She can see Russia from that tanning bed.Hey, bitters, Sarah Palin is just like you! Except for the $150,000 Saks and Neiman-Marcus shopping sprees, we mean, and the $4,000 haircut. McCain’s campaign spent this huge pile of cash — more than what all but the richest Americans earn in a whole year — immediately after choosing Palin’s name from a hat filled with all the names of people who were registered Republicans, in America. Who knew she only owned shabby Alaskan tanning-salon outfits! She needed to be properly dressed and accessorized, to create those “starbursts” from the nutsacks of wingnuts.

The Politico reports:

According to financial disclosure records, the accessorizing began in early September and included bills from Saks Fifth Avenue in St. Louis and New York for a combined $49,425.74.

The records also document a couple of big-time shopping trips to Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis, including one $75,062.63 spree in early September.

The RNC also spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September after reporting no such costs in August.

Jeepers crumpets, that’s more than John Edwards’ $400 haircut and Hillary Clinton’s $3,000 haircuts combined! And good gravy, they dropped $75K at Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis? She was only in town for what, two days?

So, first we learn Sarah Palin is a conniving fraud who lured the conservative pundits to the Alaska Governor’s Mansion, because they were on National Review and Weekly Standard cruises that stopped in Juneau. (And of course she doesn’t even live in the Governor’s Mansion, which is why she charges Alaskan taxpayers $17,000 so she can fly home to her trailer in Wasilla every night.) And now we learn that her whole “real America” shtick is as phony as her tan.

Palin is just another Hollywood-East Coast celebrity, appearing on the New York comedy shows and spending an absolute fortune on clothes. Jesus christ, she is five million times worse than Madonna and Kanye West combined.

RNC appears to shell out $150K for Palin fashion [Politico]

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  1. So she enjoys a few petro-dollars. WHO AMONG US has not enjoyed a few million from our friends in any particular industry. She works for Jesus, not a bridge to nowhere, and certainly not an Alaskan pipeline that provides millions of dollars of straight tax revenue to her state.

    Is this front page right now? I would hope that it is, but I doubt it.

  2. What Dress Barn wasn’t good enough for Mrs. All America “I Hate Big Cities”? She must have tried shopping in rural OH & decided Wal-Mart wouldn’t cut it.

  3. i haven t spent that much on rags and clips in my entire miserable nearly 58 years i have dragged my worthless butt around this stupid country! did she ever hear of ross dress for less or burlingtons. get a clue fool.

  4. Meh. Cindy’s outfit for ONE night at the RNC cost over $300,000. And she still didn’t make the best dressed list, haha. Michelle did though, with her $125 frocks. I guess it’s all in how you carry it – class, grace, things like that.

  5. You know. Fuck this. This not only came out already (old news) but it was already judged to be within the confines of her “executive privilege.” Don’t expect much from it, unless we all want a little more Jeremiah Wright on the dinner table… MMMM Rev. Wright. I would LOVE to have you again.

  6. It just goes to show what a smalltown girl can accomplish with a can-do attitude, that entrepreneurial spirit, a huge expense account and ten gay boys who’ve sold their souls to become Republican image consultants. (Cue God Bless America).

  7. I am kind of gobsmacked. I mean, yes, we all know that nice clothes for women can easily cost in the thousands, but how many complete wardrobes does she need? 300? Couldn’t she get by with, like, maybe a dozen different outfits? Hillary campaigned for 18 months on like three pantsuits, and I doubt that Obama owns anywhere close to $150,000 worth of suits. McCain, maybe, but give the man a break, he was a POW for FIVE AND A HALF YEARS and had only a prison suit in that time. What’s Palin’s excuse?

    Also, I realize she needs to look put-together, but couldn’t she have at least tried TJ Maxx? They have brand-name clothes for less!!!

  8. “But ultimately, what the shopping spree does is help those who are concerned about the wardrobe reform that is needed to help shore up our economy, helping the—oh, it’s got to be all about job creation, too, shoring up our economy and putting it back on the right track. So, wardrobe reform and reducing eyebrow hair and reining in split ends has got to accompany fat reductions and bikini waxes for Americans. And lipstick tattoos, we have—we’ve got to see lipstick tattoos as opportunity, not as a competitive, scary thing, but one in five jobs being created in the fake lipstick sector today. We’ve got to look at that as more opportunity. All those things under the umbrella of job creation. This shopping spree is a part of that.”

