes until you can snark like a mature, conscientious human being.

    Juvenile comments or now, I’d like to think this place is better than any right-wing site.

    [re=149211]facehead[/re]: [re=149208]Neilist[/re]: I guess the good news is that you’ve made the slur snark old now; I’ll bet money one of the Wonkette editors will make a post about it in a few days, and it might start with “Oh, hey…”

  186. [re=149063]laura[/re]: Holy crap, you’re right–she’s gone down the memory hole, at least from the main page. Oddly enough, from the “politics” page, searching “Ashley Todd” will still bring up a couple of articles, and it doesn’t look like they’ve actually disappeared any of the stories–no 404 Not Found for the “If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over” blogspew that Wonkette mentioned, for instance.

  187. Okay. I’m up. Feeling better after being with normal and smart people.

    Shaudenfried, why are you arguing for moral equivalence? (Please know what that means because I shouldn’t have to explain it.) There is none. I’m glad you acknowledged that the bottom of the racist barrel had been hit, but you still managed to try to blame me for inviting the attacks. I don’t know any woman who invites somebody to call her the c-word or any black person who invites somebody to insult his/her mother. You’re black. You know how we feel about our mothers.

    Between them Nielist, facehood, and grendell have called me c—t (the c word), ugly, stupid, bitch, fat cow with a big black behind, etc. and invoked the boiling of black people in Mandingo (considered by many to be the most racist film in history, after Birth of a Nation), the disgusting sexual violation of my mother, the assertion that I am (as a black woman) the product of Jesse Jackson’s feces, and the threat that they are going to have animals urinate on me. This was their little “literary” (I use the term loosely) gang rape/lynching, and you’re comparing it to fighting over potato chips? Actually, this didn’t start over potato chips. ?This started over a white girl telling a major racist lie with the goal of derailing a black man’s attempt to secure the presidency. Tht theme of racial attack was what infused all of the comments directed towards me.

    You may disagree with my points, but there was NOTHING I wrote that warranted the relentless ganging up of racist and sexist verbal abuse directed towards me. This is why Winsome, who was one of the only commenters who DID defend me, said that they went after me like “a pack of snarling dogs.” He recognized the ugly/scary and irrational group dynamic behind their viciousness.

    Remember, I didn’t stab their puppies; I just wrote my opinion on a web site and they wrote things that are the equivalent of what you see on explicitly white supremacist sites. In some cases, what they wrote is worse than those sites. I’m responsible for what I wrote, but I’m not responsible for what they wrote. If I were white OR male, and I had run over their dogs, cats, or children with my car they wouldn’t have said things as horrible as they did to me. But I am Black AND female and I said a few things they didn’t like so they decided to trash me in as many disgusting ways as possible because they don’t think there are – or should be – any limits on what they can say to a black woman.

    Neilist, facehead, and grendell are cowards. This all started because I defended AngryBlackMan when he wasn’t in the room/on the site to defend himself. That’s why Nielist and facehead attacked him…because they’re cowards, and he wasn’t there to stop them. So I tried, and it worked. As soon as I challenged them about AngryBlackman, they stopped attacking him because they have just enough fear of and respect for black men that they were afraid to go too far. But like all cowards, they get angry when they’re challenged so they went after a safer target – a black woman – because they knew they could get away with it, that very few people on this site would bother to defend a black woman. And they were right. So I defended myself, and every body attacked me for it.

    Meanwhile, you Schaudenfried and Anglr, who both claim to be black women, are defending the cowards who joked about boiling black people, violating my black mother, and peeing on my black body. Anglr even got pathetically excited when facehood apologized to her about the mother comment and forgave him for what he said about MY MOTHER. Don’t you know that when people do something really ugly to a person of color or a woman that they immediately suck up to somebody similar in race and/or gender to the object of their attack so they can “prove” that it wasn’t racism or sexism? That’s the point of saying “Some of my best friends are black” right after you call black people the n-word or saying “I love women” right after you call women the b-word. You’re not supposed to be the silent black friend or silent woman friend of somebody who has to say that.

    When people direct a sexist attack on a single woman, when people direct a racist attack a single person of color, when people direct a homophobic/heterosexist attack on a single gay person that they are sending a message to or about EVERYBODY in that group. When Nielist and facehood attacked AngryBlackMan when he wasn’t in the room, they were sending a message to or about all Black people. Every time Nielist writes “Sistergirl,” she is invoking a stereotype of ALL black women and mocking ALL black women, not just me. When they attacked me, they were sending a message to ALL black woman, and the message was to side with them or get attacked like me. And you and Anglr fell right into line. Anglr even tried to get a few kicks in to show that she identified with them. If either of you had defended me in any way or had said one word against racism or sexism, they would have gone after you, and you know it. When you both attacked me, you made sure they kept they’re eye on me as a target and didn’t come after you.

