This is phenomenal stuff, courtesy of Blogger Interrupted. It’s the 2008 version of the classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot! But at least those headbanger kids were just having fun or whatever — it’s not like any of them were registered to vote. [Blogger Interrupted]

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  1. Unfuckin believable……. and who is that fucking slightly crosseyed CUNT* that kept jumping in on the conversation???

    *normally, I fund the use of that word very offensive, but that lady deserves that moniker….

  2. Just stunning. I don’t know what to say to these people. Would I still hate fuck that blonde with the muppet eyes? Yes. Yes I would. But I wouldn’t know what to say to her during or after.

  3. [re=127243]facehead[/re]: Ok, I got it. So, the far out, far right folks who think Obama may actually be a terrorist are comparable to the far out, far left folks who think Bush was the head of a 9/11 conspiracy.

    See, we all lose! Hurrah!

  4. You know what they don’t have enough of in Strongville, Ohio parking lots? Suicide Bombers. That’s what. And (now that I’ve seen this I know) that’s the kind of change Barack Obama will bring to America.


  5. [re=127245]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: I wonder if Ms Green realizes she told the world that she is a complete fucking idiot and that her moronic comments will be archived on the intertubes for eternity?

    Her relatives will change their names and relocate, not leaving a forwarding address. The name Mindy forevermore shall be banned from the lips off all Greens.

  6. [re=127241]Hooray For Anything[/re]:

    Is it too horrible of a thing to hope that all those people lose their jobs and their health insurance for being so ignorant that they’d vote for somebody who would help them lose their jobs and their healthcare?

    No. I also support a tax penalty for Bush supporters — let’s just pull a number out of the air, say, $700 billion.

    By the grace of Ayatollah Barack Hussein Obama, it will be done.

  7. [re=127245]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: I was going to say Melungeon, by way of Logan County, WV, whose ancestors left the coal fields for the tire and auto plants of Cuyahoga County, Ohiya…so that gives her a touchstone with Hopey.

  8. To be fair, that blonde screamy lady did pronounce the word “propagate” correctly. I guess she’s actually more qualified to be VP than Sarah Palin.

  9. I have never been so ashamed of being from Cleveland (Strongsville is a south burb) in my life and that includes that time the river caught on fire. I’d expect rabid McCain Palin fans south of Columbus when you start getting into Kluxer and militia groups, but not my beloved C-Town home of Dennis Kucinich who represents the deranged people of Strongsville. Not everyone in Cleveland is like that and Cuyahoga County usually swings democrat in presidential elections.

  10. 1. Build a gymnasium sized incinerator.
    2. Put a sign on the incinerator that says “Palin Ralee 2day”
    3. Wait 2 hrs.
    4. Turn on incinerator.
    5. Repeat as necessary.

  11. [re=127277]springfield_meltdown[/re]: I suspect from the faces shown, more than a few of them are four or five generations outta Southern Ohio/West Virginia/Kentucky. Auto plant machine shop refugees living in the brownfield remains of Cleveland’s past greatness. Bitters. Dems in union areas, Berea and Brook Park…Go far east Pepper Pike, Uni Heights, Cleveland Heights, more Repub…

  12. To give the Wingnuts credit, if I had “ever ‘o heard ‘o Baraack Ubaama, I would be a bit skeptical to accept him as a candidate as well, because that would make me a fucking Republican.

  13. [re=127274]schvitzatura[/re]: Hmm, interesting.. I just don’t see the 1/32 Sub-Saharan African, or Native American. One thing’s certain, she does have a slightly upturned pignose which means nothing other than high pignose comedy…

  14. Was that googly eyed moron, Janice the muppet?

    This video single handed destroys the notion of “White Power” unless that power is stupidity.

  15. [re=127294]Beetletheknee[/re]: Oh well I suppose… all god’s children blah blah blah, and special ed programs for those what need the, etc. As Biden’s mother would say, God love them.

  16. [re=127292]spencer[/re]: You overshot your mark by about a mile. That woman was a Hillary supporter, not an Obama supporter. She wasn’t even necessarily a Democrat.

