Here is more of Tim Russo’s scary movie about the GOP’s shrinking base: angry unemployed white people who gather in small groups to chant weird things about the opposition candidate, because he’s black.

You know, a terrorist!

Bonus points for taking your kids out of school for the day for this mob rally against Barack Obama, so the kids can learn “you need gloves to touch him.” [Blogger Interrupted]

EARLIER: Sarah Palin Parking Lot

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  1. This is why the world thinks less of us. It is these types that voted in Bush in 04. This is many people’s impression of us all. These people are blind, bigoted fools.

  2. He’s lost the election, and it’s not like he’s going to be able to run again in four years… so why the hell even show up for the rally? Because there’s comfort being surrounded by a group of wonderful people who feel the same way that you do – that the gays and brown people and treehuggers should all be fed to lions for sport.


  3. I an getting sick of these videos. The only thing good is the title. I think that is a good idea. After McCain/Palin lose, they can name some parking lots after her in Ohio.

  4. I’m not too worried about these types of people. What scares me is when Barry ends the war we’ll have a bunch of heavily armed former Blackwater employees roaming the countryside looking for something to shoot.

  5. I actually don’t like this that much. Shoving a camera in people’s faces and annoying them with repeated questions will piss anybody off. “Do you think Barack Obama is a terrorist” is akin to “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” Although the “He’s got the bloodlines” comment is terrifying.

    And yes, I have stopped beating her.

  6. I was thinking about dressing up as President Palin this Halloween, but now I can’t decide if going as one of these people might be the scarier option.

  7. If they could, do you think these people would make “Proud to be an American” our national anthem?

    Also, that “he’s the joker” joke = fail

  8. Fact: Barack Obama’s dad was a black man.
    Fact: James Earl Jones is a black man.
    Fact: James Earl Jones played Darth Vader.

    Ergo: Barack Obama absorbed the teachings of Darth Vader.

  9. [re=127769]sezme[/re]: That’s what I was thinking; several of these folks don’t do anything more than say “leave me alone.” Nothing wrong with that–if a Palin supporter came up to me and started asking me why I hate America, I’d stiff arm him, too.

  10. [re=127772]ProfessorJukes[/re]: Yes, it was a bit of baiting. These people are stupid enough that all you have to do is put a microphone to their mouth and say, “Barack Obama.” That would have elicited the same reaction without incriminating the interviewer.

  11. These really depress me. The guy interviewing is as bad as these people, in his own away. If people don’t want to talk to you, badgering isn’t polite. And why did John McCain stand on a stage with Barry? BECAUSE IT WAS A DEBATE, YOU JERK. I’ve got no love for the small-minded on either side, here.

  12. [re=127769]sezme[/re]: Agreed. You could go find some annoyingly stupid liberals at an Obama rally as well. Although I think the percentage would be smaller, and less smug. Well, slightly less smug. Except the vegetarians would be reeeeally smug.
    But when some dude just says “I don’t want to be videotaped” and the guy keeps asking his loaded question, what does that prove except the DoucheNozzle Theory? Luckily, none of these people believe in the DoucheNozzle Theory because that’s ‘scientism’ and not in the Bible.

  13. [re=127772]ProfessorJukes[/re]: I agree, the filmmaker seems like a real ass putting words in people’s mouths.

    Blogger: “Do you think he’s a terrorist?”
    Annoyed McCain supporter: “I don’t want to be filmed.”
    Blogger: “So you DO think he’s a terrorist.”

    His film would have been 10x better if he’d been remotely sympathetic: “What do you think of Barack Obama? Do you think we can trust him?”

  14. [re=127760]dano[/re]: They’re the only people left in the country with disposable income, plus they have no interests outside of booze, 4x4s, and state-of-the-art firearms. Luckily, there won’t be anything left for them to steal and soon we’ll all be too emaciated to present an easy silhouette.

  15. Yes, these people are teh dumb.

    But…people have a right not to be taped. If they don’t want to talk to the camera, they don’t have to. And with so many of them eagerly spouting stupidity, there’s no need to put in someone saying “Don’t tape me. I don’t want to talk to you.” What does that prove? I’d have the same reaction, if someone ran up to me with a camera and I wasn’t in the mood.

    So the interviewer looks kind of jerky, and the McCain/Palin supporters look incredibly stupid, prejudiced and angry. I’m actually worried one of them could incite violence against Hopey. God help us.

  16. [re=127779]NoWireHangers[/re]: Indeed. I was wondering what the director of ‘Blood in the Face’ had been up to lately. Apparently he’s cruising parking lots in Ohio.

  17. This video would be much more effective if this film maker played the “I’m on your side” card. Show up decked out in McCain-Palin gear and ask questions to get the real opinions. Example situation:

    Q: “What don’t you like about Obama?”

    A: “We can’t trust him! He’s a pawn!”

    Q: “Yeah! We definitely can’t trust him because of where he comes from, right?”

    A: “Right! He’s one of them Muslims, everybody knows it.”

    Q: “Yeah! And he’s a black guy, he could steal my car!”

    A: :”Hahaha! That’s true too!”

    BAM—right there: front page CNN story.

