Here’s one for the children of Washington, D.C., with Wonkette’s own Liz Glover interviewing famous local hero rock star Ted Leo of the wonderful elitist band Ted Leo & The Pharmacists outside a Black Cat show last week. He talks about some obscure album someone made once, because that is what indie rock people do whenever they hear a fleeting reference to anything music-related. Then Liz asks about Sarah Palin and he gets “all emo” and start talking about “bullets in bellies.” Why does Ted Leo hate the troops? [YouTube]

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  1. Musicians should never be allowed to speak about serious topics. Ever.

    Poor Liz. Does she get hazard pay for these assignments?

  2. You should interview the guys from [INSERT FAVORITE WILLIAMSBURG BAND HERE] to answer questions about politics and shit. You could improve your indy cred AND save the economy.

    I’m so tight pants and high tops over this shit. My mustache just went all Walt Monegan.

  3. In fact, indie rockers share many of Sarah Palin’s gifts. They too can build entire sentences from cultural references [i.e. random nouns and adjectives], and make others wonder if they are having a stroke.

  4. Poll: Obama Opens 14-Point Lead On McCain
    CBS News/New York Times Survey Shows Major Swing Among Independents, Suggests McCain’s Strategy May Be Hurting Him

    Bloomberg has BO up 9 pts 50-41

  5. [re=133669]Worlds End[/re]: Oh, man. Hopey’s gotta be pissed about this part:

    McCain’s favorable rating has fallen four points from last week, to 36 percent, and is now lower than his 41 percent unfavorable rating.

    Hopey’s not winning because America loves him. He’s winning because America really hates Walnuts.

    Still, a check mark in the W column, so he’s got that to console himself.

  6. Yeah, fuck those fucking musicians that have opinions about stuff. They have no right to tell the world how they feel.

    In other news, I, a random wonkette commenter, have an Important Opinion about Sarah Palin and her DraculaCunt. Discuss.

  7. [re=133680]Baldeagle79[/re]: Hey dickhead! How’s it feel getting your conservative dick knocked in this year?

    I hear Malkin’s got some krazee thread going about how Obama’s a “marxist” or something. Isn’t that the new GOP buzzword? You can’t get away with hating on gays and minorities anymore so fuck it…change the name right? Anyways, why don’t you go play with them? I bet they’d really like to read your shitty blog.

  8. [re=133680]Baldeagle79[/re]: Stop promoting your stupid, poorly-laid-out blog. Your green link text over a blue background makes me want to vomit more than the conservative drivel you pass off as “common” sense.

  9. [re=133680]Baldeagle79[/re]: Come on, baldeagle. You can tell us. We won’t judge you.. You have an ejaculation problem? So does Walnuts. It’s….okay.

  10. [re=133687]Keram2[/re]: I fully stand by my right to make gross generalizations and blanket assertions both hypocritically and non-hypocritically as so I please.

    Ok, so maybe I’ll relent and downgrade that former statement to most musicians should never be allowed to speak about serious topics. Ever. Mainly the famous ones. They seem to be the most passionate and the least informed.

  11. When this “famous DC rock star” does that thing with his shoulders in response to the question about Palin, what is that? Is he channeling Ed Grimley? Decent impersonation, I must say.

  12. [re=133680]Baldeagle79[/re]: I am becoming more convinced you are Jeff Gannon with every completely off-topic, random, bullshit post you make.

  13. Walnuts strategy isnt working, so he must redouble his efforts at it. Sort of like the war on drugs. The evidence of its failure is proof that we must apply the same strategy harder.

  14. I like ted and find his music politically smart for indie rock. He did get pretty excited there towards the end didn’t he?
    [re=133680]Baldeagle79[/re]: Jesus Christ! Aren’t you banned yet? KEN!!!!!!

  15. Once upon a time when I was a young, idealistic Viking, I used to play Positive Force shows with various and sundry Dischord record types…so I’m kind of sympathetic to DC musicians spouting off about politics. Go ahead, Ted…old time DC punks got your back.

  16. Palin was on big fat bald DRUGGIE Limbaugh today. She said “she has nothing to lose and shes just a simple talker”

    The dildo cam went blank for 5.3 seconds, you know he had Lil Rush out making a mess all over himself.

  17. He must wear that smudge proof mascara, because it didn’t run at all when he did the “funky chicken” move miming “overwrought frustration” and his voice cracked and he was hoping Liz would throw him a mercy hug and stuff.

  18. [re=133822]Iforgotohio[/re]: LOL No one knows who Ted Leo is! I had no idea Wonkette readers were 600 years old.

    America. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

  19. Ted Leo fucking rocks. I actually saw him back in the summer of 2004 in Boston, just after the DNC Convention (which was also in Boston) and he said how basically that, honestly, pretty much everyone there was going to not vote for Bush, but how we can’t let the Dems just get away with whatever they want because of that.

    Anyways, he’s got some great music, so go check it out (personal favorite solo album: “Hearts of Oak”).

  20. Suddenly the lyric “All the bourgeois social angels telling you you’ve got to change
    Don’t have any idea. They’ll never see so clear.” takes on a whole new meaning . . .

  21. I’ve been told many times that I should like Ted Leo, but it’s pretty meh for me. I’d rather listen to his brother’s bands: The Van Pelt and the Lapse. Still, very wordy, though.

  22. I love Ted, the only Notre Dame grad in the world who’s not a total neo-catholic douchebag.

    I got seven powers in me
    for to give me the cure
    But when seven powers fail to spin me
    I have to get me seven more
    And when I say, “me” I mean my brain
    And when I say “give me the cure” I mean to kill the pain
    And when I say “kill the pain” I meant to get the devil out
    And when I say “devil” I mean the manifestation of doubt!

    What about you didn’t think they could hate you?

  23. [re=133697]Slim[/re]: well, I specifically offered up Baldeagle79 during the purge-fest but Ken claims there were no sacrificial offerings, sooo… Ken does not acknowledge my existence?

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