    Nielist, facehood, and grendell are frankly just too stupid to understand any of this. It was stunning to suggest that there was racism beneath the surface of their attacks on AngryBlackMan and to then have them reveal it to me on levels that I could never have imagined. They let their racism and sexism that was below the surface out because they know a Black woman is a safe target whom nobody will defend; they’re shallow, stupid, and mean so they went after me. Anglr is so desperate for white approval that she would shoot a black woman in the back just to prove to white people that she was different from other black people. But you, Shaudenfried, seem to have some sense in your head. I do appreciate your attempt to calm the situation, but your argument for moral equivalence was problematic and ignored the power dynamics that informed the interaction.

    Remember, this all began with a post about Ashley B-Girl lying about a large black men who doesn’t in fact exist. That’s no accident. Ashley’s behavior tapped into all of these racial and sexual tensions we’re still struggling with and some people in this room took the topic as license to say anything they wanted about black people. Anything. The real target of Ahsley’s lie was not the imaginary black man she made up but ALL real black men, in general, and Barack Obama in particular. Nielist, facehood, and their little followers weren’t just attacking me last night, Schaudenfried. They don’t know me. I was just a symbol. They were attacking the idea – the audacity – of any black woman who dared to open her mouth about racism and sexism. Their entire goal was to put black women in our place, not just me; all of us. That’s why this was about more than potato chips and moral equivalence. And that’s why I refused to back down.

  188. Oh, and mark my words. If AngryBlackMan does ever comment on any of this, all of the people who attacked me will kiss up to him ike they’ve never kissed up to a black person before. They’ll treat him like HE’s Barack Obama so they can prove how completely non-racist they are. If he’s like the other Black people who commented here; he will trash me and agree with the terrible things people said about me. He’ll pat them on the head and say how crazy I am and how they’re not racists, etc. I really don’t care. The bottom line is I defended him when he wasn’t here. I did the right thing. That’s all that matters to me.

  189. [re=149281]SisterTruth[/re]: Oh, honey. No one kisses up to anyone here. We’re all equals on the interwebs. We enjoy AngryBlakGuy because he’s actually got biting humor to his social commentary (especially re: race). When you start preaching, we tune you out. Basic tenet of Wonkette: Bring the funny, and save the lectures. We’re all adults, whether you agree or not.

  190. [re=149240]Schadenfried[/re]: ‘Fried, Old Bean:

    I appreciate your thoughts to Your Humble Narrator, but I think your initial thought to SistahGyrl — “You need to take a step back . . . ” – is more on point.

    Take a look at this string of posts. It could be a case study in a pathology personality — and I mean SysterTrwooth’s, not anyone else. She CANNOT stop vomiting forth page after page of self-justification, accusations, self-righteousness, etc.

    She’s like a fish that CANNOT restrain herself from rising to the bait. Any bait. Even a nonexistent bait.

    Personally, I find it amusing — and instructive — to goad this kind of demented creature into revealing just how unbalanced they are. As stated, I went to a Bertold Brecht thing last in. It could not compare to this Absurdist masterpiece, for which we call get create.

    Even SistduhGoil, in her own tiny way.

    One could accuse the “goader” of cruelity, insensitivity, meanness. But all Great Art demands some from of sacrifice. I, for one, am willing to sacrifice her dignity (in part because she doesn’t have any in the first instance).

    In closing: God help any community – African-Americans included — that needs someone like SyphillisTrunk to “defend” them. Whatever the issue, she’d make it worse.

    [Okay, I’m done. One doesn’t want to ruin a masterpiece by overwriting or overpainting.]

  191. **WARNING: This post is of a non-snark nature. Please accept apologies. This is my last attempt at reason**

    [re=149281]SisterTruth[/re]: This all started, as far as I can tell from the comment thread, because one of our more senior commenters made a sarcastic remark specifically directed toward AngryBlakGuy who is probably one of the most revered individuals here and one of the most prolific purveyors of snark himself.

    The remark was: Sorry, but I still suspect AngryBlakGuy.

    You know how “that ones” are around White Womyns.

