You will probably all want to see this Sarah Palin bit if you want to have something to talk about over Monday Morning Bagels with Lindsay from accounting. Here it is, for your cultural betterment: Sarah Palin palling around with liberal comedy terrorists at SNL. The funnier skit is the rap, after the jump.

So ta-dah, Sarah Palin went on SNL, nobody died, the earth continued in its orbit, no worm holes opened up, most of you would still prefer to do Tina Fey anyhow.

Gov. Palin Cold Open/Update: Palin Rap [Saturday Night Live]

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  1. The best part is when they shot the moose.

    Say what you will about Palin – she’s retarded, unqualified, a hate monger, whatever – but her head bobs show that she might have the most rhythm on the Republican ticket? Hooray.

  2. Wow, gotta say… seeing them next to each other like this you really do get a sense of how spot-on the impression really is. Hat’s off to Tina Fey.

  3. I can understand why Sarah Palin would want to do this, but I don’t get why SNL would want to do this. Not snarking. I just really, really don’t get it.

  4. I learned two things here:

    1. If she wasn’t such an imminent threat to the survival of the human species, I might not completely despise Caribou Barbie and…

    2. Amy Poehler is the best pregnant white rapper ever.

  5. [re=139581]Serolf Divad[/re]: The sad thing is that Tina Fey could go to a Palin rally, do the most outragious parody of her, and leave to the cheers of the adoring throngs.

  6. [re=139583]gurukalehuru[/re]: Highest rated show in 14 years, so SNL’s interest is pretty clear.

    I almost felt bad for Palin, because seriously, we are laughing AT you, not with you. Don’t you get that?

    The terrible thing about this guest appearance is that it shows that once McCain and Palin lose the election, Palin will inevitably become a host on Fox News.

  7. I was disappointed at all the cheering. How tightly do you think the RNC screened THAT audience?

    We should have sent some Flyers fans up to NYC for the weekend.

  8. [re=139593]Formerly Preferred[/re]: I think it’s to the point that Palin’s thinking, “Any publicity is still publicity.” Seriously, tho, the whole “laughing AT you, not with you” thing is spot on. And I can’t feel the least bit sorry for the woman because, let’s face it, SNL is first and foremost about SATIRE, something that evidently Palin has either forgotten, overlooked, or ignored completely.

  9. I was surprised with how much they forced Palin to put up with. When Alec Baldwin asked Lorne how he could force Tina to stand next to that “horrible woman,” with Palin standing right there, for example. I’m no great fan of Bible Spice, but that came across as a little mean, even to me.

  10. Pretty funny skits but I’m now haunted by ugly thoughts of Palin and Alec Baldwin doing lines off each others cleavage in the dressing room. Ick.

  11. [re=139588]Cape Clod[/re]: Cape Cod, you are right– that is sad, and I suspect very true. But then, critical thinking is not the hallmark of the typical Palin supporter. Bible Spice does have rhythm, though. I bet she could do a mean Electric Slide.

  12. [re=139599]dano[/re]: She looked like a moose in head lights.

    BTW, wasn’t the term “Caribou Barbie” birthed right here? Shouldn’t Wonkette get some royalties up in here?

  13. I think Palin’s people wanted to “humanize” her, and I think it worked. Watch her favorable ratings rise after this. For a moment, you could almost forget that she’s a petty, mean, vindictive, inept, corrupt monster who made women pay for their own rape kits.

  14. I like that I got an ad for Religulous from the NBC video player while watching a Sarah Palin clip. Video of a bible-humping myahv’rick superimposed with an advertisement for the Jesus-hating Hollywood elitist Bill Maher making a movie about how God is a gay communist.

    NBC is so far in the tank that it has latched onto the inner walls of the tank, like those snails you put in fishtanks to clean the gunk off the walls. The gunk is socialism.

  15. It was kind of funny to watch Mrs. Apocolipstick with a cob up her ass viewing Tina Fey’s impression. What must have been ping-ponging around in her head?

  16. Are we gonna talk about the porn version Nailin’ Palin too? Cuz that one doesn’t have the lingo down at all and even puts her ‘g’s into the ‘ings.’ Tina rules!

  17. My guess is that they figured that having her appear on SNL would make it appear that she is ‘in’ on the joke. It is consistent with the Republican attitude that we are all a bunch of easily manipulated lemmings who could be fooled into electing a dumbass to office twice in a row.

  18. [re=139599]dano[/re]: “I think it’s charming that Palin seems to have a sense of humor about her own ineptitude. Or perhaps she’s too dumb to understand satire?”

    Seeing as it took five colleges before one would give her a degree, perhaps yes.

  19. I actually found the rap freaking hilarious, mainly because Amy Pohler is just so pregnant that I would find anything she did hilarious.

    Did anyone watch till the very end when all the cast hugs and stuff, but no one wanted to hug Palin? Finally the girl who looks like Rachel Ray hugged her. It was almost sad, but not really.

  20. I have to admit that I now adore Caribou Barbie. She shouldn’t be in any position to ever make a decision that affects anyone other than herself– and even then I’m hesitant– but she is awesome.

    I’m still voting for Obama, but I think SP now has a backup gig once they lose.

    … but yeah, she’ll probably end up on Fox.

  21. [re=139595]Cranky Little Camperette[/re]: Flyers fans? How about some Flyers! I think The Hammer, Dave Schultz would have made some GOP fans very sorry and very sore.

  22. I don’t see why the actually needed Palin for the five lines or so she had. Couldn’t a life-sized cutout have done the same thing nearly as well? Is that’ true for her entire political career?

  23. [re=139601]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: Palin wants to win that much. The early reports suggested she hadn’t even seen the script before she showed up at the studio for the show. This really didn’t help her, in my opinion. YOu don’t see the Republicans crowing about it either.

