No way!
Is this even possible, the lameness of this? Here we have a screenshot of this gal’s Twitter feed, on a college Republicans’ site called “Life In The Field,” presumably about GOP volunteer kids. All 50 of them! Oh and then one of her Twitter buddies says, “i hope @atodd gets caught in her lie.”

Ha ha
Good lord.

But other than that, nobody on “Life In The Field” is talking about this Explosive Story! What is up, with that?

Anyway, from the rest of alleged victim Ashley Todd’s Twitter page, we learn she got a speeding ticket, and oh boy she is sure sore about those ACORN people trying to register minorities to vote, and then she is just cold twitterin’ while driving around, lost, on the “wrong side of Pittsburgh” (where blacks are), and of course she doesn’t use her phone to call Bank of America and ask where there’s a branch, because why do that? And then oh noes she gets mugged out of view of the bank security cameras, and one of Barack Obama’s brothers jumps out of the bushes and, uh, sort of gently indents a backwards “B” on the side of her face, the way you might do such a thing to yourself, using a mirror, if you were a tragic loser trying to get attention — you know, like that black Tawana Bradley!!!

Is any of this real? Because it smells like the dumbest stunt in two years of incredibly dumb stunts.

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun got screenshots of her main Twitter page before she locked access. Extra intrigue: She first claims she talked her way out of the traffic ticket, then later claims she is seeing a judge (the next day?) because she got a ticket. Maybe two tickets? Who knows, man, who knows.

EARLIER: GOP Gal Claims Savage Negro Mugged Her … For Obama!

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  1. No love for my investigative reporting? :)

    Aw, I’ll just go chew on a dick with Katie Churchey. Me and Katie, we love to chew on that dick.

  2. Plus her black eye looks like it was done by the make-up artist for “The Little Rascals”. I’m surprised she didn’t Photoshop in little tweey-birds circling her head.

    Oh, and Katie Churchey IS a total bitch.

  3. Ya’ll are just giving her shit cause she’s probably exploiting racial divides to gain attention while also helping rally paranoid latent racists to the side of her candidate of choice.

  4. this is INCREDIBLE. Out of a Richard Wright novel or something. This is some of the greatest political theater of the election season already.

  5. [re=145671]ElectricZen[/re]: Oh, there is love for all of you & your investigative reporting. I’ve just been doing the same stuff! The Smoking Gun is at it too! It’s like … a mugging. :(

  6. The ticket she talked her way out of seems to be a U-turn ticket, while the judge ticket seems to be a speeding ticket. Seems she’s a crappy driver as well as a horrible race-riot-catalyst.

  7. a backwards you would do if looking in a mirror..
    as for the black eye..her eyeball would be totally bloodshot if she were punched there..
    I call Bullshit.

  8. I wish her twitter dialogue was a little more hard boiled. Can’t really get the mood of the scene with lines like, “This traffic in Pittsburg needs to go away!!!!”

  9. For God’s sake, even Malkin doesn’t believe this bullshit… “Notice how the “B” is backwards on the right cheek��if you were looking in a mirror and put it on your own face�it would appear backwards and would probably be on your own right cheek (due to most folks are right handed)��she put it on her own face but forgot it would show up backwards.”

    Indee, Michelle.

  10. Hey, her Twitter page has pics!


    Yay! Child labor for McCain!:

    Portrait of a fraud in motion. Wow. Somewhere Morton Downey is thanking his lucky starbursts that he did his little self-abuse before the Internets happened. And dreading the hailstorm of reporters saying, “Hey, this is so Morton Downey,” and calling him up for comments.

  11. It’s kinda like…George, George, George of the White House, dumb as I can be, AAAAHHHHHHEEEEEAAAHHHH, LOOK UP MY ASS AMERICA, MY PLAYGROUND IS SU PLAYGROUND, COMO ESTA WITH A BIG MUY…. and I like my hat on while I am defiled..or not.

  12. [re=145699]El Bombastico[/re]: Well, you can’t type thoughtful, perfectly spelled Twitter tweets like that while driving and not make a few little mistakes.

  13. Steve Schmidt should be worried about his job. Horrible, poorly thought out racial fear mongering tactics? This chick is top-tier McCain campaign inner-circle material.

