Uhh.Never mind the murdered black bear covered in Obama signs, the 78-year-old black Baptist preacher and Army veteran whose Obama sign was replaced with a Confederate flag, the mass tire-slashings of cars parked at Obama rallies, or the “Kill him!” and “Terrorist!” chants at Palin’s klan rallies. What this campaign — meaning, “McCain’s campaign” — so desperately needed is an extremely fishy tale of a brave white woman getting mugged by a Black Man who then carves a symbol into her face. Somebody’s been watching too much Twin Peaks on the Netflix ….

This weird, hysterical story got the MONSTER GIANT THREE-DECK SIREN treatment on Drudge for part of the afternoon, and then it was mysteriously downgraded to a little link on the side. Maybe that’s because the original sensational claim was just a little too perfect (for McCain) to survive scrutiny: That this loyal 20-year-old McCain phone bank volunteer in (of course) Pennsylvania was robbed at an ATM last night because, uh, she had a McCain bumper sticker on her car, parked nearby we guess? So the liberal mugger negro took her sixty bucks and MUTILATED HER WITH A KNIFE.

Oh, and the mutilation was political, because the criminal Obama supporter CARVED A LETTER IN HER FACE!


For “B”arack Obama, of course!

And look here is a picture from a wingnut’s website, as currently seen atop the Drudge Report. Uh, and the MONSTER was so gentle that the gal refused medical treatment, for her mutilation, which is … a backwards “B” kind of indented on her cheek? You know, like if you did this to yourself, in a mirror? Not that we’re implying such a thing! Everybody knows black people can’t write their letters worth a damn, and always go for the tough “B” when they could get away with a much simpler “O.”

The story comes from — wait for it! — Richard Mellon Scaife’s wingnut Pittsburgh daily, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The attack, of course, “happened outside the view of the bank’s surveillance cameras.” The woman is from College Station, Texas.

The city’s non-wingnut paper, the fine Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has a far less hysterical article, with this interesting bit from the police:

“This is what she’s telling police,” police spokeswoman Diane Richard said. “We can’t substantiate it at this time.”

Where have we heard this before? Some teevee guy, Geraldo? Nope. Donahue? Nope. HELP US COMMENTERS …. Thanks:

In 1989, as fascination with Morton Downey Jr’s TV show began to wane, he was involved in an incident in a San Francisco International Airport restroom in which he claimed to have been attacked by neo-Nazis who painted a swastika on his face and attempted to shave his head. Some inconsistencies in Downey’s account (e.g., the swastika was painted in reverse, suggesting that Downey had drawn it himself in a mirror), and the failure of the police to find supportive evidence, led many to suspect that the incident was a hoax and a plea for attention. A few months later, the show was canceled.

Obama’s campaign released this statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.” More like swiftly made the Chief Justice of the new Supreme Abortion Court.

Anyway, this stinks. Happy Willie Horton Day, everyone. We will predict this story will fully unravel in about 48 hours. Weird times.

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  1. Carving letters in people faces? What kind of comic book bullshit is this? We are officially all part of the dumbest fucking electorate ever.

  2. “The McCain-Palin campaign also released a statement saying “The McCain campaign is aware of the incident involving one of its volunteers. Out of respect, the campaign won’t be commenting. The campaign also confirms that Senator McCain and Governor Palin have both spoken to the woman.” ”

    Uh, I just got beaten up and written on by a whole gang of scary black people wearing Obama T-shirts. Governor Palin? Call me!

  3. I will now go to my company bathroom with a fork and carve a “B” in my face in a show of solidarity with this unfortunate adult retarded child.

  4. It’s time for us to admit what we have known all along, that when Hussein wins the election, this is what every white woman in the country is going to look like on the morning of November 5th. For some, it will be an improvement. That they would all mutilate themselves and carve “BS” upside-down on their faces tells us all we need to know and fear about the mysterious half-black man from Krypton and his vast army of pissed-off intelligent, educated, and highly articulate followers. It is time for everyone who is not an Obamite to pack up a few necessaries and run to the hills and hide. And stay there.

  5. Looks like fingernail scratches and makeup to me….but i’m sure Drudge wouldn’t get sensational or anything.


  6. I’m less concerned about the Obama-supporting criminals who might steal my $60 than I am about the McCain-supporting criminals who will steal our $600 billion.

  7. Help me, commenters: Which teevee personality (talk show host? local anchorman?) did a fake Nazi attack on himself, and was found out, in part, because the swastika was backwards because he did it in a mirror?

  8. uh oh. screw the obama gang supporters. chertoff is warning bin laden attack likely before election. he is confusing everyone and changing the threat alert color to very black.

  9. [re=145575]AnglRdr[/re]: Yes, but he carved on others. Does she even realize that things are backward in the mirror? I am so sick of these igits already.

  10. Ah, the full Rove comes into blossom – forget bugging your own office – the next stage will be to hire a gang of thugs to chase a bunch of seniors away from the polls in Florida. This will obviously require the great leader to suspend the election for the sake of the nation.

  11. Guys that hit girls suck! And the genius of America is the “peaceful” transfer of power after every election. But I suspect this crime had little to do with politics. Just a hater being hateful.

  12. Okay, not an expert on facial trauma here, but shouldn’t that very bruised eye be , I don’t know, red or swollen or something? As opposed to looking like a young 12 year old attempting to get that “smokey eye” look.

    Glad the campaign worded their statement as “speedy recovery” but not to what specific thing she needs recovering. ‘Cause girlfriend is PSYCHO….

  13. [re=145592]rambone[/re]: Seriously? Damn, to think I used to think his show was cool when I was in high school. Then again, I went to Catholic school.