  17. I’ve seen this before. Some dimwitted yokel from the backwoods in Kentucky doesnt equal scores of people walking out of a Palin rally, does it?
    Added to which, she’s there denigrating the fucking guy the entire time, and voted for Hillary. And still would, even though she’s not in the race.

    I’m still not seeing your point.

  18. [re=127309]obfuscator[/re]:

    This video is pretty stupid (it is from a Paultard) and not nearly as hilarious as the one above, but you get the point. There are uneducated idiots on all sides who vote with their gut and have no clue what they are talking about. I’m sure I can find about 2000 more of these, but it is late.

  19. Are we sure this isn’t a KOA campground ?

    He was actually turning off the camera because they couldn’t take much more of her sperm-burping, crackwhore breath.

  20. …What’s up with the eyes, blondy? They don’t seem to be operating in concert. Do you have independent control of them, like a chameleon or something?

  21. [re=127307]sezme[/re]: Nah, that’s not my point. Snark is a healthy part of a balanced breakfast, and those people’s kind of stupid should be painful and famous. For them. I’m jus’ sayin, suicide bombers? Incinerators? (not you I know). I just think that sounds sort of … like them. The ones we’re all mocking. Your deity of choice can do whatever he wants to ’em, and Biden’s mother.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled funny people.

  22. [re=127312]spencer[/re]: Uneducated is one thing, but I don’t see Obama supporters walking around after rallies accusing John McCain of being a terrorist.

    Actually… McCain’s great-grandfather served in the Confederate Army. Maybe John McCain sympathizes with slave owners! Another McCain ancestor served under George Washington! Maybe John McCain has ties to domestic terrorism! He’s got the bloodlines!

    Yes, I know that I’m being ridiculous. That’s the point.

  23. [re=127290]schvitzatura[/re]: I had the misfortune of having to reside in Hamilton (Hamiltucky) for a year and a half when my stepfather decided to work for Hamilton’s Urinal News in the early 90’s. I moved from Philly and entered into a world I had never been exposed to, just heard about. That place really is like the deep South, generations of poor white stupid racist idiots. Not to mention, they cut regular pizza into squares and didn’t know what a fucking cheesesteak was. (What, hon? You want some cheesecake?”)

    I had one of the most disturbing experiences in my life in Hamilton when I was walking to a convenience store one night and noticed a stroller by the side of the street. I figured it was empty but then I heard some crying sounds and noticed a fucking baby was in it! I wheeled it around and knocked on all the doors I could, but nobody answered. Then about 5 minutes later some tweaker bitch comes out of a nearby bar up the street and starts waving at me. I asked disgustedly in disbelief, “Is this your child?!!” She began babbling about how her mother wouldn’t watch the kid and hurriedly walked away pushing the stroller.

    Anyway, enough of my tangent.
    That story summarizes Ohio for me.

  24. [re=127312]spencer[/re]: So Obama talks about change (among other things) and dimwits believe he will change things but don’t understand how. Cruella harangues the bitters about her opponent who is a terrorist who wants to destroy America (among other things) and they can’t eat it up fast enough. Which is more frightening? Which has more potential for harm? Which is basically unprecedented in modern electoral politics? At some point the Republican party will have to own the hateful shit that they have stirred up in this election, and it will not be pretty.

  25. [re=127329]obfuscator[/re]: Come get drunk with me sometime in Madison, WI and I bet I can find you at least 20 old hippies who would call McCain a baby killer.

  26. [re=127327]Beetletheknee[/re]: No, I got your point, and I kind of agree. It’s always the question of where’s the snarky/creepy line and did I already cross it? As you no doubt understand, no one is literally wishing their untimely painful deaths. As far as actual funny retribution-snark on this thread, I’d have to give the win to the first commenter: Hooray for Anything. And now I’m temporarily banning myself.

  27. [re=127337]spencer[/re]: hate to step into the middle of this, but Spencer, we got the point you’re trying to make a way back up the blog…let it go man; no one’s going to argue that there are dumb people out there, and if this clip offends you, don’t watch it.

