Here’s Joe the Plumber on the teevee this morning with, uh, who is that, Diane Sawyer. Good Morning America. It turns out that Joe does not make $250,000 a year, or anywhere close to that, but he really does hate the idea of a progressive tax system! Do you think he knows that it EXISTS ALREADY? He wouldn’t like that Socialism none too much, mmhmm. Guy just really hates the money taxes, and that’s why he never pays them. [YouTube]

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  1. Plus he’s like Charles Keating’s nephew’s sister-in-law’s cousin. So tie him up in Teflon tape and dunk him in the catch basin until he screams, “Give me the Flat Tax or give me death!”

  2. Joe would only pay $900 a year more for the difference between $250,000 and $280,000 anyway. Joe is a speculative republican douche, which tempts me to purchase an inapropriate t-shirt to express my extreme displeasure about being bambarded by images of his stupid bald fucking ass.

  3. On Daily Kos they’re saying that:

    1. Joe the Plumber is really named Sam

    2. He is a registered Republican

    3. His name is spelled wrong on the Ohio voting rolls

    4. He said Obama reminded him of ” a tap-dancing Sammy Davis Jr”

    5. He was in court for some sort of unpaid tax case

    6. He does not seem to have a plumber’s license in Ohio

  4. No wonder McCain continually mentioned him, he’s just like us: a rich, bald republican who hates progressive taxes, social security, paying taxes, getting plumbing licenses, has a krauty/polack name, thinks Obama is a socialist, and can only compare a black guy to another black guy. It’s like looking into the mirror.

  5. [re=137276]HuskyMescan[/re]: …because like Obama and Ayers, a man should be judge by his relatives and casual acquaintances.

    Or we could just find his arguments stupid in their own right. Nah! What am I thinking?

  6. God, I hope a presidential candidate never mentions my full name on national TV, or a million bloggers with too much time on their hands will spend the next week examining my past, interrogating my family members and cross-checking my library records

  7. Clearly a McCain plant.

    One with plenty of skeletons in his closet that he won’t be able to hide now that Unka John made him a public figure.

  8. I will never understand the logic of people like him. Obama’s plan would lower his taxes…he would pay less taxes with Obama as president than he would with McCain. But dude, he might win the lottery someday! Or become totally rich…somehow! Then it would totally suck to pay 3% more, even though his take-home would still be ridiculously high compared to the average American’s take-home salary!

  9. What I hate about people who whine about the progressive tax system is that when you move up to a higher tax rate, you’re still getting more money after taxes than if you had earned less and been taxed at a lower rate. It’s not like you’re getting LESS money.

  10. Why should either party be pandering for this tool’s vote, just let him vote Libertarian like he wants to deep down inside. Bob Barr’s wishing anyone anywhere would give him television time so he can say LOOK JOE THE PLUMBER OVER HERE I’M A CANDIDATE TOO KIND OF

  11. This would be a perfect time for Biden to pop out in his skin suit and mangina dancing and lip-synching ‘Oh no sir, I must say you’re wrong…’

  12. How the Republican party managed to fool millions of poor white people into believing that progressive taxes were bad because someday THEY’LL be the ones making $5 mil/year and getting taxed more is beyond me. The American Dream isn’t for you, Joe. It’s not. It’s for people like McCain and Bush and Kennedy, people whose families have been in power for a long time, who are born with prestige and money. Sure, a few of us shmucks will get lucky along the way, either by inventing something or being really really good at sports, to break into the ‘rich’ category, but we’ll never be WEALTHY, and we’ll never control assets the way those people do. So tell me, please, what is so wrong about asking those people to pay a little more in income tax, particularly when they can afford lawyers to get them out of other taxes most of us can’t avoid? Is it really so hard to grasp that only a few percent of our population actually make that much, and that if we have any hope of having a strong economy and an equal society, we DO need to redistribute the wealth a tad?

  13. This guy is the perfect delusional John McCain voter. His fear of Obama’s plans are founded in some hypothetical future rather than his current situation.

    He is convinced that somehow he will end up making $250,000 some day, and when that day comes, which it won’t, god forbid he should have to pay an extra 5%. Or when he dies, his massive estate will be death taxed and his brood of children won’t get his vast plumbing fortune.

