Baby farming is un-American!There’s an exciting new trend in these Final Days of the campaign: Some far-right wingnut congressperson goes crazy on the teevee or at one of these Palin Smackdown Trailer-Park Freakouts, and the Daily Kos site declares Financial War on the Republican representative, who of course is up for re-election on November 4 like every member of the House, and the snarling money-having liberals quickly give the dingbat’s opponent half-a-million dollars, overnight.

This clown fell right into the trap when he let himself be videotaped doing, uh, this:

To which Kos, of the DailyKos, says: “Take a look at that video, and tell me if this is someone who will do anything but try and obstruct the Obama/Pelosi agenda? Let’s get rid of him.”

The link goes to, of course, a Dem fund-raising form for this clown Mario Diaz-Balart’s opponent, Joe Garcia, who has already picked up $40K from this Kos thing posted a few minutes ago. It’s crazy.

While this trick isn’t entirely new — Republican congresspeople are cretins, and DailyKos readers are angry libtards — it reached a new level of outrage this weekend, after batshit-lunatic Michelle Bachmann went on the Hardball show and called all the Dem candidates in America “anti-American” and demanded show trials and executions of all liberal traitors in, uh, Congress. It was funny!

So funny, in fact, that the Kos Kids quickly raised $640,000 for Bachmann’s opponent, a friendly hobbit nobody had ever heard of before Friday night.

Even as Rep. Michele Bachmann said she had been misunderstood, strong reaction Sunday to her claim that Barack Obama “may have anti-American views” brought an unexpected shakeup to the race in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District ….

Meanwhile, Elwyn Tinklenberg, Bachmann’s DFL opponent, said Sunday that her remarks about Obama triggered a surge of contributions to his campaign that will allow him to wage a more vigorous media campaign.

Tinklenberg’s campaign said that in the 48 hours after Bachmann’s remarks, $640,000 from nearly 13,000 people came in to his campaign. That is more than all donations he received during the entire third quarter.

Suddenly, Bachmann race looks different [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

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  1. I don’t think just not re-electing Bachmann will be enough. There should be prodding with hot irons and some water boarding. That would set her straight.

  2. I used to frequent Kos a lot, but they kept asking for money. So, I volunteered as a Wonketteer in the snark hordes. You guys ask for little more than a love of trucknutz.

  3. …oh pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase, donate to Joe Garcia and rid S.Florida of Mario Diaz-Balart! I would consider it a personal favor!

    He has brother(Lincoln Diaz-Balart)who also needs to be put out of his political misery as well!

  4. Click the “Michelle Bachmann” tag for a library’s worth of snarky old posts about this horrible shit-harpy. She’s just a wild, exaggerated caricature of a human being.

  5. Who the fuck knows how Minnesotans vote, though? They elect muslims and WWF wrestlers and SNL writers. They can’t put a pencil to a ballot without their being a ridiculous circus.

  6. [re=140006]shortsshortsshorts[/re]:
    Force her to watch an endless loop of “An American Carol”
    And “Fahrenheit 411” for a month or so.
    That should turn any brain cells she may actually have into jello.

  7. [re=140033]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: I’m with you. Diaz-Balart is at best, a jerk. At worst, he’s downright deranged. I can’t wait to help vote him out.

  8. “Elwyn” what a great name.

    I wonder if he got any traction with the schoolyard bullies by pointing out that the E in (beloved author and essayist) E.B. White’s name stood for “Elwyn.”

    I’m guessing not.

  9. Uh, hey, y’know who people should donate to? ME. I’m in a “very competitive race*” with a “dangerously unhinged right-wing-conservative-men’s-room-cruising Jesus freak**” for my “local political office***” and I need all the help I can get. Spread the word and send money fast.

    *Or “argument with the wife,” if you want to be all liberal and accurate about it.
    **Or–again, if you want to be all honest and shit–“extremely liberal European-born oceanography professor.”
    ***Read as: “weekend booze and coke budget.”

  10. [re=140065]tinybubbles[/re]: …and lets not forget about the ever annoying Ileana Ros-Lehtinen! Honestly I cant stand any of our lawmakers in South Florida!

  11. Elwyn Tinklenberg.

    Democrats should probably stop giving their kids ridiculous names. Then again, the names Trig, Track, Bristol, Willow, Brick, Aspirin, Dumpster, and Russia are apparently very popular with GOP veep candidates, so the problem may be bi-partisan.

  12. O/T, but so good I have to tell somebody. I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch today, and here is the entire text of my fortune cookie:

    Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you.

    January 20, 2009, brace yourself, Carmen Electra.

  13. God, when did all the Republican women become hot moms? We are completely losing the “I Voted The Head Cheerleader For Class President” segment of the electorate. Can’t we get Claire McCaskill down to a gym or something?