  18. These videos aren’t great. Trying to goad your subjects into saying something stupid really isn’t a method we should be endorsing.

    I’m sure the “folks” would have obliged if the narrator had just stepped back and given them free-range to say whatever they wanted to.

  19. You know I used to think by and large McCain supporters were merely nutso about abortion and that was why they refused to vote for Obama the baby killer. I’m more depressed to find out they are actually ignorant boobs who think he is a Muslim and don’t understand what communism is.

  20. yeah, yeah, yeah: the camera guy is definitely annoying and invasive in this one and puts words in people’s mouth and it’s unfair to the point of him being a douche. boo freakin’ hoo. why can’t he just leave these poor people alone to teach their small children not to touch non-white people.

  21. wow, the people he’s confronting sound like frightened, ignorant racists, many of them, but tim russo sounds like a self-righteous pushy jerk. dude, just because you have a camera and a blog doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole. if you want to expose the latent racism at the heart of mccain-palin support in the heartland, be polite, ask their opinions, and it’ll come gushing out of its own accord.

  22. Everyone should watch CNN.Com right now. McGrumpy and his soul mate are doing a town hall meeting in Wisconsin. A woman who owns a small business asked a question about health care and they rambled on and on without answering the question – I swear I did not get a single useful information from that rambling.

    If Hopey does not defeat this joke I don’t if I will survive.

    Right now he is using his poor adopted child (you know the one you only hear about or see when they want to talk about how awsom Cindy is)to answer a question about abortion.

  23. [re=127750]Sussemilch[/re]: Whoa, Nellie! Let’s not start calling the election just yet; that trick didn’t work against Hillary and set back the campaign. This is just the clubhouse turn, and the stretch run is everything. Exxon and the Faisal’s are not going down easily this or any other time, and neither’s dough has been affected an iota by the credit flop — if anything, they’re better off. The glove have yet to come off. No focus, no win.

  24. This town hall blows. Grampy is SO patronizing. “Do you know there’s a thing called medical errors?” Why yes I do, sir. I’m a normal human over the age of 3. It’s like when he said at the debate “I bet you’d never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac before all of this.” Uh, well, actually, those of us who don’t have 11 houses actually DO know what those are.

  25. Some guy in the crowd just yelled that he’s mad at the country going socialist. And yelled at McAngry to not interrupt him. But then he ruined it all by telling Grampy to go git ’em in DC!

  26. [re=127829]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: maybe it is the affect of my cold medication but did he answer that lady’s question? I know he talked about physical health and exercise and child obesity but did he even understand the question.

  27. C’mon, who can doubt the intellectual rigor that went into forming the opinions of these parking lot scholars. I mean they probably heard all of this third hand from an e-mail their cousin’s coworkers best friend read. That’s how they KNOW Obama is a socialist terrorist Muslim. Research.

  28. This “blogger interrupted” guy is kind of annoying with his kind of silly question “Why did he stand on a stage with him then?” question. He really should just shut up and record more of what the folks are saying. If he gives himself away as Pro-Obama, he won’t get them to admit anything about their true motivations (i.e. racism) or their reasoning for voting McCain (or lack thereof).

    I have to admit, I’d be a bit put off by him if he suddenly showed up and questioned me too.

    Aren’t there better videos than these out there?

  29. I got nothin. That shit’s crazy and you all covered all the snarkish bases. “He’s got the bloodlines”- and you’ve got ‘teh crazee’ woman.

  30. [re=127772]ProfessorJukes[/re]: [re=127793]TootTootToot[/re]: [re=127823]arthurfrog[/re]: So you people think Russo the obnoxious jerk here because he is incredulous that a parking lot full of people – man, woman and child – have been willing, all day, to get on tape and espouse their hate? He is the smug asshole, for cornering these dangerous people and making them take one tiny bit of ownership of their horrible beliefs? Please, ya’ll are killing me. The fact that he didn’t go to the local Wal-Mart, buy a gun and shoot the mutherfuckers in the face, makes this guy a Saint in my eyes…

  31. [re=127809]NoWireHangers[/re]: That video was horrifying, especially the part where he asked about his friends rape kit and they said she should die.

  32. [re=127789]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: I totally agree with you on this. I think we should not be like them – I am uncomfortable with this whole thing. The implication is that all of their supporters are lunatic bigots. Focus on the lunatics instead the issues makes us no better than those who are mentioning the old hippy. I hate this crap that is why I did not even view this video.

  33. [re=127770]Terry[/re]: If we’re giving Ohio to the Canadians, could you include Oklahoma in the deal? After all, both start with a O, and I’d love to have health care.

    Actually, at this point in the election with McLame way ahead down here, I’d be okay on just turning into the northernmost state of Mexico. Health insurance ain’t shit, but the food, at least, is better than the Canucks.

  34. Oh NATURALLY. The black guy is a plant who is urging McCain to take the “fight” over ACORN and Ayers and all the stuff Grampy doesn’t normally want to sully himself discussing to Barry. UGH.

  35. [re=127884]problemwithcaring[/re]: It’s not the whole idea of pointing out the idiocy that I’m against; it’s his obnoxious and stupid question. Just ask them to explain WHY they won’t vote for Obama or for McCain an let them speak. Their own words (or lack of them) is what would make the point.