    My social studies teacher was right, Morton was “the world’s biggest asshole.”

  14. If something terrible happened to this woman, then I extend my deepest sympathies.

    But isn’t her Twitter page just a little bit odd?

    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:23:21 Man, I’m just trying to be thrifty and save ATM fees! I think I’ll drive to an unfamiliar part of the town so I can save some money!

    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:45:59 Uh, oh, Toto, I don’t think I’m in White Pittsburgh anymore!

    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:48:23 Well, I might as well go make my withdrawal anyway! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right? I wonder what’s going to happen NEXT?

    Look, I don’t use Twitter, so maybe someone else can explain to me if people usually Twitter in their cars while they are driving around an unfamiliar town.

  15. “The man was wearing dark colored jeans, a black undershirt and black shoes.”

    What, no hooded sweatshirt? Obviously fake, everyone knows that the blacks wear hoodies when they mug people.

  16. [re=145605]irisheyes[/re]: I’m not face trauma expert either, but the B looks more like a mild burn instead of a cut. Her expression doesn’t look very traumatized either.

  17. But seriously now, they’re claiming it was The Black what done it? It’s exactly like Ken said earlier, “Everything has become a terrible dumb joke that we are supposed to take seriously.” Sigh.

  18. Oh man, it isn’t BACKWARDS people, it’s upside DOWN! The assailant clearly was interrupted just as he started to carve Obama’s entire name “Barack Hussein Obama, last son of krypton, Esq, phd, socialist overlord” but realized he’d started with letters to big and would need another victim and a smaller knife.

  19. [re=145610]ElectricZen[/re]: You have GOT to be FUCKING kidding me. This will unravel in a matter of days and possibly be the final nail in the McCain/Palin coffin:

    atodd: Pretty sure I’m on the wrong side of pittsburgh
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:45:59 +0000

    atodd: Stubbornly searching for a bank of america to avoid ATM fees.
    Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:23:21 +0000

  20. I’m kinda at a loss here… how could someone who doesn’t even know how to write the letter B properly even know who Obama or McCain are? We’ve all known that the letter ‘B’ was in the tank since Sesame Street, hell, the entire alphabet is communist propaganda, … but this story sounds too bizarre to be true.

    On a funnier note, McCain’s brother is a dipshit:

    (make sure to read the transcript (I got this off Huffpo))

  21. Hmm… a poorly thought out tactic? A total lack of strategy? A play on deep racial fear and hysteria?


    They should promote this girl to the highest ranks in the McCain campaign immediately!

  22. Thanks to everyone for your reassurances. I’m very fragile and my fear that my fellow Wonketteers weren’t paying me any heed almost pushed me over the edge. I was thinking of going to where white people hang out (a Barry Manilow concert?) in order to get beat up and have a backwards J carved into my cheek.

    [re=145610]ElectricZen[/re]: Phenomenal catch. This is absolutely ridiculous. I really hope this turns out to be fake, but only after Fox news covers it ad infinitum. Then Roger Ailes will have to apologize to every black person in Pittsburgh in person. Speaking of which, to be on the safe side, we should probably lock up all the coloreds until this matter is settled one way or the other.

  23. Drudge had a link to the non-sensational Post-Gazette story.

    Notice the had

    Wasn’t working to stir the shit for this dubious tale that happens to have occurred in Western PA, the stage for McCain’s last stand.

    Se ya later, McCuster.

  24. [re=145610]ElectricZen[/re]: No fucking way. I really hope this was just some stupid girl’s ridiculous attempt at supporting McCain, because this is easily the most implausible piece of shit story ever.

  25. Come the fuck on. I caught the tag end of this while flipping past Fox News, and after catching a glimpse of that poorly done eyeshadow shiner (I can do MUCH better) I thought to myself, is it possible the black man will be blamed?

  26. [re=145610]ElectricZen[/re]:

    Yeah and its AMAZING that she just started tweeting on Monday. Gosh… Pittsburgh is so awful fear teh black!

    This has hoax and dirty electioneering written all over it.

  27. [re=145610]ElectricZen[/re]: This is amazing.

    All she needed to complete this was “doobie doo… here I go! Just a-walkin’ to the unfamiliar ATM! No problem here… uh oh… Why… hello there coloreds! What.. ARGG… ARRR…. NO, STOP IT… PLEASE STOP CARVING A B INTO MY FACE WHILE I SAVE ON ATM FEES. *THUD* *SILENCE*”

    Her Twitter messages read like one of those old Adam Sandler comedy albums, “BEATING OF A HIGH SCHOOL SPANISH TEACHER”.

  28. [re=145610]ElectricZen[/re]: “atodd: Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers- I’m phonebanking so let’s all work together and get John McCain elected #litf08”

    HMMMMMMM…… CURIOUS, isn’t it?

  29. Let me be the millioneth to say this: BO-GUS!

    Let’s see. Do muggers get so caught up in politics that seeing a McCain bumper sticker could set them off like that? I mean, I might do that, but a mugger? Hmmm…

    Next, as has been noted beefore now, that “black eye” looks a little “Maybe It’s Maybelline” to me.

    And isn’t that awfully neat scratching, there, with a knife? On a presumably squirming victim? I could do as neat a job with, say, an embroidery needle in my bathroom, but…again, hmmm.

    Why wouldn’t somebody who’s been attacked so savagely like that not want to go to a hospital right away? Christian Scientist? Not fully invested in Maybelline’s claims of “smudgeproof”?

    The follow-up on this should really be a gas.