  28. [re=127337]spencer[/re]: Turn on AM radio and for nine hours each weekday — Glenn Beck, Rush, Assity — you will hear that liberal want to destroy America, that liberals are “invested in failure” in Iraq, in the economy, in the war on terrrrr. You will hear that Barack Obama is the most radical leftist in the Senate, that he is influenced by a known unrepentant terrorist, and that “community organizing” and ACORN are some sort of cult designed to foster socialized housing, give the poor a sense of entitlement, raise your taxes and steal your money, and teach Marxism and sex education to your children from kindergarten on.

  29. [re=127337]spencer[/re]: The difference is that aging hippies who get all pissy about John McCain the baby killer aren’t likely to don matching brown shirts and and start lynching the “undesirables”. These racist xenophobes have the hate; all they’re missing is the direction. Thank god.

  30. [re=127337]spencer[/re]: As distasteful as calling McCain a ‘babykiller’ is, it actually has maybe a 12% chance of having some basis in reality, depending on your definition of the word ‘murder’. You can’t say the same about accusing Obama of being a terrorist.

  31. Whooo, boy…this blog is one down place tonight; guessing most on here did the drink game on “My Friends”…sorry, and you’ll all feel better tomorrow.
    And Spencer, take some responsibility for bringing this show down, bro…

  32. [re=127330]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Wiz wit is a scary proposition, points west of King of Prussia…but the thick-cut fried balogna sammiches are the bomb! And the slaw dogs and bbq with more slaw!

  33. [re=127348]obfuscator[/re]: got to agree; and 12% being nice, I’ve seen the effects of indiscriminate bombing and baby’s do seem to get killed…

  34. [re=127348]obfuscator[/re]:
    Leave Spencer alone.

    IIRC, Spencer’s a bitter Hiltard. The self destruction of Walnuts adds to Spencer’s pain as Spencer cries “it’s just not fair! It’s just not fair!”

  35. Warren G. Harding, McCranky’s good friend, said in 1920, “As goes Strongville, Ohio, so goes the nation.”

    Thank goodness, except that ACORN – the Husseinly Hopey “communisty organizor” group – has turned in 3 billion voter registration cards and now The Minorities will overwhelm Ohio voting booths on November 4th…..Murka will sink Obama-like into the red sunset of China.

    How sad.

  36. My mother always said, “It takes all kinds to make a world.” I think she’s in heaven with Biden’s mom right about now, playing a drinking game toggled by hatefulness, and feelin’ no pain.

  37. well, 20 minutes later, I’m no longer sad, but I’m mad. Not mad in a hateful way, but angry in a productive way. While I will still devote way too much of time to reading about how awful McOnion and Caribou Barbie are, I will now devote at least twice that amount of time to actually calling voters in swing states. As tratie and as un-snarky as it sounds, I care too deeply about my–or rather our–country to hand it over to, once again, to these dipshits. Good night and good luck.
    Hopey ’08

  38. [re=127256]facehead[/re]: Yeah but my Ron Paultard friend believes that 9/11 was a Bush conspiracy, so maybe we can just chalk those people up to the outright crazies. There’s nothing political about it really, other than they blame Bush…

  39. Hahaha did anyone else notice the illiterate fucktard’s sign at 0:25? The m’s have three humps! Like they’re from The Hills Have Eyes, or something.

  40. Wow, I didn’t know they were into in-breeding in Ohio. Bless their hearts, they must have constant headaches from the pain of trying to rub two brain cells together.

  41. [re=127375]More Dirt Please[/re]: Ahem. Mrs. Biden is still living on earth:

    Mother: Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden (“Jean”, b. 1918-)

  42. [re=127350]sailingthestyx[/re]: That is rich. About three people on here talk about gassing a room full of people, a few more talk about women in ways that make most of us cringe and I somehow bring down the party by suggesting that maybe, just maybe there are idiots on both sides.

  43. O.K. consider me freaked out.
    But what are these admirable specimen of humanity going to do when they find out their last, great, white, hope lost the election?

