The McCain campaign’s angry tone this week has produced frightening anecdotes from every McCain/Palin rally about murdering the treasonous terrorist Barack Obama. Wingnuts are seeing Obama solidify his leads and are genuinely frightened that this Muslim might actually do it! And what does that make them do? Be even “wingnuttier,” of course, and that means that the mob rallies are getting more primitive and violent by the day. Today’s rally“the angriest McPalin rally ever” — was in Wisconsin, a “swing state” where Obama is leading by 10 points.

The rally was all fine and dandy until John McCain said something vaguely liberal and thereby insulted God:

Some in the very partisan crowd even booed McCain at one point after he said, “I believe that climate change is real; I believe that greenhouse gasses are a threat to our planet.”

The crowd cheered when Palin said “Drill, baby, drill” for oil.

See? Sarah fits right in with these psychopaths, whereas John McCain lacks the political sense to actually listen when crazy people rant about socialism:

Ron Weisblog, 64, a retired home remodeler, stood up to McCain and said, “May I please finish?” after McCain prematurely began to respond to Weisblog’s statement that he was very mad that “socialists are taking over America.”

An awkward silence followed Weisblog’s rebuke of McCain until McCain uttered a Steve Martin-like “Excuuuuuse me!”

And then the crowd lynched an effigy of Steve Martin and started ripping off other people’s limbs so as to eat them, raw, blood flying everywhere.

Slate’s John Dickerson captures the mood on his TWITTER: “Crowd at mccain rally giving press bus the single finger salute.” That’s the one logical thing that happened today.

McCain, Palin attack Obama at Wis. town hall meeting [Chicago Sun Times]

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  1. I listened to that particular Nazi rally. The guy who told Grampy to pipe down blew all his good karma by ending his statement with “So get back to Washington and fix this mess!”

  2. Can we give these people Mexican passports and do some sort of a complicated immigration or credit swap thing? We’ll trade 20M undermedicated Palin supporters for 10M Mexicans and a handful of pesos.

  3. Yikes.

    I’m in Reno at the moment. The locals are definitely in the “half-breed Muslin” camp but the imports (the ones who pronounce it “Nevodda”) seem to have something like the louder voice at this point. It’s surreal.

    Oh, and if you want to buy a foreclosed condo, come to Reno. Comes with a free talking monkey named Washoe!

  4. Recently, when I read, I am reminded of how effectively the Snark of the intellectuals of the Weimar Republic stopped the rise of Hitler despite the Depression . . . .

    Praise Jesus we don’t have to worry about that kind of thing in Amerik . . . whoops . . . America.

  5. Welcome to irrelevance, fucktards. Once Obama wins and kills you and lets everyone over 70 die, this country is going to be AWESOME again.

  6. There’s no way the Secret Service is going to allow any wingnut within 100 feet of Obama, but McCain had better watch out since he’s letting them close enough to strangle him…and some of these in the mood for a good throttling.

  7. John Dickerson is a douchebag for putting his face where those citizens getures were aimed. That is exactly what real Americans hate about liberals.

  8. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish even harder for Barry to win. Not just because I want him to but to watch the heads explode of millions and millions of raging morans out there who make this country what it is. Just thinking about watching Sean Hannity on election night when it’s called for Barry fills me with unbridled glee.

  9. If the Muslin is bred with bamboo or cotton, then I’ll order ten, please! But if it’s a polyester blend, then no thanks. But what’s an Obama? Is it a type of washcloth?

  10. They had eight years and the country’s in the toilet. Now they can shut up and let Barry drive for a while. If they don’t like it, they can move to Iraq — that’s already well on its way to being a conservative’s wet dream, isn’t it? Free markets, no government, lots of weapons — and they’ll get a big welcome at the airport.

  11. This probably was an OK small town before the Idiot Twins arrived to stir up the nutbars. Yesterday, they were stinking up one of America’s most underrated towns, Bethlehem, PA, and who knows what psychic damage they did there.

  12. [re=128584]Delicious[/re]: True. These C.H.U.D.-like crowds want blood. They’d rather have Barry’s hemoglobin, but if McCain gets too close they might settle for his. I can see them tearing him to pieces if he doesn’t call Barry a communist or a terrorist.

  13. [re=128587]Hooray For Anything[/re]: ooooh, it hadn’t occurred to me to watch Fox on the 4th. Once I know it’s over, that’s gonna be my victory channel. There will be much ass bearing and bird flipping that day, my friends.

    Hey- remember three weeks ago when we were all having apoplectic fits ’cause Hopey was down in the polls? Can you imagine what it’s like to see your guy is waaayyy losing and NOT have the higher brain function to accept it?

  14. [re=128581]InsidiousTuna[/re]: I really find younger John McCain very attractive. But I also thought young Joe Biden on the train was pretty hot, too.

  15. Hooray – I predict that some Fox talking heads will roll before election day. After all, doesn’t this rally highlight (real or staged) dissension in the party? Gingrich and others remain sour on Walnuts, so Fox people will storm out Robert-Novak style to save face, because they were gonna get shitcanned anwyay. O’Reilly will stay, maybe Hannity gone, retaing rump credibility.