  14. Her latest:

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers- I’m phonebanking so let’s all work together and get John McCain elected

    There’s also a photo of some guy with Meghan McCain on that site. Meghan is so obviously pregnant, it’s kind of hilarious.

  15. No knife made that backwards B. Someone who wanted to cut her could have really butchered her.

    Seriously, what the fuck is the matter with Grampys supporters?

  16. I just read Michele Malkin’s blog for the first time in my life, and agreed with her… THIS CANNOT BE… I must drink at a feverous pace immediately.

  17. Uh oh, this will cost votes in western PA:

    [talking about her phone banking]
    “I called during commercials and pretended I loved the Steelers.”

  18. Her Twitter page is locked? Not for me, for some possibly Mac/Safari-based reason. Anybody need the thing? And her blogs? Got ’em. Replenish my absinthe supply that they’re yours.

  19. I wonder if it’s my refusal to get involved in Twitter that makes this all so puzzling to me.

    BTW, Rachel Maddow, my gay lesbian girlfriend, is on NPR today and I love her.

  20. I just can’t believe Fox is running with this bogus story, that will obviously doom McCain and any credibility they ever thought they had.

  21. [re=145689]magic titty[/re]:
    Won’t Faux ever learn? Susan Smith blamed the Dark Folks till they found out she was the krazee and fucked her Repub step daddy.

  22. [re=145669]NewSpence[/re]: to make a totally lame typographic joke ( is there any other kind of typographic joke )….

    The B wasn’t Helvetica, it was Akzidenz Grotesk. ha Ha ha.

  23. This is the best schadenfreude ever: Crazy nut, desperate to help WALNUTS! torpedoes what little chance his campaign had left. Huzzah, you’ve really saved a nation you stupid bitch.

  24. Even better, Drudge (in an attempt to smear Barry) shot this ridiculous story into the National spotlight in the first place. Way to go Republicans, you’re really committed to losing this thing.

  25. [re=145742]ElectricZen[/re]: Love it.

    Oh Drudgey, you know you want to love Barry and his strapping manhood, but you need to rattle those noise toys that gets the rabid right in a lather and gets your page views up.

  26. [re=145708]CthuNHu[/re]: That photostream is awesome… I like this picture of some guy and Ms McCain. Tip for the guy – it’s Meghan. It’s on the front of her book, dagnamit! Also, don’t refer to your volunteers as “vols”, it sounds too medical to me.

  27. [re=145668]regisgoat[/re]: ABSOLUTELY TRUE. That’s even fisher than the backwards ‘B’

    My theory, women lack spatial reasoning and that’s why she couldn’t carve a backwards ‘B’ forwards on her face.

  28. [re=145744]Mara47[/re]: I fucking hate you. There is a mirror behind her in that video. The fat rolls hanging out of the back of her pants are, um, obvious.

  29. D.L. Hughley! gets the scoop that Scotty McClellan is voting for Obama.

    Will all the gay Republicans just come out admit your love for Hopey?

  30. Oh Ashley, Ashley, Ashley…I think we have the carving weapon.

    I won’t post your Twitter pages here. It’s all too sad. The idea of you perfectly typing all those tweets while driving around an unfamiliar part of the wrong side of town looking for an ATM, and then to be all scratched up like that just out of camera range, too.

    Golly. Jeepers.

    Oh, but I was talking to my Wonkette friends. [Change POV.]

    Here is the alleged victim talking about the scratchy edges of plastic rulers, and how useful they can be to the campaign. Enjoy!

  31. Sorry for posting doubly about that YouTube vid, but, well, God.

    And the MySpace epithet? Thanks, Voyou Charmant.

    Liar liar…scratchy razory ruler on fire…

  32. [re=145777]Deepthroat[/re]: I’m sensing a pattern. She may have a habit of sharing stories about how she gets victimized by black dudes.

  33. Draft young republicans… one of my favorite leftist slogans. Doesn’t sound as cool as “England prevails,” but it’ll do.

    On a non-snarky note, I erected my Obama sign today. That’s right, erected it. By the mailbox. Erected it by the box, but not in the box or under it, like Levi should have done with yup junior. Yeah.

