Ouch.Don Lemon hosts some CNN show we never watch because we are too busy WORKING, but he is a heavy user of the Twitter, and it looks like his beautiful friendship with some nut named “Carol” recently went south. Just this morning he was glad she watched his show, but then 12 minutes later he was all, “Please fuck off and die forever, I have no time for you, nut.”

Shortly after that, he had to post some illiterate message about how he had “norhing to hide” in order to soothe another anxious reader who we’re guessing was concerned that something excitingly unprofessional had gone down between Lemon and this insane demander of personal messages. Meanwhile, “Carol” burnt down her Don Lemon shrine and overdosed on Tylenol, and now her corpse is being consumed by her 35 cats, all named Mr. Winkles.

Don Lemon’s Twitter

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