  9. Why does this story make me sing “Pretty Woman” to myself while imagining her erupting into a gigantic, horsey-but-endearing laugh? Oh, right. That’s why.

  10. [re=142452]The Church of Realism[/re]: Me too. I have to remember that Jenna’s more like Kate’s toe fungus, whereas Lauren’s more like Audrey’s kicky little hangnail.

  11. Wow. I just watched today’s Palin interview, and it has uncovered some scientific facts: First of all, Drew Griffin is a complete idiot. Second, you will lose about 10,000 brain cells for every 16:55 of Palin interview you are exposed to, on average. Third, watching her talk for four minutes at a stretch without any actual ideas being expressed is a vertigo-inducing experience. When whippets are outlawed, teenagers will just have to sit down and watch this video:

  12. [re=142471]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: Actually the Bush Twins are Jenna (the blond that just got married) & Barbara (the brunette who looked pissed because she didn’t just get married). I think Lauren may be Jeb’s offspring.

  13. [re=142471]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: Winner! I also suck major balls for calling her Aubrey, but what the fuck do I know? Aubrey is my niece, hahaha. Man, I should lay off the booze when I post…

  14. [re=142435]Crosseyed and Painless[/re]: Because the highest end store in Wasilla is a Wal-Mart, Apocalystick had to go OUTSIDE to buy close not made in China. Maybe $150,000 was for the whole baby farm. Or not. Lipstick.

  15. [re=142490]The Church of Realism[/re]: No, that was Jeb’s kiddo, Noelle. I remember the grainy b/w video of her at the Walgreen’s drive through. And who hasn’t tried to get illicit drugs through the Walgreen’s drive through?

  16. This clothing shit is boooorrring. Topic change. listed McCains brief uptick as a Dead Cat Bounce.

    I’m in yur pollz, steeling all yur votez.

  17. [re=142478]Die Gelbe Gefahr[/re]: This is NOT funny at all. RFK junior suffers from a rare voice disorder that affects only a handful of people. It is known as Laryngopiatus. It means he has a packet of herion lodged in his throat. Show some goddamn respect.

  18. You see, people? If that librul-Islamofascist B. HUSSEIN Obama gets his way, the wardrobe American Dreams of Mrs Joe-the-Plumbers all across the land will be dashed! An $8000 tax increase? Why, that’s, that’s approximately 2 $4000 haircuts she can’t have!

  19. Why are we not talking about top story on AP news. Palin charged the state of Alaska for her kids’ travel expenses. Over $20,000 since 2006. I know they do things different up there but isn’t that illegal?

  20. [re=142500]The Church of Realism[/re]: Not much is better than a Big Mac:

    2 all beef patties special sauce pickles onion on a sesame seed bun

    (Yes, I’m a child of the 70s)

  21. Datsun510: The funny thing is that after 8 years of an Obama presidency, Joe will still won’t be close to making $250,000. It is funny how many times the Repubs can screw an enitre class of people, yet they still come back asking for more. See previous Wonkette post on the rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer.

  22. I just have 1 comment here folks, and it’s scary. This female W. is Way Way ambitious; you’ll see her running in 2012 regardless. Dangerous: no wisdom, no knowledge–and no fear — just bravado, arrogance, and insensitivity to people she disagrees with. Oh, and let me not forget the opinion article my fellow stateswoman made for Slate, Diane McWhorter…. Ms. Sarah is a demagogue in the worst sense–as in George C. Wallace. No snark here, I’m ‘fraid.

  23. [re=142521]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: And probably as life threatening as crack if you eat em every day. How do we know the Chinese don’t REALLY own all the McDonalds?

  24. [re=142522]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: That’s what I was getting ready to say, so now I’ll have to say something else. Voice control lessons would have been the best money ever (wasted) on her.

