This is like when somebody says “you can’t underestimate the importance of thing X” when they are trying to suggest that in fact you can’t overestimate the importance of that thing, it is so very important. Only this is worse times a million, because John McCain says in two different ways that his proud Western Pennsylvanian supporters are racist rednecks. (The crowd, to their credit, gives a collective “Whaaa?”) Then he makes up for it by saying, twice, that the region is so very patriotic. FETCH THIS GENTLEMAN A PILLOW AND A GLASS OF WARM MILK. [YouTube]

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  1. Obama. Ha! The drug addict! The wounded soldier snubber! The celebrity! The terrorist! The whitey hater! The Muslim! The liberal! The wealth redistributor! The Socialist! The Marxist! The Communist! The anti-American! The election stealer!

    What’d I leave out?

  2. [re=142672]ph7[/re]:

    Undressing for her husband? How many years do you think it’s been since she’s done THAT? Girlfriend lives out west and McCain lives in DC.

  3. In paraphrase: “I couldn’t disagree more than to agree with you that I disagree in agreement that Pennsylvania is the most [and here’s the best part] FU@%..patriotic part of the country…”

    I think he was about to say the F-word — anyone agree?

  4. This is totally unfair… the guy’s like 102 years old and senile and was probably wetting his Depends when he said that. You shouldn’t laugh at old people like that. One day you too will be 102 years old standing outside your Ziggarut giving a speech while running for president of UR of Chaldea and totally get confused about whether you are supposed to hate of like your supporters.

  5. Is it just me or has Cindy gotten scarier as the campaign has gone on? She was attractive in a brittle WASPY kind of way. With her new wavy ‘do, she’s looking like a scarecrow.

  6. It’s an honest disagreement if you can’t agree where disagreement about agreeing to disagree might be disagreeable to some, especially when patriotism and God-lovingness are being considered within the patriotic, God-loving framework of agreement over what constitutes patriotic God-loving behavior. I thing we can all agree on that point, if only to be agreeably agreeable. Maybe you disagree.

    Seriously, how do you go through such an elaborate set-up only to fuck up the joke that badly? This is the wit that dazzled the US press corps? Do any of these motherfuckers EVER get laid? Because their entertainment threshold seems to be set on “retard.”

  7. I could not disagree more with our editors for posting this video clip. Their agreement with the Senator who is disagreeing with the Obama supporters as to the patriotism and God lovingness of Western Pennsylvania, is obvious and I agree wholeheartedly with them.

  8. They put Cindy so close behind him so whenever he glitches up like that she can hit his back until he starts functioning properly again. If you don’t get him on track quickly enough, you have to take out his cartridge and blow on it before reinserting.

    /not a dick joke.

  9. The best part was the confusion of the audience when they were uncertain about clapping and cheering for being called racist bastards by McCan’t….oops fergot my hood dagnabit.

  10. It’s true. Every Obama supporter I know just spends a;; their time talking about how they love God more than western PA does. It’s starting to get on my nerves, really.

  11. [re=142690]Mr Blifil[/re]: Seriously, how do you go through such an elaborate set-up only to fuck up the joke that badly? Easy. You just spend years of your life saying things that are totally illogical to pander to people that you don’t even like that much. This ensures that your speech will be filled with Freudian slips and embarrassing brain farts like, “My wife is a cunt.” and “I agree that you are a racist supporter of my racist campaign.”

  12. Free Cindy! She wants brunch. She wants her afternoon facial. She misses Miguel the pool boy and his talented hands. She missed Bryant Park. Free Cindy! Those Vicodin aren’t going to eat themselves. Free Cindy!

  13. [re=142684]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Poor Cindy, if she’s not high to the eyeballs, she should be.

    This is like when somebody says “you can’t underestimate the importance of thing X” when they are trying to suggest that in fact you can’t overestimate the importance of that thing

    You confuse me. Are you trying to say that you can misoverestimate the importance of a thing?

