New York Times opinion editor Andrew Rosenthal lost all professional credibility when he hired “lightning rod conservative” Bill Kristol late last year and then — and then! — called Liberals “intolerant” for not accepting this “serious, respected conservative intellectual” as a particularly edifying addition. Well, Kristol’s one-year contract is almost up, and we’re amazed that Andrew Rosenthal still has a job. Any job. So what’s the fixin’ plan for 2009, Rosenthal? His answer: hire, uh, rock stars such as that U2 guy who cares about AIDS, The Bono.

Rosenthal told a crowd at elitist Columbia School of Journalism last night that he has hired Bono to write six to ten op-ed pieces for the New York Times in 2009 about, what, African poverty or whatever his hobby is. How 2004 is that?? We guess the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard and decorated Rhodes Scholar who already writes about that shit for the Times op-ed page, Nicholas Kristof, wasn’t addressing these issues well enough in his twice-weekly column. ENTER BONO.

Ken Layne just typed in our fancy editorial chatroom, “Everything has become a terrible dumb joke that we are supposed to take seriously.”

Rosenthal also made this terrible dumb joke: “The problem with conservative columnists is that many of them lie in print.” Ha ha!…??

He did not indicate what would become of Kristol after this year, or of the conservative representation on the op-ed page, but did note that he liked such journalists as Megan McArdle and Byron York. Ugh. Just hire Ross Douthat and get it over with.

‘Times’ Op-Ed Pages Hires Bono [Radar]

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  1. Ugh! Bono is a talentless hack who’s stolen millions of dollars perpetrating a fraud that somehow landed him on the “charitable humanitarian” list half a decade ago, and now the NYT cares what he thinks about politics?

    Can we just burn all the books in America already? I wish I was raised ignorant.

  2. So what’s the fixin’ plan for 2009, Rosenthal? His answer: hire, uh, rock stars such as that U2 guy who cares about AIDS, The Bono.</i?

    Translation: we (NYT) still haven’t found what we’re looking for…

  3. “He did not indicate what would become of Kristol after this year”. Ooh, ooh, ooh I have a suggestion. Hogtie him, stick a plugged in curling iron up his ass & then flee the scene. Problem solved.

  4. To counter this measure the Washington Post has just hired the Edge to write several editorials about the alternative energy industry in the third world and the Wall Street Journal has added Ted Nugent to its roster of editorial writers. Sure they may have a hard time distinguishes exactly what he’s written since it will most likely be written in sheep’s blood on a deer carcass.

  5. I love the story about when Bono called Captain Beefheart to invite him to do a track on “Rattle and Hum” and the Captain hung up on him because he had no idea who the fuck Bono was.

  6. Bono hate seems to be a widespread, cross-cultural phenomenon. I don’t get it…seems like there would be better people to hate on than a middle-aged Irish rock star who spends his spare time getting nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and stuff.

  7. It’s not Bono in particular, it’s having a rock star write for the NYT. Ok, ok, I suppose Krugman is an economist, which is essentially the same, but…

  8. Hey, being a teenager from the 1980’s I like U2. I also like Van Halen. That doesn’t mean I want to read about what Diamond Dave thinks about the patriot act.

  9. If the NYT doesn’t hire Ken Layne (ie easily one of the best bearded writers in the Mojave desert), I am going to send a crystalline white powd{#`%${%&`+’${`%&NO CARRIER

  10. Slightly OT, but Bible Spice must truly be ushering in the apocalypse … and not in a good way for her & Walnuts.

    Montana Poll: Obama 44%, McCain 40%

  11. [re=144928]NotNotLickingToads[/re]: Highly overrated ‘rocker’ who’s pretentious-ness is enought o make me punch him on sight. He’s a hack.

  12. Wait a minute! Bill Kristol is what passes for a “serious, respected conservative intellectual”?
    What was the Mike Royko line? Sort of like being the tallest midget in the circus.

  13. I got nothing against Bono. His apparent faux-Messiah-ness does mean that, when he goes to Africa to “lay hands upon the many unwashed,” people actually pay attention to what’s happening there.

    But, yeah. I wanna see Jello write for the NYT. “Don’t hate the media… BECOME the media!” Done and done.

  14. [re=144917]StrangelyBrown[/re]: I’m glad SOMEONE is scouring the intertubes to keep a proper score for Cocktober. I think now it’s USA 3, Euros 1. USA! USA! USA!

  15. [re=144958]FMA[/re]: “Wait a minute! Bill Kristol is what passes for a “serious, respected conservative intellectual”?”

    Sarah Palin is what “passes” in Conservative society for all of those things.

  16. [re=144953]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I think Cyndi Lauper would make a fabulous Style Editor (or at least an interesting one).

    I love U2. Rawr.

  17. I remember reading several years back that Bono installed an $8 million dollar
    pool at one of his homes.

    That kind of soured me on Mr. Vox and his charity gig.

  18. [re=144982]SwanSwanH[/re]: I’m confused by your vocabulary modification of my words, but happy for any attention I can get.

    Rest assured, however, that it’s a hard choice as to whose pompous, self-important musings on the world I’d like to read least Bill the Bloody’s or bloody Bono’s.

  19. Everyone needs to relax. Bono is awesome. Don’t take this out on him — take it out on the NYT. I doubt he was knocking down their door to write an op-ed column…

  20. I always liked Bono’s remarks in Paris at the MTV music awards after the French resumed nuclear testing: “What a city! What a night! What a crowd! What a bomb! What a mistake! What a wanker you have for a President!”

  21. He’s gotta be better than Dick Cavett!! (???) Has anyone anywhere ever clicked one single link to that guy’s postings or columns or whatever they are called (and yes, this is not a joke, they are on the New York Times online op-ed page).

  22. What are the chances that Bono’s take on a world situation is more stimulating than the same old prose from a Kissinger or Brzezinski? Pretty good odds. Just as Emo’s take on Bono should be primo — and wouldn’t Emo be loverly in the NYT? He could write one-line columns.

  23. I hear Drudge might be looking for work, maybe they can take him, especially if he brings along his fucking police strobe….that could really jazz up the NYT

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