  30. Reminds me a bit of Unforgiven

    “Ned: Yeah, we thought we did. All right, so what did these fellas do? Cheat at cards? Steal some strays? Spit on a rich fella – what?
    Munny: No, they cut up a woman.
    Ned: What?
    Munny: (repeating the litany he heard from the Kid) Yeah, they cut up her face, cut her eyes out, cut her fingers off, cut her tits, everything but her cunty, I suppose.
    Ned: I’ll be dogg-. Golly, I guess they got it comin’. ‘Course, you know, Will, if Claudia was alive, you wouldn’t be doin’ this.”

    You just know Obama sanctioned this hit…


  31. Where was “that one” last night, anyway? Does he have an alibis? We know he’s in desperate need for campaign funds because my inbox is full of his unsolicited pleas for money. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, since this so-called “Barack” has proven to not care about hobnobbing with terrorists, maybe he saw this poor girl wandering the streets of Negrotown. And maybe he thought he could “rip her off” as a way of “sticking it to” “Mr. Charlie.” Or in this case, a helpless “Ms. Charlie” whose only crime was being lost and white. Now, I’m just a humble country lawyer, but it seems to me that circumstantial evidence shows that only one man could have committed this heinous crime…man, did I say? What I mean is a HALF BREED MUSLIN! A DERANGED LIBERAL AMERICA HATER, SLOBBERING WITH TUMENESCENT AFRICAN LUST, eager to defile this fair flower of (where the hell did you say you came from again, Betty?)

  32. The whole liberal strategy of giving the GOP/Palin/Surrogates/WALNUTS! the rope and watching while they hang themselves is really a good strategy.

  33. I hear he works at the Pittsburgh Waldorf-Astoria, and had just delivered $150,000 worth of caviar and arugula to Michelle Obama’s black panther party!

  34. I feel like carving into someone’s face with a knife would be a wee bit, I don’t know, messier? It looks like that wound healed weeks ago. If it’s even real.

  35. Shit, are you sure she really only started Tweeting a few days ago? Wow. She’s pretty good at typing out complete sentences without typos while driving at night in unfamiliar neighborhoods. I guess that “No Child Left Behind” thing has really worked for some kids.

  36. Seriously if it was a knife, it’d look a hell of a lot worse. That shit gets infected quick, and all puffy, plus it wont stop oozing for a few hours cause the cut is so clean, unless it was a rusty dull knife, and then we’d see something much much worse.

    This is total BS.

  37. Duh, the backwards B is clearly part of the ABBA logo. John McCain’s favorite band? Come on people! Put two and two together here!

    Anyway, Barack shouldn’t have done this. I assume it was he because he is a black male.

  38. This is a girl with nothing going on in her life except john mccain, imaginary black guys and pastries and soon she’ll be losing old walnuts. The writing is on the wall and her face.

  39. How do you even CARVE, let alone write, anything legible into someones FACE against their will? She would have presumably struggled during this. It doesnt even make sense.

  40. ok, why would someone who’s face had been “mutilated” refuse medical treatment? She just happens to be a McCain worker; she just happens to mention on twitter that she’s going to look for an ATM machine; she just happens to mention she is in the wrong part of town on her twitter; she just happens to run into a politically savvy mugger/mutilator; she just happens to have a friend nearby who could have directed her to an ATM or gone with her since she didn’t know her way around. And her name just happens to be TODD.


  41. This is classic McCain 2008. Do what Bush did in 2000 and 2004, but do it half-assed and with idiots. If you’re going to get someone to play the victim of a vicious political based race attack, make it someone smart, Walnuts! Sheesh!

  42. I guarantee you within three hours the wingers will be complaining she’s a liberal plant in the McCain campaign, and that the whole fake police report is a trick to make McCain look bad.

    This thing is falling apart at near warp speed, it’s kind of hilarious.

  43. [re=145641]Violenza[/re]: This totally sounds like a College Republican/Young America’s Foundation stunt. Those assclowns were at the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philly handing out syringes (sans needles) with big bright stickers on them reading:


    The CR/YAFers are like ’60’s political/guerrilla theater types but without any finesse.

  44. How do we know the negro wasnt going to write Bitch but blew his load before he got the whole word out. c’mon you know how it is when you bust a nut, youdont feel like doin anything

  45. The second I heard this, I thought she did it to herself.

    Crazy muggers all hopped up on goofballs and bent on mutilation wouldn’t just black the chickie’s eye and scratch a lame “B” into her face, backwards.

    And if this had been an Obama supporter claiming the same thing, and the “injuries” looked both that minor and that suspicious, I would also have suspected that the “vic” was actually the “perp”.

    This is *exactly* what a sheltered 20-year-old Nancy Drew addict would think of, on her own. The previous text messages are kinda suspish, too … “Ooo … I must be in the wrong part of Pittsburgh!”

    The part that has *you* in it, you little liar.

  46. ok wait. they can put lipliner on her cheek, black eyeshadow on her eyes but didn’t put lipstick on that pig??? that crime was not committed by an obama supporter.

  47. Even if, Even if some politically minded black mugger was going to attack a white woman in the name of Obama wouldn’t he carve an O for Obama? It makes a bigger statement. This is the most false thing I’ve seen in a while.
    That said black folks in general have kind of been on their restraining themselves lately. Assuming the worst about how people think if one of us publicly screws up big, we all do. and we know that one ill timed rape, robbery, or rap lyric could really screw this up for Obama.
    We got 12 days before we can start looting and turning cars over. So just sit on your hands till then.

  48. What the fuck did the negro use to carve her face with? A toothpick? This overweight attention whore is getting her 15 minutes. I’m surprised they didn’t just carve out a map of Kenya to draw attention to the fact that Obama was somehow fucking born there. This is just too fucking much. If you think about this too hard, you’ll most likely bleed out of your ears. Fuck.