    This is, for any of us who are use to the comments here, CLEARLY an example of how we mock the sort of people who would sincerely make those kinds of statements by showing how batshit crazy they are. This has never, to my knowledge offended anyone to this degree. I can’t speak for AngryBlakGuy, but judging by the history of his relationship to this site, he has never taken these remarks at face value nor has he complained of a personal attack on himself. If I am mistaken, HE can let me know (and we can work out some sort of punishment involving spanking.)

    So, when you jump on a comment like that, it makes you seem overly defensive with a victim mentality to begin with. This gave you the perfect opportunity to try to exert your perceived intellectual superiority (I’m an Ivy League PhD holder) by spewing your, albeit, well written diatribes on to the rest of us as well. A woman as educated as yourself should have recognized that the minute you refused to accept that this was nothing personal against you, AngryBlakGuy or anyone else of color here and that it is actually a biting commentary of the insanity of racist reasoning, you invited a whole “fire storm” of snark upon yourself. At that point, the very racist comments were lobbed only to annoy you as someone refusing to see the whole reality of the situation. The logical fallacy of context dropping. I can’t accept that you actually believe that these comments were heartfelt or sincere. We are assholes, true. But we are equal opportunity assholes.

    Does racism still exist? Of course. Do you have to deal with genuine racist assholes on a daily basis? Probably, but i can only imagine seeing as how i’m just a dumb white cunt. But the bottom line is that Wonkette is not the place to take anything seriously and certainly not the place to produce a ten part manifesto on the hardships you may face as a black woman. I’m sorry this has apparently caused such hurt for you, though i can’t help but notice the zeal in which you eagerly belabor this incident.

    Please lighten up. And please don’t call me a racist. I am an objectivist in nature and tend to call things out based on facts, reason, and logic. You are obviously only interested in your emotions in this case. And as you said, “I did the right thing. That’s all that matters to me.” Great. So you’ve rationalized this in your own mind and you are bent on upholding that rationalization. That’s “all that matters” to you. So can you let it go now? Please?

    **sorry everyone**

  192. [re=149307]Neilist[/re]: Can you and I be serious for a second?

    First off, stop making fun of her name, we get it, the joke is older than John McCain’s mother right now. Is that all you have to fall back on? Really, man, really? And “African Americans included” in God helping us? Re-read that for me and give a consise argument as to how that isn’t condescending. Be thankful that don’t belong to a group of people who are looked upon as if the whole community is representative by a few persons actions, because if that were the case, next to Paris Hilton, you’re not making the White race look good right now. Do your people and Just. Stop. Talking.

    Second, in her defense, SisterTruth isn’t crazy or deranged. She’s something you, as a non “Person of Color” (your description, not mine) really can’t empathize with until you’ve lived in that community.

    [re=149277]SisterTruth[/re]: I know this is a waste of time, because all you’re going to do is say the same thing over again, but this can’t go away without a response.

    Number one, saying that I’m claiming to be black, that’s a cop-out, and I’m not going waste time proving to you that I am, but if you want to believe that to feel better about yourself, fine. But keep in mind, that I’ve been on the internet for a very long time, and I’ve seen various racially driven arguments on message boards, and there are some when a white person pretends to be black, just to start trouble, maybe choosing a screen name, with emphasis on blackness so to speak, do you see where I’m going with this?

    Number two, not only should you be speaking of all of us, period let alone on this board, but who the fuck are you do decide whether or not who’s black or not….ANYWHERE? You need more people for that shit. I didn’t pass your smell test because I wasn’t working me cyberneck back and forth enough to your liking? Should I just call you everything but a child of God and they tell you to “have a blessed day” right after it? You were probably one of those people who didn’t like Obama in the beginning because he wasn’t “black enough” for you, so you’re deigning to vote for him because his “mixed” ass who sounds like white boy is probably better than voting for McCain.

    If you want to talk about “place” it’s not your “place” to pull the ethnic rank on me just because I don’t wear my color on my sleeve because it’s already on my body. And please don’t come back with some bullshit about you were just expressing your opinion because you and and I both know it’s a lie. You can’t go around trying to fight for any kind of racial equality when you can’t even show equality to people within your race who don’t happen think, look, act, or dress like you. Just like other women never had the right to pull gender rank on anyone just because they didn’t support Hillary Clinton. I know what and who the fuck I am, and I don’t need a screenname to remind myself.