    When I’m going to spend the day cleaning, I put my hair up exactly like Palin’s up-do. Yes, I wear a senior prom hairstyle to vacuum and mop floors. It never occurred to me I was sporting a $4,000 do to scrub the toilets *stands taller now*

  25. [re=142521]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: you, like Palin surely would have, screwed that up..

    It went like this:
    2 all beef patties special sauce, LETTUCE, CHEESE pickles onion on a sesame seed bun

  26. [re=142531]The Church of Realism[/re]: You should watch Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” where he eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days. Eye-opening stuff….

  27. Note to self: If I ever run for office, I’m payin’ for my own damn clothes.

    But heck, at least she’ll have some nice souvenirs of the time she was out there fightin’ for the real America.

    One last thing: I think this strategy is called Shop and Awe.

  28. Does she keep all this shit when she goes back to Methville Nov 5?
    No, she won’t run in 2012….that’s like 10 babies away for her. She’ll be exhausted.

  29. [re=142529]Words[/re]: This is why I call her Apocalypstick. All her petty history as mayor and governor is about power and control. Every stump speech she gives is like another line of cocaine. She is addicted to fame. That pathetic performance on SNL proved to me that she is not above anything. The wardrobe budget proves it. The family expenses on the state’s dime proves it.

    I believe she will run for something somewhere in 2010. And then immediately begin campaigning for president.

  30. [re=142435]Crosseyed and Painless[/re]: The Wasilla Wal-mart must stock some pretty fancy shit if she needs this kinda shit to keep her satisfied. But of course, most Wal-marts aren’yt in socialist states where you get paid to live there!

    Hows that?

  31. speaking of clothes, if you were to smell obama’s pants, mccain’s pants, palin’s pants and biden’s pants, whose pants would smell the worst?

  32. [re=142444]MrSandwich[/re]: That first video is just John McCain being a 450 year old, incontinent, bitter coot. The second video, though, is kind of great.

  33. [re=142496]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Everyone knows, if you’re going to try to pass a forged prescription you can’t be going to Walgreens. They’re like fun Nazis. Rookie mistake.

  34. That’s Josephine six pack to you Wonks. As in let them eat cake. She’s in Bright lights, Big City.
    Cut her some slacks thoufg, ’cause by December the McCain/Palin campain is returning all those threads for a refund and she’ll be back to beaver pelts and moose skins.

  35. [re=142487]Datsun510[/re]: “Because the highest end store in Wasilla is a Wal-Mart” and for FIVE AND A HALF YEARS it was the only place she could buy her dresses. FIVE POINT FIVE YEARS Alan.

  36. [re=142532]accidental_tourist[/re]:
    It’s like she could be wearing a ruby encrusted panda-skin outfit by Versace, but the minute she opens her mouth she takes on all the glamour and authority of a K-mart shopper.

    Actually, I take it back. They should have invested the 150 grand on a brain transplant or a boob job or both.

  37. The Walnuts smooth campaign managers took one look at her Alaska gubernatorial wardrobe and sent out an emergency call for gay Democrats in the rag trade and said, “Dress this!” The boys said “Eeewh, like anybody could. So, girls, let’s just make her look funny.” This is the GOP brand of socialism, taking from the campaign donors and outfitting the rich chick.

  38. [re=142479]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Ah, yes, now I remember. Lauren’s the inexplicably good-looking one. Still, she’s a hangnail by association.

  39. OMG. I used to work at the Frontenac Mall in St. Louis where The Saks Fifth Avenue is located, and I can say without a doubt it’s the shittiest fucking Saks in the whole goddamned country. No selection, whatsoever.

    Oh and the REAL Missourians (read: bitters) shop at Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters. So if you’re going to peddle that divisive-ass “I’m from the pro-American middle class” bullshit, put up or shut up and shop for crappy clothing at the Burlington Coat Factory.