  16. [re=128587]Hooray For Anything[/re]: me to i cant wait for Hannity to say president Obama. I wonder if instead just let loose racial epithets.

  17. I’m thinking all of this agitation can’t be good for Mac’s health.

    He should be taking it easy playing shuffleboard somewhere in Florida, gently encouraging his trollop cunt of a wife to fetch him some lemonade mixed with Metamucil.

  18. “An awkward silence followed Weisblog’s rebuke of McCain until McCain uttered a Steve Martin-like ‘Excuuuuuse me!’ ”

    He can’t even stand his followers, soon enough Palin will go from “the dame” to “that thing”.

  19. It’s so fun seeing wingnuts go crazy! Hahaha motherfuckers, time to commit mass suicide.

    2000 John McCain wasn’t a complete sack of shit, but the current WALNUTS! has overstayed his welcome. These days he’s willing to do anything to win, namely whoring himself out to the wingnuts with Caribou Barbie at his side. The great thing is how quickly the wingnuts turn on their own. They’d beat WALNUTS! to death at one of those hatefuck rallies if GLASSES! wasn’t there to appease them.

  20. Wow, I thought the Steve Martin thing was a Wonkette fabrication. That actually happened?! Please, somebody better find this on video.

  21. [re=128582]Neilist[/re]: My friend, if you come to Wonkette for salvation, you’re getting what you deserve. Besides, Germans are too earnest to snark, which is why they failed.

  22. [re=128613]NoWireHangers[/re]: No for McCain to retire from the Senate if/when he losses. He’ll then devote 100% of his time shooting craps and calling his wife a cunt.

  23. [re=128606]Worlds End[/re]: I bet Hannity won’t even be able to say it… he’ll have to hyphenate it and say “Today President Hussein-Obama saved the world for the 33rd time but he still eats arugula”

  24. Obama, the famously ‘Muslin’ Socialist, with a pastor??

    Well, it’s great to know McSame won’t be getting their votes, hopefully.. That I can deal with.

    This election is safely Obama’s, imho, thankfully. I’m feeling pretty good about it.

  25. [re=128622]dano[/re]: Opps
    Look for McCain to retire from the Senate if/when he losses. He’ll then devote 100% of his time shooting craps and calling his wife a cunt.

  26. [re=128597]irisheyes[/re]: My guess is that way after everyone else has called the election for Barry in a landslide, Fox will still call it “close” and not call the election until a day or two later, after all the hosts have gotten their “talking points” about what to say as well as several pounds of oxycontin. I am also hoping Colmes finally grows a pair and taunts Hannity all night.

  27. [re=128613]NoWireHangers[/re]: Oh, yes he was. We were all so lucky we got Dubya instead.

    These motherfuckers scare the hell out of me. Stupid and easy access to guns will be the doom of us all.

  28. [re=128578]Sara in the West[/re]: Watch your backs, everyone. It’s getting mean and nasty out there. If you haven’t secured your firearms and ammo, now might be a good time to look into that.

  29. This is a problem with the 2-party system. If this was a multi-party system, these people would be voting for some uber-right-wing nationalist party, so John McCain wouldn’t have to go and pander to them. It would also would avoid the “Obama is communist” jibes, as there’d be an actual Communist Party for them to rail against.
    That said, it’s not unknown for these parties to be power-brokers in parliamentary systems, so the wingnuts still can have power, sadly.
    [re=128565]shortsshortsshorts[/re] [re=128600]tunamelt[/re]: I’d recommend waiting until the 30th trimester, then there’d definitely be meat.

  30. I live in MILwaukee. PEEwaukee is like 25 minutes West on I-94.

    30 miles away and 30 years in the past. McSame is picking his visiting locations with geriatric precision.

  31. [re=128635]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: Yes. A multi-party system works best for avoiding right wing nuts. Just ask Germany around 1933, Italy last year, Switzerland last year, and Austria this year. If anything a two party system prevents right wing parties from taking over due to a peculiar split in the votes.

  32. [re=128637]BruceLee5000[/re]: That place is Sensenbrenner territory too. Which leads me to ask: what the fuck is Walnuts trying to accomplish with these rallies anyway? Are there undecided racists in Sensenbrenner’s district? I live in Madison and he would do a lot more for himself if he came over to this territory instead and assured people around here that he was at least a little bit centrist. Talk about his daughter’s Prius or something.

  33. My god, were they always like this? Why have we been so patient and understanding of our conservative “friends” for the last eight years?!

    You wanna piece a’ me, you Repub sonsabitches?! You wanna piece a’ dis?!

  34. A friend of mine said he was going to check out the rally. I almost went with him. Thank the gods I didn’t. One hint of belief in climate change and the Palin Pink Shirt Sturmabteilung brigade would have unleashed their hocky stick justice on me.

  35. You know what’s great? Hopey’s gonna win in a goddam landslide, the kind of win you need to really change things. That’s why Chimpy’s shaking the last few quarters out of the sofa of our national treasury: to make sure Barry can’t do national health insurance.

  36. so walnuts is going for the McVeigh demographic…. great. While the stock market tanks, I imagine Kevlar futures are going through the roof.

  37. [re=128601]Mr. Herpes[/re]:

    The Tempest. And its “spirits for the vasty deep”. In any event, its Hotspur’s rejoinder about the devil that may be even more applicable here.

