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Meanwhile, Barack Obama Walks Holes In His Shoes, Then Re-Soles Them

Piano roll blues, danced holes in my shoes, There weren't another other way to be ...Alaskan anger bear Sarah Palin is such a real pro-America American that her klan rally outfits cost $150,000 — to go with her $4,000 haircuts. And she didn’t even pay for this fortune of couture herself, as she depends on the government and the RNC for such corporate welfare. Barack Obama, on the other hand, is a salt-of-the-earth true human who humbly campaigns by foot across the real real America, in these shoes, which he wears down to nothing and then get resoled like a good hard-working Depression era young man with big dreams and humble means. [Callie Shell/Aurora via DailyKos]

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  1. NoWireHangers

    He’s a poor boy,
    Empty as a pocket
    Empty as a pocket with nothing to lose
    Sing Ta na na
    Ta na na na
    She got diamonds on the soles of her shoes…

  2. Gopherit

    He should take a page from the McCain Campaign book and spend a few thousand dollars on Italian loafers.

  3. MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend

    He’s also wearing that same suit he always wears. Remember when his kids ragged on him for having a 10 year old belt? Haha, he’s poor!

  4. Neon Trotsky

    Come on now, I really enjoyed Governor Palin’s vintage “Grand Dragon” brooch–it was totally worth the splurge!

  5. Doglessliberal

    [re=143078]problemwithcaring[/re]: I am with you. There really can be no alternative to that outcome.

  6. TGY

    Shit, dammit. It’s a good thing I’m in the tank, or I’d go back into the tank all over again.

    Uh. Whatever.

    He’s like me: thin. Our feet are so arched that they eat through the soles of our shoes. Or, as Joe Biden would say, eat, literally, eat through the soles. Chomp.

  7. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Humble pie?

    Oh…humble means.

    Don’t mind me, I gotta wait 10 more minutes for lunch, and I’m starvin’.


  8. Lascauxcaveman

    Back in my office-worker-suit&tie days I had some really great cap toes I resoled about 4 times. Those wet Seattle sidewalks rip up a leather sole in a hurry. But new leather soles on a really great looking pair of comfortable shoes: priceless.

    So I know what Barry’s going through, at least in shoe department. You will not catch me dead in a pair of McCain’s old-man mall-walkers.

  9. JeffGoldblum

    I love Barry as much as the next elitist liberal Jew, but you all know that as soon as he’s off work he’s wearing socks with sandals and some khaki shorts, maybe with a fanny pack as well. Dude’s a nerd.

  10. TGY

    [re=143050]NoWireHangers[/re]: Also, good call. That song has been on my mind recently, as has a lot of Paul Simon’s ‘African Rhythm’ stuff.

  11. Datsun510

    I love this guy. But I have become so cynical that I must push back the poison thought that he put his feet up so the soles could be photographed, then changed shoes later.

    I phone-bank and canvas for Obama. I believe in him. I’m just sick to death the campaign.

  12. TGY

    [re=143083]Min[/re]: AhahAHahA, dieplz. No, that was a great and awful pun and I’ve filed it for future use.

  13. ManchuCandidate

    I used to laugh at the man who sold $520 Italian Loafers till I saw the Republican who wore them.

  14. jagorev

    The pictures on that Callie Shell page are beautiful. I am going to have them all printed out and framed for my Obama shrine.

  15. DarkSynergy

    I can’t tell you how relieving it is to see pictures like these out for all to see. The man is humble, courteous, well mannered and simply decent. He will be in Indiana tomorrow and I can’t wait to go see him.

  16. CrunchyKnee

    Poor Barry Hoooosain, he has to carry his Koran in his bindle like we common socialist hobos that hate America.

  17. gradgrind

    Wow — where’d he find Adlai’s shoes (and photographer and PR guy), at a terrist tag sale?! All he needs now is the stovepipe hat. Accessories make the Real American — if you don’t believe me, ask Sarah’s personal shopper.

  18. MrAgro

    You think about it though and what kind of Average American re-soles their shoes? Are there even places you can get that done any longer? The AA just drives their pickup truck over to Wal-Mart and buys another pair for $10.

  19. Gopherit

    [re=143109]grendel[/re]: That was prior to complete republican douchebaggery. I think Eisenhower’s granddaughter wants to pee in Grampy’s Ensure.

  20. Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Little known fact: Barack Obama has raised all his campaign funds by selling apples for 5 cents each out of his bindle.

  21. freakishlystrong

    Maybe he should take Cindy up on her offer to “walk in her shoes”, at least he doesn’t have the cankles…

  22. Special Agent Jack Mehoff

    If Barack Obama is such a devout Muslin, then why does he cut holes in the bottom of his shoes in order to be closer to the Devil?