    Kudos to Tina Fey for not letting them take a picture of “the hug” that CNN is trying to promote. I bet it took an hour in a hot show to get the stink of moose musk off.

  24. [re=139706]Destonio[/re]: I could feel the electricity, the tension. It sounds like Sarah Paylin has another video to make with a new star Tina Fay.

  25. [re=139648]HuskyMescan[/re]: Stephanie Miller claims “Caribou Barbie” was born on her blog. (Perhaps by the same busy little Wonkette?)

    I think Tina Fey must have very mixed feelings on the whole Palin thing. (She sez even her kid mistook Palin for mommy on TV.)

    btw Amy Poehler in another skit, dancing her 9.5 months PG belly toward Josh Brolin, was probably the funniest moment Saturday. (If both Amy & Tina ever wanted to “experiment,” moi might be swayed. But no Palin thx.)

  26. I thought the rap was brilliant. My only concern, however, is that WALNUTS! starts using the Obama/Ayers call and response during his and Palin’s rallies. I wouldn’t put it past the team responsible for “Drill baby drill” and “USA! USA! USA!” They just love loud, angry chanting.

  27. I think the rap worked just due to the insanity of it all. But damn, i know it was never going to happen, but can you IMAGINE if Palin had actually done the rap herself? Also, i want to kill myself and be reincarnated as Amy and Will’s newborn baby.

  28. I did not find the Abominable Snow-Tard any more likable. In fact, I felt incredible disgust for her while simultaneously peeing on myself during the Todd Palin part of the rap, which I found hilarious. She is smug and nasty and hateful.

  29. I agree about the laughing at you part. “…I built me a bridge, it ain’t goin’ nowhere”, I gringed at that line and then thought “what were you thinking going on that show?” It reminded me a bit of the Colbert correspondence dinner.

  30. The thought of her as veep makes me feel like I might wet myself, but you have to admit she has rhythm. I sort of wanted her to get up and shake that ass a little more, though.

  31. [re=139579]MargeSimpsonsBlackFriend[/re]: I’ll grant you that she got the beat, qualifying her to work a pole if times got tough, but giving her credit for rhythm is just flat out pandering to the far right.

    She also did the white-man overbite.

  32. I hope after the election she enjoys a long tenure at The Weather Channel as their Geography Analyst. “Here’s a photo that supposedly is from a camera frikkin’ floating in space, and it’s just showin’ us a mess of other contiguous land masses with borders and all and stuff like that, with some cities in there and everything, I can kinda make out the lights even though it’s sorta far away, uuhhhhh…also, those I’m told are actual other countries…”

  33. Boy. Anyone else channel her kids’ humiliation at watching their mom throw her hands in the air like she’s a true playah? The horror.

    This just reminded me of how terrifying I find Palin’s Botoxed mug. It’s so frozen of expression and dead of eye, it’s like watching a horrible, rabble-rousing porcelain doll.

  34. [re=139936]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: So on it. The only thing more horrifying than the possibility of having her for a mom or a vice president–the possibility of having her for BOTH.

  35. [re=139901]tripsydaily[/re]: Oh hush, I was trying to be nice! Getting the beat is the first step to having rhythm. Now if she can just dance her dumb ass back to Alaska, we will all be happier.

    I blame Wonkette for enabling her months and months ago.

  36. [re=139590]Cape Clod[/re]: 17 million people watched the show on Saturday. Do you get it now?

    You would think they would have put a little bit more care into the other sketches. Even ffwding through on dvr the next morning, I was struck (again) by how tedious snl is. Even when it was supposedly good, it sucked.

    Palin on the Daily Show, now that would be something to see. Jon Stewart mischievously paying out generous lengths of rope for her to hang herself.

  37. [re=139774]TalentedButHumble[/re]: Yes! Amy and Josh in the bar was really funny. My sister and I were trying to deconstruct why this was so funny to us: because we think 9.5 months pregnant women aren’t sexy? Because Amy thought she was sexy? Because Josh thought Amy was sexy? Because Amy was sexy? Because it plays on all the MILFness going around? “Bun in the oven, mmmm.” Sissy said, “Snug fit!”

    I loved her belly knocking over beer bottles. Absolutely classic.

    On Sarah: I think her campaign forced her on SNL, part of the charm offensive with Walnuts at the Catholic-who-was-trounced dinner and on Letterman. But she wasn’t charming, she wasn’t self-deprecating, she looked really uncomfortable. And she kept trying to change her voice, make it lower, so she wouldn’t sound like Tina imitating her. I almost felt sorry for her used ass… and then I got over it.

  38. [re=139684]JoeFannyPack[/re]: But you are all a bunch of easily manipulated lemmings who were fooled into electing a dumbass to office twice in a row.

    Three times the charm?

  39. [re=139936]BobLoblawLawBlog[/re]: As a loving father of teenage children, I feel it important to mention here that it is the solemn, sacred duty of parents to embarass their children whenever possible. ‘Cause Lord knows they embarass us with their “It seemed like a good idea at the time” decision-making. Maybe Caribou Barbie’s “raise the roof” was a little bit of payback to Bristol for her…ahem…”indiscretion”. Props to Mommy on that one.

    I thought the skits were hilarious. The moose was the best part.

    And here’s a history lesson, Wonketeers–many moons ago, the Anti-Christ himself, President Richard Nixon, appeared on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in”, and got satirized mercilessly. Any publicity is good publicity…but history will remember Palin as a buffoon.

  40. I’m so proud of her! Not taking herself, or anything else seriously. For the love of CHRIST this is supposed to be a VP candidate? Buffoon is right.

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