Fred Voight, the adorably rosy-cheeked Deputy Election Commissioner of Philadelphia, says that antsy-pantsy voters need to just “get a life” and wait in the rain for hours and hours to vote on a single not-broken machine on election day. And then he’s all, “do not get your knickers in a twist, Philadelphia’s 5-to-1 Democratic, so we know how this election will go anyway.” He is the most refreshingly candid public official since Joe Biden. [American News Project]

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  1. It IS nice to see such candor, but my problem is he doesn’t seem at all concerned about “the system” or trying to improve it.

    Imagine if it were a swing district and he were a repub…we’d be all over him.

    THIS, however, is not the time to really get obsessed about this…maybe.

  2. Not to sound like a Foxtard, but government is the ONLY industry in this country where some schmuck can say, “Man this job is HARD! I’m not going to do it,” and not only don’t they instantly end up out on their ass, they usually get rehired to do the job for ten years.

  3. Interesting. Our Local Crap Radio had a news story about how Philadelphia election officials were having huge difficulties getting all the new registrations in as well as not being able to figure out how to un-password-protect the live returns website. (Hint: remove the password protection. If you’re too incompetent to do that, post a generic username and password on your site. This is easy, people!)

  4. uh, yeah but the rest of PA is NOT 5-1 Democratic, you idiot, so we need every single person we can get to vote and not to be discouraged in advance.

  5. In Philly and Chicago, its “first the verdict, then the election.” Appointing Lewis Carroll as their Czar of Voting may have been the first indicator…

    My fave Chicago voting story: pin cards were supposed to reform voting, which was rigged on the old lever machines (you’d vote for Obama, and 17 other Democratic candidates’ levers would go down, too). The precinct captain/”election officials” would find a pin card they liked, count the number of ballots cast, and run the card they liked through the tallying machine that number of times minus about 20; then they’d run 20 random ballots through. Their bet was that nobody would go back and look at each card if the total tally matched the number of ballots in the box. As they say, Chicago and Philly ain’t ready for reform.

  6. [re=140229]Doglessliberal[/re]:
    BTW, I’ve thought about it, and the best way to complain about this guy’s assertion that because Philly is 5-1 Dem, elections don’t matter would be to send a letter to Mr. Voight’s boss:

    Commissioner Margaret Tartaglione (D) (Chair)
    City Hall, Room 130
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Phone: 686-3460, 3461
    Fax: 587-9107

    I’m at work, so I can’t really call or fax for a couple hours, but be my guest.

  7. [re=140156]grendel[/re]: Oh it absolutely happens in companies, but it usually takes a lot more finesse. Like, you have to make your spreadsheets suddenly incompatible with your version of Excel, or something. You can’t just say, “Not gonna happen!”

  8. Here in Canada they give you a little mini-golf pencil and you put a checkmark on a piece of paper that they cut out by hand, with scissors. Then you fold it up and put it in a cardboard box.

    See America, you could learn from our kindergarten ways.

  9. [re=140521]greensprout[/re]: Indeed, it’s mind-boggling how a simple process like voting has been so royally fucked up in America. Sorry, I mean democratically fucked up.

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