  14. [re=140090]Servo[/re]: It tastes patriotic, you bastard. You’ll probably never understand the taste of leather, high-heeled justice stomping upon the pinko liberal muslin half-breeds.

  15. [re=140052]StupidGeek[/re]:

    Maybe he’s an elf rather than a hobbit. Does he have pointy ears and long, stringy hair. The bow and arrows are a clue, too. Flowing robes or medieval hunting gear in forest colors are a good clue, too.

  16. [re=140098]Inadequate Blackmail[/re]: Hey “save the cheerleader, save the world” girl is firmly in our camp. We just need her to run for something.

  17. Oh, I am LMAO! Michelle Bachman, couldn’t happen to a better class of lunatic. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if the Dems were running Moose and Squirrel against her, the sheer joy of getting her butt kicked out of Congress would be fabu. The only one that would make me happier? Jim Martin beating Saxby Chamblis in GA after what that no account did to Max Cleland in ’02.

  18. The really scary thing is that dude in the video has a brother who reps the adjoining district. TWO of them in Congress. Both districts are very Cuban, which unlike other Hispanic areas in saner parts of the country means Republican to the core.

  19. By all means, donate to defeat Michelle Bachman! But whatever you do, DON’T look into her eyes. I haven’t seen soul-sucking peepers this scary since “Children of the Corn”. I am sure that when she goes home at night she slips out of her her human skin and kicks back as the reptilian shit-demon that she really is. Just don’t look at the eyes!

  20. If Michelle Bachmann could get kicked out of Congress for saying something stupid, she would have been gone ages ago. I would prefer that she stay around, move up in the ranks of her party, and let her telegenic idiocy be a constant sourse of embarassment for the GOP for years to come. She is the goose that lays the golden eggs, except they are not golden and not eggs and I have a feeling that she would lose a debate with a goose.

  21. [re=140038]mattbolt[/re]: Yes, Minnesota IS strange. Even our Republican politicians are usually not pedophiles. The last political sexual scandal I can remember was with Sen. Dave Durenberger, and he was caught having an affair with an ADULT WOMAN!!

  22. Speaking of anti-American: the Repug candidate in the video, Mario Diaz-Balart, was born in Havana. His uncle is Fidel Castro (truth), which makes Mario fourth in the line of succession. Mario has never renounced his claim to the throne. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, 25th congressional district of Florida.

  23. Ever since she beat Jesse Ventura at arm wrestling, Michelle has had this testosterone problem — maybe the menopausal roid program has gone too far? It’s that Spanish doctor that Floyd Landis recommended, you betcha.

  24. S.luggo – The story I got (totally unconfirmed) was that not only is Fidel his uncle, Fidel took a shit on their aunt when she had a slow witted child and that was one of the big reasons they left/were forced to leave Cuba, and hence the over-the-top animosity the Diaz-Balart family has towards Castro.

  25. It would be sweet justice for the Shit Demon to be defeated by someone named Elwyn Tinklenberg. As a matter of fact, the Tinkled One is getting a huge cash infusion from the national Democratic party to go with the pile of money he pulled in from the Daily Kos. AND, the Shit Demon’s Republican primary opponent is throwing himself back into the race a write-in candidate which just about guarantees that this district will go all Tinkly come November 4th.

    I feeling all tinkly just now thinking about it.

  26. And so we hit a new low in politics – this guy should be in a clown suit at kids’ birthday parties and he’s a (3-term!!!!!!!!) Republican Congressman.

    It’s a wonderful combination of talking heads and gerrymandering that allows a guy to be elected by completing a sentence with “drill” and “tax cuts” in it.

  27. Hilarious. I know Elwyn and while his name isn’t exactly made for politics, he’s a great guy and should beat Bachmann with ease in Minnesota’s 5th district. However, when I first met him and was introduced to “Elwyn Tinklenberg”, I fucking crapped myself laughing.

  28. The reason Michelle’s choker is so tight is because she’s into autoerotic asphyxiation. Let’s hope next time around the bed she ends up like Michael Hutchence.

  29. [re=140631]Leak Plugger[/re]: “Barack Obama” is a pretty goofy name when you come right down to it.

    Obama/Tinlenbug ’12 – because Gaffey Joe has to retire sometime.

  30. Mrs Black and White
    She’s never seen a shade of grey
    Always something on her mind
    Every single day
    But now she’s lost her way
    And where does she go from here

    Mr Multicultural
    Sees all that one can see
    He’s living proof of someone
    Very different to me
    But now he wants to be free
    Free so he can see

    And they’ll meet one day
    Far way
    And say Hey I wish I was something more
    And they’ll meet one day
    Far away
    And say Hey I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before

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