America’s most unemployed blogger, Meghan McCain, has made a pledge to the independent white northern trash of New Hampshire: if her father, the illustrious “John,” wins the presidency and carries New Hampshire in the process, she will get a fithy “Live Free or Die” tattoo inked into her. WTF is she even talking about? If McCain loses or doesn’t carry New Hampshire, she’ll still get a tramp stamp, except over her pelvis. It will say “NASCAR DAD” backed with a full-color flaming bald eagle chugging a lukewarm Bud Lime. [Union Leader]

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  1. I blame Reagan for the atrocity that is Meghan McCain. Before his crazy healthcare reform initiatives we were able to institutionalize people like this.

  2. A. Have we reached the low point of the McCain campaign, yet? Please, sweet Jesus, say yes.
    B. Where will the tat go and may I put it there? I am quite skilled with a cattle iron. Or I can be.

  3. Crikey, she better hope Pops doesn’t pull out a victory in Hawaii, where the state motto would take up a sizeable chunk of her (sizeably chunky) personal real estate:

    The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.

    Of course, even more embarrassing might be if he picked up Maryland and she went with the original Italian:

    Fatti maschi, parole femmine.

  4. It will say “NASCAR DAD” backed with a full-color flaming bald eagle chugging a lukewarm Bud Lime.

    Cindy already has this one, in a place no one dares to venture. Not even WALNUTS!

  5. [re=138675]S.Luggo[/re]: She says she’s going to tattoo “Live Free or Die” on her wrist. That way it will be invisible when she’s being held down and ravished by the evil Democratic Devil-Mob set to overwhelm this already overwhelmed, freely living (or dying) great nation, USA! USA! ETC!

  6. Also, if it’s an idiot Republican tattoo-artist (which would be someone interesting to find, possibly a reclusive hermit or somesuch) it might turn out as: “Liver Fee or Die”.

  7. I’m for a tattoo of Joe the Plumber that says “Eat at Joe’s” with an arrow pointing toward her plumbing and heating units.

  8. Will Meghan then come to NH and make out with the guy who shaved all his hair off and tattood a Patriots helmet on his skull before last year’s superbowl?

  9. [re=138683]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Nothing says “issues” like a heart-shaped spuzz target referencing the father figure who undoubtedly walked out on his family or got thrown in the slam sometime during the formative years. It’s a recipe for stripper–just add vodka and let simmer for twelve years.

  10. In Meghan’s defense, how many bloggers have multiple basements from which to blog? Imagine the damage that could do to ones equilibrium and sense of direction.

  11. She’s pretty hot, in a pre-MILF republican kinda way. Maybe she will move to Alaska to take Palins place when the ‘cuda takes up residence in the bastion of the Librul Elite.

    Like she doesn’t have a tramp stamp already. Or a cute little butterfly tattoo on her ankle. Whats one more? Imagine the other states she could display on her body in appropriate- and not so appropriate ways: The Show Me State (Missouri); Don’t Tread on Me (Massachussetts); share the wonder (Alabama); Land of Opportunity (Arkansas); Find yourself here (California); Pikes Peak or Bust (Colorado); Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations (IdaHO!); Land of Ahhs (Kansas).

    She could really be more rebellious than the ‘Live Free or Die’ slogan of the Granite State.

  12. What about “Eureka” (I’ve found it!) from Cali, or Alaska’s “North to the future”, or Indiana’s “The crossroads of America”, or Maryland’s “Manly deeds, womanly words”, or even Virginia’s “Thus always to tyrants”.

    She should be making the same offer to every state! Why does she hate the other 49?

  13. Her arse is big enough for tattoos of all the states that go for McCain.
    Of course, by election day, all the McCain states might fit on the bony arse of her mother.

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