  193. [re=149314]Deepthroat[/re]: Deep, Dear Heart: Two parts of that made No Sense Whatsoever:

    (1) “but i can only imagine seeing as how i’m just a dumb white cunt.” That strikes me as about as accurate as describing me as “charming,” or “sensitive and caring” . . . or

    (2) describing me as “more senior commentators,” if the adjective in any way implies respect, as opposed to senile dementia, etc.

    Personally, I find trying to reason with nutcases (e.g., SisterTruth) is a waste of time and opportunity. Vonnegut’s “Mother Night” contains a passage the compares the minds of people like SisterTruth to “a Cuckoo-Cuckoo clock in Hell.” Some of the clock’s gear teeth are missing, such that it will keep perfect time for awhile, but then arbitrariy jump backwards or forwards in a completely unpredictable (and irrational) manner.

    The missing teeth are the fundamental facts — or even moral truths — that everyone else takes for granted.

    In my vieww, rather than trying to reason with the Cuckoo-Cuckoo Clock mentality, one is better served by hitting them with a hammer, driving over them with your car, or simply shooting them.

    But that’s just my opinion, and not something I would insist that someone of your obvious intellectual and emotional depth to accept.

    Speaking of guns: I’m off to the range. Got to practice with my new Glock 27 to get ready for the upcoming Race War.

    But I’ll leave everyone guessing as to which side I’ll be fighting for . . . although, in the hopes of finally driving SisterTruth completely ga-ga:

    /h /h

  194. [re=149347]Deepthroat[/re]: Hey, I’m not angry or black, but I am a guy, and I was just wondering, how deep is your throat? I mean, I was just thinking, we can take a break from all this political stuff and maybe we—

    oh shit here comes the wife oh shit o my god—

    ow! ow! honey, I—! ow! Honey! Ow! I was just—

    Ow! Ow!

  195. Ugh. I love wonkette, but I’m tired and have work to do.

    1. Schaudenfried. I was not questioning your blackness. I just said that you, “claim to be black” because we’re on the internet and there is no way of knowing. I wasn’t questioning the authenticity of your blackness. Do you really think I was able to graduate from an ivy league school and get my Ph.D. while I was rolling my neck around? I don’t think so. Those are YOUR stereotypes about black women, not mine. I’ve never been a “typical” black person, and I don’t even believe in the concept, which I think is limiting and hurtful to all of us. I constantly challenged people who said Obama wasn’t Black enough .I genuinely believe in the diversity and complexity of African Americans. Do you? If so, why are trying to silence me for not agreeing with you? I wasn’t judging your blackness. I never, ever said I was speaking for all black people. I was speaking for myself, which includes speaking against racism and sexism. I never claimed to be speaking for you. Not once. However, you proved my point by spending more time attacking me, when I wasn’t even generalizing about black people or attempting to speak for all black people, than you spent questioning the racism of the white people on the site. Nielist has been trashing black people –all of us, not just me — and you’re more angry at me for “speaking for you” than you are at her for speaking against you and all Black people? It’s okay for white people to say outrageously racist things, but if a black woman says something you don’t like, she’s gotta be trashed while a nutcase like Nielist gets a slap on the wrist? Schaudenfried, you’re smart. You know the implications of this. I don’t have to say anything else.

    2. Nielist thinks that any Black person who contests racism and sexism must be mentally ill. She believes that a mentally stable Black person would let a racist wackjob like her insult us without saying a word, except for perhaps, “Thanks, massah!” Nielist is mentally imbalanced and hasn’t made sense this whole time. Her accusation that I’m crazy is pure psychological projection. Unfortunately, she probably doesn’t know what projection means. (She also doesn’t understand any of the other psychological terms she tried to use against me because she doesn’t apply them properly.) I’m perfectly sane AND educated. Nielist might try achieving that combination sometime. All she does is spew out racist, sexism as fast as she can. She can barely write a complete, logical sentence. Do you really think that somebody who takes this much pleasure in race-baiting is “just joking”? I mean, most normal and sane white people I know, and I know a lot, couldn’t even come up with this stuff if they tried. Nielist works at her racist sexism, and she’s gotten good at it. Shaudenfried has actually gently called her on it, and she won’t stop. Do you really think Nielist could work up this much contempt and viciousness for a white person or for a man? As I said multiple times, racial humor is funny. This woman is not funny. She has pathological contempt for Black women, which she directed at me but feels for all of us. Period. Can you imagine how unbelievably nasty she is to Black women in real life? She’s one of those white people who calls people the n-word and then says, “Just kidding.” Nielist, you think all Black people are stupid, but we’re not. Do us a favor and stay away from Black people. You don’t like us. You’re not mentally stable enough to control your racism. Just stay with the white people where you belong. She is to insane and stupid to be bothered with.

