Nutty baby farmer and commie hunter Michele Bachmann just blabbed her way out of GOP ad buys in Minnesota!

Bachmann went on Hardball last week and called everybody a liberal Marxist black anti-American, which for some reason was shocking. (This is how she talks every day.) But whatever the reason Friday’s tirade got noticed, the end result was a million dollars in campaign contributions for her Democratic opponent, Elvish Whistlepeep, who will probably win her House seat now, ha ha, although nobody knows for sure because it is apparently very difficult to do a quick poll in Minnesota’s 6th District.

Anyway, according to Sam Stein at the Huffington Post, the National Republican Congressional Committee has yanked its media buying in Michelle’s district! They’ve washed their hands of Batshit Bachmann!

Two sources aware of ad buys in Minnesota say that the National Republican Congressional Committee is pulling its media purchases from Bachmann’s race. If true, it is a remarkable fall for a congresswoman who, until recently, seemed relatively safe in her predominantly conservative district. The race had become closer in recent days — the NRCC had transferred funds from Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) to Bachmann a little over a week ago.

Oh, and we took this picture at the Republican convention last month, in St. Paul, and have been waiting for the Perfect Time to use it on Wonkette.

GOP Pulling Its Ads From Bachmann’s Race, Media Buyers Say [HuffPo]

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  1. Damn elitist media filters and lefties took her comments out of context and totally misunderstood her, thanks to that awful Hairball man. Now Ellie Weewee is going to be in Congress and it’s JUST NOT FAIR!

  2. [re=143587]spencer[/re]: AHAHAHAHHAHAH! And then they poured baby oil into a child’s wading pool and practiced their greco-roman wrestling while chanting “DRILL BABY DRILL!”

  3. Whoa, the Republican party has something against McCarthy-like techniques in general and ‘Batshit Bachmann’ in particular? It’s a new world.

  4. [re=143603]magic titty[/re]: Don’t forget “gay.”
    [re=143589]Uncle Al[/re]: I took five or six shots, because Sara & I were mentioning how good she looked, but every shot showed the Crazy instead of the Pretty.
    [re=143597]Datsun510[/re]: Exactly. A half-dozen shots, and they were all scary.

  5. This is an outrage. First we lost our Kitty Harris, now Michelle Bachmann. Sarah Palin already has her ice floe picked out. Don’t you people realize that after this election, there’s a good chance we won’t have any batshit-crazy-for-Jesus ladies left in positions of power? America’s greatest natural resource — squandered and lost. For shame.

    What on earth will we have to snark about then? Do we just close up the Wonkette? Or will we be reduced to meaningful policy debates over President Barry’s tax plan, like the Economist with dick jokes?

    A terrifying future indeed. But at least we still have that race war to look forward to…

  6. Yo, folks. You should know there are HIDDEN MESSAGES embedded in the photos Wonkette is posting. Take the LIFE magazine cover w/Tina Fey and McWalnuts from 2004. Run your cursor over the photo and you’ll see it pop up. No kidding. And Hopey, just below, with holes in his soles… another HIDDEN MESSAGE. Now either Wonkette is AWARE of this and encouraging such mischief or the webmeister is having some fun. It has been noted here by MISTAHCOUGHDROP.

  7. Serolf: I think they just dumped her because she wasn’t into little boys… just guessing… wait, that would be cool… going around again… someone stop me….

  8. Can you imagine being El Tinklenberg’s finance manager or whatever starting on Friday?

    You call up the candidate…

    “Yeah, um, El, we’ve just received $100,000 from 600 out-of-state donors in the last 45 minutes.”

  9. John Cole came up with “Bachmann Traitor Overdrive” to describe the loony congresswoman’s Hardball appearance. I knew there was a BTO pun in there, but couldn’t come up with it myself; best leave the heavy lifting to the pros, I guess.

  10. So the GOP’s plan of spreading their agenda using attractive females isn’t working either?
    Oh well, back to the jowly, self-satisfied white guys.

  11. It’s like that time on Melrose Place that Heather Locklear’s character ‘disguised’ herself by dying her hair, so she could break in to someone’s apartment and steal… Yeah, all right, ‘crazy’ will do.

  12. [re=143657]Scarab[/re]: I’d actually prefer the smug prickbags…well….
    Oh god. They all suck.
    I can’t wait until this election is over and so I can never turn to Fox News again (I have to keep track of the mendacity).