    The poking, prodding, and being all obnoxious is exactly what the right wants to portray all liberals as. Like the one lady said, he really was trying to put words in their mouths.

  36. What sickens me the most is what these ignorant people are teaching their children. Numerous times this week my boys have heard kids at school making racist comments about Obama and calling him a “Muslim” and a “terrorist” who will “destroy our country,” also telling others that this is all well known and that they can go look it up online. It’s just plain disgusting.

  37. [re=127912]NYStateofMind[/re]: I used to volunteer at a Planned Parenthood in MO and saw the same thing. Protesters would drag their kids out at 5-6 AM, during winter even, to stand outside a place for some reason they could not understand. Some even made them hold those fake “mutilated fetus” pictures. Meanwhile, mom and dad would harangue any woman that drove into the parking lot (98% of which were just getting birth control refills!).

    I can only hope those kids will grow up to rebel against and hate their ignorant parents. I can dream, right?

  38. [re=127886]Dreamer[/re]: You’f have to be dreaming to think that what the people in teh vid espouse basically amounts the McCain’s campaign against Obama. You know, the “It’s not his policies – its the man himself you should be afraid of.”

    So, noting that makes you no better than the people in this video? Well, who needs fox news…..

  39. This is why I left Ohio … (fortunately, I’m still registered to vote there, though, so at least one of these a-hole’s votes will be canceled out)

  40. [re=127750]Sussemilch[/re]: Actually, the woman who wrote that eagle soar song is a democrat. The song was about an abused woman. The writer has donated all proceeds from Hannity and Palin’s use to Planned Parenthood in Palin’s name and to the ACLU in Hannity’s name.

  41. [re=127954]Trollop[/re]: I’m registered in MI. I was hoping for a bit more drama here (there usually is) but Walnuts has already thrown in the towel :)

    It’s funny though: I hear news of the state GOP trying to get their own funds. They were in shock and discouraged that they were left high and dry.

  42. [re=127941]HomoPolitico[/re]: Understandable, just remember that your better than they are. If the walnuts and joels army palin keep doing what their doing who knows what some of their supporters will end up doing.

    [re=127981]NoWireHangers[/re]: So when do you think that these people will show up in their uniforms?

  43. [re=127937]problemwithcaring[/re]: I think you either missed my point or I am missing your point.

    What I am saying is that McCain and his policies are bad but some people agree with those policies.His has supporters who comes from all walks of life, lunatic bigots and reasonably decent people who as Barry correctly stated are clinging to guns and culture issues as well as well educated individuals who genuinely bought into the fantasy that democrats stand for big government, unreasonable spending and soft on issues relating to national security.

    Unfortunately, the Democratic Party leaders helped that erroneous believe because they failed to articulate for the little guys what the part stands for. But I digress; my objection to focusing on these lunatics is that we miss the big issues. We don’t win when we make fun of their supporters – we will win by convincing the sane ones about our solutions and how they will help address their issues.

    Now, I hate to say it but David Frum makes a good point about why this despicable tern the McCain campaign is taking is dangerous (maybe his mom had some influence on him after all) . Here is what he said:
    Those who press this Ayers line of attack are whipping Republicans and conservatives into a fury that is going to be very hard to calm after November. Is it really wise to send conservatives into opposition in a mood of disdain and fury for a man who may well be the next president of the United States, incidentally the first African-American president? Anger is a very bad political adviser. It can isolate us and push us to the extremes at exactly the moment when we ought to be rebuilding, rethinking, regrouping and recruiting.

    BTW, I have never watched Fox News.

  44. The guy video taping this is really annoying. Seriously…small town Ohio, hundreds of white people, McCain rally…I think we all know how this story begins and ends. No need to walk around with a camera asking stupid question and then be shocked by stupid answers.

  45. No wonder people in other countries stereotype us as “Ugly Americans”. How vile can a group of people be? It’s really quite scary- and when Obama is elected president, we’ll need to keep an eye on these irrational, ignorant hatemongers to make sure their insanity doesn’t bubble into something more dangerous than just unkind words.

  46. [re=128028]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: Sorry. I’m an idiot. I didn’t watch the Ashcroft Variety Hour. A friend sent me the Gretchen Peters story the other day b/c I was bitching about that song being everywhere right wing. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was talking about that.

  47. What would be really revealing is if this guy would burn Obama in effigy and videotape all the crazy people cheering him on. He wouldn’t have to put words in their mouths. There are other much more effective ways of making these people’s true colors come out.

  48. [re=127811]Yaybuls[/re]: I agree completely…I went to a McCain rally in SC back in February and overheard some of the most racist comments I’d heard in years. It was like a 60’s news report from Selma or something. If you blend in as “one of them” (as opposed to being “that one”), people let their guard down and let you know how they really feel. I wish I’d have had a camcorder that night.

  49. Viral marketing, McCain-Palin style: Use a real virus! Rabies appears to be workin’ real well for ’em, doncha know.

    Since Labor Day I have not encountered a single non-drooling voter who supports these pulsating bags of skin & rage.

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