  40. [re=142454]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: RFK Jr suffers from Spasmodic Dysphonia. I only know this because I had a girlfriend once who had it. Sometimes the voice works, sometimes it don’t. It’s at least as much a psychological disease as physical. My ex had been severely anorexic before I met her and also had a domineering, alcoholic dad, so she pretty much fit the profile. RFK Jr. is to be applauded for appearing in public regardless because it can make a person really really self-conscious, especially when uptight assholes with no sense of empathy keep shouting at you to speak up. It used to be called Spastic Dysphonia, but I guess you can’t say spastic anymore in public. My dad used to say that whenever some sporty type effed things up in a game on TV. “Oh…spastic!”

  41. [re=142591]hobospacejungle[/re]: Yes, he was here in Conway, Ark. to speak earlier this year, and I thought maybe he had a bad cold. But the import of his words were powerful, and I wanted to have his baby. Or maybe be driven off a bridge by him. Anyway, something.

  42. Jesus fucking christ.

    Gotta admit, she’s doing what any soccer mum would do in her position. This is what happens when Americans want to elect someone just like them. They forget that they would be a shitty President themselves.

  43. She must do the Einstein thing, you know, get five of exactly the same suits so there’s no problem choosing in the morning. Caribou B. seems to turn up in the same outfits a lot. Many’s the time she’s shown up in that four button overcoat. It’s someone’s idea of Pat Nixon’s “Good Republican cloth coat,” if you remember the Checkers Speech, and why should you?
    Did you see Mr. Blackwell cacked? He made it to 80-something. So much for all that bullshit about how you need to be nice and positive to make it to an old age.

  44. It’s front-page on Google now, at least. This is bound to get much coverage. I don’t have to tell you this – 150k is a LOT. Edwards’ only-$400-haircut was cited as one of the biggest mistakes a frontrunner made in this campaign. I think voters are going to respond very, very negatively to this piece of information. Even the delusional hockey mums and Joe six-packs would be horrified by this big number, more than they earn in a decade.

  45. Way to stick it to the Man, Bible Spice! I’m more convinced every day that she’s just an Okie grifter who has been running an elaborate con on voters since the old “Wasilla city council” game.

    Doesn’t look like she’s going to get the big payoff, but still — outfits!

  46. “So, you want me to short-circuit my political ambitions and expose my daughter to national humiliation in a futile quest for a meaningless job?”
    “Sarah, if you do this for the party, you can have *anything* you want. We’ll refund the Bridge to Nowhere. Or you can write a plank of the Republican platform. Or we’ll whack a state trooper you don’t like. Name your price.”
    “Well, gosh, how about some fancy clothes?”

  47. [re=142603]gjdodger[/re]: BWAH!

    Seriously, though, 150k to look like that??? I hate to say it, but she’s reminding me of Dolly Parton’s quote: “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”

  48. $4,000 for a hair cut? How furry can she be? Edwards x 10? I hope for that amount they did the soles of her feet and the inside of her nose, and a lot of, uhhh, other parts.

  49. You see, also, these librul folks don’t like that I’m shopping at the expense of taxpayers, who also so gladly paid for half of John McCain’s campaign due to the campaign financing that John McCain authored for this purpose also. But I tell them, gee that’s the American dream — to receive government handouts while also moaning also about government helping out the non-American inner city muslims also, such as. That’s how we do it in Alaska, and just about every red state, and these places are America — real America. It’s the American dream, you betcha! Now you folks also go home also and shop, under the umbrella of job creation, and make sure to pick up your welfare check — er — “subsidies,” and make a few jeers at the socialists and such as also for suggesting that we spend money on folks in cities and also. *Wink*

  50. People, that’s how trickle down economics works. Rich people give money to the Republican party so that candidates can go on spending sprees, thereby fueling the fashion industry. Duh.

    Some journalist please compare this to Joe Biden’s 8th grade story about the cuff-links his mom made from spare nuts and bolts. (Yes, this is a real story.)

  51. This has Cindy written all over it. Neiman Marcus is all she knows. SP does not have the taste to have picked any of those outfits herself and Neiman only takes their own credit card or AMEX. I’m sure Cindy saw that banana clip and those red shoes and was secretly horrified. Not defending anything, but Sarah was a total skank before she became Eliza Doolittle.

  52. Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about the $400 boots I bought this weekend.

    Please, people…no Neiman Marcus bashing.

    Plus, everyone knows that elitists (like Michelle) shop at Black House White Market.