  23. Lemming Caution

    [re=143078]problemwithcaring[/re]: I want him to win, but it will be a very weird experience to have a giant crush on the President.

  24. magic titty

    This reminds of that scene in “Glory” when the men of the 54th regiment didn’t have proper shoes.

  25. Baconcat

    Dear God,
    I know we haven’t talked much and I only seem to call you to hit you up for stuff, and I totally missed your son’s birthday, but I have a favor to ask and it’s a bit selfish, ’cause I’ll admit, I really like the guy and all, but please, please, please keep the whackadoos away from Obama and try and protect him. It would have the added benefit of sparing you some embarassment, since the deranged lunatics intent on harming this guy seem to think they’re doing it in your name.

    Thanks again, and I love what you’ve done with mammals! The fur thing is really cool and hands-down way funner than scales and feathers.


  26. magic titty

    Hmmm. John McCain said today that homeowners were innocent bystanders in a Wall Street and Washington “drive-by shooting”.

    Is this more GOP code-wording?

  27. CorkPopper

    [re=143117]MrAgro[/re]: Depends on whether you think Average Americans can live in NYC. There’s a shoe shine/shoe repair here every three blocks…hoofing it around the city really puts a hurtin’ on those soles. And I loves me a lunch hour shine of my high shiny black boots…so relaxing. A little tricky in short skirts, though, with that shoe shine guy positioned at your feet.

  28. Datsun510

    [re=143137]Baconcat[/re]: I’m an atheist, and this is perfect. Obama and his supporters need blessings from whereever they come.

  29. TeddyS

    Uppity just picked those old shoes up at the thrift store for a photo op. The One plays basketball with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright while wearing $950,000 Air Pump Negro, Muslim-Marxist, Koran-Proletariat, High-Hop, Bluetooth sneakers paid for by the Democrat Potty.

  30. WadISay

    [re=143112]DarkSynergy[/re]: [re=143137]Baconcat[/re]: Yeah. I saw Michelle when she was in town. The rally began with a prayer, which was interrupted repeatedly for applause and cheers–gotta love it. Her message and the tone of the whole thing was totally positive. Zero visible security, though–I could have walked in with an AK-47, ugh.

  31. ZombieRichardFeynman

    My father-in-law was a project manager at Lockheed for Star Wars. He had shoes just a tad more worn that that, and he said he used to enjoy distracting people who were giving status reports. He’d inspect the bottom of his shoe, then choose a piece of paper or business card to insert. All while the poor person giving the report was trying to stay on task.

    Clothing picks up your vibe over time. It’s always been frustrating for me that just about the time an item gets truly comfortable is also the time the last threads holding it together give way.

  32. glamourdammerung

    [re=143117]MrAgro[/re]: It is not hard to find people to resole shoes and boots. Unless now using a phone book is “elitist” too.

  33. One Yield Regular

    I bet Sarah Palin has a pair of shoes like that, but they’re intentionally “distressed” $2000 pumps from Neiman Marcus.

    [re=143137]Baconcat[/re]: Lovely.

  34. Not_So_Much

    [re=143112]DarkSynergy[/re]: Actually, I believe he will be en route to Hawaii tomorrow to see his ailing Grandmother.

    But, what with the super powers and all, he may be in Indiana too.

  35. Ilikepigeons

    [re=143148]magic titty[/re]: absolutely! first all those welfare black gang people robbed wall
    street and then went in to the real america to shoot innocent good hard working folks who were
    actually paying their mortgages.

    Is Colin Powell bloods or crips?

  36. Gliblord

    Those are actually bulletholes. Obama is so collected he barely looked up from top secret sheet of looseleaf when the gunmen broke down the door. Then the secret service wrestled the attackers down and ate them.

  37. Doglessliberal

    [re=143154]CorkPopper[/re]: there’s a great shoe repair place in Alexandria, too, right in the posh Old Town area. They do an indredible job for a few bucks. The place smells marvelous, too.

  38. problemwithcaring

    [re=143137]Baconcat[/re]: SrS! There was a loud bang during his National Security press availability this morning and for a scary second or two there all I could think was GET YO HAND OUTTA MY POCKET NIGGA!….The shits getting real, folks!

  39. Doglessliberal

    [re=143224]bago[/re]: though the phone book is great to have when the power goes out, so you can use your old fashioned landline princess phone (because the super fancy phone dies when the power dies and you don’t want to use up the power on your cells) to look up the numner and call the Virginia Power and report the outage.

