Here’s your video of wacky Michele Bachmann on the Chris Matthews show, talkin’ bout libruls. Barack Obama is anti-American! Nancy Pelosi! Harry Reid! All liberal anti-Americans and yet they are RUNNING AMERICA. Not good! Not a good situation at all. Around 6:30 in this seven-minute clip is when she suggests the media perform a Witch Hunt to determine which members of Congress are “pro-America” and “anti-America.” [YouTube]

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  1. This probably wasn’t just Bachmann being stupid, either. Bible Spice has been going out saying how she likes to visit ‘pro-America’ parts of the country–see the theme? I hope they both get a bad case of genital warts.

    OTOH how often do you get to see Tweety speechless??

  2. Ahhhh…..there’s liberal anti-American, and then there’s OVER THE TOP anti-American.

    I hope she drowns in horse semen during her next sexual frenzy.

  3. A bunch of Anti-Americans are running America? Is the sky falling? Is the new official religion Satanism, and are you being forced to practice it? Are conservatives being treated as second class citizens? Are the blacks turning whitey into slaves?

    No? Well I guess America under anti-Americans runs about the same as America under the loving care of God’s patriots. Hmmm….

  4. For a moment, I thought I was watching a version of the McCain crazy eyes gif, and then I realized. She does that with her actual face. All the time.

  5. I yield the floor to the editors of Esquire, who named her one of the ten worst members of Congress:

    “One gets the impression that if, in the name of “traditional values,” Bachmann could rescind the vote for women, she would. Her vacant, wild eyes recall a doomsday prophet, or one of Charlie Manson’s girls. Equal parts religious hack and party hack, she’s got spunk and not much else.”

  6. Since there’s nothing MORE “un-American” than witch-hunting, let’s start by investigating this witch-hunter and, once found guilty, burn her at the stake.

    Actually, fuck the investigation. Let’s just burn her anyway. I’ll bring the marshmallows.

  7. Long time lurker, first time poster. I know I’m supposed to say something snarky (hilarious) here, but I watched this and was horrified.

    Van der Whoville sure worked herself into a lather in response though. I loved it:

  8. This isn’t snarky but Jeremiah is not “anti-american”. He maybe a bloated, stupid, preaching, fire-breather but that’s doesn’t equate to “anti-american”.

  9. If only the American people could experience the way the “pro-America” guys run things in Washington for say, six or eight years, they would see how really awesome they are at this governing thing.

  10. I’m actually genuinely curious. Do you think she actually believes the crap that comes out of her mouth? Or is this all some political bullshit to garner votes?

  11. It’s true! Hopey is the most liberal member of the senate, just like John Kerry was the most liberal member of the senate in 2004. Guess who’ll be the most liberal member of the senate in 2012? Whoever the democrats run for president, that’s who.

  12. [re=138835]Keram2[/re]: She does…and her husband has magic powers to de-gayify homoSEXUALS.

    She and Palin are the new face of the republican party. Attractive women who will stick a shiv in you while smiling.
    Then burn your books, just for the heck of it.
    You betcha.

  13. I, for one, can’t wait to advocate for the reinstatement of the Sedition Act. I’m just lost on how these Democrat muslins are seditious against themselves.

    Crafty liberals and their self-defeating subterfuge.

  14. I believe this is the very witch Palin’s minister was trying to get rid of – how did she get out of Africa? What is wrong with our Homeland Security? And how, how, how, did she end up in Minnesota? Lutherans must be so embarrassed…

  15. Say this pernicious, bone-headed nazi was accidentally trapped in a cave with her long lost sibling Kitty Harris, and Sarah Palin was with them, would it be wrong of me to enjoy them resorting to cannibalism before they died of thirst?

    (O.K., I mean after the hot Christian Lesbian sex)

  16. [re=138831]american mutt[/re]:

    Jeremiah Wright is a former marine and navy veteran who served his country with honor when the likes of Dick Cheney and Tom Delay were hiding under their respective beds. He has nothing to prove to the draft dodging, chickenhawk lovers on the right.

  17. I saw part of this while earlier, but didn’t stick around long to hear anything but “AYERS! AYERS! AYERS! AYERS!AYERS! AYERS!AYERS! AYERS!”

    Who knew it would get so much better?

  18. [re=138864]pdiddycornchips[/re]: Um…Dick Cheney and Tome Delay were hiding under the same bed. They called it ‘hot bunking,’ but I know what they meant.

  19. God I hate this cunt! I am from Minnesota and I wish she would get run over by a golf cart or
    a polo pony or whatever other recreational vehicle she and her country club set employ. She is a complete idiot and a menace. Why on earth should she be given a forum to speak this complete bullshit.

    That settles it, I’m sending El Tinklenberg a check.

  20. [re=138825]ky-jellydonuts[/re]: i think that pretty much summed it up. can we kill her and feed her to the precious leftist america-hating hobos now?

  21. [re=138865]StupidGeek[/re]: Didn’t you get the memo? Flag pins are only for terrorists now, as demonstrated by McCain’s lack of pin during the debates.

  22. Plus, we should be asking our congressmen and women these three important questions:

    1) are you still beating your spouse?

    2) Do you still have that collection of child pornography?

    3) Where, exactly, were you when Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were screwing the rest of us…

  23. [re=138864]pdiddycornchips[/re]: And you’ve further clarified my point. Thanks. I know Jeremiah scared a lot of people. People like him are nothing new to me but I guess angry, black, former marines will do that.

  24. [re=138892]american mutt[/re]:

    Word, but judging from the both Bush’s and Hopey’s poll numbers, people have learned who the truly scary people really are. It took almost eight years and thousands of lives to drive the point home but thankfully, they’ve learned now.

  25. [re=138828]damndems![/re]: Welcome! I was shocked too. I mean, I know ya got politicians who say crazy things but this is beyond everything. How can she she query Congress when she need only look to the White House? The last eight years provided a Presidency consisting of the worst collection of irresponsible evil-doers ever to undermine American pride and self-confidence: “The last and greatest betrayal of the last and greatest of human dreams”.

    No matter; it’s over now. The poison has all bled out. It’s been at a great cost and a whole generation is about to pay further for its venom; but at least America really is on the right track now. Happy days – even as people hand back the keys to their houses and hit the road – happy days.

    (This comment comes to you courtesy of an anti-American 2006 Saint-Chinian, from freedom-hating France. Vive l’America. Hic.)

  26. At this point Larry, Moe, and Curly could run the government better than the current administration. Pelosi, Reid, and company will be an improvement once we have a decent majority in office.

  27. okay, she’s nuts. over here in germany she’d be sent to the nuthouse to join emperor wilhelm II., adolf hitler & napoleon. which brings me to the point: wikipedia tells me that this woman was born in waterloo/iowa.

    guess ya all know what happened to napoleon in waterloo…

    so i’m kinda sceptical about her further career.

  28. I wondered who that crazy woman was. I saw Tweety looking scared, and then there was like five minutes of this crazy bitch talking about how everything was ACORN and Obama and Ayers or some shit. And then there was a shot of Tweety going, “Duh.” And then there was more crazy bitch, so I threw my cat at the television. The cat, having been trained, understood the command to change the channel (the remote is broken).

  29. [re=138901]BillyClubb[/re]:

    Good point. If not, I’m heading to Alaska to join the Secessionist party. All I need is a pint a day, a wireless connection and a furry.

  30. [re=138857]hockeymom[/re]: You are so correct. Look at Fox News, same thing. “Pretty Women Don’t Lie!” is the new meme. Except they’re all fucking ugly.

  31. [re=138905]wheelie[/re]: Thanks, wheelie! I am not Hopeless… but I did just txt my ex in Canada telling him to expect me at his door on Nov.5, regardless of who wins. I so fear the backlash.

    …does wanting to be Canadian make me un/anti-American? Should I expect the media at my door now?

    Look at Bachmann’s wall on Facebook –it’s getting funny, slowly. Feel free to “support” her just long enough to leave a comment.

  32. After living in America all my life, except while serving two years in Vietnam, I never realized that I must have done both because I hate the place so much. That kook is being measured for her long white sheet and pointy hat and KKK little wizard white power sash. Bitch. Dumb bitch. Stupid f*&(^% DUMB BITCH. Any stupider and she would edge out Bible Spice for vice president on the GOP ticket.

  33. The citizens of the 6th district of Minnesota aren’t quite ready for particapatory democracy since they decided that this idiot should represent them in the House.

  34. [re=138872]jodyleek[/re]: I just sent him $20 and I never heard of him before I saw this moron. What kind of a chance has he got of beating her?


    MSNBC is reporting that the Obama campaign is trying to get a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the McCain/Palin campaign and their connection to voter fraud and ACORN. The argument, as I understand it, is the same argument that was made in New Mexico…that McCain and republicans in DC are pressuring the justice department to come down on ACORN.

  36. OMG – that woman makes me ashamed to say that I am from Minnesota. I created a profile, just so I could comment about how stupid this cooze is! She’s Minnesota’s Sarah Palin. LORD HELP US if she is elected again — Vote Elwin Tinklenberg!!!!!