  44. I want to commit a serious act of violence, especially against the blonde cunt.

    The notion that McCain/Palin and Co would encourage and enforce Obama to be slated as a terrorist should eliminate them from this county.

    Machetti, please.

  45. [re=127384]Darehead[/re]: Correction. Mrs. Biden died in a fiery car crash in ’72. This is a bigger, better, older and more Maverick Biden family member.

  46. [re=127301]spencer[/re]: Holy shit, I had forgotten the details of that clip. 1. She’s a Hilltard. 2. Like the dog that ate Liz’s mike at the RNC, her name is Sarah. 3. Unlike WALNUTS!, she knows that Spain is an ally.

    Jeebus. She’s overqualified by McCain ’08 standards.

  47. [re=127330]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: I have a friend that moved here to florida from some place called somerville ohio. He basically described it as hicks, fail, and meth.

  48. [re=127276]obfuscator[/re]: Yes, but why is it a bad thing to propagate low rent housing for poor people? And I think this whole ACORN thing is because they don’t get the WALNUTS joke.

  49. Don’t worry — just imagine all these “people” (and those like-minded) and their heads exploding when Obama gets elected. It’ll be coast-to-coast screenings of “Scanners,” only with no screens or projectors.

    And then picture the survivors’ heads imploding from the cognitive dissonance when Obama in fact does not blow up America but in fact enacts policies that actually help them. Could their sweet Sarah have been lying to them, you betcha?

    And then envision those remaining when Obama leaves office, if only incrementally better than the shitstorm he inherited, still insisting that Barack Hussein Obama and Ayers want to eat their babies. Those are the ones that will need to be rounded up and institutionalized. Everyone else is pretty much just a sad by-product of the American education system.

  50. [re=127249]Happy Fun Ball[/re]: “GO ON! SAY HE”S A TERRORIST! SAY IT!” And then you don’t have to say anything after because what are you going to go out for coffee?

  51. I live in Minnesota and this is what I have to deal with every time I leave North Murderapolis. I am so happy we all can enjoy this piece of “Minnesota nice”. I will see you all in the BWCA

    I have a plate in my head

  52. [re=127430]dogscantlookup[/re]:

    That’s the alien extraction team on stand by, in case McCain wins, to evacuate intellignet people to Xenu.

  53. Heres some quotes i found on the washingtonpost about the palin rally where the guy yelled kill him. Like I said earlier we are on a dangerous path

    Gov. Palin is doing an excellent job with her campaign. If the socialist press would do its job then the Gov would not have to do it for them. All the threats of violence from many of the bloggers on these post doesnt scare any true blooded American in the deep south. Our murder rates due to the black community are sky high already, just google it if you dont believe me. We have been lock and loaded for a long time as a result of the unwanton killing and robberies being committed daily. The press is untruthful about much of what they put into print. They have lost all credibility with half of America, if not more. To all obama supporters, enjoy the press’s lies while you can, as it wont be long before they will be lieing to you. It is shown daily that they have no journalistic integrity.


    Obama supporters suck. CNN just noted that Obama was not NOW friends with Ayers, nor had he been in the last three years. This is their brazen defense of the half muslim.

  54. In the Netherlands we had the murder of Pim Fortuyn to days before the elections back in 2002. His party was leading in the polls and the establishment was scared shitless that he would win the elections.

    Days before he got murdered he spoke of being “demonized” by the regular parties and if anything would happen to him they would have to be held accountable for creating or allowing a climate in which such a thing as his death could happen.

    If I see this, and hear a man screaming for the death of Obama and a Palin condoning it and not speaking out that she doesn’t agree with Obama but chanting for his death is morally unethical, it makes me feel sick.

  55. [re=127435]Robbertjan[/re]: If the financial system gets bad enough expect to see a rise in fascism, as people will look to a scapegoat for their troubles. Look at the BNP in England. Also ive been reading this guys blog about palins religious ties, its intresting to say the least if true but its kind of tinfoil hat.

  56. [re=127436]Worlds End[/re]: Born again christians. Swell. Hmm, makes you think about the book being banned by Palin. Was it The Da Vinci code?