  14. Also, the woman to the left of him has the sublimity of hotness. I bet she’s a paid cheerleader, as she doesn’t fit the requirements to go to a McCain rally.

  15. Why does anyone standing in a photo with Walnuts immediately look crazy and a bit stupid?

    I’d like to see those people in separate photos to study if Walnuts has some kind of crazyness/stupidity magnifying effect. (And if the same subjects are standing next to Caribou Barbie how does this impact the effect?)

    I smell a great PhD thesis for you students out there…

  16. Hey, Pittsburgh! McCorpse hates the Steelers, Palin hates the Penguins, and Cindy wants to buy out PBC and close it’s doors. Remember, Repubs think the sons and daughters of steelworkers are dirt, like their parents.

  17. [re=142739]TGY[/re]: Of course, that was the first thing I noticed. The second thing was that she has brown skin and nipples (my favorite). Yeah, she’s a plant.

  18. [re=142675]Q2[/re]:

    Just a shot in the dark here .. but uh:

    The fact that Obama is in fact the antithesis of your inane babbling;
    The President of the UNITED States; and
    Uh … any relevancy your slander has in respect to your Overlord’s lurve of rabid racists?
    Call me!

  19. [re=142758]el_chupacabra[/re]: Mr. McCain, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  20. [re=142684]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I was thinking the same thing. And I don’t think she looks very healthy. Granted, she may just be sick of this campaign…

  21. I also love how easy it is to trick mouth breathers as long as you’re a Republican:

    “I hate you all!”
    “Erm, I mean I hate you and my opponent hates–”
    “I mean that I hate that I love you so much!”
    “I mean that, my friends.”
    USA! USA! USA!

  22. [re=142689]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: It’s not just Percoset, although I’m sure she’s tossing ’em back. If I had to campaign like this poor bitch does, *I’D* be snarfing down las drogas like William S. Burroughs.

    Damn. Watch it with the sound off. Cindy looks tired and sad and angry. Quietly seething. She hates John McCain, she hates all these odoriferous stupid rednecks, and she *really* hates the fact that she’s put up with this assbag and his shitty temper for all these years, and *she’s not even going to get to be First Lady* ’cause he fucked it up.

    Way up.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the McCain household on November 5th.

  23. The cute Asian/South Sea Islander chick is a *lot* more animated about John and his speech than Cindy is.

    I’m guessing that was the one cute girl at the entire rally, which is why they put her up on the podium.

  24. So Senator McCain, are you saying that Western Pennsylvania is more patriotic than your home state of Arizona?? Hmmmmm?

    Cindy claps at the end the way an asshole baseball dad claps for his kid after he fouls of a pitch after whiffing on the first 12.

  25. [re=142672]ph7[/re]:

    Are you kidding? When their anniversary comes up Cindy takes two Percoset and washes it down with some Thorazine. By the time citizen/sailor McCain is done, Cindy is still in the middle of her plantation dreams with teh swarthy coloredz. In John’s defense, he’s thinking about Palin the entire time. Todd Palin…he is a Republican after all.

  26. [re=142902]Vewol Mevemont[/re]:

    I really didn’t get it the first time about. Lesson learned: Do not attempt patronization without your first cuppa.

    I pretty much went off the intent to curtail silly Repug smears. I can’t be blamed entirely people, I watched a Palin rally on YouTube before fleeing to Wonkette. Thus, moranik behavior.


  27. [re=143046]OzoneTom[/re]: or perhaps the pretty brown girl is the replacement, from Central Casting, for that woefully non-photogenic Bangladeshi daughter …

    Man, I wonder what stories that poor Bangladeshi kid is going to tell us in the years to come.

    Maybe Cindy’s Dad will buy her off, like they all bought off Carol Shepp McCain.

  28. Laughed so hard I almost wet myself first time I saw it!!! This has gotta be the juiciest McCain blooper to date. Look closely and you can almost cacth a look of horror in Cindy’s eye despite she’s had so much botox she is incapable of any facial expression. It’s so f*cking funny it’s almost painful to watch.

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