  37. [re=138948]stephie4[/re]: Hey, welcome to you too! And enjoy your trip to Gitmo when Bachmann renditions your un-American ass. Also, thanks for teaching me “cooze”. I did not know this communist code word before now.

  38. Would prefer to laugh probably 20 pct or more of the population thinks just like her. She’s the American Dream, so-called as Carlin said because you have to be asleep to believe it.

  39. you know, with the exception of the real crazy countries, people in places throughout the rest of the world are very suspicious of any fellow citizens that are ‘wild about their country’ – and with good reason. I think after seeing the types at the WALNUTS!-FAILIN rallies we should perhaps expropriate yet another good idea from abroad (GASP!)

  40. Well I just donated another $20 to Tinklenberg and I live in Maryland. Rachel Maddow just reported that since that interview aired, Tinklenberg has already received $30,000 in online donations! Go Tinklenberg!!

  41. Um… Michelle? They did that already. It’s called the House UnAmerican Activities Committee or HUAC, and was one of the darkest periods in American history. Of course, she wouldn’t know that because she barely has enough of a brain to support life functions.

    We are SO screwed if McGramps and Caribou Barbie win. I’m starting to have nightmares….

  42. She’s kinda doable. I’d wear 3 condoms, one on top of the other, though, as I always do when I bang Republican chicks (I don’t want to get sick).

  43. The real evil doers in this are our “benevolent” Editors. They know that dangling a nice, prime, juicy piece of catnip red meat for us will make us go berserk. They are all probably at some Georgetown cocktail now laughing at how easy this was and are scheming how to control our minds and thoughts in a blingee sort of way.

  44. Love the Wiki:
    Bachmann had grown up in a Democratic family, but says she became a Republican during her senior year at Winona State. She told the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune that she was reading Gore Vidal’s novel Burr: “He was kind of mocking the Founding Fathers and I just thought, ‘What a shit. I just remember reading the book, putting it in my lap, looking out the window and thinking, ‘You know what? I don’t think I am a Democrat. I must be a nutcase.'”[7]

  45. Oh, Michelle, what joy WON’T you bring me? I love you so. I was so disappointed when it turned out that McCain didn’t choose YOU as a running mate. Although Palin brings me powdered donuts, you are the s’mores of insane ranting comedy. Never stop.

  46. [re=138861]Toomush Infermashun[/re]: Naw, we Lutherans aren’t embarrassed by Bachmann. She’s Wisconsin Synod, and they’re closer to nondenominational fundies than Lutherans. I don’t know why they bother with the L-word at all.

  47. [re=138861]Toomush Infermashun[/re]:
    Lutherans must be so embarrassed…

    You might be surprised. The kind of Lutherans who belong to her particular church are a special breed. I was raised in the same Lutheran synod that Bachmann’s church belongs to. They don’t exist in the same world as the rest of us.

  48. @jagorev: thanks — I just donated some money to Jesus-lady’s opponent.

    Generally I don’t contribute that much money to congressional races outside of where I live but crazy jesus lady compelled me to give money to her opponent Mr. Tinkerbell with her crazy ranting on Matthew’s show.

  49. Do you think she is a secret muslin [sic] ay-rab who had Michael Jackson surgery so that she could infiltrate the white christian community?

    I heard she had an affair with a crack dealin’ kingpin and had a partial birth abortion to get rid of the embarrassing long pig. I don’t know if it is true or not but that is what I heard.


  51. Tinklenberg’s now at 46-thousand dollars. Before Bachmann’s little chat with Matthews, the Tink had raised only about 2-grand on the act blue website. She’s got a gift!

  52. “On his view of United States, which is negative…”

    Clearly they didn’t do a thorough review of article usage in her ESL class.

  53. I say dig up the original right wing Roman Catholic nutjob, Joe McCarthy, put a blue suit and red tie on the bones and get him a Fox News program. Maybe with the current Roman Catholic right wing nutjob, Bill O’Rielly and Lutheran visionary Michele Bachmann as a team, every night, and the Knights of Columbus, and the Klan, they have cute hats, and George the greatest president ever Bush, he could blather with McCarthy and swap war stories. You know, something entertaining, fresh and relevant.

  54. How did this cunt get into national office? Oh, that’s right, it’s the same people who play Let’s Make a Deal every week who also get to vote.

  55. AAh the politics of division. Get people arguing about some crazy accusation so they don’t pay attention to peripheral issues like the economy and the world. Get used to these radical right dinosaurs hooting and thundering as they sink into the tar pits, folks. We are coming out of a very long and dark period in our country’s history.

  56. [re=139022]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: To be precise, James “Fuckus in the Femway” Dobson got her into office. Where is he now? Hiding, as well he should.

  57. What I want to know is this: It has been 7 years since 9/11 (don’t sue me for trademark infringement Mr. Guiliani). You’d think in all this time GWB and/or John “Maverick” McCain could have captured Bill Ayers and doled out some old timey GITMO justice to his extraordinarily rendered ass! After all, if you can’t catch the terrorist Bill Ayers how can you ever expect to catch Bin Laden?

    They **SAY** they’re tough of terrorism but Ayers is still walking free.

  58. You can turn the page, or you can

    contribute the cost of a bottle of cheap vodka to her opponent. Or a bottle of decent Scotch, a case of Belgian abbey ale—the important thing is to give what you can.

  59. [re=139008]jagorev[/re]: Extreme as in they’re rabidly into Right-wing politics, teach and support Creationism, don’t let their women be pastors, vote on church business or teach men, adhere to a backwards theology, consider Catholics borderline not-Christian, condemn gays, are super anti-abortion, support people like Michele Bachmann etc, etc.

  60. Dagnabit! I shoulda come here first, ‘steada searchin all over for her opponent’s name so I could send him a check! Then I went to code blue & found out he’s got over $55,000 as of right now (go to

  61. YIKES!! And you folks, you betcha, all thought Sarah Palin was a little over the top! Minnesotans as a whole are actually not like this Joe McCarthy clone. Actually there are only two districts–the 6th (Rep. Bachmann) and 2nd (Rep. Kline)–that are McPalin strongholds so that’s where McPalin has gone to hold their rallies. Click: for more details about the paradoxes involved in this last McCain Rally in Lakeville, Minnesota (MN’s 2nd District).

    Coincidentally, the two right-wing Minnesotan Republican Reps Bachmann and Kline, are trying to keep control of their districts by conducting the same type of frantic robo-calling as McCain-Palin.

  62. Bachmann can suck a bag of dicks.

    As the MkKKain and the republicans get more desperate, the pundits and talkies will become more extreme. Next we’ll be seeing David Duke and Ted Nugent on MSNBC!

  63. Let’s look ahead a bit, shall we? Three weeks from tonight the celebration will have worn off somewhat (i.e. hangover gone) and the country will be going into its first weekend since NINETEEN EIGHTY NINE with someone other than a Bush or Clinton in the White House.

    NINETEEN YEARS Alan! NINETEEN YEARS!! Let’s see, M.C. Hammer was singing “U Can’t Touch This” there was a Massacre in Tiananmen Square, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Berlin Wall came down, Arsenio Hall, the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, Colin Powell appointed to Joint Chiefs of Staff, Russia withdrew from Afghanistan, Vietnam withdrew from Cambodia, and…..Milli Vanilli.

    I say New Year’s Eve should be held the weekend of Nov. 8 this year.

  64. saw her live. it saddens me that many of the new breed of repug hatemongers
    come in sort of attractive packages…palin, fartenfoofal, this bitch…

    i hate it when some repug skank [and they all are] is on the screen pitching
    crap, and all the while i’m trying to figure out what part of what i’m seeing
    makes me want to do her…although, in real life, i’ll avoid them as long
    as there’s one hippie chick left alive.

    [re=139041]HuskyMescan[/re]: i hope mine is in the bag. not that way [slap].
    slower, dammit [slap].

  65. [re=139033]Dreadful Gate[/re]: <>

    Yep – so funny I just donated to E.T.’s campaign. Really.

    Michele Bachmann is a diss-grace. I wonder – are the 80% (plus) who think America is going in the wrong direction “anti-American”?

  66. [re=139045]OhYeahAlright[/re]: She’s the last American to flaunt absolute love for Bush, that’s pretty damnable (see my vid link above). A veritable reincarnation of Frau Goebbels.

  67. While I’m thrilled that it is becoming increasingly likely that Michelle Bachmann will have her pro-American ass handed to her in November, I feel compelled to let everyone who’s jumping on the Tinklenberg Train that El is not exactly the most progressive democrat. He’s opposed to legalized abortion and in favor of a federal gay marriage ban (according to wikipedia). But yes, better than Bachmann.

  68. [re=139042]accidental_tourist[/re]: Actually, first weekend since 1979 (or the first 20 days of January, 1980) without a Clinton or a Bush. Remember that HW was Reagan’s VP.

  69. [re=139060]jagorev[/re]: “In all their XXX glory” is pretty equivalent to NSFW in my world.

    But seriously? That looks nothing like Palin. Sad.