    Glendower: I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
    Hotspur: Why, so can I, or so can any man;
    But will they come when you do call for them?
    Glendower: Why, I can teach thee, cousin, to command
    The devil.
    Hotspur: And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil
    By telling truth: tell truth and shame the devil.
    If thou have power to raise him, bring him hither,
    And I’ll be sworn I have power to shame him hence.
    O! while you live, tell truth and shame the devil!’
    (III.i.35 – 62)

  38. McCain, oddly enough, makes me miss GHW Bush back in ’88… his accusing Dukakis of wanting to burn the flag every day in the Rose Garden while Willie Horton kills a virgin seems downright quaint and cuddly compare to this grinding hunk of hate, malice, and over-the-top horseshit.

  39. C’mon, Cootermarie and I are still waiting to hear more about the Muslin, i.e. thread-count, availability, shipping charges? I’ve decided to put a dust-cover over my house during the New Depression so I’ll need alot.

  40. Ah hell, yer all drunk. Not me, I made General Braswell com pow garlic shrimp, Thai with cockspur atomic peppers, and copious Wild Turkey. So tomorrow will be a George W. Bush remembrance morning, I leave the rest to you….

  41. [re=128662]tednugentslover[/re]: Yeah… now people wouldn’t care if one of them thar ‘darkies’ was let out of prison to kill us all, we’d be mighty appreciative of bein put outta our misery, what with the looming depression ahead. I don’t want to make stone and shoe leather sop like my grandpappy did back during the good ol’ days.

  42. [re=128637]BruceLee5000[/re]: [re=128648]spencer[/re]: And I’m in between you two in Jefferson County. Sweet Jeebus, I’m glad my current consulting contract is in Madison and not Waukesha County.

    But yeah, I’m one of three Hopey sign-bearers in my neck-o-the-woods.

  43. Wonder if the “Socialism” old codger was on about are the bailouts that the neo-cons are slavering for?

    Also would be nice if someone would ask him if he wants for forgo Medicare next year, what with it being all socialistic and all.

  44. Back during the primaries Walnuts was envisioning a stately and cordial race between him and Hillary. But then the Demoncrats had to nominate Hopey, and now his dreams have collapsed into the reality of leading a shrinking, angry mob. So sad. So sad.

  45. [re=128565]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: [re=128567]ManchuCandidate[/re]: [re=128568]TGY[/re]: [re=128571]gurukalehuru[/re]: [re=128572]you cannot be serious[/re]: [re=128574]Vewol Mevemont[/re]: [re=128576]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: [re=128578]Sara in the West[/re]: [re=128580]Shot at Wolf[/re]: [re=128581]InsidiousTuna[/re]: [re=128582]Neilist[/re]: [re=128583]Senator Boomdog[/re]: [re=128584]Delicious[/re]: [re=128586]problemwithcaring[/re]: [re=128587]Hooray For Anything[/re]: [re=128593]CooterMarie[/re]: [re=128595]regisgoat[/re]: [re=128596]dano[/re]: [re=128597]irisheyes[/re]: [re=128600]tunamelt[/re]: [re=128607]rambone[/re]: [re=128625]Chandira[/re]: [re=128618]Tawmn[/re]: [re=128619]The Station Manager[/re]: [re=128669]WoundedVeteran[/re]: [re=128665]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: [re=128664]Scooter[/re]: [re=128661]HomoPolitico[/re]: [re=128656]V572625694[/re]: [re=128654]d4g33z[/re]: [re=128647]MrAgro[/re]: [re=128637]BruceLee5000[/re]:

    Let’s clear the air, shall we?

  46. [re=128594]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I think Afghanistan is even more the perfect Republican Utopia: almost no central government, everyone very religious, women stay inside with bags on their heads, men walk around with big guns, personal initiative (poppy farming, kidnapping) rewarded without being taxed.

  47. [re=128671]azw88[/re]: you have a shoe soup recipe?

    I’ll give you my cell phone for it… I’m switching over to cans and string for my communication needs.

  48. My fantasy (one of many) is to sneak into a Palin rally and yell things like “Power to the People!” and “Smash the State!” whenever she gets all mavericky and anti-Warshington. All this while a younger version of Bernadine Dohrn is____(your fantasy here)_____.

  49. [re=128576]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: In defense of Reno (I live here) it probably leans more liberal than the rest of this state. You should try Fallon if you want the quality of folk that the Palin rallys seem to be attracting.

  50. IF we are the reincarnation of Weimar, and I’m not saying it is, then the populists (SA-Brownshirts) will be taken out wholesale by the corporate elites in league with the elite (SS).

    My question, where is Dirk Bogarde in all that?

  51. [re=128613]NoWireHangers[/re]: Shit, I give it less than a week until the drooling morans at one of these glorious KKK rallies turn on each other like a pack of wild, rabid dogs and rip each other apart. Now that’ll help thin the herd.

  52. [re=128627]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Grows a pair and then throws a punch. I’d pay some of my worthless Murkin dollars to see that bitch Hannity knocked out cold.