  13. [re=143668]problemwithcaring[/re]: That would be good, but what sort of HIDDEN MESSAGE will Wonkette unleash on such a photo?

    By the way, listening to Tom Sullivan on Faux News Radio right now, an interview with Rick Davis revealed that, according to Davis ” Palin pulls in as many people to her rallies as Obama does.” Tom went, “Uh huh. Always a pleasure having you on Rick Davis.”

    I e mailed Tom Sullvan the photo of Hopey in St Louis last week. I encourage you to do the same:

  14. Don’t everyone get your hopes up. She’s not going anywhere. I have an uncle in her district and they are all rightwing nutcases. They’re probably LOVING what she said, because it’s TRUE!

  15. [re=143676]MISTAHCOUGHDROP[/re]: Okay. Listen. Here’s the thing. The “hidden messages” of which you speak are called “Alternate Text”. It is simple. If you’re using a PC just right click the picture. Now click “properties”. You will see this. Wonkette has been doing this for years. On those rare occasions when they mistakenly post a picture of Larry Craig without a rollover pop-up of “wide stance” commenters will cry things like, “bring back alt text”. This is a long and time-honored Wonkette tradition. Welcome to Wonkette. Now you get it. I hope they haven’t banned you already.

  16. All 7 and we’ll watch them fall.

    [re=143726]whiteasasheet[/re]: Alas, they’ll all be traveling on the same ticket when the Rapture comes. Or Raptor or whatever.

  17. [re=143698]whatever_dc[/re]: If we have to rely on KBH for our batshit crazy, we’re in real trouble. I mean, she’s an Episcopalian for fuck’s sake!

  18. Don’t speak it away
    Don’t look at it like it’s forever
    Between you and me
    I could honestly say
    That things can only get dumber

    And while on TV
    Bring out the crazee inside
    And it won’t be long
    Before you’re dumped and run
    To the place for big losers
    Where careers die

    And I guess that’s why
    They call her to lose
    Time on your hands
    Could be time spent with you
    Whining like children
    Lying like losers
    Yelling loud blunders ’bout the brothers
    And I guess that’s why
    They call her to lose

  19. [re=143754]Ken Layne[/re]: Well, a NOT HIDDEN MESSAGE from Wonketteer Mr. Ken Layne! Holy Smokes! Yes, yes, I’ve mastered the Internets and as per your suggestion, ordered the CD ROM for the VIDEO PROFESSOR and the FREE $10.

    Maybe a little over the top on the LIFE photo, although the photo itself was an excellent find. Keep wonking,



  20. [re=143736]NoWireHangers[/re]: Mr. NoWireHangers, No, I don’t think I’ve been banned…but I do use a Mac, so that might get me pushed off this ship! Didn’t notice it until today. Thnx for point that alt text thing out to me. After I lost $10K in the market, it’s a successful day after all!

  21. [re=143668]problemwithcaring[/re]: OMG – I meant that for [re=143628]StrangelyBrown[/re]: Seems I am as bad with tehse internetz as MISTACOUGHDROP over here.

  22. I like that picture. She was clearly smoking an Eve cigarette, saw the photographer- or Jeebus- watching, and quickly hid it into her mouth.

  23. Michelle ma belle, c’est inutile et cela fait perdre du temps — perdre du temps.

    Vous etes stupide, etes stupide, etes stupide!

    blah blah blah

    blah blah…

  24. Those of you in other timezones, and in the Eastern timezone at 7, tune in to Tweety. He not only mentions Batshit losing her bucks, but he almost makes Nancy Pooperdoopen cry. A classic.

  25. No. No. No. And No.

    First they took Kitty, then Bachmann, now Palin? We are burning through the crazy wingnut pretties at an alarming rate. Wonkette, you’d best find some new ones.

  26. [re=143636]The Cold Sea[/re]: You gheys, now, stop it! Frat boys do not want to be fucked by you. Well, not all of them, and they need to be reeelly, reeelly drunk first.

  27. Dudes really want to fuck Bachman and Palin? There is an insect called a tarantula hawk that paralyzes the giant spider, lays an egg in it, then the spawn sucks out the insides of the spider. I think these vacuous republican women are the human form of tarantula hawk. Please steer clear if you value your insides:
    “Once the egg hatches, the tiny grub, initially connected to the spider by the tip of its tail, bends over, attaches its head and begins to suck. It continues sucking until its final moult. It then rips open the spider’s abdomen, thrusts its head and part of the thorax inside, and “feeds ravenously,” as one entomologist described it. As one might hope, even for a spider, the tarantula at this point is finally dead.”

