FUCK YOU YOU FUCKIN GAY COMMIENot that it matters, because the modern Republican fat-ass troglodyte with a sixth-grade education and a dollar-forty in the bank is not exactly spending a lot of time reading books, but talented conservative author and essayist Christopher Buckley is now officially in the tank. He is voting for Barack Obama. (Yes, Christopher B. is the son of William F. Buckley, the founder of both the National Review and mid-20th Century conservative intellectualism, which is 100% dead forever now.)

The author of such excellent satirical novels as Little Green Men and Thank You For Smoking, Buckley is also the back-page columnist for National Review and … oh what does it matter? He is a stinking Muslim-loving faggot who should be raped to death by his real dad, Osama Hussein Hitler.

As basically every conservative who knows how to type without CAPS LOCK politely notes that McCain is a sad fraud and Palin is an angry, stupid clown, the unwashed hordes of AOL imbeciles direct their impotent rage at these writers, who then have to suffer through a week or two of the usual Internet mass psychosis, what with the death threats and the “UR MAM SHOULDA ABORTED U ‘N SHIT ON YR DEAD FACE” and the “ILL FUK U UP WHER U LIVE?” that basically define modern American life and create an overwhelming, unimpeachable argument for eugenics.

Anyway, Buckley wrote his pro-Obama column for Tina Brown’s latest thing, TALK: ON A WEBSITE! It’s very elegant looking, and has some stuff by worldly elitists, and it only launched like last week, which was a great time to launch a new-media company or basically any business enterprise, so maybe the mouth-breathing wingnuts won’t stumble across Buckley’s clever, thoughtful column and he will be spared the 12,000 emails calling for his murder.

Ha ha, just kidding! It’s already posted on Free Republic.

  • What a sad testament to his parents. He obviously didn’t really even know them or what they stood for.
  • Tthe apple sometimes falls far from the tree then rolls away.
  • Or the best parts was left as a stain on the bedsheet……………
  • Christopher Buckley… you will regret your action.
  • Chris, come out of the closet already.
  • Follow the link and check out the photo of this peter-puffing little fruitcake. I think he has homo-erotic thoughts about Obama. I KNOW he does.
  • I didn’t realize William F. had a gay son.

Sorry, Dad, I’m Voting for Obama [The Daily Beast]
William F. Buckley’s son says he is pro-Obama [Gawker]

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  1. That is right. Going left makes you immediately gay. First you’re like “I think I might be voting for Obama” and then IMMEDIATELY 10 doods come out of the corners and you all just ass rape each other for eternity, because that is what it means to be a Barry supporter.

  2. With the exception of Strongsville, OH, Peggy Noonan’s wonderfully developed sense of denial, and Bill Kristol’s derangement… Who isn’t in the tank for Obama?

  3. I miss Willam F. Buckley… I mean, he was a condescending prick and wrong most of the time, but at least he was fucking smart and interesting to listen to and didn’t denigrate people for being educated. Conservative Intellectualism is well and truly dead, long live the NASCAR Republicans.

  4. [re=129444]grendel[/re]: Buckley was also smart enough to know that the War On Some Drugs was epic fail and a waste of tax dollars…

  5. Perhaps he didn’t hear about Bill Ayers yet. Or at least proscribe to some of the conservative intellectualism being screamed out at McCain rallies. Isn’t “terrorist” or “kill him” enough of an argument or does someone have to write a column on it? Perhaps Rich Lowry can repost that ‘starbursts’ boner column on the National review site, except make it about dudes or something.

  6. Yay! Now all the angry bigots can go start their angry little bigot country and leave us alone so the rest of us can live in hobotown for three years while Obama fixes everything. Happily ever after the end.

  7. Ah, the “yeah, well, you’re GAY” argument. I didn’t realize that by “sixth-grade education” you were talking about actual sixth graders.