  53. Oh and also: I regularly get e-mail from Obama offices practically begging for food and drinks (and supplies) for the unpaid volunteers/worker monkeys.

    Haha! Obama won’t even feed his servants and this bitch spends $150K on clothes? Are they fucking kidding me?

  54. [re=142621]Herunar[/re]: 400$ haircut was bad for edwards, on the list right below stickin his dick in that “other” woman, on a side note clinton used to get 400$ haircuts and nobody thought a thing about it

  55. Those Valentino suits don’t come cheap.
    Now if only there was a stylist on board that wasn’t a complete idiot and could tell Plain to stop wearing those tarty black boots with her $5,000 suits.

  56. [re=142475]SayItWithWookies[/re]: damn; I was only good for 15 seconds and you are absolutely right on all issues…Griffin has the IQ of a turd and Palin goes round and round her talking points in ever broadening circles, getting further and further from the question; great call. I surprised that Palin hasn’t done the Fox and Friends gig…maybe Doocy is too hard boiled a journalist for her.

  57. [re=142646]Origami[/re]: she looks like a cheap imitation of Condi (credit to Princess Sparkle Pony for that).

    And even at Neiman’s, $75K is serious shopping.

  58. [re=142452]The Church of Realism[/re]: Oh man, I want to thank Church and Madeline, I really had NO IDEA there were two different Hepburn’s! I thought the Breakfast at Tiffany’s girl grew up, started talking strange and did On Golden Pond… WEIRD!

    So what kind of tree would Audrey be?! Which one do teh gays like so much?

  59. And now a word from teh gays: Sarah, honey, no matter how much chump change you drop at Saks and Neiman’s, it still won’t cover up the fact that you’re just dead common.

  60. Ok, look. You can’t have a Vice Presidential candidate lookin’ like moose mated in her hair or that she’s fresh in from shootin’ behind a duck blind, don’tchaknow. Or that her face is done by permafrost. It just won’t do. As such.

  61. [re=142454]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: [re=142445]Madeline[/re]: I just wanted to see Bobby Kennedy kick Matt Lauer’s ass he asked how his father was doing. I know it was a mistake and meant to say his uncle, Ted Kennedy, but still, that would have been funny.

  62. What you’re all glossing over is the fact that the $4000 was for hair AND make-up. Now sweet Jesus save me, but that woman DOES put it on with a trowl.

  63. “The RNC also spent $4,716.49 on hair and makeup through September after reporting no such costs in August.”

    Surprising. I’d have thought they spent at least as much every morning to re-grout McCain’s scars.

  64. This is beating a dead moose at this point, but:

    Palin was selected on August 1, 2008.

    Lets see, August +Sept. + Oct + 4 days in Nov = 96 days

    $150,000/96 days = $1,562.50 per day

    I know womens clothing is expensive, especially for someone in the media spotlight, but $1,500 per day? Every day through the election? And this assumes Palin doesn’t have anything to use from her current wardrobe. It also assumes there won’t be more expenses released in November (not like anyone will care anymore). Maybe this is for the whole family – but how many suits does Todd Palin need – like 5? Does this include expenses for Levi’s “Bristol” ring-tat? Maybe she wears more than one outfit per day, but come on.

    (Mastercharge, Albert Collins)

    I got my Veep running mate a platnum card
    Just the other day
    I owe $150,000 dollars
    Just for yesterday

    I said, “Sarah, here’s a present
    Go out and shop around,
    Buy you a couple a-dresses,
    Browse around downtown”

    She did just what I told her
    Bought one, two, three and more
    Came home lookin’ silly
    Makin’ goo-goo eyes at me

    Mastercharge, I’ll break an’ bury her card
    Mastercharge, I’ll break an’ bury her card
    Mastercharge, I’ll break an’ bury her card

    Oh yeah, charge it!

    Said, “Did you get your dress?”
    “Yes, one or two”
    I needed me some shoes,
    I needed some bags and jewelry, too”

    Two thousand dollar dresses
    I could-a made, I can’t sew
    It made me so mad
    I could call her a so and so

    Mastercharge, I’ll break an’ bury her card
    Mastercharge, break an’ bury her card
    Mastercharge, break an’ bury her card

    Oh yeah, charge it for me, charge it, baby!