  49. If this bitch wants to experiment with makeup, she should probably work on evening out her skin tone with some foundation first. Then she can move on to her (already!) gross looking under eye circles. Ick. Get thee to a whore house, woman!

  50. The Obama campaign released the following:

    “Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman for her to make a speedy recovery, and we hope that the person who perpetrated this crime is swiftly apprehended and brought to justice.”

    I agree. And maybe while in prison the scumbag who perpetrated this befacement can get therapy for his anger management…and dyslexia. Then again, you know what these people are like. He’ll probably just join Islam and start writing that funky hiphop doggerel that they’re so good at.

  51. Why does this eerily sound like it is pulled right from the script of “Bob Roberts”….Pennsylvania, the eerily familiar “Jack Black” stare….

  52. You know, earlier this year John Daly, the overweight alcoholic chain-smoking golfer, showed up for a golf tournament with suspicious scrapes on his face. Claimed his wife had attacked him. Interesting, isn’t it, that his injuries occurred at about the same time as a Democratic primary when some were thinking Clinton was making a comeback? Has to be a coincidence…. I mean, two fat white victims… there must be some other similarities….

  53. From the comments on Malkin’s post :

    It’s too complicated for a brother to carve. The easy choice–the way of the brutha–would have been an “O”. Sorry. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

  54. That cut really is just a dotted line for somebody’s meat marker. In their role-playing, she’s a Barack canvasser who’s into exit-pol(l)ing.

  55. Wow that’s so totally fake. I’m studying criminal justice and am such an amateur and even I can tell it’s a fake. The “bruises” don’t have any sort of swelling and it looks like some sort of make up. Maybe something you use for Halloween costumes or that army makeup stuff or mascara. The “B” is backwards and makes no sense as to why a mugger would waste time doing that. Wouldn’t they do an “O” since that would be faster? I know call me crazy. It just looks like she took a marker and did it. I apologize if this has already been posted but here’s a video of her blaming an African-American man for “stealing” signs of hers. So she seems to be perhaps a racist?

  56. [re=145591]Itsjustme[/re]:
    Yep. Thankfully the local police isn’t buying it so she might not get off the hook. It might have been a good plan if she didn’t do the “B” backwards and/or did something more believable.

  57. [re=145605]irisheyes[/re]:
    One would imagine. One time I had a bike accident falling into the shoulder of a road and I got beaten up pretty badly by that incident. My left eye was swollen and I couldn’t see anything and the corner of my lip was pretty swollen. This girl nothing is swollen.

  58. [re=145619]sezme[/re]:
    Another thing that got me was she was in the dark and she could tell exactly the stats of the person.
    I don’t know about you but if it was dark I don’t think I could be able to tell that perfectly of the person much less see a person’s bumper sticker especially if it’s on the bumper.

  59. Oh my my, the Audacity of Fraud…

    This girl needs to be behind bars ASAP, no “slap on the wrist” type sentencing. This was an out-n-out attempt at stirring anger and hate towards blacks (get the racism boiling) and trying to convey that Obama supporters are getting violent and committing ‘hate crimes’ against his supporters.

    I bet you if they allowed this tale to grow a little bit of legs, the attacker would also have been ‘Muslim’….


  60. [re=145907]DarkSyde[/re]: Yep. And she’s apparently in college so she won’t get the juvie treatment. How are the judges in the area? Anyone know? I know there is a judge here in town where I live that wouldn’t put up with this b.s. Oh and good point about the Muslim thing to DarkSyde. I wonder how much thought she put into this incident? Thanks to Wonkette for saving those screen shots.

  61. One observation on the photo – Pupils very dilated. She’s either high or taking a flash photo of her injuries in the dark. If it’s the latter, who ever documents injuries in a dark room with a camera? Police sure don’t do that. It would be a well lit room.

  62. [re=145935]sylamore[/re]: Very interesting. I wonder how long the girl has been in the area to know that. She apparently came up from Texas to help with the McCain campaign.

  63. If this turns out to be a hoax, this is McCain’s own fault for not trumpeting the very real FASCISM shown by the Democrat Nazis. He’s played nice all his career, when he’s in the presence of his enemies.

    The broken-down, zero-credibility, corrupt press has been silent about the mentally-challenged man Obama kidnapped and forced to vote for him.

    They’ve been silent about the Democrat voter fraud.

    They’ve tried to cover up the story of the elderly lady in New York, who was beaten for the “crime” of carrying a McCain sign.

    Well, you spoiled children have succeeded in making me hate. Thanks a lot for that. Going by your example, I now join the ranks of those who will swear to make you fascists pay.

  64. I have to tell you, I thought my girlfriend was crazy when she told me this, but if you take your picture with the PhotoBooth program on a mac, the letters come out BACKWARDs

  65. [re=145944]oracle[/re]: I agree 100% with your post. Exept for the typo. You put the word DEMOCRAT where the word REPUBLICAN should be. Honest mistake I’m sure.

  66. [re=145869]j6n[/re]: The letter O is much easier to carve into your face when you are staring in a mirror. Then the rest of the world won’t be able to see what a dumbass choad-sucking taint-wad you are when you carve it backwards.

  67. [re=145948]Blue Line[/re]: Heh… that’s what ended Morton Downey Jr’s career. (obnoxious 1980’s talk show host) He was one of the biggest talk show hosts in the country. Then he faked a skinhead attack in a public bathroom and drew the swastika on his face with a marker in the mirror. Drew the swastika backwards of course. Instantly ended his career.