  53. [re=128582]Neilist[/re]: Nobody’s gonna read this, so what the fuck. I’ve been enjoying and participating (in a manner that makes me wonder if my comments are somehow only visible to me) the hobo snarkfest with muted glee. But guess what? The ho ho ho’s are feeling pretty hollow these days.

    My brother-in-law in LA? Oops, sorry you are gonna get shit-canned and my niece better start hoping that just maybe a community college is within reach. HA HA HA.

    My half-step-above-homeless sister in Ireland? Dang, sorry the Celtic Tiger just became as endangered as his Siberian brother…maybe my nephew can go retro and live on rotten potatos and coal chips. TEE HEE HEE.

    My sister-in-law in Korea? Golly gee, it’s a shame your family’s backbreaking labor to produce some savings so that my nephew might just avoid a 120-hour workweek just evaporated. HO HO HO.

    So it’s really all a feckin’ lark, isn’t it? HA HA FUCKING HA. Nothing but shits an’ giggles.

  54. User – A) it hasn’t sunk in yet, but when it does, I’d like some jokes to look back on.

    B) cheer up, I guarantee I am in a deeper hole than you

  55. “May I please finish? Thank you. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the river ferry scandal of ’32. Of course in those days only rich industrialists could afford to use the private rotating trestle-bridge. But being the Depression, there weren’t many o’ those… So next big government come to buy it ‘for the people’. Now I hadn’t telegraphed all that news from the Spanish Civil War for nothing, no sir, I knew communists when I heard ’em. Anyhoo, I don’t want to get into all the rights and wrongs of what happened next. Let’s just say that after that unfortunate ferry-bridge collision and hideous explosion, there weren’t no way across the river, ‘cepting you swim, for many a year. And that’s what freedom means to me.”

  56. [re=128697]Grouchy Marxist[/re]: sorry. my screen name is confusing. it should be TedNugentsGayLover. But if it said that, the Nuge would hunt me down and shoot me in the eye with a crossbow. And then cook me over a spit and serve it my scrawny meat to Aerosmith.

  57. [re=128690]tednugentslover[/re]: Hey, that cellphone has TONS of uses!! Metal can be melted down to make weapons, arrow points, etc for hunting/self-defense. The plastic can be used to scrape hides before tanning them for winter clothing. Components from the LCD can be used to make chemical weapons..

  58. [re=128695]Worlds End[/re]: ironic that the RNC spent so much on mercenary “security” in riot gear, (batons, shields, and pepper spray, &c.) for their joyous twin city convention—-when it’s becoming more and more apparent that they really need it for Magoo’s rallies instead.

  59. What scares me is how this fucks will react when Obama wins in a landslide on 11-4-08….

    I can see it now, trailer parks across the nation will be the scene of untold destruction. Pissed-off white trash will riot, burning single and double-wides will light up the night. K-Marts will be looted, with tool chests and tank tops carried out by the armloads. the corner liquor stores will be pillaged, Keystone Light, Budweiser, Coors Light, and Jack Daniels will be hauled off by the truckload.

    And when it is all over, some country-music fuckhead like Charlie Daniels will right a song about it and get fuckin rich as hell (mostly because the hicks that by it are to fuckin stupid to know how to use a computer to download tunes-legally or illegally)

  60. McCain’s going to all these “rallies” in places that are absolutely red so he can get on the news. Otherwise, no one shows up and it’s some old man hollering into a loudspeaker in front of a Best Buy…random people walking by “isn’t that Bob Dole”…McCain can’t possibly believe all this crap he’s saying, he’s just at the end. The very end. This is what it looks like, my friends. He’d be much happier losing to Hillary who’s at least been around for 20 years, than this Cinderella story who came out of nowhere.

    Sean Hannity signed today with FOX until after the 2012 elections, so we’ll have him to kick around for another four years.

    I think we need to begin preparing some “re-education centers” in various areas of the country for “citizens” to begin to understand that a world of arugula, protein smoothies, sunshine, regular workouts, no diabetes is a world worth having. I’m thinking San Francisco, Austin, the Upper West Side…all would make good locales. Perhaps Briston Johnston, nee Palin, would like to spend her final trimester in a comfortable loving home with two gay men in San Francisco (I know they’d like having Levi around).

  61. I’m very disappointed in these Sarah Palin Neo-Nazis today.
    Where are the umlauts over the ü & Ö.
    They might not be necessary, but they would land an air of racial importance to that sign.

  62. Methinks me will not get duh hopes us fer Hopemeister just yet. Still 27 days away. Lots more garbage to wade through I”m afraid. More Cocktober surprises?

    Oh my dear Wonketter libtard elites, pleez can haz steadfastness through teh finish line.

  63. [re=128711]user-of-owls[/re]: Pretty much. But better hollow laughter than uncontrollable sobbing, the only other realistic option. Apart from the drink, of course.

  64. [re=128736]DoctorCulturae[/re]: I know Doc, but no Democrat since Clinton over Dole has led like this (and he was getting bjs from the intern the whole time). A little Hopey ain’t so bad as long as we all go vote…The surprise came early this season…Dow fell a scrillion points starting in September.

