Thanks to Jed Report/DailyKos for suffering through this long enough to make the awful clip you see today.

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  1. I think it was really rude of Barry to answer Schieffer’s questions while McCain was trying to make mouth noises and pantomime incredulity and exasperation. That’s not the kind of change Joseph Plummer is looking for.

  2. Wait, I get it. The point was that McCain makes funny faces when Obama is talking! Hoot, I must be fast, cuz I got that in way less than 90 seconds.

  3. Gotta love that rictus grin.

    Anybody else reminded of that Bill O’Reilly meltdown video when McCain kept snorting like he was about to jump up and deck Obama?

  4. asshole bullshit: This was horrible. Almighty Pope Cat, please explain this to your followers.
    Daily Kos?: doing their blessed. Please give Wonkette more money.

  5. I didn’t think it was possible for there to be a presidential candidate that would come across in public as more un-presidential than GWB. Leave it to the Republicans to keep on proving me wrong.

  6. Watching WALNUTS! during the debate was painful. The blinking, the twitching, the anxious looks and bug-eyed note-taking… I am ready to give him special needs funding. But no way is he gonna be President, he’s a crazy cocktail with an airhead back.

  7. Okay, haven’t read the liveblog thread yet, but didn’t McCain say something like “employment is the key to the heart of America which is getting angry” or something like that? He just came across like America’s Last White Cabbie.

  8. No money? SHIT ARE WE ALL SLAVES AGAIN? Okay Brian Williams, you may live. Just don’t take
    John Gray

    General Manager
    Ann Hughes

    Sales Department
    Steve Teeling

    FOX23 Programming
    Rich Becker

    Commercial Production
    Kristin Lowman

    Cait McVey

    FOX23 In Focus
    Walt McClure

    Your source fer stuffz.

  9. [re=136827]azw88[/re]:
    I’ve been away for a while and during that absence Joe six-pac failed the McCain campaign. Now Joe the plumber will piss off more voters and clog Walnuts’ drains.
    In the remaining days, McCain will have only one more Joe to call on – Joe McCarthy.

  10. A whitey military veteran from Springfield, Missouri calling in to C-Span is hard for Barry, while also thank WALNUTS! for his service.

    Missouri needs all of those guys to turn out on Nov. 5.

  11. [re=136850]InsidiousTuna[/re]: You have to nitpick every little thing. So I don’t know what day the election takes place. So what? I live in Illinois. It doesn’t matter when I vote. The ACORNS have me set up with 5 different voter registrations. I’m voting in OH, PA, IA, CO and NV.

  12. How long ’til Barry and Walnuts! announce Joe Plummingsworth as their running mate instead of the guy from the credit card state and Mrs. back woods Snow methmacine?

  13. [re=136854]facehead[/re]: Well — he’s got a challenge ahead of him, then.
    On the bright side, Hopey’s up to the task. He somehow makes a facility with the facts, a thoughtful demeanor and an ability to speak coherently about complex issues seem noble and worthwhile. How I weep for Karl Rove when I think about it.

  14. [re=136861]upsidedownpaddle[/re]: “Bob, I talked to two brothers from the Appalachian portion of Virginia. They are plumbers. They specialize in outhouses. They’re feeling the economic crisis in their pocketwallets. What can we do for THEM?!?!?!?”

  15. [re=136863]SayItWithWookies[/re]: You’re assuming that the American people want a “thoughtful” president who realizes we face “complex issues” by thinking “coherently”.

    You’re so optimistic.

  16. I used to watch some cop show where they always said about suspects or informants: “He’s a little hinky.” That’s what I thought McCain was tonight. Hinky.

  17. [re=136866]obfuscator[/re]: Just call me Captain Sunshine. That would explain why I’m constantly followed by animated bluebirds carrying lengths of shimmering silk in their beaks.

  18. Wow, it took so much effort to re-enter wonkette (and I do mean re-enter) that I’m just worn out and forgot what I was going to say. Oh, yeah, I thought Mc did better, but the peeple on my teevee never say that, which makes me happy, and I’m about to wet my pants, but better hold my breath. Are we really gonna win, or is OBL gonna change the whole game, like he always does? Pls let us prosecute war crimes, pretty, pretty please.