  68. How long until Michelle Bachmann makes a statement that ABSOLUTELY it was an anti-American supporter of Obama and the media needs to do an expose in Shittsburgh to weed out the black… I mean un-American type folks?

  69. [re=145944]oracle[/re]: Oh, I have doubts you were “hating” before these mythological incidents supposedly happened. But at least you will have the Democratic congress and president to thank for your mental health care.

  70. [re=145939]swingyjay[/re]: Exactly and perhaps a white wall background. If you look at some of her Youtube video’s it looks like her room where she took the pictures. So she “got beat up” and went home to take a picture? What type of person does that? Wouldn’t you dial 911 first and/or go by the police station?

  71. My theory starts and end with this girl enjoying secksy time with a black guy and then figuring out how to explain the Bristol-bump she’s sporting. This way, no one notices for the couple of weeks it takes her to find an abortionorium.

  72. [re=145960]stephie4[/re]: Exactly. And if the story was true it would do that as well. How many people out there do you know call Mr Obama by his first name? Pretty much everyone calls him Obama except for the fringe rightwing who call him “Hussein.”

  73. [re=145964]swingyjay[/re]: LOL that’s silly. If a total Nazi was doing an attack like that and were to draw that design they wouldn’t do that one would imagine. Plus from what I understand they mostly just beat their attackers and stomp on them with their army boots.

  74. I was reading over at DU their take on this story and someone mentioned her wearing glasses. She appears to from Youtube video’s and I wonder if she wears glasses to drive? I wear glasses to read and drive and so if this girl is like me in that regard wouldn’t she have had her glasses broken or had glass cut in her skin or something?

  75. The main question here is: Why are teh blacks allowed to live in the Patriotic parts of the U.S?
    I’m waiting for SSarah Palin to tell us how under an Obama administration, this sort of thing will happen every day.

  76. [re=145984]bitchincamaro[/re]: Oh yeah…oops! Well, whoever noted it first, that’s what she should’ve gone for. But than again, she clearly isn’t the smartest crayon in the box…she’s voting for McCain/Palin.

  77. SPECIAL REPORT: I did some magic googling and found out the back story. Ashley Todd is, in fact, in-the-tankiest NBC’s political director Chuck Todd’s first child from his now estranged first wife. Since he abandoned his family, like all in the tank librul political reporters do, his secret daughter (who he’s ashamed of because she won’t get the gastric bypass he’d offered to pay for) is rebelling by claiming to be a McCain supporter. It’s also in her blood to know how to make a sensational story for the media, so she thought up this stunt. While she secretly will be voting for Obama in a reverse Bradley effect, she perpetrated this as a desperate cry for attention from her now semi-closeted gay father (4 years and strong with Anderson Cooper), Chuck Todd. Blame it all on the librul media.

  78. [re=145949]spencer[/re]: Except that the photo’s metadata says it was taken with an Olympus FE280 (and not Photo Booth on the Mac). She also used auto mode with flash, meaning that, in addition to be a liar, she’s also a terrible photographer.

  79. i’ve no snark…

    having been to College Station i think much more could be said about that town, in and of itself…its a creepy, small, probably entirely white town which grew up around what is historically a proto-military agricultural college…Texas A&M…

    too much of this story sounds like a very naive young woman’s idea of ‘big city horror’…..

    if anyone bothers to put a knife to your face where im from you can be damn sure there would be a eight inch ‘scar’ from ear to ear…and they will absolutely take the car….

    the police are not fools….when a woman shows up with a black eye, regardless of the story, they check out her boyfriend first, its just SOP……if the black eye isnt self inflicted, chances are 8 in 10 that someone she knows did it…

    beyond the fact that the picture as shown could be flipped…strictly speaking, a ‘B’ is never truly backwards….it can always be read as a ‘B’ by changing perspective…in this case, for the ‘B’ to read correctly, someone would have had to scratch her face while she was lying on her back and looking down at her from the head towards her feet……

    this is not entirely impossible, just unlikely…as its rather counter-intuitive from an attackers point of view….and for that matter, even from the girls point of view [definitely someone would have to hold me down]…

    in general, the reason this scenario is so unlikely is that the supposed attack presumes a level of violence which isnt supported by the physical damage…..the black eye and scratches counting more as a ‘sign of attack’ rather than what might be realistically expected…

    to my eye, the ‘damage’ looks like makeup…theres no swelling, the eye is not bloodshot, and theres no sickly green tinge around the black…wipe away the dark bits and her face looks completely normal….

    the sad truth is that a woman attacked in the way described is probably going to look a lot worse than than the photo….a whole lot worse…

    one of the reasons this upsets me is that this girl obviously has no idea what can really happen to her…as though its all fun/scary-make-believe until someone actually gets beat to death……

    this is not hyperbole, murder is one of the leading causes death for young women around the world…outside of childbirth, often the leading cause…

    i hate it when someone ‘plays’ with violence as though its a game…

    what ya wanna bet this girl cuts herself?….

  80. [re=146031]MrsNateSilver[/re]: Ive been in a monkey knife fight or two…

    Seriously though I used t work with knives a lot, and have seen a couple of knife wounds. Thats some sort of scratch with an emory board or something.

  81. [re=145693]ella[/re]: Michelle Malkin is in the tank!

    (Holy shit! What did I just say?!)

    [re=145721]Dave J.[/re]: Oh, OK, now it makes sense.

    [re=145944]oracle[/re]: Ha Ha! OK, not so much any more!

  82. Sorry I got here so late. That Chaplin thing was okay, and who would not want to be back Ally’n McBeal/Kitty Walker, but this is beyond the pale. Mister Downey, have you no respect sir?