    3. Deepthroat. I understand this web site. I like it. I usually just read the funny posts, occasionally comment on things that have nothing to do with race, and go about my business. But I’ve noticed that when it comes to race, this web site periodically breaks down. Some commenters, like the nutcase Nielist, think the topic of race means they have the license to trash people of color without restraint, invoking every stereotype in the book in ways that are not snarky or funny to anybody but other racists. As I said, they are not smart or subtle enough to know the difference between racial humor and racist humor. They think that only the people of color they’re friends with are in here to notice. They’re wrong. This is a public site. If you want to trash Black people with impunity and without anybody having a problem with it, invite some over and call them names and lynch them in the privacy of your own home. I understand that those people who trashed me don’t like me, but they didn’t just attack ME, they attacked all Black women and they attacked me AS a black women for being a Black woman. They don’t do that to white and male commenters that they don’t like. They attacked me BASED on race and gender when they didn’t like me personally, and they did it in a humorless mean-spirited fashion. As a result, their target was Shaudenfried and Anglrdr and any other Black woman, not just me. That’s not snark. That’s not mockery. That’s not funny. That’s just racism and sexism. You may not know the difference. I do.

    4. Finally, on silencing. I challenged people here, but I never told anybody to stop writing or to be quiet. I never tried to silence anybody because I genuinely believe in free speech, especially online. I think it’s interesting that Shaudenfried is the only person who actually told one of the people spewing racism and sexism (Nielist) to stop, to shut up, to be quiet. Yet everybody and their mother felt perfectly within their rights to tell an outspoken Black woman to shut up. Basically an outspoken, educated Black woman who says some things you don’t like is more offensive to the people on this site than some of the ugliest, and least funny, racism and sexism I’ve seen on the internet. Think about how easy it is for so many of you to talk about silencing a Black woman, and how few of you even questioned the appropriateness of the ugly racism and sexism of people like Nielist, facehood, and grendell. Some of you must have known that it wasn’t funny anymore, that they’d gone too far, that it had just turned ugly, but you didn’t tell them to stop because you think that racism and sexism deserve free expression, but Black woman should be silenced if you don’t like what we say. That’s what you all said. You had a clear choice. Defend their racism and sexism or defend the Black woman who challenged it. And you chose to defend the racism and sexism over and over and over again. And you think I’m crazy? Forget about me, folks. Take a look in the miror.

    5. Let’s hope that the rest of the country is not as racially retarded as some of the people on this site. If so, we’ll need a lot more than Obama to make things right.

    Okay, it’s Sunday, and it’s beautiful. You people have at it. I’m leaving the racist hellhole of this post and enjoying the day with – Gasp! – some white people who don’t think it’s acceptable and funny to relentlessly racially and sexually insult Black women. Yes, they really do exist!!!!! Thank God!

    This site has a race problem. It does. I named it. It doesn’t mean I hate white people; it doe

  196. it does mean that I expect more from everybody of all races on a site that is supposed to be smarter than anything I saw in the comments on this post.

  197. Oh. I forgot the race-baiting. Yes, I understood that the racist comments were just meant to bait me.
    1. What a great excuse for racism! Racist whites on this site get to say all sorts of racist things. Then they get to say that they’re not REALLY racist, they’re just being snarky or that they were just baiting the stupid black people with some fake racism because black people are so stupid. Sure, that’s not racist at all. At least avowed white supremacists take responsibility for their racism.

    2. Also, what kind of outrageously unfair choice are you giving people of color on this site. Racist posters get to spew racism while hiding behind the claim that they’re just being snarky and baiting the people of color. The people of color on the site can either:
    a. Play along. We are supposed to let people spew racism in our faces, but we are supposed say nothing or, even better, participate in degrading our own racial/ethnic group so that we can prove that we haven’t been “baited.” This way we also get to prove that we are part of the “culture” of the site, that we are superior to other people of color who might get offended, and we are not so subtly informed that if we do not play along that we will become a racist target. (Again, AngryBlakguy was the original target. I didn’t play along so I became the new target.)
    b. Challenge the racism and/or sexism and/or homophobia and/or whatever and be told that we are humorless idiots who deserve to have animals urinate on on (to use of the many examples of what people on this site said they would do to me.)
    I chose B. Yes, I know the way people on this site play the racism game. I knew that I would be accused of “biting the bait” of not having a sense of humor because I didn’t think lynching jokes were funny, etc. Sorry. I’m an academic, I know a little too much history to laugh at some of this. I made my choice, and I dealt with it.