  19. [re=136874]ack3000[/re]: wow. sounds like you’ve had a rough night. I yelled many many things at my teevee to john. Before I even got home…the minute I heard him on the radio in my car, I simply could not believe the level to which he elevated his “I’m John McCain, and I’m a senile old dick” routine.
    He doesn’t even seem to remember anything he used to believe anymore. Sad.

  20. [re=136875]Robbertjan[/re]: scary photo! It seems like he is on some type of horrible drug…the way he twitched, blinked and tried to produce a condescending line while his opponent was talking
    Then at the end, jumping up and yelling GOOD JOB! three times all up in barry’s space. And the twitching jolting stammering and lurching. So very terrifying.
    Please, cut the dosage john!

  21. [re=136827]azw88[/re]: Fuck plumbers. I’ve had no cold water in my shower for a month now. The plumber who came to fix it made it go from a drizzle to a dribble, then ran away before I could stop him. Fucking coward.

    [re=136854]facehead[/re]: Are you somehow implying the U.S. is not a nation of retards?

  22. Wow, Walnuts scooped up the Joe the Plumber vote. The man (meaning McCain) seemed deranged and on the verge of breaking into meaningless angry gibberish. Another ten minutes and he would have been stroking out in anger.

  23. [re=136883]TeddyS[/re]: That wasn’t gibberish, it was gobbledygook. Because he’s a Maverick*, donchanoes. (It’s Doctor Goodword’s Word of the Day)

    *Word History: The eponym of today’s word is Texas cattleman,
    Samuel Maverick (1803-1870), who let the calves in his herd roam
    unbranded. Other ranchers, who initially “adopted” them, referred
    to them as “Maverick’s” but the term soon migrated into ‘mavericks’.
    An interesting side note: Sam’s grandson, Maury Maverick, coined
    the word ‘gobbledygook’ to describe bureaucratic doubletalk.
    While serving in the U.S. Congress (1935-1939), he explained
    that he based the word on the sound of turkeys (the flying kind)
    back in Texas, who were “. . . always gobbledy-gobbling and strutting
    with ludicrous pomposity.” At the end of this gobble there is,
    according to Maverick, a sort of “gook”.


    Hmmmmm, seems like McCain likes that last word, too!

  24. At a spry 72 years of age, John McCain is still youthful enough to act like a second grader! It’s like it’s 5 minutes before recess and while the teacher is just talking and talking about punctuation or some shit, all McCain can do is look out the window and smile longingly between sighs of frustration.

    Poor little guy.

  25. [re=136808]obfuscator[/re]: Actually, it reminds me of Gore in ’00. Or at least it would have, if I had actually watched last night’s debate.

  26. [re=136894]CankleBiter[/re]: well this comment is a gem: Whats the difference between Sarah Palins Mouth and her womb? Only some of the stuff that comes out of her womb are retarded.


  27. [re=136886]WonkaBee[/re]: I thought I heard something!! In fact, there wre a couple of times I thought I heard something similar during the debate..

    And fuck Joe the Plumber…. registered to vote or not, he is still a money-grabbing plumber! $90.00 or more per hour!

  28. [re=136894]CankleBiter[/re]: Wow, there are over 20k comments, truly a treasure trove of crap.

    The following was entirely caps lock worthy, but the author is clearly too humble for that:

    “Comment by Dee
    October 16th, 2008 at 8:05 am
    You know I read an article not too long ago that referenced Hitler. Did you guys know that Hitler got into power by promising “change”?? Isn’t that exactly what Obama keeps promising? Do we really want Hitler running this country? Also the bible references that the anti-christ will be a muslim put into power. HMMMM, sounds a little too familiar doesn’t it?? And I like someones else’s comment on here, I absolutely agree that Obama would not qualify to be his own body guard because of his ties to a known terrorist. Just what we need, our own president coordinating the next 9/11.


    This is something one of us would write as a joke…

  29. I could not get teh interwebs at my house last night, and am now on the verge of losing my job, because the furries are killing me.
    Can someone please tell me why the fuck that old curmudgeon kept talking about autism, and the snobilly’s deep knowledge of it? Does she have it? I thought little Trig had the Down syndrome?

  30. One whiny plumber or millions of people? Sorry, Joe. But look at the bright side; with a tax break, average folks may actually be able to afford your extor…er, fees.

