Nancy and her first husband, Barack Hussein Obama Sr.Our nation’s beloved second wife of Ronald Reagan has fallen and hurt herself! This happened, er, last week. But it’s big news! The 87-year-old widow of America’s founding father has fractured her pelvis, and will stay in the hospital a few days, in Los Angeles, and then go home with a “reduced schedule” until she’s all healed up again in six weeks. She also fell down in February. Get well soon, Nancy! [Reuters]

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  1. These ‘old peoples who forget to turn off the stove with their Life Alert buzzers’ stories can only make people wonder if Sarah Palin can be anywhere near Washington DC in the next 4 years if McDickish is elected. Not good for the Grand Ol Party.

  2. It wasn’t really a fall. It was actually a surgery. They needed Nancy’s marrow and some abdominal tissue samples to complete the alchemical requirements to reanimate the gipper’s rotting carcass. Mitt Romney will carry the Frankenreagan on his shoulders, not unlike Hellboy with that Russian puppet corpse.

  3. Oh, she “fell,” did she? Poor Nancy couldn’t handle a good boot-knockin’ from Mr. “I pity the fool who fails her bone density test” T. Just look at the picture!

  4. So, first it is Cheney and his “heart.” Now Nancy breaks one of the most well used and strong pelvises in existence. What’s next, Newt Gingrich’s’ ass exploding?

    This is either cover for McCain’s face falling off, or Conservatism in America is literally dying.

  5. [re=134539]Itsjustme[/re]: “George Manos, the 75-year-old Republican, told police that Edith Walker, the 73-year-old Democrat, jumped on his back and struck him in the head three to four times with her fists.”

    She’s a spry one.

  6. Just say “no” to the pain killers, Nancy. Oh, and say “no” to the socialized medicine, too. While, you’re at it, just say no to keeping you alive you worthless piece of shit.

  7. One good thing about Nancy, she apparently gave Grampy McSame some serious stink-eye when he dumped #1, abandoned his kids and ran off with Cindzilla. Well, now that I think of it Nancy and Ronnie’s affair progressed on a similar track. Oh never mind, I can’t think of a good thing about Nancy. But get well anyway you old nut.

  8. The first time in a long time that I can remember a story about a woman that didn’t have an “I’d do her” comment. This site is getting very cosmopolitan.

  9. The widow Reagan, bless her heart, warmed all our frigid hearts by her uplifting Oscar-worthy performance at Ronnie’s funeral. And so we wish her the best in her recovery. May she dance again in an Adolfo gown and her old lady Manolos.

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