  65. Die Gelbe Gefahr, I don’t think so because there is nothing left to diminish. Bush has pretty much taken a hershey squirt on the prestige of the presidency. It’s all uphill from here. I say, go with the guy who is healthy enough to climb that hill. :-)

  66. [re=128755]obfuscator[/re]: God that was disturbing. I worry very much for Obama’s safety. And I pray that somebody has the balls to call McAsshole and Alaska Evil for inciting violence.

  67. [re=128574]Vewol Mevemont[/re]: They can act as human shields for the Mexican federal police who need help in when shooting it out with heavily armed drug cartel militias.

  68. [re=128759]irisheyes[/re]: You “pray”? Hahaha, whatever, moran! Everyone knows that COMMIE FAGGOTS like yourself don’t “pray”, unless it’s praying to your Allah for more American deaths!!11!! He’s dangerous, and if he gets in office this country will become a socialist muslimocracy, so GO GET A JOB so you can pay for your own rape kits!


    I think I’m ready to infiltrate a McCain rally now.

  69. [re=128739]smellyal8r[/re]: I’m with ya. Just know it ain’t over till it’s over.

    [re=128759]irisheyes[/re]: Ditto. All that Bitterz anger is a very scary thing. Those kooks hoard weapons and stuff. They’re WAY too David Lynch.

  70. [re=128759]irisheyes[/re]: Reminds me of the George Wallace crowds when he ran for president although it is more frightening now. I am an old white person but those psycho old white people have no reason to live.

  71. Obama will win the election unless there is massive computer hacking [picture a “massive” election computer as big Mt. Rushmore, but with reptilian faces carved on it] by intelligence agencies loyal only to Cheney. Meanwhile, the second great depression has started for reals. The mess will be Barry’s to clean up. The rednecks, already revved up by Palin’s hate rallies, will put on their brown shirts an commence to shooting anybody who doesn’t look like them. (Everyone with only 5 fingers on each of only 2 hands, for instance, will be in danger.) I pray that Hopey, who reminds me more of JFK, can morph into FDR in time to save us all from ourselves. That’s all I want for Christmas.

  72. [re=128768]kapish[/re]: On a more serious tack with the first part of that scenario, what has Diebold been up to these past few months? I wonder if they are enjoying the cover the morans are giving them, as they quietly set up all of those wonderful voting machines…

    Can we just ask Barry to institute a basic intelligence test to breed? That might cull the moran herd a bit.

  73. [re=128772]loudmouthredhead[/re]: NPR ran a piece last night about a flier being distributed in Philadelphia’s lower income neighborhoods. It was written as a warning that if you have an outstanding warrant or an unpaid parking ticket or owed child support, you could be arrested at your polling place by law enforcement officials.

  74. Ha, I just got an email from Barry: “Time for ‘The Talk'”. The purpose is to remind supporters to talk to their family/friends about Barry and dispel and misconceptions they have about him (secret Muzz, flag pin, etc.)

    The title of the email conjured images of Hopey telling a bunch of kindergarten students about the reverse cowboy position and flavored lube.

  75. [re=128773]obfuscator[/re]: Well the GOP here in MI were threatening to harass you at polling places if you are currently in foreclosure (of course, highest in Detroit, and impacting low-income minorities the worst).

    I love how the GOP is so obsessed with challenging people at the polls, and yet its mainly minorities and low-income people that need to be “verified”.

  76. [re=128773]obfuscator[/re]: One of the few upbeat items on the local (Dee-troit) news station, which I listen to while driving to work, a job that will end, we have been informed, by December 30, 2008 (Merry Christmas) was a local reporter interviewing people who had been in line at the Detroit City Clerks office to make sure they were registered to vote. There was quite a line. The two citizens whose interviews were used were men who had been incarcerated in the past. The Michigan law is that if you are a registered voter and if you are not in prison when the election is held you can vote and these guys wanted to make sure their ability to vote hadn’t changed.

    Thinking of that was a partial antidote to the crazed members of the White Citizens Council going to the McCain rally.

    Although the Philly leaflet might be effective and is disgusting.

  77. [re=128774]obfuscator[/re]:
    Alright kids, now you have to grow up and leave behind your dumbfuckery. No more playing of “blackeys vs. whiteys” or “chrischuns vs. pagans” ok? Let’s get real here.

    Billy-bob! Stop screwin’ around back there! Are you listening to me?! Do you need a detention? Don’t you flick me off, mister! Gimme that gun! *smack*

  78. [re=128775]loudmouthredhead[/re]: The foreclosure belt extends into some suburbs. In southern Macomb County–white “Reagan Democrat” territory that borders on Detroit–one will find block after block with multiple houses for sale by banks. These are people who, if they are not too disoriented/depressed/fucked to vote might vote for a black candidate for the first time.

    I don’t know if I really have a point here other than that I find myself hating McCain/Palin/Bush more each day.

  79. [re=128774]obfuscator[/re]: I can’t bear the idea of having “the talk” with my nimrod relatives who are still stupid enough to want to vote for WALNUTS. How do you “talk” to people who actually believe all that Ayers/Mooslem/Terr’rist shit anyway. Honestly, when my idjit family brings that stuff up, the only “talking” I want to do is with a baseball bat.

    27 more days of this crap. 27 more days….