  8. Oh, and here’s some more Firing Line caliber discourse from William Fs’ intellectual heirs over at Free Republic:


  9. I love the comments.

    ‘“The best thing about Sarah Palin is that she is the fastest way to drive the country club Republicans out of the party. They’ve long been captured by secular intellectuals.”

    You know, I’ve been thinking along those same lines. The Republicans who have been slamming Palin hardest seem mostly to be part of the “blue blood” wing of the GOP. This suggests to me that its less about her abilities and much more about not being “their kind of people.”

    That only makes me more determined to support her, btw. I have about as much use for cocktail party circuit Republicans as I do with the likes of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.’

    I like the sound of these “cocktail party circuit Republicans,” do you think they’d help me host a drinking game?

  10. In all seriousness every time I see the amount of hate that exists on the outside fringes of politics I throw up a little. These people actually hate this guy, like a Gollum kind of hate and thats just sad.

  11. [re=129440]JadedDIssonance[/re]: Hahahaha! Corsi has to “recuperate” in London after the kind attention of the Kenyan authorities. Why, he went without food for MOST OF A DAY!!!!!

    Those kenyans need some advisors from Gitmo for his next visit.

  12. Ironically, the Free Republic site is one of the best arguments I’ve ever seen against either freedom or democratic republics.

  13. [re=129461]JadedDIssonance[/re]: “blue blood” wing of the GOP.” As opposed to the wingnut, freeper, rasicst, batshit wing of the GOP.

  14. You knew Son of Buckley was in the tank when he uses big words and reads books.

    I’m surprised that the remaining intelligent US Americans don’t round up the mouth breathers and move ’em to Utah (while getting those few in the tank types out of said sandbox.)

  15. [re=129461]JadedDIssonance[/re]: That’s right. Fuck the smart people! What have they ever brought us anyway??!!

    I wonder if Ayn Rand is spinning in her grave right now?

  16. [re=129475]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: It sounds like this Lippert guy wants to send me lots and lots of Iraqi Money. I should give him my social security number just in case.

  17. Whoa… Buckley’s son wrote Thank You For Smoking? That movie was hilarious!! This guy needs to be Press Secretary in the Obama administration.

  18. [re=129478]freakishlystrong[/re]: those sekular intellecshuals will getcha every time, you betcha

    [re=129480]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: I’m sure she no longer rests there. Some Greenspan stooge embalmed her for his derivatives museum.

  19. My favorite FreeRepublic comment…

    Ahhh to be young and ignorant again…..

    What does it mean? I’m genuinely stumped. Christpher Buckley is, I believe, well into his 40s.

  20. Sarah Palin is to Republicans what handling venomous serpents is to Christians: something to separate the true believers from the guys humming along to “Shall We gather at the River” while visualizing 9-iron drive.

  21. [re=129461]JadedDIssonance[/re]: What we need to do is convince the coctail party Republicans that it’s worth a little of their tax money to vote Democrat and keep the rednecks in their place.

  22. [re=129479]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Utah is an attractive place. Wyoming would be a better choice and is practically uninhabted. Having straight borders will also make the fence buildiing a little easier.

  23. [re=129480]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Uh oh, Ayn Rand is spinning in her grave? We better cover it in gasoline and set it a-blaze. Last thing we need is her popping up.

  24. Did someone up above just string together the words that should never be spoken: “homo-erotic thoughts about John McCain”????? Can we all just collectively say “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” and move on? It’s like that scene in “The Lord of The Rings” where the Dark Speech causes the sun to dim and the trees to shudder. A little piece of my soul just died when I read that. I know the poster was not endorsing such thoughts – but even to say it, in print. Did I just hear a horse whinny in terror? I have to go now and call my therapist.

    Oh, and Chris Buckley, I think the trickle is about to become a flood. The more McCain-Palin events start to resemble cross-burnings and the Nurmenburg Party Rally, the more you will see this phenomenon. There seems to be a growing segment of Republicans who are willing to see McCain lose if it means they can have their party back.