    Hey! Ow!

    For one-a that gal’s dresses, yeah
    I paid more than one week’s campaign gas
    I’m so mad, I just had to laugh

    I could see in my mind
    On a horse like Paul Revere
    Hate to check my mail boxes
    ‘Cause these bills keep comin’ here

    Mastercharge, break an’ bury her card
    Mastercharge, break an’ bury her card
    Mastercharge, break an’ bury her card

    Oh, let’s charge it!

  66. Jeebus, $75K in one day at Neiman Marcus, and all she has to show for it are fugly jackets (like the red leather, collar-less zippered number that she wore for her “I will be in charge of the Senate” 3rd-grade interview)?

    I could have dressed her better with $10K at my local TJ Maxx!

  67. The very first thing…the very first thing my kid said to me when the wench showed up at the RNC…”WTF — Real Americans don’t wear Valentino.” I love my little label whore.

  68. Oddly enough I found myself wondering where she got the blazer that she wore during the SNL rap scene. It’s hard to find a good blazer that really shows off the curves of a big rack without looking dumpy. Maybe i can afford one in ten years if i start saving now… these are the important issues that women face in today’s world of unpatriotic terrorist faggy french fashion… and such

  69. Okay, the clothes are good on her, esp. that sexy charcoal gray suit.

    But if that’s a $4,000 hair and makeup job, that woman needs to sue the ass off a salon. Wasilla’s Kitty at the Kut and Curl could have done better and retired on the dough.

    Sassy Sarah’s hair looks like shit. It’s almost as bad as the bony hag McOld is married to, except that she isn’t going bald like the white witch.

    She should talk to whomever did HRC’s hair and makeup–she always looked great, sans that gross yellow and black outfit she liked to wear.

    There. I’ve said it.

  70. [re=142646]Origami[/re]: Re: the boots…Are you friggin’ kidding me?!? Yes, they’re tarty, but they’re hot and also the only thing keeping me from jabbing a rusty spoon into my eye sockets when she is on the teevee!

  71. Okay, I am “familiar” enough with Barneys, Saks and Neiman Marcus, although I shop the SALES like any normal “urban elitist” woman out there who doesn’t have 150K in RNC funds to blow. That said, you would have to work pretty fucking hard to spend that much. I mean a SUPER fancy suit can be had for 1500.00 and the crap Sarah has been wearing around looks pretty darn fugly. What is up with these Republican women?

  72. And has anybody mentioned that her outfits all look pretty much the same? I mean, there are several iterations of the red jacket, the off-white jacket, the black jacket… For all anybody’d notice she could be wearing the same skirt every day. For that kind of money I’d expect a little variety.

  73. A suit at Neiman-Marcus? $5,000.
    Hooker CFMs from Saks? $3,000.
    Preparing hair for evening event? $4,000.
    Getting tramp stamp of “THIS END UP” removed from ass? Priceless.

  74. [re=142724]ella[/re]: In the supermarket “before” picture Sarah the Disemboweler is actually dressed in an Alaskan Inuit traditional outfit (what goes under the fur parka.) This is rich since she is the enemy of indigenous land rights, indigenous hunting/fishing rights, indigenous language rights and in favor of converting all them tribes to Christianity. Lotta nerve to dress up as one. Nowadays she has one of Rove’s boys shopping with her and signing the charge slips — campaign finance reform at its finest. J. Edgar Hoover in his black chiffon.

  75. Well, let’s be fair. She did leave on the tags and kept the receipts. And she is totally planning on giving the money to charity after she returns her new digs. Although, some dry cleaning might be involved to get out the spittle from angry rally goers.

  76. Personally I’m stunned to find out that the Minneapolis Neiman Marcus has $75,000 worth of stuff to buy. Did the staff come with? Did Sarah Palin buy a sweater folding girl from Neimans?

  77. [re=142627]villageatrois[/re]: I’m sorry, but her hair looks like it was done with that “Hairdini” tool from back in the 80’s (or was it the 90’s?).