  80. [re=128782]obfuscator[/re]: Why don’t dems challenge all of these white folks, hmm? That could be amusing when Billy-Bob, who lives in that van down by the river, can’t produce proof of a real address.

  81. [re=128778]loudmouthredhead[/re]: I jumped my mom’s ass tonight when she asked me if Barry had refused to be sworn in on a bible. I explained that Keith Ellison was sworn in on a FILTHY MUSLIM KORAN and that Barry’s head was photoshopped onto the photo.

    In doing that, I also informed her that the member of her church who emailed her that garbage was a sub-moronic racist dipshit. I seriously think I’ve got her leaning Barry, and she gets about two McCain mailers a month.

  82. [re=128785]obfuscator[/re]: Every time I hear a co-worker or family member say that they like Palin because “she’s like me” I don’t know whether to smack them upside the head, cry, or both…Anyone who would be proud to associate with that horrible white stereotype should be banned from this country.

    Bible Spice, indeed.

  83. Yes, as a democrat, I’m prone to do the chicken-little dance… but

    guys? I’m a-scared… I’m really, really scared now.


  84. [re=128787]loudmouthredhead[/re]: Every time I hear someone say “She’s just like ME!”, I want to answer: “Yes, she is. That’s the fucking problem.”

  85. [re=128785]obfuscator[/re]: You should ask her is she believes McCain is the better Chris-chun, especially after leaving his first wife (for Cindy) when she had a car accident, thus leaving his first kids too. In fact, they hadn’t even officially divorced yet when he starting shacking up with his jailbait heiress (she’s what…26 years younger? Gross).

  86. [re=128755]obfuscator[/re]: Okay I watched the new moran rally video. So what is this ACORN these people are so exercised about? I googled it and got a National Review article that is so garbled I can’t understand what they think is the connection to Obama here. Maybe it is just random racism finding any available target.

  87. [re=128795]InKnockYouUs[/re]: ACORN is accused of voter fraud and they advocate for low-income homeowners, so they are also being blamed by some for the housing market’s current shitshow. I can understand how that might not have been made clear by the super-genius who was screaming about ACORN on the video.

  88. Gergen just said on CNN that given the outbursts at recent rallies he’s concerned about violence. He advised the rhetoric be cooled. Begala made sure that meant McErratic, not Hopester Coolie.

    Waitin’ for that Alaska report in the morn…

  89. [re=128776]donner_froh[/re]: jesus i STILL am canvassing in MI this weekend and getting increasingly terrified for my elitist big city artistic ass.

    please stop showing me things like this and please just tell me where the MI vineyards are.

    [re=128755]obfuscator[/re]: thank you that is good to know.

  90. [re=128807]obfuscator[/re]: Yes, my bad. The MSM has picked it up now, but I suspect it’s been spread to the Bitterz by the RushFamilyNetwork.

    This is just another version of “the Southern Strategy.”

  91. [re=128806]Dreamer[/re]: That’s like asking if Jim Cramer will stop yelling if the stop market stops crashing.

    He’ll actually just go after O’Reilly a lot more. Oh and O’Reilly will be HILARIOUS to watch if Barry wins.

  92. [re=128812]HuskyMescan[/re]: Fox/Rush/Coulter would never admit it, but a Barry presidency is the best thing to ever happen to their bank accounts. They got huge as a conservative reaction to The Clintonian Dynasty Era. They’ll have a ball ranting about Barry for (hopefully)8 years.

  93. OK, if you are still reading way down here, you will find this interesting tidbit of info:

    I happened to be watching the McC/P Q&A session and was shocked when I heard a woman in the audience ask a question of McCain to protect here right to racism!

    Her question was (from my memory) “Mr. McCain, will you protect our freedom of speech against those who want to take that away through Hate Crime legislation?”

    McCain totally missed the context of the woman’s question.

    He stated “Absolutely. Hate Crime is not a thing to be tolerated! anyone that is guilty of that should be prosecuted!”

    Sarah Palin did NOT miss the context at all… She said “…don’t you worry, John has been working to protect your freedom of Speech for the last 22 years. He will ensure to work to support your freedoms!”

    Like I said, this is from memory, but anyone can catch it if they happened to capture the event. Still, I am shocked that a woman would ask that of a candidate for president.

    On the other hand, having been to a lot of midwest backwoods bars, it’s not really that surprising.

  94. Remember those old video clips of Hitler on some balcony banging his fist into his palm ranting and blaming the jews for their problems. What McCain is doing by labeling Barry a “terrorist” is not far from Hitler. Anytime you use inflamatory remarks about a person or group of people as “untrustworthy” and therefore, likely to cause you angst is the same shit. Remember, propoganda works.

    (I’m “Rush” and I approve this message)

  95. [re=128807]obfuscator[/re]: I love how conservatives have just started freaking out about this ACORN thing. THE DEMRATS DID IT!1! Um no. It’s pretty much everyone’s fault.

  96. [re=128819]Keram2[/re]: Well, they can’t seem to agree on more or less regulation, but they’re damn sure that shiftless irresponsible nigras must be to blame.

  97. I am personally smoking a big doobie in jesus-fucking-onion-skin-KJV bible paper and blowing smoke rings for every single baptist psychopath at these nazi rallies. I like to think of each smoke ring as a vice around their limited gene pool water-heads, ever tightening as this thing wears down.