    Have an ongoing bet with my wife. I said it would be jacked/fucked over in six hours. So far it’s still standing, though I take it down at dusk to fool the hoopleheads into thinking someone else yanked it before they could get to it.

    I live in asschrist NC so I expect some KKK activity and a few semi-literate anonymous threats, along with a steady steam of Joe sixpack’s empty bottles in my yard for an ongoing basis. I’m liveblogging the whole deal.

    If shit goes down, Wonkette will get an exclusive.

  34. What a tragic, sad ridiculous thing to do. I”m sure she didn’t actually hurt herself, but look at the news play she got for even half a day. I suspect there’s going to be four more years of this junk as FOX continues to claim that Obama is some sort of illegitimately elected Prez (thanks to ACORN and all) and various white women claim they are assaulted in the “bad parts of town.” Brace yourselves.

  35. The quote from the police spokescop in the other thread is telling. Cops usually don’t say stuff like that about things they think are legit.

  36. [re=145799]bond[/re]: A black guy just walked by my window. He had his hat on backwards and was wearing a fannypack. I carved a gigantic Louis Vuitton symbol onto my cheek. BRB, I need to go to the hospital for a lumpectomy.

  37. OK, I’ve flipped on this one. Just a dumb girl seeking attention or maybe inventing an alibi to divert her parents’ attention from some other outrageous misbehavior. Take away the car keys and cell phone and make her clean out the garage or sumpin’.

  38. Are we starting to see how obsessed this chick is with her damn posters? I think the motive and at least some of the weaponry is revealing itself before our very eyes. Is Fox watching? (The Faux News one, I mean, not Mulder.)

  39. I’m going to have to come to the poor girl’s defense here – the more evidence I see, the less likely it seems that she could possibly be faking this mugging, I don’t she has the intelligence.
    Let’s use Occam’s Razor and view the evidence:
    1) She twitters about crap literally all the time, especially when driving around (see driving tickets).
    2) She thinks those posters she makes are “pretty”. They are literally sub-3rd Grade standard.
    3) She thinks that people want to see her lame video blogs on YouTube.

    It is not outside the realms of possibility that she was in fact mugged and also that the “B” was done at the time. Perhaps it was perpetrated by one of her YouTube viewers.

    In conclusion, Mugged Girl / Palin 2012!

  40. [re=145811]stew[/re]: All she wanted was a little viral internet action, now she may have to go to jail for filing a false police report.

  41. I think she’s just upset that Hasselbeck gets to go on the trial with Palin after the deposition’s done. This girl got on the news first. So there!

  42. That “R” in Registered looks a whole lot like what her backwards “B” on her face looks like.

    I’m wondering how someone kicking and screaming against a giant assailant would get such a nice clean cut line on her face like that. (Other than if she were, oh, I dunno, TRACING IT ONTO HER OWN FACE WHILE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR).

  43. @cmg: Yeah, exactly. The most scared I ever was in Bloomfield was the night the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, and that was because of the celebrating Penguins fans.

  44. That B was carved into her? Jesus. She must be on some serious restorative shit for her skin to pink over that fast. Maybe she had some of that clay healing liquid in the Angelina Jolie assassin movie that came out earlier this year.

    Could any medically trained person/biology student/mary kay rep chime in her and talk about that “B” skin carving and how the hell the skin could look like that so shortly after the “incident?”

  45. [re=145838]secretagentgirl[/re]: Look at the D on drive too, how the top and bottom of the letter don’t extend past the spine. The B is the same way. If you are writing quickly the bottom of the letter will usually not meet the spine of the letter so perfectly, there will be some overlap. Okay, we are all officially ready for CSI Election.

  46. I live literally around the corner from the ATM in question. Bloomfield is not a “bad part of Pittsburgh” by any stretch, although I’d guess a GOP staffer from Texas might consider my neighborhood “bad,” in that black people live here.

    This is a vibrant neighborhood, with restaurants on either side of the ATM, and a bar across the street. There is no way a woman could be assaulted on the sidewalk like she claims without someone intervening. None.