  70. Sadly I must say I wasn’t aroused in the least from that porno.. Now, if Hustler made a “Nailin’ Michelle Obama” porno, that would be something else.

  71. [re=139033]Dreadful Gate[/re]: If somebody asked me to come up with the absolute worst name for a candidate, I would be hard pressed to top Elwyn Tinklenberg. Shout out to trucknutz.

  72. Well, El Tinklenberg just got $50 of my dollars to help defeat this psycho.

    But I must know — did he get his name out of a Richard Rodriguez movie? Or maybe the Three Amigos?

  73. Probably too olden years for most wonketeers, but: “Have you at last no sense of decency, sir? No sense of honor?”

    These twits have put even “Gunner Joe” MacCarthy to shame.

  74. this is slightly off topic but i am sitting here in chicago getting sick to fucking death of these losers from small places in red states with no serious creds taking out the place i live.

    get your own goddamn corruption and embrace it and stop raining on my parade.


  75. I used to kind of have a perverse crush on Michelle, based on her cheekbones, I guess, and the “up for anything” expression in her eyes, then I saw a picture of her at a softball game wearing shorts. Thunder thighs. Very off-putting.

  76. [re=139059]McCainsThirdNipple[/re]: Oh Jeebus. I hope we don’t have any wonketteres who are under 18. Then again, isn’t contributing to the moral decline of America’s youth sort of the m.o. of liberals, at least according to bitches from the north?

  77. [re=139081]Mr Blifil[/re]: lay the fuck off, dude. she’s a mom, and has real normal healthy curves. she’s entitled to have a little meat on the thighs.

  78. [re=138829]4tehlulz[/re]: You are assuming that MB WILL be re-elected.
    But I must accept your assumption because I have no evidence against.
    She will be returned to Congress as all the gypsies, bohemenians, smarty pants college professors, Catholic nuns, peddlers, bee-bop musicians, hepcats, hipsters, conceptual artists, granola-eaters and non-honorary-Aryans are rounded up and sent to Saudi prisons to make way in our economy for real Americans.

  79. [re=139081]Mr Blifil[/re]: Yea fuck that. She, confessedly, makes me want to feel on it. I’m just sayin. I think her body is dope.

    Bachmann, though, can eat a dick. What a horrible cunt. Not as horrible as the Westboro Baptist Church loon I just saw talking about GOD HATING BARACK OBAMA AND JOE BIDEN or whatever, but pretty fucking horrible.

    So who among you internet people are splicing Michelle with McCarthy? Get on it, homies.

  80. [re=138962]wheelie[/re]: glad I could help with the vocab. I just had to explain Ass to mouth to someone. I am full of all kinds of knowledge!

    I stumbled across this blog, and I am in heaven. I have found ‘My People’. A land where Palin, Bachmann and Coulter are the Anti-Christ.

  81. What is it about Republicans named Michele? I haven’t seen that expression on Tweety’s face since Malkin claimed that John Kerry shot HIMSELF during the war because he knew he would someday run for president and he wanted to have a Purple Heart. Tweety banned her from his show from then on. Let’s hope the Congressperson gets the same boot.

  82. Mr. Tinklenberg votes at the precinct where I am an election judge. I gave him his ballot in September during the primaries. When I see him on Nov 4th, I will give him a shout-out from Wonkette.

  83. The closer we get to the election, expect to see more of this crazy shit spewing out of the mouths of the wingnuts. I hope her constituents were properly horrified. She should go back to private sector baby farming and stay out of politics.

  84. Would someone please finally post Ms. Bachmann’s secret DVDA sex tape already? I’m sure it’s got to have at least 2 anti-american dudes in it.

  85. If over 50% of Americans vote for an anti-American candidate, and we are a majority-rule type democracy, then won’t it be automatically anti-American to be pro-American?
    The mind boggles.
    Can anything other than a mind boggle?

  86. I was reading a little bit about Rep Bachmann. On paper she comes across
    as a rather nice but limited woman with whom I thoroughly disagree. But
    her performances are so robotic it’s frightening. I understand she used to
    gut fish in Alaska!

  87. Wonkette, this is your time. The nation is calling you. It is up to you to ferret out the anti-American congress folks. But is it just congress? Could there be anti-American judges and teachers as well? Sweet baby jesus just how deep does this conspiracy to destroy America go? I expect a preliminary list of all anti-Americans by next week. With hard work and god’s grace we can hold congressional hearings before election day.

  88. BachMANN. In the tank for McCarthy, who is that junior senator from WisconSAN? Oh yes. OHH YAAA. He is dead. Bachmann is an up and cumbing Contservaativ.

  89. Appropos of nada, there was a pretty good clip of Wanda Sykes on Leno at that leftandloud blog. Sykes was saying that the Democratic convention was like America (“y’know, everyone holding hands”) and then the Republican convention was more like a meeting at Dr. Evil’s lair: “You know how after everyone announces their evil plan, someone–usually the weakest one there?– gets dropped through the floor into a pile of alligators? That’s why W. didn’t show up in person…”
    I know, if she’s running against W. she should have run in 2004!

  90. [re=138999]Darehead[/re]: Political de-evolution, of a sorts, appealing to the homo lowinformationmethheadicus voterusii dead-enders…exhibit here.

  91. [re=138992]Rush[/re]: The circle will be complete, when Tinklenberg places an ad buy with proceeds derived from “enthusiastic” Wonketeers.

    Our snarky overlords must be shock testing the system, obvs…I love it when a snakey C6H6 ring-like plan comes together!

  92. [re=139036]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: But would they have issue with the viewing of Davey and Goliath?

    Za-za-zoom! But Davey, watch out for Mr. Swanson’s wide-stance airport bathroom stall tactics, he might be a lavatory goblin!

  93. I can’t stand her stupid face. I didn’t know who this stupid whore was until Palin was announced, and she was on TV railing off all the empty bs talking points to try to explain why she was qualified. Carville made her look like an absolute fool.

    I’m sick of all this anti-American fear mongering. These people don’t understand the difference between hating your country, and hating who’s running it, or hating the military conflicts we’re currently in. Whatever they have to do to energize their paranoid base, I guess.

    I love America, I hate Bush . . if hating Bush means I hate America, then let’s get Obama in office so I can love America again. I’m curious though, if Obama is in office, can we tell these people who suddenly have such a big problem with the new administration that they are “anti-American” too? Will that be fair?

    I guess we’ll see.

  94. [re=139145]sublicon[/re]: They are the truly anti-Americans even now–if by anti-American you mean anti-democracy, anti-discussion, anti-reason, anti-“we hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal . . .”, anti-constitution, anti-separation of powers, anti-separation of church and state, etc., etc.

    [re=139148]Guitar_Guy[/re]: I’m glad my $50 is a part of that. See what losers can do when they’re properly motivated? Maybe Bachmann should go out on a tour for every Repug candidate.

  95. If, back in the day, I could have contributed money to a worthy cause the next morning to make the previous evening’s ill-considered debauchery go away, I would have.

    Luckily, the intertubes has afforded me that option today.

    El T just got a contribution from the ‘camaro.

    I am cleansed.

  96. [re=138930]damndems![/re]: “does wanting to be Canadian make me un/anti-American?”

    Not at all. When asked what differentiates the two, a wise man once said “Canuckistanis are Americans who read.” I would add that that we pray to the Yahweh of our choice, not our guns, but that’s debatable these days.

    You might also enjoy being plugged into our hive-mind of smug [aka “We’re not THEM!”] Your tax dollars won’t be used to bail out broke banks and failed insurers, because we don’t have any of those. You won’t send your kin to foreign wars prosecuted under false pretenses. You’ll also enjoy universal health care [tho’ it needs improvement], access to cheap Pharma, and the best reefer on the planet, at an affordable price.

    On the downside, it’s tundra for ten months a year, with two months of hard sledding. And you’d better quickly get accustomed to being hated by Yanquis for being smug. [We find that’s a pretty fair tradeoff, for the most part.] Oh yeah, and avoid taking Greyhound buses, unless you fancy being butchered in your sleep.

  97. [re=139139]schvitzatura[/re]: Ha! No. No problems with an opening shot like that, plus it’s just wholesome and corny enough.

    Somebody should do a Youtube version of the Batman opening theme with Bachmann and her girl-wonder sidekick Palin punching their way through a hord of anti-American Senators and liberal Americans. POW! Take that, Kennedy! BIFF! Here’s a boot in yer eye, Pelosi! BOFFO! Hope you enjoy this karate chop to the skull, community organizer woman!


  98. [re=139139]schvitzatura[/re]:
    Gah! It screwed up my comments, so I’ll have to post again. No, no problems at all with a show opening like that. Plus it’s corny and wholesome enough to be A-ok approved.

  99. I wonder how much money Twinkletoes (or whatever his name is) has gotten from us so far as a result of this screeching meemie bitch’s rant. When I pitched in my meager $20, I added a message about what prompted the gift, crediting Wonkette. A tasteful thank-you note is in order, don’t you think?