    The larger issue for wonkette is that people of color are being forced to accept two bad choices when race comes up on this site. We are shown that we have to tolerate being attacked either way. We either tolerate the initial racist attack and sit quietly while other posters demean us and our communities OR we challenge the initial racist attack and become targets for additional, more vicious attacks. The white posters don’t have to make this kind of choice. In fact, they are free to attack people of color without restraint regardless of how we respond and then, when necessary, hide behind the idea that they were “just baiting” us. For the most part people of color just let themselves get racially trashed. If they don’t, like I didn’t, they get trashed even more. Does this seem fair?

    Again, wonkette has a problem with the racial politics of its online culture. That’s what this entire conflict was all about. I hope somebody deals with it.

  198. [re=149424]SisterTruth[/re]: OMFG! Brevity is the soul of wit, Trig!

    Oh Mighty Banhammer, please smite the unsnarky amongst us! I beseech you!

  199. 1. Schaudenfried. I was not questioning your blackness. I just said that you, “claim to be black” because we’re on the internet and there is no way of knowing. I wasn’t questioning the authenticity of your blackness. Do you really think I was able to graduate from an ivy league school and get my Ph.D. while I was rolling my neck around? I don’t think so. Those are YOUR stereotypes about black women, not mine. I’ve never been a “typical” black person, and I don’t even believe in the concept, which I think is limiting and hurtful to all of us.

    I’ve learned over the years that no matter how much education anyone has, it’s not indicative of someone’s intelligence. And you know what, yes, even the slightest implication of anyone pulling ethnicity rank on another person of color does piss me off, and don’t give me stereotype nonsense because any black person on this board knows that the personas I mentioned exist. The only reason you said it was because you felt that neither I nor Angl were backing you up. One minute you say that you’re not speaking for any people of color in the board, but then you turn around and say that if anyone not black insults you, they insult all black women . . . maybe it’s just my weird logic, but sounds like another form for speaking for someone else.

    I defended you to Neilist, who insults were just benighted and Freeper-esque (looks as if you selectively ignored that) in terms of flaming you. The bottom line is this, Neilist insults were in the worst taste, but you put yourself in a position which made you hard to defend.

    I constantly challenged people who said Obama wasn’t Black enough .I genuinely believe in the diversity and complexity of African Americans. Do you? If so, why are trying to silence me for not agreeing with you?

    So, let me get this straight, in your PhD-educated mind, you think that someone who thinks you should just take a step back, and try to be above all this mess is “silencing” you because we’re not in agreement? Really…really? That speaks alot about your character. Making accusations of some kind of “ism” who doesn’t agree with you, and then thinking someone is trying to squash your right to free speech when you don’t agree with them. Wow. I wasn’t trying to “silence” you, but I will say in advance if you’re just going to repeat what you say over again if you respond, don’t bother, I can scroll back up, thank you.
    What I felt you should have done is just back up for a minute and let these fools implode on their own, they always do, then you try to rise above all this nonsense and hit them back. You may have a PhD, but you are seriously LD in terms of sarcasm.

    Yes, there are some race problems on this board, but I’m going to say the same thing I said on Jezebel once on a Hillary Clinton thread, the “isms” (racsim, sexism, etc) are a given, so no one should be surprised by that, the measure of who you are is how you handle yourself against it so that the other person looks like the fool that he or she is.

  200. [re=149343]Schadenfried[/re]: where exactly does the origin of the exclamation marks and ones (!!!!!11!!!) come from? Is that something Kanye started with his ALL CAPS BLOG RANTS, or is there some deeper mythology to it? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

  201. [re=149876]Deepthroat[/re]: I invented it. As part of my White Male Eurocentric Conspiracy to oppress minorities, women, womyn, and anyone holding enlightened world views (e.g., From each according to his ability; to each according to his need).

    And by repeating the use of the masculine pronoun, as per the original, I have only deeped my guilt for the perpetuation of the male patriarchal violence that underlies all of Western “culture.”

    I feel so . . . unclean.

    (Am I English? Good lord. What prompted that question? Just because I’m force to
    “take up the White Man’s burden”?)

    [Anticipating another Tourette’s Syndrome wave of Black Womyn’s Studies rhetoric in response to that last . . . .]

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