  31. [re=136907]freakishlystrong[/re]: You’re right. Trig isn’t in the tank for Rain Man. I saw someone else make that point as well (sum pundit type wit da smarts).

  32. [re=136894]CankleBiter[/re]: It’s a veritable treasure trove at the old Fox News:

    “Comment by Laura B
    October 16th, 2008 at 8:25 am
    I was extremely proud of Mr. MdCain, as he was the person he has always been, a gentleman, a true American patriot, and one not so glib with words as his opponent, but so real and genuine in demeanor that one can admire him for what he has done, not just talked about, in his political career. As for that knockout blow the press keeps looking for, he was a knockout by his stance and personhood before the cameras. a person that can be trusted at the helm of our nation. this is what we are looking for, and found it in Mr. Mccain.”

    We were always looking for the knockout blow, when really the knockout was John McCain himself, standing right in front of us. Sigh ♥♥♥

  33. [re=136902]facehead[/re]: Fucking Christian wannabees! They are so caught up in there ‘religion’ that they can’t be bothered to READ THEIR OWN BOOK. There is NOTHING in the Revelation of John that mentions a Muslim, Islam etc.

    And for her BULLSHIT about Hitler. Hitler wasn’t at the top of the ticket, Field Marshall von Hindenburg was. Von Hindenburg/Hitler ran on change, yes.. but his promise of change was about RESTORING MILITARY MIGHT.
    Hitler is more like PALIN, very little experience, good at giving fiery, hate-filled speeches.

  34. [re=136910]azw88[/re]: WTF? how many Wurzelbachers can there be? You are harshing my harsh.

    “The guilty plea today was from Robert M. Wurzelbacher Jr., who had been a senior vice president of Lincoln’s parent company, the American Continental Corporation of Phoenix, and the chief executive of an investment firm owned by Lincoln Savings. Mr. Wurzelbacher, who is 38 years old, is married to the former Elizabeth Keating, one of Mr. Keating’s daughters. ”

    I scientifically googled “Wurzelbacher” and got 19k hits; and most of them (probably) showed up just from last night.

    I, for one, welcome our Wurzelbacherian overlords, and look forward to prostrating myself before the Wurzelbacher dynasty of plumbers, ceo’s, and other general a-holes.

  35. [re=136914]azw88[/re]: Which makes sense for the bible was written a couple of hundred years before Islam was invented/created, you pick.

    as for Hitler: Hitler actually wanted to go back in time and retake what was taken from Germany. back to the fundamentals of the Weimar Republic. that sounds quite ehhm…republican?

  36. [re=136914]azw88[/re]: In fact, I’m fairly sure the Book of Revelation describes the antichrist as being a “Roman,” so we should actually be keeping an eye on Silvio Berlusconi, Antonin Scalia, et al.

    Also, another fun Hitler-Palin parallel. In the early 1920s, when he was still a small fry, Hitler associated with Bavarian separatists and tried to work with them in the Beer Hall Putsch.

    It’s always funny how the people that claim to be most Christian generally know the least about the Bible and how people that bring up Hitler the most know the least about his life and policies…

  37. [re=136918]Robbertjan[/re]: Actually, the Weimar Republic was Germany from the end of WWI to about 1933.

    The ticket of the Field Marshall and the Lance Corporal ran on their status as war heroes who wanted to restore Germany’s glory days as a military power.

  38. Holy crap, it is obvious that Grampy was hopped up on 5 Hour Energy Drinks and Milk Of Magnesia cocktails for this one!

    What a twitching, grimacing, smirking douche bag!

    Color me impressed, but I miss Joe SixPack and the Mavericks.

  39. If I recall correctly, Islam’s own version of the book of revelations has Jesus returning to battle pigs and taxes, rather than the Antichrist.

    If John McCain is the second coming of Jesus Christ, he’s really slowrolling it.

  40. I think you guyz are …. talking about the past when the present is quite strange and provocative…

    Am I the only libtard here who’s wondering if this Wurzelbacher-Keating connection isn’t just a coincidence?

    Could Joe the Plumber have been paid off to “stump” Obama (though he failed)? Why would the guy ask Obama a question like that, when he’s not even registered to vote? I think that is really fishy…

    And I can’t stop thinking about how McCain first said “Joe Wurzelbacher” during the debate…

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