    And there are no Bank of America ATMs in Pittsburgh. If she’s been here a while like it seems, she’d know that by now.

  47. ha ha – her twitter says after she used her pocket constitution to tell a cop a UTURN was her god-given right, then she went and drank a million lattes at starbucks, like a SOCIALIST ELITIST MMMHMM HENGGHHH

  48. OK, so I’m from Pittsburgh, and that stretch of road is really busy and at 9 PM there would be many people milling about, eating out at restaurants, etc. There are many many worse places to be. I mean, my Italian grandmother may be wicked with a wooden spoon, but this girl is crazy. Go back to Texas.

  49. [re=145850]smellyal8r[/re]: Ha! That area isn’t nearly as rough as it used to be. At night, I guess it’s bad enough for one to carve a J on one’s face with your keycard, or something.

    11 blocks up from the Westin (at 21st and Smallman) is some amazing coffee…but they close at 4pm. I think I might carve a C on my face (with, oh, a biscotti) for some of their coffees.

  50. You know the funniest part of her self perpetuated cutting?

    Chick is gonna have a backwards B for Barack scar on her face for LIFE, baby. That’s the scarlet “I was the hoaxster” letter that might make her unemployable forever. Unless she maybe wants to move to Alaska. I hear the Governor up there is all about rewarding her friends and punishing her enemies.

  51. [re=145863]biggyv[/re]: Yup, I agree. This former ‘Burgher says Bloomfield != bad part of town. East Liberty or the Hill District I could see, but not Bloomfield.

    The comments on the TMZ page are teh best:

    “8 states are now filing lawsuits to see Obama’s birth certificate. What is he hiding?! The people will not tolerate a thugocracy!”

    Yes! I’m going to run the highest-profile Presidential campaign in history but I’m NOT going to let anyone, even my lawyers, see my birth certificate, because I want to make people guess and cause a constitutional crisis after I’m elected because I was really born in, uh, Kenya or something like that!

    Excellent. The wingnuts are finally falling apart.

  52. [re=145813]StrangelyBrown[/re]: Ha! Srsly. I felt out of touch when I read that. But again. I’m old enough to refuse to tweet on the grounds that it is for the whippersnappers.

  53. [re=145885]President Beeblebrox[/re]: East Lib isn’t even that bad anymore, now that Shadyside is bleeding over into it. But I get your basic point.

    There’s no way an assault like that would take place on Liberty Ave. at 9:00.

  54. [re=145812]blinky_twinkie[/re]: Naw, the bitch was branded, which of course means that she ain’t no MAVERICK like her hero, WALNUTS!

    B is for Branded, that’s good enough for me…

  55. [re=145900]Murph[/re]: Yup. I live around the corner. No way this would have happened at 9:00 unnoticed.

    It’s an old-school Italian neighborhood, where word travels fast. I was at the Italian grocer two doors down from the bank, and everyone was calling bullshit. If it had happened like she claimed, someone would have seen it and word would have gotten around.

  56. [re=145891]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: We should start dropping it into our Wonkette comments. Wouldn’t that be baller?

    Also too though, does anyone else think maybe she really was robbed and hit, but then she decided to up the ante and carve herself in her car’s rearview while waiting for the cops to arrive? Making yourself out to be a national political celebrity can be a good way to overcome the indignity of getting robbed.

  57. Maybe it’s hard for a Texas girl to distinguish Italians from blacks (anyone not blonde is “black”), and any neighborhood without churches that have marquee signs is “bad.” The alleged attack was on her head, so it’s certain that no important organs were damaged. I suggest 90 days of community service, following Michele Bachmann around with a shovel and bucket, Ringling Bros. style.

  58. [re=145929]OffTheRecord[/re]: That’s it — one of her friends said “bitch say ‘baller’ one more goddamn time and I’ll carve it into your face!” And the rest is history.

  59. You guys are not understanding: when the Black rapist (I know, it’s redundant) orally sodomized her, he aggressively imprinted his Black Man Snake ‘mark’ through her cheek. Hence the reverse B.

  60. Is anyone getting some major deja vu from this story? I swear to god, something like this happened back in the Spring or so; some high schooler claimed they were attacked by pro-Obama students, but they found video evidence that they did it to themselves?