  28. I thought it was Elvoid Tinklespiel, er, Alwire Tanglebrush, ur, Ebay Tingletoes — anyway, I would be more comfortable if this woman blinked more than annually. Are we sure she isn’t the Duchess of Stepford?

  29. I do so hate to go all serious underneath the second funniest photo I’ve seen on this site (the first was also Ms. Bachmann … the one that looked like she had removable eyes) but I think it’s time to do quiet celebration over the fact that when these wingnuts launch one of these public sputtering rants it’s now backfiring on them. Ten years ago it was working for them, and they don’t seem to be able to shift gears. Probably because they’re crazy. As soon as I watched the video clip of her raving lunacy on Hardball I went to ActBlue and contributed to our Elfin friend. Imagine my astonishment when I found that quite a few others had the same knee-jerk Liberal reaction.

  30. The Shit Demon is going DOWN! Not even her orc-hordes can save her now, look they’re all fallng into the opening fissures in the ground. And ….why do I see giant eagles?

  31. [re=143922]Rusty Shackleford[/re]:

    I see green screen…blingee too
    I see em bloom…for me and for you
    And I think to myself…what a wonderful world.

  32. I see a future fucking Doctor Who two-parter out of this debacle. David Tennant travels to an alternate Earth where Palin and Bachman are christofascist rulers of a global empire. They both wear the retro crimson leather Thriller shit and have KJV bibles as their shoulder boards. To defeat them he must engage in a threesome, err, foursome, along with a semi-corporeal Rose Tyler decked out in SS regalia. This is too much for the good doctor and he fails in his performance, dying, and then regenerating into the eleventh doctor, Pat Buchanan. The show will then take on a more fascist tone and everything British about it will be swept away.

  33. Bachmann the Crazy Queen of MN-6 is close to doing the impossible: losing a solid GOP congressional district to someone named Erlberm Hincklehorner or whatever. I sent money to Erlmerg Tinkerbell, but it would not really be a bad thing to keep this death camp woman guard around for another two years, just to provide us with some laughs. Pelosi can assign her a new office down behind the furnace.

  34. You know how you’re at a cafe or somewhere and this woman walks in and she looks, well, yummy, she’s got that fetching curve to her lips that suggests mischief of the best kind, and there’s that lithe, lean body, “pneumatic” as my grandpa would say when we went out for penny candies without grandma, and you want to sidle up to her (grandpa’s words) and make idle conversation, hoping that just maybe you’ll hit the Love Lotto and she’ll get that forbidden glint in her eyes…

    …and then she opens her mouth and it’s like an Arctic blast of skin-peeling pain, the shrill cackling of a sewer witch, and your teeth start to itch and you get the jimmylegs and your bladder swells and you have to talk louder to your friend, like fingers to the ears and LA LA LA, LA LA LA, to drown out the nails-on-chalkboard misery, and you can’t even look at your bud because you’re both humiliated to be in the same room with her and ashamed this she-troll could ever have been an object of your desire, however autonomic and fleeting?

    It’s like that.

  35. [re=144080]druranium[/re]: My restraint was due in large part to your mini-treatise on the tarantula hawk, for which I thank YOU. In fact, I think your write-up should be mandatory reading at those pre-nuptial counseling sessions the fundie churches do. Could help reduce the number of unwanted GOP nutwad babies.

  36. [re=143628]StrangelyBrown[/re]: You know, I agree. Will they ever run out of brunette “hoors” to push the agenda in a penetrating, bipartisan way? IDON’TTHINKSOOOOOOO.

    Can I get a witness

  37. [re=143778]sezme[/re]: I am old and forgetful. I knew if I threw it out there SOMEBODY ELSE would set me straight. Thank you for your help. I would be glad to duel tomorrow, after I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

  38. After losing the upcoming election, Bachman goes on to co-star with Katherine Harris in “Batshit crazy Ex-Congresswomen Go Wild” on location during Spring Break in Cancun, where they win the human taco contest.

  39. Ann Coulter, Nancy Reagan, Marilyn Quale, Ms Moosefart, Peggy Noonan- The list goes on.

    I know I’ve said this before, but it warrants repeating:

    The Republican Party produces some scary wimminz. (It’s really not surprising that so many of their menfolk develop teh wide stance…)

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