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Here Is Your McCain Phunny Photo Of The Hour

Gaah hennh heh heh heh.It’s the photograph we have all been waiting for, the one you have already seen on the million frigging blogs you check every morning. John McCain makes very silly faces, indeed! Here he is vomiting, or making a lizard face, or trying to grab Barack Obama’s ass, or who knows. Re-enacting this commercial maybe?

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  1. freakishlystrong

    Barry is the Preciousssss, McWTF? is truly, the Gollum; “Swweeeeet, sweeeeet assssssss”….

  2. Larry Fine

    McCain is a good candidate for anti-psychotic medication. Give him some high-dose Haldol, and keep him in a shuttered room with no sharp implements.

  3. wtf_files

    I swear to Christ he’s one of those lizard people from “V.” I’ll pay good money for a video if him swallowing a guinea pig!

  4. Hairy Reed

    Between this and the lizard like tongue-face that Stephen Colbert (I think?) pointed out to me, I will never look at John McCain and not think he spent a little too much time in Arizona. FIVE AND A HALF YEARS, perhaps?

  5. WadISay

    McCain has funny fingers; they’re sort of wide at the base and pointy at the tips. You’ll have to ask Vicky Eisman what that means.

  6. Neon Trotsky

    Come on, don’t be mean–McCain lost use of his sweat glands long ago, he needs to do this so he doesn’t overheat…

  7. KristaJulieva

    I don’t think there’s any other way to interpret this. John McCain wants desperately to toss Barack Obama’s salad.

  8. Botswana Meat Commission FC

    Walnuts has been jamming out to “My Neck, My Back” a little too much. (Lyrics, uh, NSFW)

  9. JoeFannyPack

    That look is a result of the fact that the incompetents fools at Hofstra switched his mug of vodka with a mug of water.

  10. monty

    Ok enuff is enuff on this page i got walnutz try to grab hopey’s ass and GWB on the shitter in the same view how am i supposed to get ANY work done?? i think im going home and back to bed

  11. Gurth LongEye

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, Joe the fucking plumber is holding a press conference in front of his shack! (note the plywood siding)
    This is my Tamron Hall cleavage-viewing time, dammit.

  12. Blue Line

    My favorite caption so far, courtesy of the Indecision 2008 blog:

    “Apparently, this is in fact a photograph of the senator making out with his newest imaginary friend, Joe the Plumber.”

  13. friendlynerd

    I was thinking the same thing! Problem is, Obama’s brain isn’t down there, unlike the republicans McCain is used to feeding on.

  14. Gopherit v2.0

    McCain is all about dignity.

    Can we vote today? I’m really tired of all of this crap.

    Oh, and the Dow is doing another impression of Karl Wallenda today.

  15. Beef Supreme

    That’s about a billion times worse than the Dean Scream. I hope to see this on billboards soon.

  16. Scooter

    Haven’t you city slickers every seen a frog catch a fly before? Grampy was just a little hungry, that’s all.

  17. d4g33z

    [re=137111]facehead[/re]: Aw, fuck that noise. I thought you had something on the tongue! The tongue, man! The tongue!

  18. wildeoats

    “As Senator McCain stood up, the combined effects of Metamucil, his pre-game meal of All-Bran and Ensure, and a handful of prunes proved to be too much for his Depends.”

  19. JP

    Give the geezer a break.

    If you are still alive when your face is this old,
    you will also need such calisthenics to loosen up
    the face concrete.

  20. Giant Robot

    [re=137111]facehead[/re]: Is Daily Kos implying that Walnuts didn’t vet Joe the Plumber as thoroughly as he vetted Sarah Palin and Will Timmons?

  21. keepinitrealyo

    McCain is too much of a maverick to care about those “still” “photographs”.

    [re=137195]Godot[/re]: Where you been? I was WAITING for you, man!

  22. doberhauser

    Thanks for the video, Sara. My surrounding coworkers are now convinced that I have completely lost it due to incessant giggling. :)

  23. Mara47

    [re=137078]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I so wish you hadn’t said this. It’s going to ruin my sex life for months.

  24. coolcatdaddy

    “Senators Barrack Obama and John McCain, candidates for President, rise from their chairs to greet the moderator of last night’s debate. Obama, by strolling with ease to the host, feeds the rumors of Republican conspiracy theorists that, in fact, he is actually an educated Black man. Meanwhile, McCain, with his unusual stance, feeds rumors of Democratic conspiracy theorists that, in fact, he is actually a Reptilian alien.”

  25. CivicHoliday

    I remember laughing at this during the actual debate. McCain got lost behind the table and couldn’t figure out how to come out and greet Bob. Such a grandpa moment.

  26. michaelsbill111

    Last night was the republican/McCain version of a John Dean moment. Classic. He scared the hell out of me and Joe the Plumber is nothing but a classic, in the style of Lee Attwater, Karl Rove plant. When do we get to hear from Joe Six-Pack?

    The political short film/ad McCain does not want you to see, which ask what is the answer???

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