    Who’s with me, by God?

  98. [re=128821]obfuscator[/re]: All I know is that John Maynard Keynes is at some gay bar in heaven, drunk off his ass on highballs, yelling “DAMN RIGHT! Destroy my legacy will ya! HA!”

  99. [re=128749]user-of-owls[/re]: Covering all your bases, I see. Guess we’re reading it after all, you flirtatious thing, you. Depending on your intent, wink-wink, and you’re welcome.

  100. I’m so wound up into a frenzy I don’t know how I’m going to go to sleep 25 more times before this election is done.

    I wish I lived in a state where my vote meant shit. I might have to fly to a McBarbie rally somewhere and get my cracker ass in the door so that I can give them all the fucking nazi salute and scream a question to Palin about whether or not it’s patriotic to pay taxes to buy her military son’s body armor or if it’s OK for us not to pay taxes because they’ll just confiscate all the gold teeth from the people who their fucking secret police identify as racially inferior.

    McOnion’s future is to tie himself to his own goddam belt because that was the style at the time.

  101. [re=128816]obfuscator[/re]: Exactly. In fact, why would CNN/FOX/MSNBC/etc want a peaceful, solemn man like Barry in power? News would be fucking boring. Economy is doing very well.zzzzZZZ. We’re friends with everybody.zzZZZz…Everybody has a job.zZZZZZ.
    No way, the MSM want a crazed, old, warmonger that would start some shit. Wolf Blitzer needs something to talk about in the Situation Room.

  102. [re=128790]Barrett808[/re]: As I went to click your link, I silently prayed, “Please be The Onion. Please be The Onion.” Alas. Still, I console myself by thinking about Alaska’s relationship with the federal government under an Obama administration: awkward!

  103. Since Obama is protected by the SS, I am actually more worried about the volunteers or campaign workers. One of those angry lunatics can snap – since he cannot get Obama might target the campaign office. This is all alarming.

  104. [re=128790]Barrett808[/re]: As if that was going to go anywhere anyway? Troopergate, while seeming like a “YA WEER GUNNA GIT HER” type thing was more or less a gaffe. OH WELLS. There must be something else that can be done to destroy her, right??

  105. [re=128834]slappypaddy[/re]: Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that. It might work until I remember the part of the Constitution that says that we’re all created equal except for Muslins and terrists.

  106. This is remarkable–I’m having a nightmare and I’m wide awake. The Nikkei is down 11%. Iceland has already melted. By Election Day, there won’t be any money left anywhere. Oh, what the hell, who will miss it–loving it is the root of all evil, anyway.

  107. [re=128845]Keram2[/re]: [re=128844]Worlds End[/re]: Because of the economic hardships and the virtual collapse of the market people are anxious. Some people when they are afraid they look for an outlet for their anger – add racism to these anxieties and the McCain’s irresponsible campaign and we have a lethal compensation. This is so serious that even right wing columnists and some Republicans are warning McCain about the potential of his reckless campaign on inciting violence.

  108. [re=128709]Kinbote[/re]:
    Wow. Thanks, Kinbote for supplying the clip. Haven’t heard the word “hooligan” in several decades. “Hooligans”, “Mavericks”.. these young upstart socialist democrats are nothing but a bunch of no-good-nick crum-bums. What we need is a strong hand guiding the “tiller”. Hey, McCain camp.. 1924 called, they want their nifty sayings back.

  109. [re=128849]HuskyMescan[/re]: Eh. For the same reason I don’t care about Ayres, I really don’t care about Palin’s friends. Personally, her stance on abortion and her hostility towards community organizers was all I needed to determine that she’s batshit crazy.

    I bet she’d change her position on community organizers after spending a night in the south Bronx or the Gowanus Projects in Brooklyn. But no. Her New York begins and ends at Ground Zero (with maybe a quick stop-over in Times Square to check out some “culture”). Fucking cunt.

  110. Here you go: Republicans at their best. Beautiful! Let them show their true colors. Let them show the world how redneck, ignorant, stupid, dumb, retarded, childlike, idiotic, pussy-ass pieces of shit they really are.

  111. [re=128867]wade williams[/re]: Only if you tell us where the shotgun is hidden….

    ….which reminds me…..the fear in the redneck fucktard bitters is, I believe, based on seeing Garrett Morris in the “Lifer Follies” skit on SNL….

    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see,
    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.
    When I kill all the whities I see, then whitey he won’t bother me,
    I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.

    Then I’ll get a white woman who’s wearing a navy blue sweater…

    Ten Whore Diamonds to whomever finds a video clip on the series of tubes.

  112. [re=128817]WuzzyWoozle[/re]: It’s a twofer – they also cherish their freedom to rant about how the evil gheyz are coming to molest your children, destroy the armed forces, recruit your husband, fill your library with filth and force your beloved local fundy church to have mass pink wedding buttsecks orgies.

  113. Don’t lose the faith fellow Wonketteers. have been canvassing in WI and for everyone of those redneck freaks there are an equal amount of blue collar union workers who are solidly IN THE TANK for Barry!