  100. Again, on the Wiki… Yeah, WonkPac!
    On the evening of October 17, 2008, Tinklenberg’s opponent, Bachmann, appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Her statements about liberalism and anti-American views were quickly spread around liberal blogs such as The Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. Because of the widespread outrage felt due to her comments by readers of these pages, donations to Tinklenberg’s campaign reached over 100,000 dollars overnight, mostly in small donations from around the country[10]. In response, Tinklenberg wrote, “The last few hours have been nothing short of astounding. Since Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball earlier tonight, there’s been a deluge of support unlike anything we have seen.”

  101. I would rather have a full congress of Marxists than a congress with half conservatives.
    Hating America but grasping basic concepts> Loving America but fringing on ‘functional retard’

  102. [re=139178]Toomush Infermashun[/re]: Leave us Hibernians out of it. Oh, and by the way Mara and Chriz…watch the numbers at the link Chriz posted, and keep hitting refresh. Swear to god it’s like watching the stock ticker! Well, except in reverse. Huzzah!

  103. [re=139156]Canuckledragger[/re]: But you have to drink crappy beer (Molson, Labatt’s) and constantly comment on how much better it is than American crappy beer. I don’t think I can live with the lies.

  104. Are we allowed to laugh at his name–Elwyn Tinklenberg? I mean, just a little? Or only if we have contributed to his campaign? Isn’t there an Elwyn in Lord of the Rings?

  105. user-of-owls: User of Owls, eh… sounds unAmerican to me… shouldn’t that be McUser of Owls? I may have to report you to Bachmann….McMarxist!… wait, Geez, this is a slippery slope… oh, no, here I go again….where’s that rum bottle…? Apologies to all Hibernians, I just lost it for a moment. It was those evil Bachmann witch eyes…

  106. At long last, a return to the glory days of McCarthism! Instead of a junior senator from Wisconsin, this time we have a first term congresswoman from Minnesota. She’s got some big shoes to fit into, but Chris Matthews did a great job of helping her into them. It’s so exciting! Will we have a new Hollywood blacklist too? Just think of the opportunities to turn America into a world that Michele can be proud of! — and for those who haven’t checked it out – you MUST check out her website – she has a page devoted to her definition of Minnesota “values.” (tip – there seems to be mostly 1 value, and it goes bang.)

  107. I think we America-haters just pulled off a Left Wing Liberal Conspiracy by targeting this snarky idiot robo-bitch. Contributing to the Mighty Tink!! Now, you creepy congressperson, say something else and Tink will fuckin’ BUY you, you betcha.

  108. OMG! I am loving the attention this race is getting — Tinklenberg is doing a townhall meeting about a mile from my house on Tuesday, I am going to try and get off work so I can check it out. I have been forwarding that link along with a message to everyone and pasting it everywhere!


    Michelle Bachmann was on Hardball on MSNBC yesterday. She was spouting such radical BS calling Obama and liberals anti-American and said there should be an expose focusing on cleaning out congress to get rid of the anti-Americans.

    The segment hit youtube, and the blogs (Wonkette!) went nuts. All of a sudden this is getting national attention, and someone posted this link: and it got forwarded and pasted all over the place.

    It goes to Elwyn Tinklenberg’s fundraising site. Before Bachmann apeared on Hardball, he had approx. $3,000 in contributions. I just checked, and since that segment aired yesterday, he has over $140,000 in contributions. And it is coming in from all over the country!

    The power of the internet! If you go to this link you can see the segment that is getting everyone so riled up:

    Loves it!

  109. This has probably been mentioned before. But it’s good to repeat it. There is a petition on Huffington Post to censure Bachman.

    I’ve been voting for Democrats and progressives for 20 years and have been accused of being un-American for doing so that entire time. This is the year that ends.

    Since this is Wonkette:

    Hey Bachman,

    How is it that you are the only member of the Hale Bopp Cult to survive?

  110. I cat believe that this is happening again. I hope we learned from the McCarthy era. If they label Obama a socialist and do a good enough convincing the Fox viewers of it… then fear will dominate this election and dare I say… Obama will loose. THEN… and I hate refering to books when Im pontificating but man, if McCain wins we will have a similar reality thats laid forward in America2014. Its a sequel to the classic 1984 and it lays out the situation Bush and Cheney could have brought upon us…. and a reality that if McCain and Palin are elected will surely happen. Its a Orwellian tale and man is it scary. Wire tapping, surveilance, tests of your Americaness, all sorts of horrific stuff. Check out the altered bill of rights presented in the book at least at

  111. [re=139200]merrymerry[/re]: Oceania is at war with Eurasia, Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

    Just read that book last month and it scared the crap out of me!

  112. I’m from Oklahoma, and frankly, it’s nice to see that even with Dr. Strangelove (Sen. Coburn) and the international poster-boy for stupid, Jim Inhofe, representing our (high illiteracy rate) state, that others elect morons, too.

    Of course, if anyone around here knew I posted this, I’d be exiled to the anti-american, liberal gulag. Which, of course, would be where all the fun is.

  113. $ 170.898 @ 8:33 p.m. GST – 5.700 bucks in 20 mins.

    how ’bout a new drinking game: 1 can of beer or 1 glass of any other spirited liquid every 5.000 dollars, huh?


  114. [re=139209]germanchriz[/re]: You best have another, cuz El T just crossed the $175k threshold! Let’s get to $200k!!!!

    The Tinklenberg campaign is set to make an announcement on the out pouring of donations in the last 24hrs at 3:05pm today.

  115. [re=139199]Ilikepigeons[/re]: Why would anyone want to censure this woman thereby discouraging her from speaking her empty mind. She’s raised over $175,000 for Tinkerbell already. I want all the wingnuts to go on teh TVs and do the exact same thing.

  116. Tailgunner Bachmann is a compulsive tweezer, up all night with the magnifying mirror. If she was really a nice person she would have given her BFF fellow Alaskan wildlife disemboweler kinda hirsute Sarah Palin some grooming tips before her Newsweek closeup.
    Tweezing, tweaking, twitching and outbursts of “Anti-American!” = Bachmann Syndrome.

  117. [re=139223]Fred Wertham Jr.[/re]: where did u get that number from? i’m only seeing him going straight for 200.000 on

    wow, this internet is such a blessing! :-)

  118. Holy shit, Tinklenberg is up to 195k. I hope he gets to 200k.

    Michelle Bachmann must feel like she’s unwittingly stepped on a landmine. A landmine planted by anti-American liberal terrorists, that is.

  119. [re=139156]Canuckledragger[/re]: Thanks, Canuck. I think I can live with all of that, except the reading part. I’ll bring gossip magazines to fulfill my Canuckian dooty there –you don’t have a comprehension exam after “reading” is complete, do you? Just turning pages is adequate, right? I’ll also bring my toque.

    I assume you’re putting clean sheets on your davenport for me right now. I sleep best with 2 pillows, and enjoy bacon (Canadian or other) for breakfast. See you Nov. 5!

  120. [re=139229]InKnockYouUs[/re]: looks like he’s all yours. cool thing. guess he’ll make a dramatic move towards all you extreme leftist terrorists – and kiss you all on the mouth like michelle bachnut did with that guy whateverhisnamewas who was living in the white house for the last eight years.

  121. allright, tinkywinky made the 200.000 on alone. i’m proud of you, my american extemist leftwing terrorists. fuck, that IS a topic even in german media! great, great, great!

    cheers from germany (13 glasses of german riesling since 2:33 p.m. your time – one per 5k $…)


  122. Amazing. “Since Congresswoman Bachmann’s outrageous remarks, [Tinkerbell’s] campaign has raised $438,346.57, and we’re working to reach $500,000 by 5 p.m. today.” What was Obama’s greatest 24-hour online fund raising effort?

  123. I just drove by the local Repube-lican HQ and past all of the Michelle Bachmann signs littering the sidewalk. I normally curse and flip them the bird, but today, a sense of peace came over me, like pure nirvana bliss – then I snapped out of it called her a C. U. Next Tuesday and flipped her the bird and cackled. Go Tink!

  124. back to that incredible stupid bachnut woman: “If the liberals win the upcoming election, America as we have known it will no longer exist.”

    did she really say that? if so: yes, yes, destroy, destroy! america as THEy knew it? toss it in the garbage can of history! asap!

  125. [re=139235]jagorev[/re]: This makes me so happy. He probably won’t win, but this kind of nationwide support for him and against her idiocy has to scare the republicans. That’s worht it’s weight in quatloos.

  126. Every time I think my brain can’t be further bruised, I find myself mistaken.

    “I just don’t like his socialistic ideas,” said Mark Winget, a Springfield groundskeeper. “If you work hard you deserve to keep what you make.”

    A groundskeeper. A fucking adult who is mowing lawns for a living fears that Obama is what, going to tax his fucking capital gains? Jesus, just do us a favor Mark and clear the next clog in your goddamn lawnmower with your head.

  127. [re=138909]bitchincamaro[/re]: And in Croatian and probably in Serbian. Did I tell you I know at least one very dirty word in 7 different languages?