  83. I found a conveniently-located 14 y.o. boy child, told him that a McCain supporter had been attacked for her bumper sticker, and showed him the picture above. His response was instantaneous: “The B is backwards, like she did it in a mirror, and as for the eye, the configuration is wrong. When you give someone a black eye [ . . . oh hell, never mind, I don’t really want to know] you look for the configuration first. The eye is scrunched almost closed like this [impressively accurate demonstration provided] and swollen. Her eye isn’t puffed up. It’s fake.”

    Remember the agony of waiting for HRC to throw in the towel? Like sliding down a cliff-face by the fingernails, day after day after excruciating day, thinking surely today she will realize that she is beaten, but like a political sequel to Shaun of the Dead, she kept resurrecting? And we kept believing that when she would quit, the pain would end?

    I miss that.

  84. There are couple of things about this situation I’d like to say. First, even if she is disturbed mentally, there is no reason to speak ill of her. Second, as a father, I am prepared to give every female the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being attacked. Unfortunately I have seen plenty of it in my life. Third, if you doubt the truth of her report, I am sure eventually the truth will come out. Just as it did in the DUKE La Cross Rape trial. Well, I hope so. I have seen firsthand what the justice personnel can do to me. A white, male, Republican, that fully supports LEO’s. So there is no doubt in my mind that black males will generally get a short shrift in that department.
    But why attack her on the BLOGS? You just make yourselves appear more violent, and demented. Oh look, a white woman claiming she was attacked by a black man. That never happens….
    De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt you know.

  85. it’s not a flipped picture. the part in her hair would have flipped too.
    her youtube videos show her hair parted on the same side as this picture.

  86. Taking the time to carve a B on someone’s face — when an “O” is the symbol/iconography of the entire Obama campaign — seems crazy. Clearly, the B is for “Biden” and the mugger dude was just visiting from Scranton.

  87. [re=146202]ApostolicIlx[/re]: Actually, there is a very good reason to speak ill of her if the story turns out to be bullshit. She is spreading lies to damage people’s reputations and well-being for a start. Saying that her story (which she already backpedaled as far as details) is probably made up is hardly attacking someone. Claiming people are violent and demented for not believing in the unlikely without any pesky evidence is pretty strange.

  88. [re=145569]sarahconnor[/re]: [re=145654]ivenson[/re]: She put the lotion on her skin and then got beaten by a BIG BLACK HOSE again.

    Seriously, though, you guys are on my shit list for making me laugh so hard out loud when I’m supposed to be working.

  89. [re=146202]ApostolicIlx[/re]: [re=146252]glamourdammerung[/re]: I agree that there’s good reason to speak ill of her, and I say it as someone with a daughter myself. She’s not only lying about being attacked in order to help her candidate; she’s doing so specifically to stir up racial animosity. She is Tawana Bradley, she is George Wallace, and she looks like a walrus. Coocoocachoo.

  90. The story makes No sense at all. Anyone who is out there after money at night likely is going to go get high when he robs someone I can assure you there is no self respecting addicts ( can you find one of those) that honestly give a darn about either candidate when they just got themselves 60.00 to go get high.
    That is about the dumbest thing I ever heard of.

    I hope they are able to give this young woman a false report charge and show her that stuff does not fly.

  91. At least there is evidence that there are some Rednecks for Obama. Search for Rednecks for Obama in Asheville and you’ll see lots of support in the south. This growing movement is spreading.

    It’s terrible that the economy is in such a state that people have to steal from one another. If we had a real leader who created real jobs, then people wouldn’t be in such a desperate situation.

    Go Obama!

  92. [re=145794]glamourdammerung[/re]: I’ve been thinking about Buffalo Bill all fucking fall… every time McCain breathes… I will have all those bitters… with fava beans and a nice chianti… perhaps some arugula as well.

  93. I’m going to keep this short and simple: unless the attacker was left-handed and dyslexic, this is BS (she claims the attacker sat on her chest, so the idea that he knocked her down then carved the “B” from above is impossible). also… ATM receipts! banks keep records of all of this stuff. if the police would simply call her bank, they could find out what ATM she went to, and get a subpoena for the surveillance video. which would show a girl getting money and driving off. no attack.

    let the charges of filing a false report begin.

  94. [re=145979]glamourdammerung[/re]: Thank god for that Wellstone mental health parity act that went thorugh with the bailout legislation… fo realz..

  95. [re=146532]boyhowdy[/re]: I’m so sorry, that must have been brutal, living in College Station and attending A&M. My condolences.

    And fuck you, Aggie, sic ’em, bears.

  96. A woman with a big ass flag pin who looked a little like Sarah Palin just beat me up and carved an M on my face. Then she took my Prada bag and my Chanel purse (yeah, I carry 2 purses. so?). This is just wrong — I was on the good side of Pennsylvania.

  97. Only 11 more days till election day. I thought that the crazies were out in force a couple of weeks ago. This is oonly going to get worse isn’t it. The tales from the polls on election day will be a treat also.

  98. [re=146539]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Actually, I had a nice little farm and a shitload of librul friends and pretty decent jobs and a nice life.

    Condescending bigotry isn’t appreciated, so take it and be clingy-bittery in your hip-wherever. But, I dunno, we weren’t all progressively ueber-hip like New Yorkers, working out how to melt down the world economy and bring on a global depression–we just were kind of schlepping along, being looked down on by the folks who were doing that ueber-hip stuff, right?

  99. === PATTERNS:

    — The partisan mugging happened in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state.

    — After he had the money, a real mugger would have run away. He would NOT have cut her face because of who she’s voting for, particularly since that would make her scream.

    — In almost all stickups on the street, the guy uses a gun, not a knife. This may indicate an intention to cut someone (to get news coverage) even before the guy supposedly “noticed” her bumper sticker.