  114. [re=128834]slappypaddy[/re]: Slow deep breaths and a couple bottles of vodka. Shit, I just watched that you tube of those nazi motherfuckers on the sidewalk to nowhere in PA, and I got up and checked my locks – after a belt of whiskey. I live in San Francisco – we all love us some Barry out here, but that shit slaps you back to reality. I’m going to bed holding my permanent absentee voter ballot (with Hopey’s name on it, sigh) tight. This nightmare will all be over soon, right?!

  115. If they keep this Bill Ayers nonsense up much longer Hizzhonor Da Mayor Daley is gonna bitch slap both of those tools. And that I would pay to see.

  116. [re=128891]FreshCliches[/re]: OMG. that was the funniest skit evah…seriously, I will add a new bindle, plus some lottery tickets and a raffle for a cardboard refrigerator box to whomever can find this clip.

  117. [re=128789]obfuscator[/re]: “She’s just like me”, MY ASS!! How many of you know people, male or female, who assassinate wolves from an aircraft? How many of you women do, or would have 5 kids, one that has special needs that you had soon after landing in Alaska after going into labor in bum-fucked Texas 5 hours ago? Who amongst you would drop the baby and be at work 2 or 3 days later? How many of women know how to “field dress a moose”, and it’s got nothin’ to do with getting all gussied up to be in a fucking Beauty Pageant! Who calls herself a feminist and yet lets her husband sit in on governmental meetings at the top of the food chain up there in exotic Alaska?

    I could go on but my head is pounding from thinking about her and her grating voice. She’s nothing like me, or any other women I know. When I was maybe 7, my dad hung dead deer (Bambi and his mom) upside down in our garage- so that their once beautiful lives would exsanguinate from the shotgun rounds onto the cold concrete floor. He stopped killing deer after my bloody murder screams, but later, he and one of my brothers became obsessive bird snipers. “Babe”, our German Short-haired pointer, was technically my brother’s bird dog, but she had been abused before we got her, and she suffered from PTSD, especially during thuderstorms! So Hell no, Sarah Palin is nothing like me….or anyone I even vaguely know.

  118. PentagonBookkeeper, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Palin is the polar opposite of me. She’s a moron. I am not. With her views on women she should just don a berka and catch the next flight to Taliban territory. I’m certain she’d be able to relate quite well to their views about women.

  119. “Some in the very partisan crowd even booed McCain at one point after he said, “I believe that climate change is real; I believe that greenhouse gasses are a threat to our planet.” ”

    “Th… tha… that’s not change we can believe in?” responded McCain.

  120. [re=128581]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Duh! Your point? You have a problem with African clothing? A member of the KKK perhaps? Obviously you prefer weapons as clothing accessories, because THAT will solve the problems in this world. Culture is obviously a concept that is above your intellect.

  121. [re=128911]PentagonBookkeeper[/re]: Seriously, she’s Serena Joy from The Handmaid’s Tale. She’ll preach against the liberal evils and promote “values” from the Bible, then get her ass handed to her when it DOES happen and all the rights are taken away from women and they become nothing more than slaves and broodmares.

  122. True story:
    My stepson ( a high school freshman ) checked out a book he was really eager to read. It’s Michael Palin’s autobiography covering the Python years. One of his classmates, a bible thumper, noticed the book and asked point-blank “Is he married to Sarah Palin?”. He said he just looked at her like Clark Griswold looks at Cousin Eddie in the Vacation films.

  123. [re=128574]Vewol Mevemont[/re]:
    “We’ll trade 20M undermedicated Palin supporters for 10M Mexicans and a handful of pesos.”

    Man, would we get the better end of THAT deal. Trade 20M only nominally hominid folks for 10M people who work their arses off and will bring with them several different delicious cuisines.

    Bienvenido, mis amigos!

  124. And when Barack is killed by one of these psychopaths I wonder how Palin and McCain will feel? Probably not bad because they will believe “God wanted it this way”

  125. Yes, with an IQ of 142, I’m “dumb” which I believe is the morons’ word for “stupid”… oooooo… I’m so afraid of you… like I’m afraid of all other fascist, racist, radical, fundamentalist, bigots… yes, it’s me who’s stupid because genius Palin believes the world was created in 7 days and two people started it all. Tell me… what race were Adam and Eve? And where did all the other races come from? And where did Noah find the penguins in the Middle East? Clearly, it’s me who is “dumb”, which BTW means mute and there really is noting wrong with my voice which I should be able to continue to use under my right to free speech… well as long as Obama is elected.

  126. [re=129899]imafeard[/re]: Hey now, settle down there fire breather. Not sure if you’re gonna come back to this posting. But what the hell – what myself and Tuna and donner_Froh were trying to say is that the original posting of that picture, along with the comments, was meant to be, you know – ironic. Or is satiric? I get confused. Anyhoo – we’re all on the same side here, especially the InsidiousTuna. OK? OK! (backing away slowly)

  127. Guess what?! On Oberman’s show, there’s clips of McGramps saying that Obama’s a decent family man AND he’s not an A-Rab like the mouth breathers believe!

    I’m sorry! Bigot say WHAT?!

  128. so…what’s really for dinner tonight at Uncle Dick’s Bunker?

    My sources indicate its the Other White Meat with a side of Petite Sarah.

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