  128. okay, tinkywinky broke the 220k margin on – i’m kinda drunk. (1:10 a.m. here in germany.) gotta leave now. to bed. gonna have sweet dreams about a new america where the bachnuts are incarcerated. 4ever. no mics. no cams. no teevees. nothing. buried alive. sounds like a great dream of a better world.


  129. Has anyone pointed out to Rep. Nutjob that she’s a member of the only Congressional delegation with an ACTUAL MUSLIN as a member? Talk about un-American!

  130. Love it that Tinkles has made over 230k off this McCarthyesque rant. Fuck yourself much?

    It’s all very clear to me now though! Obama’s attending Harvard, working very hard all his life, community organizing, bringing people together, leading a life of service with the inevitable run for the Presidency. It was all a plot because if he wins he plans to destroy the country because he HATES it, so, so much. Dear Michele, people who run for public office do not hate America, and saying so cheapens us all.

    My favorite part is that Obama called this when he said that he would say a lot of things during the campaign but he would NEVER question his opponent’s patriotism, because “We ALL love our country, we ALL put our country first.”

    I hope Sunday goes quickly because seeing her angry mug is giving me the brain hurt. New post pls.

  131. Just read via Huffpo that the total is now up to $488K…expected to hit half a mil primarily because of all of the grass roots, net based dems who got pissed over this interview.

    This is totally like The Warriors, where all of the different gangs get together for a unified purpose…except that they were hunting The Warriors who were falsely accused…

    Fucking analogy fell apart.

    Look, I just want to change the name of the site to “Teh Baseball Furies”. OK?

  132. Voting for the bail-out is anti American. Every voter who votes for McCain & Obama is anti American. The entire Congress except for Kucinich is anti American. Voting to attack Iraq
    is anti American. Voting to fund the war is anti American. Not voting to impeach Bush is anti
    American. Preventing the Judiciary Committee to investigate Bush for impeachment is anti American.
    Letting banks merge and then claiming they are too big to fail is anti American.

    The only candidate who will direct his attorney general to indict and convict the corporate crooks is Nader. Vote pro American, vote for Ralph. Ralph will end the war now if he is elected.
    Quit believing the media pundits, vote for the only decent candidate.

  133. [re=139278]Keram2[/re]: We already know she’s not bright. So all she had left to do is prove she’s not funny, either. From that point of view it was a great sucess.

  134. It’s fuckin’ saturday. Seriously. It’s SUNDAY even now. It’s late. Get laid. If you don’t plan on getting laid: you should check out my doood. Doood’s like “OH YA, ME MAKE YOU POST ON WONKETTE AT 12:55 in the morning!”

  135. [re=139286]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: When your right, you’re right SHORTS! I need to get a life (and a man to get LAID….which sounds fucking awesome right now) but damn if i’m not stuck in some fricking hellhole called WI… maybe i can snag a biker before last call…. NRA 4EVAH?

  136. Oh good. Well anyhoo, after Jeebus gave me a dirty sanchez, I told him to “STOP” fucking with us and just admist he wasn’t the messiah. However, the motherfucker started playing Johnny Cash and all of a sudden it was, HEYO! JEEBUS! You are totally awesome. And that is how I became an evangelical. Good night.

  137. This makes me so happy, in a strange way. I remember a while ago talking to some friends in Holland who were so jealous that we had an out-and-out crazy person like David Duke running for office, since there all their fascists and racists are more charming and subtle (and electable). I think they’re right. While people may like the fascists and racist policies being espoused, they’re loathe to vote for someone SOOOO crazy (or have been in the past). Death knell for Neocons getting elected this year in Congress, thy name is Bachman!

    I also loved watching her go exactly where Matthews was hoping to take her, but even Pat Buchanan was smart enough to sidestep. Dopey cunt.

  138. Let’s sum up, shall we?

    – Nancy Poopenhead said Northern Virginia wasn’t “real Virginia”
    – A well respected Republican Colin Powell has endorsed the Democratic nominee
    – A minor Minnesota candidate has raised a quarter of a million dollars in 24 hours from a blogger effort
    – Sarah Palin didn’t seem to notice she was being openly mocked on a national stage (anybody notice Tina Fey didn’t even look at her?)

    Can we vote now?

  139. [re=139301]Worlds End[/re]: Meh. No surprises there. Powell scores 0 points, for being too late with his message. His endorsement would have meant a lot more right after the Repub convention, and even a half-assed, self-propelled, media blitz by the general, on BHO’s behalf would have been more relavent than this “safe”.

    He’s still under MY bus.

  140. [re=139302]bitchincamaro[/re]: Yeah its no surprise, the republicans always show their true colors. The thing about the endorsement is that it eats the media cycle thereby running down the clock.

  141. [re=139299]Worlds End[/re]: Did you get a load of the mcCain response? He said something like, “Oh yeah, well Haig and Baker endorsed me, and so did about 400 generals, so there.” I guess Depends adult diapers make you act like a baby, too.

  142. Look out, Powell’s got a vial of white powder! Oh, dear God. He’s using it to lure Palin away from Walnuts… it’s blow. It’s blow, and he’s gonna score with Palin right in front of Walnuts. This is big news. This is big news indeed.

  143. Here is a clip of Powell immediately after leaving MTP. I’ll give him some points for slamming Bachmann.

    Would I rather Powell had done this sooner? Of course, but the timing of this is actually pretty good. As the supposedly bi-partisan “maverick” desperately tries to rile up the base, you have a highly respected moderate Republican endorse Obama.

  144. Colin Powell said he believed the “intelligence” reports on WMD when he made the UN speech
    when he claimed he knew exactly where the WMD was.

    He lied again today on Meet The Press.

    Believing intelligence and “knowing” a fact is completely different.
    Powell is a liar.
    Powell knew that Bush told the NSC in January 2001 he wanted to attack Iraq.
    Powell knew that Cheney pressured Tenet, CIA boss to ignore the false documents and false claims
    on WMD.
    Powell is a liar and wants to be Secretary of State for Obama.
    The USA will remain in Iraq for the entire Obama Presidency.

    Nader is our only chance. Obama sucks.

  145. [re=139311]RubberSoul[/re]: He’s still soft-pedaling his role in the illegal war. The rest of the stuff, he’s gotten right. Now he can go back to his spider-hole.

  146. [re=139311]RubberSoul[/re]: Exactly it takes over the coverage and further runs down the clock. After this story then it moves on to the 150 million he raised and the huge rally attendance. Also funny thing i was watch the war room at like 5 am. In the documentary bush 41 said clinton was measuring the drapes just like mccain.

  147. [re=139313]vigilante[/re]: I do agree with you about what a rotten person and suck up Powell is (let us not forget who tried to cover up My Lai). But even a broken clock is occasionally correct.

  148. [re=139313]vigilante[/re]:

    Interesting logic. So Obama suckz because war criminal Powell endorsed him. Man, that means I should endorse Nadir. Now Nadir suckz too – well, I’m not a war criminal yet, but I have some pretty bad qualitiies.

    I just hope Obama doesn’t make use of Powell’s “services” that’s really helped us alot.

  149. [re=139313]vigilante[/re]: How lovely to see Secr. Powell brought Your Trollness out of the closet again. It’s heartwarming to read your wit and subtly persuasive reasoning. And you are right, Nader has no ego whatsoever. Welcome back!

  150. [re=139318]Borat[/re]: Don’t blame the gov’t, blame yourselves, you elected that pack of liars in 2006. Remember that?

    Your all going to do that again because you all believe the fucking polls that claim we are all so fucking stupid that we’ll all vote for Obama.

    Don’t you ever get pissed for being stooges of the corporate media that conditions your minds night and day?

    Vote to keep the war going for Obama’s entire term, vote to keep being extorted to pay for
    health insurance. I get mine from the VA because I served in the Navy.

    Make sure your jobs get outsourced, vote for Obama.
    Vote to bail out Wall Street, vote for Obama.
    Vote to make sure the Wall Street crooks stay out pf prison, vote for Obama.
    Wake fucking up today.

  151. [re=139323]bitchincamaro[/re]: The Supreme Court selected Bush. Bush lost by more than 5000 votes in FL and Gore lost TN.

    Obama knows we are paying the Sunnis to make it appear that the surge is working.

    See my blog

    Why doesn’t Obama say that when McCain keeps claiming the “surge” is working.

  152. This blog is big enough to spread out to all the liberal blogs and begin to move the polls.

    Oh I forgot, the polls are fake corporate propaganda tools used to condition your minds every
    fucking day. Keep being dupes and dolts, vote for Obama because they told you he’d win.

    Go to the track and bet favorites. At least that is based on the money bet. Real money.
    Not some bull shit phone call that create questions to prove the point they want you to believe.

    They wouldn’t even let Nader be in the audience of their phoney debate. Wake up.

  153. Dear Vig,
    If you believe Nader, that his campaign is about challenging the 2, flawed, major parties…why doesn’t he run for senate?…the house?…state senate?…city council?… somewhere he could make some impact on someone, somehow.
    But NO. He’s a performer that no one’s ever heard of, demanding to play Carnegie Hall.