    (I Feel Pretty, West Side Story)


    I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and even bright!
    And I pity
    Any trailer girl who isn’t me tonight.

    I feel charming,
    Oh, so charming
    It’s alarming how charming I feel!
    And so pretty
    That I hardly can believe I’m real.

    See the pretty hockey mom in that mirror there:
    Who can that attractive mom be?
    Such a pretty Vice Presidential face,
    Such a pretty $5000 dress,
    Such a pretty red lipsticked smile,
    Such a pretty me!

    I feel stunning
    And entrancing,
    Feel like running and dancing for joy,
    For I’m loved
    By a bunch of GOP red necked cowboys!

    Have you met our good friend Sarah,
    The craziest girl on Joe sixpacks block?
    You’ll know her the minute you see her,
    She’s the one who got a broken clock.

    She thinks she’s smart.
    She thinks she’s got a great campaign.
    She isn’t smart,
    She’s merely shopping McCain insane.

    It must be the campaign heat
    Or some rare hypocritical disease,
    Or too much foies gras to eat
    Or maybe it’s media fleas.

    Keep away from her,
    Send for Gap Chinos!
    This is not the
    Sara we thought we knew!

    I feel pretty,
    Oh, so pretty
    That the District should give me its key.
    A Senate committee
    Should be organized to honor me.

    La la la la . . .

    I feel dizzy,
    I feel sunny,
    I feel fizzy and funny and fine,
    And so pretty,
    That the Miss GOP title can be mine!

    “The use of campaign funds for items which most Americans would consider to be strictly personal reasons, in my view, erodes public confidence and erodes it significantly.”
    John McCain

  79. Up North Girl
    (Uptown Girl, Billy Joel)

    Up North girl
    Shes thinks she’s livin in Joe Six Pack’s world
    But she spends it like a jet set girl
    Until last month no one ever bought her Neiman Marcus pearls

    Now their voting for an Up North girl
    Shes been living in a trailer trash world
    As long as anyone with hot blood can
    And now shes running with a Neocon man
    And she’s wearin nothin but Louis Vuitton

    And she knows just what
    She wants from Saks and Bloomingdales
    And when she wakes up
    Shes already made up her mind

    Shell see its not so tough
    Just because she can’t get enough
    The RNC’c in love with an up North girl
    You know they love her in her $150,000 uptown clothes
    She’ll never tire of her high class toys
    And all her presents from all the GOP boys

    Up North girl
    You know we cant afford to buy her threads
    But maybe someday when her ship goes out
    Shell understand what kind of hypocrite she’s been
    And then we’ll win

    And when shes walking
    Shes looking so politically refined
    But when shes talking
    Shes just one big political land mine

    Up North girl
    Shes an up North girl
    You know those RNC slugs
    they’re in love
    With an up North girl

  80. I know this is yesterday’s news, but I’m still reeling over the hypocrisy of it all!!! Let’s don’t forget how that “maverick” John McCain loves to take credit for his role in sponsoring the Campaign Reform Act wherin it is clearly illegal to use campaign funds for the candidate’s clothing. So these two-faced jerks get around the issue by using RNC money to makeover that pig and the rest of her white trash family. Don’t they know you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear???
    It’s hard to believe the Republican base is so fucking ignorant they’ve gone gaga over that bimbo.

    And speaking of hypocrisy, you’d think those idiots at RNC would hire a wardrobe stylist with enough sense to dress her in an American designer instead of $4,000 Valentino suits!!! I guess Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein aren’t good enough for a redneck soccer mom??? Maybe not as flashy but At least then they could still spew their Pro-American crap. Or better yet play to the feminist angle and dress the bimbo in Donna Karan.

    Those moronic RNC spin doctors can only defend the extravace by promising to donate her clothing to charity after the election. Give me a break!!!! So what happens if, God forbid, these buffoons get elected??? What’s she gonna wear to the office every day??? And don’t forget this time she’ll need a new $10,000 gown every time the White House hosts a black tie event. Who’s gonna pay for it??? Will taxpayers foot the bill for yet another closet full of Valentino???

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