  25. “That only makes me more determined to support her, btw. I have about as much use for cocktail party circuit Republicans as I do with the likes of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.’”

    That’s actually encouraging. If the working class/middle class/anti-intellectual part of the party splits with the upper crust then that just leaves us to watch the Democrats fall apart with no help from anyone else and we can finally have dozens of political parties where people actually agree with the platform of their party.

    That was almost coherent. It’s Friday. Bite me.

  26. I welcome the “cocktail party circuit Republicans” to the Obama cocktail party.

    Liquor is the grease of DC politics. Teetotaler evangelicals don’t have the social skills necessary to get things done. Bush never caught on to this fact and his administration is a terrible failure because of it.

    If Obama wants to reach across party lines to get his agenda through Congress, he would be wise to stock up on good liquor, cigars and cigarettes and invite the cocktail party circuit Republicans to stop by for a drink or two on Friday afternoons.

  27. [re=129440]JadedDIssonance[/re]: “Over the past two years, Sen. Obama and Lt. Lippert have traveled around the globe together, played one-on-one basketball and shared each other’s shoes.” THEY SHARED EACH OTHER’S SHOES??!!! That’s it, I’m out – I’m voting for the old fart and his retarded girlfriend. I mean, at least they wear their own shoes. Fukkin’ libruls.

  28. I take no delight in seeing these deluded, retarded, mouth-breathing slugs writhing in anguish over the (near) certainty of Barry’s election. I truly hope they get it out of their system before somebody gets killed. Sorry, no snark. Just sad.

  29. [re=129511]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: All the hard work of her little Gimp Greenspan has yielded this. We have met the anti-intellectual Retards and they are conservatives.

  30. It makes sense really. I’m a libertarian, and I’m voting for Obama to kill the New Left and their stupid, selfish, smug tactics. I don’t understand why more conservatives aren’t giddy about the possibility of ridding ourselves of these awful Boomer liberals who act like we should all worship them because of 1968. I wish I could call my own self-interest a movement too. GOD, I HATE THE BOOMERS!

    (I do not mean to imply that identity politics, feminism, etc. is bad. I’m just saying that we’re at a point where identity poliics reinforces more than it questions.)

  31. I’ve read most of Chris’ books and I always pegged him as more of a Pat-Nixon’s-respectable-cloth-coat kinda republican anyway; far from a mouthbreathing ideological conservatard tool.

    Anyone who likes some essay form wordsmityness that’s funny, elegant and thought provoking should find “Wry Martinis” in their local library/bookstore.

    And each of his humorous novels are quite a fun romp as well.

  32. [re=129541]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: My father (who is a pretty awesome dood) said to me when I began reading Atlas Shrugged, “it’s a great book. Burn it when you’re done.”

  33. The rats will be fleeing the sinking ship of state in HERDS over the next few months.
    But the all important question is: “What does Ann Coulter think?”
    The devil won’t truly be prounced dead ’till the skinny ‘lady’ sings her “I told them! I told them! goodbye song.

  34. [re=129461]JadedDIssonance[/re]: How can we trust the blue-bloods to run our nation when they can’t even keep a lid on the uppity rabble in their own party?

  35. Welcome aboard, Chris! It was just a matter of time, really – reading his books, you’d never think he was a Repub.

    [re=129491]jagorev[/re]: Good movie, better book. Little green men is absolutely hillarious as well.

  36. [re=129554]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Maybe what this proves is, being a Repub and having a sense of humor* eventually lead to apostacy and/or schizophrenia.

    *other than an unintentional one.

  37. [re=129560]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Libertarians and Communists are one in the same. Basically, they are people who read one or two books in college and lack a fundamental understanding of how the world works/trying their darnedest to divorce themselves from any semblance of reality.

  38. The new class war: educated, thoughtful and reflective individuals vs. people who know more about Britney Spears and Payton Manning than science or economics. We educated types will all go out and have cocktails, they’ll drink Keystone, and when we meet up for the final death battle, we’ll quickly achieve victory by saying, “Look, Jesus, I saw him appear over there in the middle of that four-lane interstate highway! Go to him, friends, and be raptured!”