  154. This place would not be unfunnier without Vigilante – but could he/she be half-banned? The sheer amount of this attrocious stuff kind of gags me. Reminds me of too many speeded out paranoics I remember. Nadir’s only positive to this election cycle is his idea to fund the bailout by fining Hank Paulson for the $200 million he made working for AIG….

  155. [re=139299]Worlds End[/re]: Of course he’s in the tank. Those people always stick together. And by “those people” I mean people who “think” and “read.”

  156. [re=139287]helenaHandbasket500[/re]: Hey now, don’t be hatin’ on my home state. Besides, if you’re looking for a Rusty Trombone, I can direct you to a few places in Milwaukee and Madison.

    Caveat: They won’t involve deities.

  157. By the way, does this mean we can officially call the media clusterfuck surrounding the Powell endorsement a “Colin Rodeo”?

    Thank you, thank you, tip your veal, try the waitresses.

  158. [re=139328]irisheyes[/re]: Banned by assholes?

    Thanks for the compliment. The same assholes that nominated Gore, Kerry. and Obama.
    The media told you to do that too.

  159. [re=139336]vigilante[/re]: What, you’re attempting a broader “predestination vs. free will” discussion now?

    Then chew on this: the media told us to ban your sorry ass. That should only increase the paranoia.

  160. [re=139336]vigilante[/re]: Oh please. Do you ever stop? Can’t you move to Canada or something? I hear their conservative party is equivalent to your “Gay Nader Fans for Peace” (at least that is what the Daily Show told me. Are they the MSM TOO? OH MY GOD HAVE BEEN LIED TO. YOU ARE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT SOURCE OF INFORMATION EVER. Ideologies s are bad. You are even worse then that.

  161. [re=139336]vigilante[/re]: And one more thing…..
    Just to play into your stupid rants about Nader being the fucking MESSIAH… why don’t you list some reasons and policy matters that make him the messiah, other then his love for seat belts and attention-mongering to Natards?

  162. Oh no!! American hero and and all around suckup Colin Powell has been turned anti-America too by those leftist, liberal, reading and thinking Anti-Americans!!

    Quick Michelle Bachman, arrest the man. And while you’re at it, arrest the Golden Girls too! I hear that Bea Arthur is a big ol’ (really ol’) anti-American.

  163. [re=139302]bitchincamaro[/re]: Agreed that Colin Powell is sort of late, but in being late, he gets to say that he’s given Palin a chance (7 weeks), he’s listened to the debates, and he saw how McCain acts in a crisis. If he had given his endorsement in early September, everyone would say he rushed to judgment on insufficient evidence, like, oh, dang, now what was I thinking of?

  164. [re=139316]Worlds End[/re]: What the hell are they going to do with $150 million dollars? How many ads can they run? At this point, they could probably just buy Ohio.

  165. [re=139340]JSDC007[/re]: Really big, as well.

    [re=139341]SayItWithWookies[/re]: As did the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Salt. Lake. City.


    I doubt if Bachmann has the sense of irony to comprehend this.

    …and I’m waiting for vigilante to state that the media told the media to endorse Obama.

  166. [re=139328]irisheyes[/re]: But banning a commentor just for his incessant and obnoxious pro-Nader tangents would be the end of FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America as we know it ZOMG!!!!!!!111

  167. Oh, and Michele, everyone in Congress already swears a loyalty oath–to the Constitution, and not to whatever projected image of America on the Hill of Freedom you give your loyalty to…

  168. [re=139336]vigilante[/re]: Dear Vigilante,
    Go fuck yourself.

    The World.

    p.s. to our fine editors: Can we hold a banhammer vote again? Vigilante seems to be a one-hit wonder here with his “Greatest of Nader/You are the sheeples” soundtrack, plus he posted a link back to his shitty blog. I think both of these, combined with his inability to snark, deserve a banning nomination.

  169. [re=139325]vigilante[/re]:

    “Make sure your jobs get outsourced, vote for Obama.
    Vote to bail out Wall Street, vote for Obama.
    Vote to make sure the Wall Street crooks stay out pf prison, vote for Obama.”

    …That’s all fine with me.

    If you stick to Powell being a war criminal and Barry rejecting and denoucing the endorsement of the guy who is at least partially to blame for this war, it will go alot further with me. Oh, and Connie is on my badasslist too.

  170. [re=139325]vigilante[/re]:

    Since you’re the expert on Nadir, can you please explain why he adopted the fake name “Nader” rather than the correct translation from Arabic to Nadir?

    This is in all seriousness – I don’t know and need to be enlightened.

    There are some VERY interesting characters in the NADIR family tree.

  171. [re=139336]vigilante[/re]: I wasn’t talking to you, dipshit. The other assholes and I had vote and you won! Go bother somebody else. You reek of desperation and it’s stinking up the place.

  172. [re=139336]vigilante[/re]: Vigilante, I support you – there should be no ban. I welcome you and appreciate you popping up now & again. Especially on the weekends when there’s NO news.

    I’d like you more though if you were a bit snarkier.

  173. [re=139352]Borat[/re]: I suppose I could support him if he added snark, and either shortened his rants or converted them to all-caps. I feel better about being constantly called an asshole for not voting for a parrot and his loser owner if the name-caller RAISES HIS VOICE A LITTLE! Using proper case makes me think Vagilante wants us to take him seriously, which makes his rants suck all that much more.

  174. [re=139352]Borat[/re]: Me too, I’d just like Vigil-anti to get some new material. Sheeple, stooges, dupes, dolts, idiots, Nader, The Media, and WAKE UP PEOPLE! are all so tired.

  175. I feel as if I do owe Michelle Bachmann a ‘Thank You’ – my Republican fiance has come over to the anti-American side of the spectrum, and Mizz Bachmann is part of the reason. A few weeks back she was on Larry King and when they were discussing the 4,000+ troops that have died in Iraq, Bachmann stated ‘Well, they did volunteer’ This caused such anger in the fiance that we had to change channels because he stated that she was giving him chest pains. Maybe Bachmann is a plant, and she is forced to say such asinine BS so that she can weed out the anti-Americans posing as Republicans by causing them to go into cardiac arrest for not agreeing with what she says? How’s that for a conspiracy? Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Vigilante!

  176. In case y’all are getting weary of Michelle “Bat-Shit Crazy” Bachmann, may I direct your attention to Joe the Plumber cold hatin’ on the media. He blames them (of course! Never mind that WALNUTS! was the one who brought him up in the first place) for worrying about whether or not he’s paid his taxes and “any number of silly things that have nothing to do with America.”

    As with Ed Whelan, this phrase bears repeating: Joe the Plumber is indeed a douche. The End.

  177. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]: Have you considered therapy? As difficult as it may be to believe, threats of violence just make us think less of you. I would suggest starting with trapaning and then work your way up from there. And if you’re so sensitive about name-calling, perhaps you should quit calling everyone assholes. As to your blog, it’s bad enough reading your hissy-fit posts, why the hell would you think anyone would actually want to click on a link and read more of your regurgitations?

  178. [re=139363]HuskyMescan[/re]: Actually, that could explain all the threats. People who have received severe head injuries often become irrational and angry as they grow older. Although I would think that would make him more of a Ron Paul of John McCain supporter rather than a Nader supporter.

  179. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]: While I find your Nadar worship charming, though ill-informed, making threats against others makes you pretty much a dick.

  180. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]: You are a dick. If you want to fight about it please put traffic on my blog. Thats a genious argument.

    [re=139364]irisheyes[/re]: I believe he can put you head up your ass. He DID after all get his up his ass somehow.

  181. [re=139313]vigilante[/re]: what what what the hell are you talking about?!

    I think what you are trying to say is that we should throw our votes down the drain
    so sister sarah will be our next prez?

    If you really want to have a viable 3rd party, maybe you should get off your ass and
    actually do something about it—oh, excuse me, it is so much easier to whine and do nothing.

    If you don’t like Obama, fine but do you think being a dick about it is going to change our minds?

  182. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]:

    Isn’t this from your website? – “My worship for God is to improve the environment he created so all people on earth can have a wonderful life.”

    Your comments are neither improving nor wonderful.

    God haz a sad.

  183. [re=139370]vigilante[/re]: There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Not very good, but much better than the mindless ranting. Now, if you can at least maintain a modicum of sanity, could you please present some sort of cogent argument for a Nader presidency? Considering that I’ve already voted, it won’t do much to sway me, but I am curious as to how he would be better than the other candidates. Here’s a high-level overview of how I see the candidates (obviously I should have put more thought into this):

    McCain/Palin: Tax cuts for the rich, golden showers for the rest of us. Pretty much everyone not already rich fucked. War is good. Stick it out in Iraq until the rapture, maybe start a few more wars and hope for Armageddon. Socialized losses good, socialized medicine bad. Protect the wealthy at all costs. You betcha!