  14. [re=137301]Blue Line[/re]: Welcome to the secret to Republican success: convince the poor to fuck themselves by saying they’re actually getting a good wank out of it.

  15. [re=137310]user-of-owls[/re]: If the Internet is like huffing paint, Kos is like trying to snort lighter fluid. Are we going to have to stage an intervention?

  16. Sounds like there might be a giant code brown on the Tidy Bowl Man if he doesn’t have a license. He’ll get that plunger Abner Luima style by his new media BFFs.

  17. Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society. They pay for police, fire, roads, schools, trash, water, etc. If you don’t want to pay taxes, then please, do us all a favor and return to the State of Nature. I’m sure there’s a lovely uninhabited island where you can roll around in a pile of untaxed money.

    Believe it or not, we all benefit when our neighbor has access to education, health care, and the means to better himself/herself. When your neighbor is hungry they are more likely to steal bread from you. How well did the class divide work during the 1920s? About as well as it’s working now. Proponents of the “I got mine” rhetoric can go fuck themselves.

  18. [re=137312]CivicHoliday[/re]: It’s the myth of class mobility. Class mobility in the US is much lower than other countries that have higher taxes (I suspect because higher taxes do things like pay for education and social services and the like, which help people improve their lot in life). But somehow the American Dream lives on.

    I think somehow that’s related to the fact that Americans want leaders they empathize with rather than respect. Even though there’s little class mobility, Americans believe there’s also no class system (SNORT)–so everyday people they want to have a beer with are suited to be president.

  19. Jesus Christ, fuck Ohio! Fuck poor, pasty white people who decorate with naugahide and vote against their own interest! Let’s just wrap up Virginia, NC, and Florida and let those ignorant attention whores rot.

  20. [re=137325]NoWireHangers[/re]: “do us all a favor and return to the State of Nature.” Where life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”(Hobbes). Under the Republicans, we have gotten closer to it all the time.

  21. So, this is McCain’s last gambit? If there ever were a more obvious marketing-based election ploy… You can just imagine the McCain camp strategists’ meeting.

    “We’re gonna lose this. Quick, we need to come up with another game changer gimick! Oh, I know! Let’s invent a mascot – Joe the Plumber. It’ll work great with our whole Joe Six-Pac theme. We’ll have McCain babble Joe the Plumber a half-a-dozen times during the debate to give us free marketing buzz, and then we’ll get the media people all excited and get more media exposure. We’ll make Joe our consistent message focus which will unify our messaging and challenge Obama’s economic appeal.”

  22. Just wait ’til Joe drips sewage all over the priceless Persian carpet in some elite’s McMansion, and suddenly realizes he neglected to pay his latest damage liability premium. I wonder if he’ll begin to broaden his ideas as he pits his $75./hr lawyer against the carpet owner’s $2500./hr legal firm (who’s been on retainer for years), as he faces the approaching lawsuit.

  23. So Joe is really Sam? And Sam is from Arizona, lived on an air force base, and enjoys tax evasion?
    How quickly my plumber hero has fallen from grace.

  24. All these comments criticizing Joe’s tax argument are great. However, let’s remember that as Manchu pointed out, Joe Plumber Sixpack Maverick is in the tank for WALNUTS! and a Keating. While WALNUTS! presented Mr. Plumber as just another average “Joe”, this guy was clearly vetted as a supporter of the WALNUTS!/GOP talking points on taxes. WALNUTS! was able to inject this partisan asshat into the news cycle, thus providing a “average American voter” voice that supports his tax scheme. Diabolical, that WALNUTS!

  25. [re=137271]NewSpence[/re]: Do you think he still practices Yogic Flying? I always looked forward to the Natural Law Party’s party political broadcast when I lived in the UK. Good times.

  26. So Joe starts his questioning with “I’m getting ready to buy a company that makes $250,000, $280,000 a year…”

    Then the AP reports that Joe doesn’t have a license and “doesn’t have a good plan put together on how he would buy Newell Plumbing and Heating.”

    I’ll bet that the two-person Newell Plumbing company doesn’t make close to $250,000 a year. Is anyone checking this out?