    — The person cut was not a man, an old person, an unattractive person, a black, or Asian. Instead, the victim just happens to be a pretty young white woman. (Unfortunately) this makes people angrier.

    — Real street muggers are probably drug addicts and are unlikely to be interested in politics enough to disfigure someone for no reason.

    — It is also unlikely that a Democrat would hate McCain enough to cut a stranger’s face — an act which could only show the intention of getting news coverage. However, crowds at McCain rallies routinely call for the assassination of Obama.

    — The victim was not just someone who happened to have a McCain bumper sticker like millions of other people. She was also, “coincidentally”, a volunteer for the McCain-Palin campaign and a member of the campus Young Republicans. This may indicate that the goal was to enrage Republicans and get them to contribute, volunteer, etc.


    — More than 50 letters containing white powder have been mailed to banks all over the country.

    — There were bomb threats to several Senate offices.

    — None of these terrorist incidents happened until after the last debate and after it became clear that McCain was probably going to loose.

    — There have been no terrorist incidents in the U.S. since 2001; now there have been three within a week. That distribution is improbable and indicates they may be coordinated.

    — All the incidents occurred either nationally or in a swing state, but none in a red or blue state. Since there are fifty states but only five which could go either way, this coincidence has a probability of 1 in 10.

    — All the incidents tend to frighten people. Frightened people vote republican.

    — The republicans have been pushing the false idea that Obama is a dangerous terrorist who will do anything to win. AM talk radio will now claim that these incidents are evidence of that.

    — These attacks are NEVER potentially fatal. Serious terrorist threats ALWAYS are.

    — More than FIFTY fake anthrax letters were sent, not just one, as in all other anthrax incidents, fake or real. This was a publicity stunt.

    — Even after the story went national, the guy still sent fake anthrax letters, knowing that the recipient would probably know it’s fake.

    — Fake anthrax might be sent as a prank, but FIFTY of them indicate that the guy is serious, yet he makes no demands; it was all just for show. Somebody is trying to affect the election.

    — The republicans have done things like this before (Watergate, and Nixon’s dirty tricks unit, stealing both elections, etc.).

    === THEORY:

    Rove’s thugs did it. Their goal was to blame Obama’s supporters and again claim that Obama is pro-terrorist.


    — Prediction: All the fake anthrax turns out to have been sent to republican senators only, or republicans and just one democrat.

    — Prediction: Any future incidents will continue to occur either at a national institution or in a swing state, but never in a red or blue state.

    — Prediction: If a national news organization points out that all the targets were financial/republican, there will suddenly be attacks against democrats.

    — Prediction: The stamps on the fake anthrax letters will have no DNA under them (from saliva), indicating that whoever sent them is not just a disgruntled redneck, but is in fact extraordinarily sophisticated.

    — Prediction: the FBI will be unable to find who did any of these things, indicating that Rove was very, very careful to make it untraceable to him.

    — Prediction: If the FBI does find the guy, we says that it wasn’t his idea; someone suggested it to him. That “someone” will not just be a republican, but will have a history of actually doing things to support the party.

    — Prediction: These “terrorist” incidents will happen again before the election. In particular, more fake anthrax will be mailed even after the mailings are known by everyone to be fake.

    — Prediction: future incidents will be more visible and newsworthy as polls show McCain still way behind. They may involve bombings, airports, threats to a crowd instead if individuals, threats to children, etc. — anything that causes a gut-level emotional response of anger.

    — Prediction: Future incidents will become increasingly partisan. You might see notes left at the scene saying something like “Obama’s Warriors For The People did this”.

    — Prediction: Future incidents will all be things which could be done by an individual; they would not require a group conspiracy like 9/11. You will not see simultaneous bombings or hijackings, for instance. This is consistent with only Rove and two or three top people needing to know who’s behind it.

    — Prediction: The most extreme incident in this sudden wave of domestic terrorism will be on November 3.

    — Prediction: these incidents will stop after the election.

    — faye kane, homeless brain
    Read more of my smartmouth opinions at

  100. Why is the other eye starting to turn blue? Black-eyes always affect the other eye. She is a victim and everyone is ready to throw her to the dogs. What a great country we live in. Unbelievable!!!

  101. [re=146201]zirconia[/re]: Oh I so know what you mean. The “B” I noticed first because of how it is done backwards and the eye I noticed next. Once when I was younger I fell off the side of the road into a pretty deep shoulder because I wasn’t paying attention (a truck was coming on the road and I was watching them) and I banged myself up pretty bad. Being a right-handed person I fell naturally on my right side and my right eye got pretty beaten up. It was black and blue and swollen I couldn’t really see anything out of it. My lip got busted a lil bit too. I remember that always because I was so embarrassed and also my grandmother had me put a steak on my eye and a potato on my lip to help the swelling. This girl refused medical treatment because she supposedly doesn’t have health insurance. You could at least get seen about. I’m not familiar on whether or not the police pay for your medical examinations or not for instances like this.

  102. [re=146315]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: Exactly. And on her Youtube account she has a video where she is filming an African-American man and claiming he stole some signs from her. The video is pretty short and she doesn’t give specifics of her accusations. So it appears to me this girl is a racist.

  103. There is nothing you can do for a black-eye. Just put cold compresses on it. She probably did not see a doctor for that reason. Who knows, but it looks real to me. Of course I’m not a doctor or makeup artists like most people seem to think they are. I did not realize there are so many people that know so much about fake pictures. Amazing!!!