  40. jagorev

    [re=143154]CorkPopper[/re]: There’s no Wal-Mart in NYC, so obviously it’s not a part of real America.

  41. BruceLee5000

    Those holes are from when Pontious Pilate nailed him to the cross. He has the same kind on his wrists. He puts his cufflinks through them.

  42. Crazybroad

    [re=143109]grendel[/re]: I know, I had the same thought as soon as I hit “post.” [Tossing salt over shoulder, rubbing rabbit’s foot, searching for four leaf clovers, promising to work an extra to hours phone-banking for Obama this weekend…]

  43. aleks

    As opposed to Northern Exposure Barbie, whose shoes rarely touch the ground as she is carried around on a golden throne by two moose and two plumbers.

  44. NYNYNY

    The McPal team said today that they always planned to bring all of the clothes back to the stores after the election and complain that they all had previous stains and then get store credit and use it for clothes for future campaigns and so on until they were banned from Neiman Marcus.

  45. Baconcat

    [re=143233]problemwithcaring[/re]: Oooh, yeah, let’s hope the Secret service handles it better than Malcolm’s own guys did. I imagine they are tightening things up. Just remember, for every 1 agent you see, there’s 5 you don’t.

    Thanks for the compliment, guys. Here’s to hope.

  46. KristaJulieva

    This is such a precise echo of (egg-headed loser/liberal hero) Adlai Stevenson it makes me think it was photoshopped by some Obama (detractor/booster) with way too much time on their hands.

  47. lawrenceofthedesert

    The visual comparison to another Illinois pol, Adlai Stevenson (who ran unsuccessfully for President against Ike, boys and girls), is a valid one as far as intellectual ability. However, Obama is a much more skilled campaigner than the somewhat stiff, cerebral Stevenson was (the famous photo of Adlai was an attempt to give him a common touch he seemed to lack).

    Any pseudo-working class sheen to Mooselini Palin vanished with her jaunt to Needless Markup. What a colossally dumb choice for veep!

    And McCain’t is no Ike or Colin Powell; he ain’t even Westmoreland, sad to say. I wish more Presidential campaigns could offer us a choice between two people as qualified and decent as Ike and Adlai were.

    I’ve got a pair of penny loafers on their third set of soles — SO comfy.

  48. PentagonBookkeeper

    [re=143091]Neon Trotsky[/re]: His father was a secret shoemaker, cause you know what they say about their kids.

    I can’t believe this photo has made me love him even more.

  49. paolaccio

    You keep saying this “re-soled.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

    If he had new soles on his shoes… then there wouldn’t be, like, holes in them.

  50. bluebrazos

    Ha! This picture guides us to his true identity, one letter at a time.


  51. PentagonBookkeeper

    “In Oakland, the police will deploy extra units trained in riot control, as well as extra traffic police, and even put SWAT teams on standby.” Sounds very familiar.

    If anyone doesn’t know what’s going on in Colorado Springs, please link to this:
    “Despite conspiracy theories that this could be a first step toward martial law in the U.S., there won’t be tanks on Main Street or active-duty troops putting down demonstrations. That is barred by federal law banning the military from being used on U.S. soil for domestic law enforcement.”

  52. donner_froh

    [re=143093]Datsun510[/re]: No kidding. I love Obama and have been canvassing in a (soon to be formerly) wealthy area of the Detroit for Gary Peters who may beat a Repuglican Congressman who makes McCain look young and energetic but I would be happy if this election was held tomorrow and the campaign was finished.

  53. problemwithcaring

    [re=143281]KristaJulieva[/re]: The wonkiest among us can’t help spoiling it for the Hopester upstarts, can’t we? Well, there was also this:

    “In an interview with entertainment channel Access Hollywood, the daughters of the Democratic presidential candidate laugh at the idea that their father has become a fashion pin-up, pointing to his 10-year old trousers, his worn-out shoes and “that belt”.

    Sitting on the ground with his wife and daughters, Mr Obama tells viewers he is “baffled by this whole thing myself, because I hate to shop”. His wife Michelle adds: “I think it’s funny he is involved in this fashion icon stuff because those pants he has owned for about 10 years, and that belt is a little worn too, and don’t even pan down to the shoes because we talked about getting new shoes.”

    I prefer to believe TuTu just taught her Barry well, and leave it at that.

  54. Nottingham'

    Reagan was amazingly ‘caught out’ doing this sort of thing as well in 1980, I recall. It’s funny how it’s always the shoes that get frayed, isn’t it? As opposed to the crotch of one’s trousers being ripped, or a piss stain.

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