Communist appeaser.Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin reneged on her vow to talk “straight to the American people” by ignoring the media until after she’s elected President. She has instead agreed to a sit-down today with CNN, the Communist News Network. Palin will talk with some person named “Drew Griffin,” which is an anagram for “Grr! Win if fed,” which means Drew Griffin is a hobo bear who “wins” for food. Bears are also a symbol of communism, and Barack Obama.

Palin’s interview will air fourteen brazillion times, on every news show CNN runs, and maybe even some commercials, if she doesn’t say “In what respect, Charlie?” too often. A CNN press release says “The 15-minute, one-on-one interview will air in all three hours of The Situation Room and will cover a variety of topics,” which means maybe we will finally find out where she buys her shoes.

CNN’s Drew Griffin Secures First CNN Interview with Gov. Sarah Palin [Turner Newsroom]

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  1. If she doesn’t kill a bear and wrap its dead carcass it in an Obama poster, on camera, then she won’t possibly be able to meet the expectations for this interview.

  2. Suckers….Walnuts fooled all of you again. I bet she will be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer who is demonstrably stupider than a moose turd. And not as attractive.

  3. CNN, the Communist News Network
    Ah, I haven’t heard this since flying through military helicopters and out of New Orleans 3 days after Katrina. That chuckle was much-needed at that point, if confounding in its idiocy.

    That said, I fucking love watching this woman shuffle off her handlers’ best advice. Mayhaps this mortal coil will follow? Or, as the porn industry must be hoping, this moral coil?

  4. i once dated someone a lot like Palin. It was rather exciting, but most concerning was the conflict it generated in me. I was either trying to get her naked or having (all too frequent) fantasies of imPALINg her pretty face with a pick axe, no in between at all. What finally did it was we were watching the Berlin wall come down on TV, I was soaking it in, and she strolled into the room, casually adding, “I dont see what the big deal is, I once saw an entire building come down in Scranton.”

    That tramp cost me 2 years of pain. but alas it was all my fault for being a horny but mindless 21 year old. Now I know how Bill Kristol feels

  5. [re=141380]TGY[/re]: Yep. McCain & Co. have lowered their sights to the point where they will be content just to win a few states and avoid a complete rout. This would be sad and pathetic if McCain & Co. weren’t such total assholes. No pathos there. Karma.

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  7. [re=141408]Aurelio[/re]: The sad thing is no one will ever have asshat Rick Davis do their campaign again unless someone needs an incredibly huge tax write-off.

  8. [re=141405]Masorca[/re]: Been there. You can be thankful that the sex wasn’t good enough that you freakin’ married her, if you’re the marrying kind.

    But as some wise man said somewhere, “Whenever you see a beautiful girl, remember that someone somewhere is sick of all her shit.”

  9. Bears aren’t just for commies, everyone has bears. You can kind of tell what a population is like by their bears. The Russian bloc has the brown bear, which means they’re big, fat and slow, but also huggable and capable of tearing your head off after losing a chess match; China has the panda, which is really picky and keeps to itself, but is not as peculiar as the Australian koala, which lives in a tree and raises its kids in a fanny pack; and the US has the black bear, which is tall and gangly with goofy looking ears, likes to see people hit with chairs on TV, and gets drunk with his buds on weekends to steal pic-a-nic baskets.

  10. She might as well spend 15 minutes gyrating around in nothing but an American flag while stroking a cardboard cut-out of Florida and winking into the camera for all the good this can do McCain at this point.

  11. So CNN, which runs stories like “Is The Rapture Coming?” and employs Glen Beck and that orange guy, is so liberal that Palin will only talk to a no-name? Incroyable.

  12. These are tense times at the McCain campaign headquarters. But at some point you gotta shove the baby bird outta the nest and just hope she can talk in complete sentences.

  13. [re=141444]Blue Line[/re]: Square-jawed clean-cut cardboard reporter who does stories on how ACORN might be stealing the election – presumably this is why Failin’ Palin wants him.

    Or else he’s someone from Family Guy. I’m not sure.

  14. Sarah’s trying to ditch her now doomed career in politics, and parlay her Q factor back into the anchor chair. She really did looked turned on sitting behind the Weekend Update set…

  15. She has thrown the McCain campaign under a bus and is now just trying to stake out her future. Watch her run for Senate against Begich in six years.

  16. Judging from her film credits on the Internet, Griffin Drew would be a better interviewer of Mooselini than Drew Griffin. The two could converse on a similar intellectual level.

  17. Wait a minute! With Anderson (the Hurricane) Cooper, Wolf (the Beard) Blitzer and Campbell (the Hottie) Brown. John (the Hair) King and a stable of hotshot TV journalists and the Best Politican Team of Television all drooling for an opportunity to mince the moose lady, CNN gives the interview of Caribou Barbie to … Drew Griffin? I thought CNN was supposed to be safely in the tank for Obama and she gets a free ride. Does Drew Griffin hate America enough to do this job correctly?

  18. Drew Griffin is a TOOL.

    “Wouldn’t ACORN like to run a nice, clean, smooth voter registration drive?” Drew Griffin, CNN Special Investigator, questioning ACORN for hiring recovering alcoholics.

  19. [re=141531]lovekills[/re]: Someone in the GOP already killed a bear cub and placed it in front of a school. WTF they have no shame
    It’s symbolic of the National League pennant race. The Repubs are saying, “We have killed the socialist terrorist Obama and his Chicago Cubs. All hail the Philadelphia Phillies and their 21 Electoral Votes.”

  20. Her advisors are debating whether she should pull a Sharon Stone “Basic Instinct” maneuver. The thinking is Drew will drop his notepad and she can jump right to “Barack pals with washed-up terrorists and Joe the Plumber is the GOP anti-tax hero… which of course, um, helps the education thing there, and I watched Gilligan reruns in, like, my colleges, but the government is the problem and of course them taxes there will, with us, be, uh, what’s the word?… de-raised and… well, you know, God bless America.”

  21. If she puts a noun and verb together, McPalin will consider it a massive win; up 2 points in the polls for 24 hours, then back to the shitter directly thereafter the next outrageous gaffe.

    [re=141405]Masorca[/re]: I hope you speared it, before you chucked it.

  22. Drew Griffin is the perfect CNN correspondent for Mooselini –he has done investigative reports on ACORN and a feature on A.C. Vanderbilt’s 360 going into greater detail about Hopey’s close relationship with Terrorist Ayers. I fear the outcome.

  23. [re=141648]bitchincamaro[/re]:

    Yes I hit that hard, but really was it worth it? Do I really remember what it was like to be with a beauty that looked like a cross between Paulina Poriskova and Brooke Shields, or do I more rememger having to explain movie plot lines, listen to her sing Paula Abdul songs, correcting her in the use of ‘to, two and too,” or generally having to fight off the overpowering urge to disembowel her?

    Anyway, there’s room in everybody’s closet for an empty vessel, but not in the oval office

  24. [re=141459]wheelie[/re]: i would love to see palin interviewed by stewie griffin.[re=141405]Masorca[/re]: you were 21 for two years? she really held you back.

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