  104. [re=146810]Homeless Faye[/re]: You’re totally right about the knife v gun aspect of the robbery. A knife would take too long and most people aren’t afraid of a knife no matter how big it is. A gun is a total different story obviously. Plus the girl had a cell phone with her to where she was “blogging” on twitter so she apparently had a decent cell phone with at least a still camera on it to where she could’ve taken his picture. Especially in this day and age with Photobucket and Youtube and whatnot. Let’s say the story is true (which it isn’t): where’s the 911 call? I read some reports that said she went to a friends house after it happened. Did they call 911? If someone really attacked you are you going to let them go with your money and hurt other people? She later claimed that she was sexually assaulted so that’s another reason to call 911 after it happened. Maybe not tell about the sexual assault but you’d at least be in some decent physical pain to where you couldn’t drive perhaps.

  105. [re=146855]dianemac[/re]: Well hon I’m actually studying criminal justice and have been into this stuff for a good couple of yrs now. Look at her eyes. No swellness anywhere is there? Now why is that if she was beaten up so badly? Most victims who get beaten up get beat up really bad to where their eyes are swollen pretty bad. Bruises also have blue and later on have yellow. Where’s the blue in her eyes? The skin around your eye area is pretty sensitive. Oh and you don’t have to be an expert to know bruises. If you’ve had more than one in your life you know what they look like and you’ll never forget it for the obvious reason’s.

  106. By the way hon, she is a victim of this horrible society that we live in. If she is lying then she needs help. Why would she lie about getting beat up? It makes no sense. I could careless about her myspace or youtube crap, she is crying out for help and someone needs to help her. Have some compassion. Pfft, sounds like you need to be in a different field of work. I have had many bruises, you have no idea. Hon!

  107. I know I’m late to the comment party… but I thought I’d toss in this from a Pittsburgher:
    There is nooo one anywhere in Pittsburgh after sundown. No whites, no blacks, no cops, no right wing nuts cutting themselves for McCain. Nobody. Anywhere.
    And definitely no muggers with questionable political tactics.

  108. [re=146932]dianemac[/re]: You should care because it tells you more about who she is. Whether or not she’s a victim you should know about the person you’re talking about and their history. I’m sure investigators at this police station that’s handling the case are doing the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re interviewing people who know her. Fact is her story is unraveling and she keeps changing it. She failed a polygraph test. How often do you hear about police using polygraph tests now days? So if you want to know why a person would lie about getting beaten up you have to start with her background and to get a glimpse of who she is as a person. That’s why you should care. And there could be any reason why she would lie about getting beaten up. Could’ve been to impress a guy or an adult figure she looked up to and wanted to impress. That’s why you interview the suspect hon. Doy. This is all basic stuff you learn in “introduction to criminal justice.” Now is she crying out for help? I dunno. If she is than perhaps she does need help and to see the proper people for that. I’m sure the police has a therapist who can interview her. LOL sorry hon but you don’t get to decide what field of work I get to go into. I decide that and then my professors. If you’ve had many bruises than they must have been the same fake “bruise” as this girl. I bet you didn’t even really look at the picture to examine what’s there. And hon how do you explain the backwards “B”? Why not an “O”? That would’ve been faster. And look at the mark. There’s no type of indication of a scratch or anything like that. Sorry hon but you’re believing a punkass.

  109. Yes, I guess I just do not always see evil in every person as you do. I try to understand people and obviously she does need help. Its hard to imagine someone lying about that, but there are a lot of people that have lost all sense. What a shame that she now will be a joke for everyone to enjoy. Maybe she is just desperate to exploit the horrible people of this nation. Some people go to the extreme. But yes you are right and I was wrong. Pat yourself on the back.

  110. [re=147146]dianemac[/re]: Oh please. You were the one who was saying you didn’t care about her Myspace or Youtube or her Twitter etc. she has. Get real. You didn’t care PERIOD. All you wanted was to smear Senator Obama for this and now you’ve been punk’d. And yes I will pat myself on the back for two reason’s 1) It shows my studies have paid off 2) I used my skills I’ve learned thus far to see it’s a fake. Nice practice for the future. And as I said if she does need help I’m sure she can go under a therapist that works for the police. Get real and get off your holier than thou ass. You’re only fooling yourself.

  111. Oh and I also wanted to add dianemac if you went to her Youtube account you would’ve seen her video of her talking about an African-American man claiming he stole signs from her. Sorry I don’t think she’s disturbed. I think she’s a petty racist.

  112. Sorry, disturbed little homely McCainiac gets no sympathy from this brutha. Maybe if her psychosexualdrama (“He was black! And 6’4″! And wearing black! And he cut me! And pinned my arms! And fondled me! Can I have a towel?”) had involved, say, being assaulted by hedge fund managers (it was at an ATM, after all), then I’d give her the benefit of the doubt. As it is, she’s not just calling out the lynch mob in order to score political points. By crying wolf, she’s making life just a little harder for REAL assault victims. Why can’t she just cut her forearms and blog bad poetry like all the other twisted white girls?

    I remember in college my roommates had a party when I was out of town. After they went to bed, a couple of their friends busted in and stole the keg. When the police went to confront them, they claimed they had bought it from a couple of “Mexican-looking guys” on the street. I have as much sympathy for “this one” as I did for them.

    [re=146202]ApostolicIlx[/re]: Actually, white women being attacked by black men almost never happens outside the jungle-fevered fantasies of people who’ve watched Mandingo too many times. For the most part, white women get assaulted by white men (ever been to a frat party?), and black women get assaulted by black men. When interracial assault does happen, it’s usually in a relationship. Do some research.

  113. Everyone knows that criminals are conservatives! They definitely appreciate hard money and material possessions. (So Rumpole, anyway.)

    Zhu Bajie

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