    Obama/Biden: Tax cuts for the middle class, modest increase in taxes for the wealthy bringing us back up to the levels we had under Reagan (not really all that helpful, granted, but at least it is something. Focus on Afghanistan/Pakistan for the Global War of Terror, hopefully get us out of Iraq eventually, but no real promises as to when. Hopefully work on global health care, but most likely will fail as insurance company lobbyists and every fucking republican will throw a shit-fit. If smart, and lucky, will get us out of deficit spending in ~8 years (at which time, the idiots who voted in Bush will vote in the next incarnation of the soulless little anal fistula and we’ll start this ride all over again).

    Ron Paul: We leave Iraq immediately, drop the federal reserve, return to the gold standard and everyone pretty much left to do whatever the hell they want (as long as it doesn’t involve being gay or getting an abortion or trying to protect the environment). No longer a need for Rennissance fairs and SCA events as we slide back into the middle ages. The border fence is extended to surround the entire fucking country. Every other country in the world chips in a few extra bucks to make it taller. TruckNutz for everybody!

    Ralph Nader/Paco the Parrot: Get out of Iraq, ban Ford Pintos (oh hey, they don’t make the Pinto anymore? Damn, what’s out there now?) and require seat belts for motorcycles. Umm, what else?

    Other: ?

  184. People, people. Don’t you see what’s going on here? Dead thread, no new posts…and yet traffic continues to flow through the Wonkette roundabout. So ask yourself: Have you ever seen Intern Juli and Vigilante at the same time?!

  185. Ha Ha vigilante thinks we are scared of his threats to come to his town so he can shove heads up rectums. Classy.
    Your mom would be proud if she knew you talked to ladies on the internets that way!
    and Good luck to Tinkly Winkly….knock this lady out of the house this year with all of your newfound campaign money.

  186. [re=139379]wheelie[/re]: Hey, I wasn’t excluding Bob Barr — didn’t you see my inclusion of “Other: ?”? That was for Bob and, um, anyone else.

  187. [re=139341]SayItWithWookies[/re]: We’re getting Obama ads as well. I almost cock-slapped my mother-in-law for saying, “Texas will go red anyways, if i don’t make it the voting booth, that’s fine.” I hate that attitude.

  188. [re=139382]rabjack[/re]: That’s what I’m talking about. The more things change…
    See? We had teh librul medias back then too. Also, eggheads!

  189. All you LIEberals have to do is stop hating on America, and then krazy-eyez lady will shut her hold. It’s in your hands, you wine-swilling elitists!

  190. [re=139370]vigilante[/re]:

    How does someone get banned from Wonkette?

    Snark just a fleeting dream.

    Been replaced by over educated snidelyness.

    Like her not, Palin has huge balls going on SNL and, without a word, she told them to fuck themselves,libruls are assholes. When Palin goes back for good to Alaska on November 5th, she will know more than most that she really is a mirror image of America. Thats about it.

  191. [re=139388]fuckinredneck[/re]: As a beer and occasionally vodka swilling elitist, I find your wine-swilling elitist comment demeaning and anti-american. Burn in hell, you fuckinredneck. And if not hell, then New Jersey. Or spend an hour with Vigilante, although I think you’d probably be happier in hell.

  192. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]: has at his website: ” I love to make people laugh …. ”

    he he

    Also like long walks on the beach, and just being you? :-0

  193. [re=139388]fuckinredneck[/re]: I’ll have you know I do not “swill” my wine.

    I slurp it up through a straw in a Big Gulp cup.

    (Not really, but only because we don’t have Big Gulps here. I use a Sonic Route 44 cup.)

  194. I’m going to vote for Obama now because Powell endorsed Obama.
    It took Colin to get my head out of my colen while I yearned for the seat belt king.

    Please don’t send me to Wonkette prison for life because I threatened all of you when
    you visit Bridgeport.

    Why did Colin’s parents name him a colen? Because he fits in with all the assholes in
    Wonkette world, you great snarkers, you.

  195. [re=139394]vigilante[/re]: I don’t care about Wonkette prison, and really, neither should you.

    I would care if the world thought I was a flaming ass because I made threats to posters on blogs because they dare have an opinion different from mine.

    I’m funny that way, though.

  196. Obama & Powell are going to drive into your insurance agencies with an army tank to force them to lower your premiums and copay.

    Only assholes get reductions. Send me an email when your premiums drop.
    That’ll be after we win the Iraq war. Obama & Powell are going to have a little talk with
    Osama and Osama will declare Obama the winner.

    Thank God for Obama. Vote for change. Send me change my stocks crashed.
    Obama’s going to cut your taxes because he blew $700 billion for busted mortgages.

  197. [re=139325]vigilante[/re]:
    Oh, you’re one of those. A veteran who uses the VA because they feel that they’ve earned it, although they can afford regular healthcare and are in perfect health. The VA budget is already stretched too thin. I wonder how many Iraq war veterans that return home sans appendages have had care denied or excessively delayed because you’re too cheap to get healthcare through an employer? Scum!

    -A Navy/Marine Corps veteran that pays for healthcare like everyone else.

  198. [re=139397]natoslug[/re]: I’m glad you’re paying attention. I will study your snarks so I can be friends with all you wizard Wonkettes.

    When your head is caught in your colen does it really make a difference?
    My health care is at the VA because I served in the Navy, so let me know when Obama & Powell
    forces the insurance companies to lower your premiums, you fucking moron.

  199. [re=139398]vigilante[/re]: Hey, vig, just looked at my open season forms, and, oddly, my premiums are going down next year. $3 less per month.

    So can we consider this your email?

    PS: who murdered Vince Foster?

  200. [re=139399]Servo[/re]: I love insurance companies so I’m going to buy a policy tomorrow and quit getting my social security payments to help Obama fix America for you.

    I earned my VA benefits by hitting every bar in Norfolk. I could tell a few stories about the bar fights but I’d get banned from Wonkette.

    Its time to watch the Red Sox beat the Rays. Good night assholes, morons, and Obama too.

  201. [re=139403]vigilante[/re]:
    LOSERS! You and the Sox. I hope you get a new proctolgist who’s also a gorilla-armed longshoreman, you selfish turd!

  202. minneapolis star tribune [] is reporting that bachmann thinks her “comments were misread”. michelle, honey, we HEARD you. maybe someone should show her the video.

  203. [re=139400]vigilante[/re]: Colon, not colen. It’s not that hard to type. Try it. As for the insurance bit, why would I be expecting Colin Powell or Obama to lower my premiums? I think that in your blind rage you may have mistaken me for someone else. So do you have an answer for my earlier questions about Nader, or are you happy just continuing to show yourself as violent, stupid and vulgar? To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with vulgarity, but it helps if you mix it up a little. Twatwaffle. Cocksucking turd. Asshat. Fuckface. Santorum. See, there are five more phrases you can add to your repertoire. Mix those in with your assholes and morons and you’ll be a bit less boring. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with being stupid or violent. Enjoy your game.

  204. [re=139403]vigilante[/re]: *yawn* You truly are a bore. And your rambling posts are neither funny or inflamatory, just really dumb. Fuck you and fuck your stupid god in space too. That is all.

  205. [re=139402]AnglRdr[/re]: Hillary and Bill, who else could botch a murder and have the Park Police end its investigation in one hour to call it suicide?

    Foster never walked out of the White House that day.

    [re=139407]Special Agent Jack Mehoff[/re]: You don’t like God either. Special Agent Cock Sucker swallows. How’s it taste you fraud.

  206. [re=138825]ky-jellydonuts[/re]:

    The gents at Esquire seem to believe this “spunk” stuff is some kind of magic. Come on. Bachman is stupid and has a big mouth. At some point in her life she learned if you keep yelling shit, people will have to interrupt you to stop you, and most of them are too polite or whatever, so you keep the floor. But really, people, since when were women with no brains and big mouths a scarce item?

    Loud, stupid drunks you can find in every bar in creation. I guess the remarkable thing about Bachman (if it’s true) is, she does this sober. There’s a solid tradition of people just like her in Congress but weren’t they all drunks? Except maybe for that total asshole from Pennsylvania, the one with about thirty kids, whose name God has finally granted me the ability to finally forget.

    Point is, if that’s “spunk,” then the Macaca asshole Allen had “spunk,” too. He was, like, oozing spunk from every hole. It’s like, Kucinich would qualify as “spunky,” except he’s not quite dumb enough and he occasionally lets other people talk.

  207. Gesh.

    What with Virginlate suckin’ up all da hatin’, I is beginin’ to feel lonely.

    Anyone heard the news: Benazir Bhutto is STILL dead?

    [re=139406]natoslug[/re]: I really object to your offensive language.

    “Santorum” is not a word used in polite company.

    Or in Wonkette either, for that matter.

  208. [re=139410]artbot2000[/re]: Art: In defense of Esquire — which, in all fairness, occasionally has some good writing – I think the “spunk” the editorial staff had in mind was that used as a euphemism for semen.

    You know, as in: “Bachman was oozing spunk from every orifice — much as Vigilante used to in his Navy days, when he would return from his ‘rear guard’ duties at some of the more aggressive gay bars in Norfork . . .

    . . . Say, Sailor!”

  209. [re=139328]irisheyes[/re]: I used to know a guy who would get coked up and rant at me about nonsense…He’d always have a glass of vodka in his hand that would splash on me as he gestured with it…and he could never make eye contact, but never stopped talking to your shoulder or the wall behind you…and he always stood about 6 inches closer than anyone would find comfortable.