  39. Satisfying news. I mean, Jesus, whatever happened to responsible, conservative Republicans, as opposed to the speaking in tongues spendthrifts they have now? No one ever called Bob Dole antichrist.

  40. [re=129648]Doglessliberal[/re]: Agreed. Totally. I like the argument they make about helping all people by being libertarian. If they were so concerned with helping out, they wouldn’t be libertarians.

  41. [re=129577]Slutty_Chola_Cobbler[/re]: Seems to me that Democratic administrations usually fix enough of the fuck-ups of capitalism to make the world safe for capitalism again — which thoughtful Republicans recognize.

  42. [re=129553]heronimule[/re]:

    So, you’re voting Obama to stick it to your parents? I don’t mean to be rude but that’s just plain idiotic. Obama isn’t ahead because he’s slaying the Baby Boomer dragon. He’s ahead because he’s embraced them. Boomers yearn for a post racial world and Obama plays into their fantasies. He’s no more going to rid the universe of racial politics than he is going to balance the budget. In fact, Obama doesn’t want to end the racial divisions as much as turn them inside out. Racial animus will still be with us but this time, divisions will be used as a club to beat those who don’t support Obama over the head with. “Don’t support the Obama program? You must be a racist”.
    Maybe that’s progress. The problem with your thesis is that it requires legions of white babyboomer supporters to work. There aren’t enough hipster doofus’s living off their parents wealth to carry the message to the masses.

  43. [re=129600]WadISay[/re]: Or just further evidence that the Republican party wasn’t always stupid and evil (say, back in Pat-Nixon’s-cloth-coat-1960); and in fact, didn’t become so until the Great Communicator and his fundie gang of thugs took over.

    It *was* once the party of Lincoln, after all. The fundies have pretty much killed that off for good, I think.

  44. “[the] very dishy Kathleen Parker”
    “He [McCain] spoke truth to power.”
    “[McCain] A once-first class temperament …”
    Someone please tell me that the sbove is satire.

    BTW: I see that Tina Brown continues her winning ways in using celebrity journalists to sell her rag. Third time’s a charm.

  45. [re=129612]Oh hell to the no[/re]:

    “Libertarians and Communists are one in the same. Basically, they are people who read one or two books in college and lack a fundamental understanding of how the world works/trying their darnedest to divorce themselves from any semblance of reality.”

    Word. They quit being Libertarians when daddy quits paying the rent.

  46. [re=129770]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: “The fundies have pretty much killed that off for good, I think.” The fundies, free marketers and the Southern Strategy, you mean.

  47. [re=129768]pdiddycornchips[/re]: How about just calling a spae a spade?

    You know, like, yea, I’m black-but I still think anyone who makes over 250,000 dollars a year should still pay into the social security fund. This may save the system for future generations.

    Or: hell yea, I’m a feminist, but I still think men should be payed the same as women.

    Or: hell yea, I lost my bubba accent, but I still go crawdaddy hunting.

  48. If you want to know who will win the Presidency between John McCain and Barak Obama you need to check out the 100% accuracy of the MAY 15TH PROPHECY

    Do a Google search of the MAY 15TH PROPHECY and you will see with 100% accuracy what is about to happen next

  49. [re=129553]heronimule[/re]: Jesus, that is true.

    [re=130162]May 15th Prophecy[/re]: I’m sorry your mommy didn’t love you but take your meds and go away.

  50. [re=129553]heronimule[/re]: “I’m a libertarian.” Do NOT apologize. Many have a family member in that category. Yet, the question which they face before each holiday dinner is: lock the kids in basement or keep the parole officer on speed dial? Nothing personal.

  51. Prediction: In a year from now Chrisey will write an article for The Breast (just before it sags into non-existence) entitled, “Rara Avis, What Was I Thinking?”

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