Oh look it is your MSNBC friend Chris Matthews, with that dude Craig Ferguson who is very funny but we are asleep (drunk) by then. Matthews is talking about what it felt like to rape Michele Bachmann to death. “Squishy,” he says. “Precious bodily fluids.” Yuck. [Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson]

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  1. I’ve seen a bunch of clips of this guy Ferguson’s show and, honest to God, it was only recently that I realized that its’ not some talk show on the Australian Broadcasting Network. I guess I need to get out more… or stay in more… or something.

  2. I hate to admit my love for Chris Matthews, but here it is… I love him. He’s so nerdy and awkward. He almost always says the wrong thing. And yet when he is onto something, he’s amazing.

    He makes me miss the primaries…

  3. [re=145105]floraway[/re]: I’m right there with you. I secretly love him; it’s only the anonymity of the Internets that let me profess it. But, has anyone ever noticed how he looks like a totally different (read: flabby no-neck) person from the side view? It gives me the creeps.

  4. [re=145178]Gopherit[/re]: holy shit it’s crowded in here!!

    I also heart the pasty one, my friends. I get a little tingle in my leg when he talks about how great America is… it may be the hormones though… or the fact that I’ve been fixated on this fucking election since January.

  5. I watched this last night on the teevee (as I never miss my favorited Scotsman), and while I enjoyed the interview, Tweety’s inability to look at Craig and always at the camera like he’s programmed to was incredibly disconcerting.

  6. Matthews is talking about what it felt like to rape Michele Bachmann to death. “Squishy,” he says. “Precious bodily fluids.” Yuck.

  7. Wow, he certainly is self-satisfied. See, media, it can be fulfilling to be a real journalist! I hope they can remember to continue to do their jobs after the low-hanging fruit of this election cycle are gone.

  8. Do you realize that in addition to flouridating water, why, there are studies underway to flouridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk… ice cream. Ice cream, Wurzelbacher, children’s ice cream.

  9. [re=145079]Serolf Divad[/re]: I’m always a little amazed that American viewers have no discernible difficulty with Ferguson’s strong (if beautiful) Scots accent.

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