    That’s our pal Vig.

  210. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]: HOLY SHIT! All this time, I thought your avatar was supposed to be some sort of comically inept rendering of the ancient kung fu teacher in Kill Bill. I had no idea.


    I feel used…

  211. [re=139412]Neilist[/re]: I know that it is a shameful part of American history and all that, but Vigilante seems like the embodiment of a steaming puddle of santorum, so the word had to be used. I can’t think of a better word to describe him, although Lieberman comes close. Okay, off to watch War, Inc. because I’m an elitist liberal vodka-swiller who likes the occasional anti-war porn.

  212. Perfect. This thread started with hate, transitioned to hope, and then Vigilante shows up and embarrasses every Red Sox fan on Wonkette. Sometimes reading 400 plus posts is worth every minute.

  213. [re=139401]nosnikreplliw[/re]: Nobody wild about America would vote for Obama.

    You Obama lovers tuned out when he keeps claiming he’s going to get you lower insurance premiums.
    Then why are you voting for him? It must be his Wall Street bail out vote, and his fund the war votes except the time Hillary and him waited until the last minute before they both voted against
    funding the war.

    His wife said, “I’ve never been proud of America.” Then when the shit hit the fan she became proud of America.

    George Washington would have shot all you Obama freaks. You don’t know shit about Obama.

  214. [re=139359]vigilante[/re]: Oh go on, I really want to read your stupid fucking blog. That’s exactly how I want to waste my time.

    Fucking blog whores. Where do these people come from?

  215. [re=139408]vigilante[/re]: “You don’t like god either.” I don’t know what this statement means. I said fuck your god, so, yeah.

    As for sucking cock, thats a cute thing to say comming from a guy who likes jizz hanging from his chin so much that he grew a fucking goatee that looks like it.

  216. [re=139423]donner_froh[/re]: George Washington would have said, “Dish ish a dishgrash. Washa masha wish you people? Vosh Ralph Nasher or I will shoosh the losh of ya. God blesh America.”

  217. [re=139422]vigilante[/re]:
    When Nobama Hussein wins and begins his reign of terror campaign to destroy America and ruin everything, I hope there is a special place reserved in Gitmo just for you.

  218. [re=139415]ivenson[/re]: Thanks iven- I do seem to have been the recipient of some rage for whatever reason today. But then I found out that not only is our ranting pal an Investment Banker (read: broke ass), he also looks just like his avatar. Pity. No job, no looks, no real discernible sense of humor. Loser on all fronts. That he comes here for the attention shouldn’t really be a surprise.

  219. Just saw on the KMSP9 news that Tink has raised over $640,000 this weekend! Miss Crazy Eyes is also going back on what she said, and the repubes are saying that things were blown out of proportion and she was simply talking about his ties to ….. you guessed it – Ayers.

  220. So what I’ve gotten from reading this whole fucking thread is that Michelle Bachmann is a psychotic cunt (I knew this already) and vigilante is a violently repressed bottom who joined the navy for the semen, but was confused by the homonym (I knew this already)…. So all that reading to learn nothing new. Thanks Wonkette!

  221. [re=139431]HuskyMescan[/re]:, Special Agent Jack Mehoff: No, I think he is clearly all about the anal. I couldn’t say if it’s retentive or expulsive, but his odd preoccupation with uploading one’s head into one’s own ass, is very disturbing. His cruelty of speech reaches out in a threatening, physical sense, and the fact that he would bring George Washington into his delusion goes way too far. “George Washington would have shot all you Obama freaks. You don’t know shit about Obama.” Once again, he obsesses with feces. I looked at his silly blog a bit. He seems to be an Alex Jones wannabee, but lacks the social skills to garner a following. People like vigilante go to Sarah Palin rallies and shout out the words that lead to the killing of hope for this country. Now I’m going to return to my elitist viewing of “Masterpiece Contemporary” on PBS.

  222. [re=139407]Special Agent Jack Mehoff[/re]: The Special Agent walks around Wal Mart with a star and a billy club investigating Dicks. He wants to suck Dick Head Tracy’s cock.

  223. vigilante. take your potty mouth and clean it up.
    there are ladies around here who don’t appreciate your
    dirty gay navy sailor talk. And wipe that cum off your
    face right now. You are gross with your dicking and sucking
    cocks. Is that how you sailors talk to one another?

  224. [re=139472]vigilante[/re]: I’m flattered that you would devote an entire post to me, bukkake goatee guy, but you arent as interesting as when I first met you. Goodbye… and I hope investment banking works out for you. This will be our last communique.

  225. [re=139403]vigilante[/re]: Damn you for making me miss cocaine so much. You must be having a hell of a good time.

    The Navy angle makes me wonder if he ever shoved it into McCain’s rectum. Enquiring minds want to know.

  226. [re=139422]vigilante[/re]: No.

    Just. NO!

    As for coming to Bridgeport so we can stick our head up your ass, I have two questions:

    1) Are you sure there’s room for ours too?

    2) Why the fuck would ANYBODY go to Bridgeport?

  227. Jesus, this woman is completely nuts. I could only watch about a minute of this clip before my head started spinning.

    and….this vigilante character here? Ignore him, or her, garden variety troll. Please, the more you feed trolls the bigger they get. Starve it.

  228. Wonkette and all you libtards completely underestimate Michelle Bachmann. You are just slinging snark while she competently ties Hopey to Saul Alinsky (OK, Saul A-line-ski, must be a regional pronunciation)…Who knew she had such chops in twentieth century political science? You take it back!

  229. [re=139156]Canuckledragger[/re]: I am sorry – but I hate – really anywhere that isn’t DC, NY or LA. I cannot live Canada Dry, though I don’t fault others for trying.

    Free healthcare maybe the Cat’s meow. But for a paltry pittance of my weekly salary, I get some pretty standard health insurance coverage that allows me to see world-class, smart doctors with good degrees, pleasing bedside manners and clean, quite waiting rooms with CNN Health playing on flat screens. They know all the latest preventions and treatment. They even give me their home numbers. I enjoy that.

    As for my tax dollars bailing out banks? Yes, tots sucks; but can you, as a Canadian, really afford to stop and paying attention to who and what is getting your tax dollars when the increases are coming so fast and furious up there? Sales taxes, incomes taxes, sin taxes, entitlement programs I hear rise every year- I am surprised having a teenage in Canada isn’t cause for bankruptcy.

    And the tundra….call me crazy, but if I had to give up living in Los Angeles thereby giving up year-round surfing, camping, hiking, skiing, jet skiing, baseball, outdoor fairs, and exhibitions, at least I need the consolation of cultural meccas like of Austria or New York. Is “watered-down Americana” even considered a “culture” though?

    Sorry, man, the whole Canada thing is like saying – “I hate Sarah Palin winning the election so much I am moving to Alaska!”

  230. I have been thinking about this a bit and I am beginning to wonder. Bachmann is from Minnesota. McCarthy was from Wisconsin. Is there something the Canucks have been putting in the fresh water supply that has been driving our northernmost citizens batshit crazy for the last 70 years?

  231. This woman is fucking crazy! Anti-america? Pro-america? Didn’t we already go through this crap in the 50’s? [re=140011]problemwithcaring[/re]: What rock did you crawl out from under? My weekly ‘pittance’ is pretty high and getting higher. I would take Canadian style health care any day. I live very close to Canada and their lifestyles are very similar and often superior. I am not sure that taxes are that big a cause for their concern. And quite frankly NY DC and LA all suck. You can keep them, just trying to drive around in them is enough to make you insane. Give me Ottawa, Quebec or even Fredericton any day. eh?

  232. [re=140257]Mr.BorgtoYou[/re]: The rock I just described. I like America. Sorry it’s not the best, but I believe if samrt, happy, well-adjusted people stay, we can make it better. And most importantly, I think my point was, “Fuck Canada” — no offense!

  233. [re=139130]stephie4[/re]: Larry looks ok for an 800 year old guy. It’s too bad there are no youtube clips of his interviews with Columbus and Napoleon. They were classics. The founding fathers wouldn’t talk to him of course, since he’s jewish.

  234. OMG This nutcase is on the world stage now. Minnesota is a really great place, trust me. The 6th district is home to a lot of suburbs and the occasional megachurch. The main problem is the Dems ran a sincere, honest good woman who just was not a good candidate for office in ’06. Our idiot Bachman was the head prolife nutjob (or was that nut prolife headjob?)in the MN state senate and she won. Her alleged good looks (lost on me, but I only like liberal New York gals)have of course catapulted her to the top of the talk show charts.
    Maybe she finally skewered herself but who knows these days?

  235. The thing I find the most ironic is, “TRUTH is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH”. I see more hateful comments made about people who stand for what is right and true!

  236. If you think these are the “End Times” you have absolutely no right at all to be “running the country”.

    How can people possibly believe that someone like Michele Bachmann has a clear and well thought out plan for the future of this country that my grandchildren are going to inherit.

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