  61. Gotta chime in with the other Bloomfieldians — I was in a bar about 2 blocks away when said incident occurred. It is literally impossible that no one would have noticed this. HOWEVER there is an Obama campaign office almost right across the street, which surely indicated to her that she was in a sufficiently Bad Neighborhood.

  62. Everybody’s forgetting the most salient point. It’s Hallo-freakin’-ween. There are makeup kits in every Wal-Green. ATodd won’t go to the hospital to have her “wounds” checked out. Hengghhh? HENGGHH?

  63. I hate to dis another chick, but, a backwards “B”? please. This guy would be in a hurry to get away, don’t ya think? Can’t believe this story is true. Many holes in her story. Believe me, I’ve unfortunately seen my share of mugged folks (male & female) and when you get beat up, you sure as hell look a ton worse than miss cutie pie w/ a small black eye & questionable B….on cheek— no way a knife did that. Hell, I’ve banged into a dorm door drunk and looked worse (minus the backwards B of course). Color me cynical.

  64. I was attacked by an armed man who actually cut me. I still have scars. The average woman screams her F-ing head off when someone is cutting her. Why did no one hear her? I also rather doubt the average knife-wielding assailant has the precision and self-control to gently and apparently coolly scratch a letter into a person’s face. Not to mention that the average woman squirms and flails about when cut. At least I know I do.

  65. She should just keep using the ‘knife’ that carved that B into her face for the sole purpose it was intended.
    Carving large slices of chocolate cake to stuff her fat ugly face.

  66. I was looking at all the other entries with hers for that group “Life in the Field,” and one of the other people had a quote that the Republican party is for “free men and not for conformists.” I can only ask, what the fuck happened to THAT Republican party, because maybe I’d be interested in that one rather than the pale losers club that exists today.

  67. Here is where she says it happened. I know that neighborhood and there would be a lot of people out and about–driving and walking–at 9PM. Also, that ain’t not Bank of America. I guess she gave up after that hour of twitter-driving.

    View Larger Map

  68. On your journey to the scene of the crime you may notice that that is a full-fledged bank (not just an ATM) which would have a number of cameras around it. Turn the corner from Liberty to Pearl and there will be yet more cameras (see the white thingy hanging off the side of the building?). There is no place other than in the wide-open that the crime could have occurred. Enough time for a quick mugging, perhaps, but for the bizarre ritual Todd described? Again, it’s a busy street even at night.

    On her choice of Liberty Avenue: Todd may have heard tale of Liberty Ave’s legendary status as a seedy place…but the reality of the legend has all but faded and this is not the stretch of Liberty that got it its reputation to begin with. That part is miles away in the downtown Pittsburgh area.

  69. Disgusting. I’m tracking this stuff over at

    Besides the PERFECT ‘B’ (is that Helvetica?) in her cheek…

    – The mugger followed her to her car instead of fleeing the scene
    – The mugger wore only an undershirt in Pittsburgh (it was 43 degrees at the time of the attack)
    – Instead of using her internet-enabled phone to find that there are NO bank of america locations in pittsburgh, she drove alone through unfamiliar neighborhoods

    It’s not adding up. Shame on the cops and media for propagating this story without doing the amount of research I did in an hour with Google.

  70. Disgusting. I’m tracking this stuff over at

    Besides the PERFECT ‘B’ (is that Helvetica?) in her cheek…

    – The mugger followed her to her car instead of fleeing the scene
    – The mugger wore only an undershirt in Pittsburgh (it was 43 degrees at the time of the attack)
    – Instead of using her internet-enabled phone to find that there are NO bank of america locations in pittsburgh, she drove alone through unfamiliar neighborhoods

    It’s not adding up. Shame on the cops and media for propagating this story without doing the amount of research I did in an hour with Google.

  71. [re=145864]WalnutsThePlumber[/re]: and, what version of the constitution was that? Because that’s definitely not the one I’ve had to read a few times. Nothing about driving. A little about buttsex, but all positive.

    [re=145882]secretagentgirl[/re]: nah, she’d have had to do more than that kitten-kneading to have scarring.