  27. I love the Sammy Davis Jr. thing. That seems to be just slipping by. So this random old skinhead Republican, named Sam, not Joe, just shows up, badgers Obama about a hypothetical tax hike which his richer than average ass isn’t even affected since he doesn’t make over 250K, gets a substantive answer from the candidate, and then goes on to say that Obama danced around the question like fucking Sammy Davis Jr.

    Fuck that. A lot of shit has been called racist in this campaign, some deservedly so, so not so deservedly so, but fucking Sammy Davis Jr. WTF.

    So this crusader “plumber” is out to save the Top Hats from tax hikes with random comments about slippery slopes of Socialism and crypto-racist remarks? Hmm… a Plumber you say?

  28. Funny, all my right-wing cow orkers have been quoting ONLY the “spread the wealth around” bit–no mention at all of the impeccable logic that if people making UNDER $250K have more money, they’ll be more able to afford the plumber. Or Obama’s simple refutation of the flat tax. Nope. He said he wants to redistribute income, and that makes him Karl Fucking Marx.

  29. [re=137282]pepe[/re]: From the NYT:
    Unlike some other states, Ohio does not have a formal statewide licensing system for plumbers. But the city of Toledo and other municipalities do, Mr. Joseph said, and Mr. Wurzelbacher has not met those requirements.

    “All contractors are licensed, and he does not have a license, either as a contractor or a plumber,” the union official said, citing a search of government records. “

  30. [re=137406]In the Tank[/re]: It probably makes a ton of $$! have you seen what plumbers charge these days?? $90 or more per hour. A lot of dough, but does it really put him into Obama’s upper tax bracket?

    $90.00 PER HOUR. say 6 hrs a day of actual work (time to get to-from job sites) @ 90.00 that is $540.00 a day x 5 days a week =$2700.00 a week x 50 weeks(2weeks unpaid vacation) a year=$135,000 X 2 employees=$270,000.00 a year. Wow. not take out costs for equipment, supplies, benefits, overhead, liability insurance, workmen’s comp insurance, taxes… Now way that a two-man operation makes $250,000 a year pure profit. This guy is full of shit…

  31. [re=137301]Blue Line[/re]: When Hopey was interviewing him in East Bumfukk, Ohio, he was asked how long he’d been plumbing, to which he answered “15 years”. Did he take home 250K any year during that time? “No, of course not”. At that point, BO stated that if he had been taxed during those lean years, more fairly, he’d have had more $ in his pocket, sooner, and been able to purchase the plumbing business earlier. End of story. Then Joe shit himself, silently.

    And Diane Sawyer makes me blow chunkage.

  32. [re=137539]bitchincamaro[/re]: So, independent voter Joe the Plumber turns out to be a registered Repug, and neither a licensed plumber nor a licensed contractor. In short, he’s part of the unregulated, Repug criminal black market economy.
    Now, Senator Gramps, that’s what I call some damn fine “due diligence”. McCainie, you’re doing a heckuva job. You never disappoint.

  33. Guy’s a scary white dude, no doubt about it. I hope Obama’s security detail is paying attention. If they can coordinate a right wing media bonanza using this tool, they can coordinate some other mean sumbitch getting just as close to the candidate, with even more bad intent.

  34. [re=137287]surfacenoise76[/re]: I agree, Mc totally payed this guy so that working class people that might relate to him would feel like they’d be screwed by O’s plan, but the fact that this herb has the nerve to complain about making 250,000 is just disgusting, people that make that much should be slapped with an extra greed tax.
    STFU Joe the Whiner!

  35. These douchebags are always the first to hate taxes, yet they love the welfare and snag anything they can get for free!!

    This is a definite hitjob!! After the election, all the parrots will start talking when McCain can’t come up with the final payment!

  36. Wow, if dude really is related to Keating, and was planted… this was the October surprise?
    What was the weird reference to being called and asked to go to a rally, did anyone understand that??
    Who asked him to go to the rally, but no he wasn’t contacted, no. Obama just showed up. WHAT?

    Anyway, I’m very happy with the flat tax system that we currently have thank you very much so go to hell you socialist morans.

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