    [re=146142]ashleyislying[/re]: the undershirt was what jumped out to me! I don’t think it’s any warmer in Pittsburgh than it is in New York tonight, and it’s pretty damned chilly out there – perhaps the mugger scratched it into her face with his frozen nipples?

  72. A perfectly formed backwards “B” is very shallowly scratched into the face of a McCain staffer and she refuses medical attention, allegedly by a black man who looks a whole lot, what a surprise, like Obama-what an obvious Karl Rovian scam this is. This is an attempt to appeal to racial paranoia and hate-more disgusting lies from the MCPalin crowd.

    The latest Giuliani robo call is almost recordbreaking in its sleaziness. It claimed, completely falsely, that Obama is against mandatory jail time for child molesters, rapists, and murders. It turns my stomach to see the despicable libel and slander to which the Republicans have turned.

    Senator Goldwater’s granddaughter and the rest of his descendants have endorsed Obama because they can’t stomach the sleaziness of the Republican campaign or the philosophy of the ‘new’ Republicans-today’s Republican party is nothing like the Republican party of Goldwater, Rockefeller, and Eisenhower. George W. Bush and Karl Rove have turned a fiscally conservative, socially moderate, small government party into a disgusting machine for the looting of the taxpayers by well connected big businesses like Halliburton and Bechtel. They favor intrusion into private matters such as whether or not a woman should get an abortion, and Palin favors the end of separation of Church and State. McCain clearly would give us more of the same as the current Administration. Their incompetence has given us huge budget deficits and a catastrophic failure of the banking and finance system. No wonder traditional Republicans like George Will and Secretary Powell are leaving the party in droves. The new Republican party’s motto should be, “Not your father’s Republican Party -Unfortunately!” Vote Obama for a return to sanity and responsibility.

  73. I would suspect that this twisted little knot is reading the blogs about herself. While I doubt she would visit any site unsympathetic to her hoax, one can hope that she seeks therapy. Unfortunately, I doubt she has any idea how much she has damaged the rest of her life. If she is lying, and I believe she is, it’s all going to come out in the wash and she will wear off like yesterdays news. God only knows what she will do next for attention, because she is capable of harming herself.

    I don’t think anyone paid this girl to do it. But McCain should worry about his own sanity if he is willing to entertain her delusions. She has cost him the last shred of his credibility (which really wasn’t much, but still…).

    This is just sick. Obama is trying to visit his grandmother and then this? Ashley, if you’re out there, you need to come clean and please get help.

  74. Twitter is:

    AChurch: I’m taking a shit.
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:01:59

    AChurch: OMG, It’s 16 Courics!
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:02:10

    AChurch: Wow, it really stinks!
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:02:14

    AChurch: Ahh shit, I go some on my hand.
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:02:15

    AChurch: I’ll just wipe it on the wall.
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:02:17

    Twitter is a narcissist’s wet dream wrapped in the creamy nougat of self-absorbtion.

  75. [re=146022]BeerdedOne[/re]: Yeah dude, we posted that yesterday, just hit the “next page” a few times and you’ll get to it, or use the search box at the top of each page.

  76. [re=146437]Mara47[/re]: How do you like the Aurora black ink? I’ve never tried it. (Pelikan M200, EF gold nib, and either blue/black or royal blue ink…though while the royal blue looks great at first, it doesn’t hold up over time.)

  77. Oh and look, oh wow, she’s not listed as a field rep for the College Republican National Committee lame-o “life in the field” blog. weird

  78. [re=146141]ashleyislying[/re]: The big thing. She didn’t take his picture on her phone! She obviously has a high tech phone that more than likely at least has a still camera on there. Why no pics? She does have a Youtube account so…

  79. [re=145694]MIRACLES[/re]:

    Yeah, I caught a bit of a ‘Native Son’ stank on this as well.

    Hilarious in its own sadly absurd way.

    Be on the lookout for my fifteen minutes of fame when I accuse a well-dressed professional in the Downtown Huntsville area of accosting and forcing me to don an unflattering shade of Revlon. And maybe an all expense paid trip to Neiman-Marcus.

    *goes to open a Twitter account*

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