  57. [re=127441]Worlds End[/re]: since my boss is such an ass that he demands that every now and then I actually pretend to be working for my euro’s I’ll look into it later but just to summarize what it’s all about: She is into dominionism which is basicaly the christan equivalent of the Sharia?

  58. Wow! I’ve been to Ohio (from that couldron of liberalism that is Virginia)and, honestly, they weren’t all ignorant nitwits like these people. Some were even intelligent (I’m looking at you droopy-eyed blonde and stupid dumbass Mindy Green). Jeez, talk about lacking self-awareness. Why don’t you all just say it? “HE’S BLACK! DON’T YOU PEOPLE SEE THAT HE’S BLACK?”

  59. [re=127421]Them[/re]: I love the frequent references to “Scanners” by Wonkette commenters; it vindicates my own pop culture knowledge base.

  60. With these kind of people running amok, how can there be such a thing as undecided voters?! I am not a US citizen and know who to vote for in case I was asked to do so. That some people stil don’t know is beyond me. If you’re not outraged by now you haven’t been paying attention now have you?

  61. [re=127337]spencer[/re]: So someone has an issue with actions McCain performed as opposed to calling him a terrorist because of his name/skin color? Yeah, sounds like the exact same thing to me except for the fact it is not.

  62. I have no comment. Speechless………so sorry……..need sedation…….mind is failing

    All the more reason, we need better education in Amerika

  63. [re=127435]Robbertjan[/re]: …ahm a persona, as they say, but behan me thar’z a ral person, an his heart iz broke, his sorra is deep… mebbe it’s anuther mornin in merka, but as they say, th’darkest hour iz befor th’dawn… his heart iz broke, he muss go now…

  64. I find myself paraphrasing vintage Dan Akroid: “…., you ignorant sluts!”

    Looking for a nice cardboard box in Toronto or Vancouver if the Governess and Walnuts get elected.

  65. [re=127455]Rush[/re]: I don’t think better education is going to help this particular group of tiger petters. But does this suprise anyone? I mean, look at the person they came to see speak. Stupid people are crying out for a leader the can call one of their own.

  66. Well Good Morning to me…I don’t know what to say. I’m amused, alarmed, disgusted, scared. The sheep of Strongsville, Ohio absolutely revel in their ignorance and bigotry.

    The screaming bug eyed blonde reminded me of the hubby’s ex too…double ick.

    On a somewhat positive note, bumped into some residents of Ave Maria (the new “Catholic town” in FL) yesterday and they said they won’t be voting at all…because of the abortion thing for Barry; because of the war for Walnuts! AND the fact that Palin left the Catholic church. I hadn’t heard of any issue with her being an ex-Catholic?

  67. Meh. Hardly looked like a large rally. Most of them had the sense to be sheepish about their ignorance. The blonde was dangerous though. Saw herself as the one chosen to infuse righteous mob wrath upon the heads of the people who asked her simple questions about Sairy and Barry. People like her have been around for ages, being the one to cast the first stone, burn the first witch and point out where her neighbors were hiding the Jewish family in their attic. May she rot in hell.

  68. So, if I’m offered that Job in Cleveland, I have to turn into a raving, ignorant lemming who ignores realities, is a rude knee jerk reactionist and can’t put together a coherent spoken sentence? Maybe I don’t want to keep my family fed after all.

  69. Bleah. I’m rolling my eyes at everyone in that video, including the guy holding the camera, who seems just about as obnoxious as the rest of them. “Reeeeeally” is not an adequate response.

  70. I don’t think there’s ever been a more defining reason for my occasional “Fucking white people!” moods. I mean, tangentially, these are “my people”, but I’m not at all offended about the idea of parking lot bombs. gotta do what you gotta do.

  71. Clearly these people were “showing off” for the camera – which they perceived as being operated by an “outside agitator”.
    If you really got to know them – say at one of their witch/book/cross burning weenie roast/beer blasts you would see that
    they are all just normal fun-loving reptilian alien invaders.

  72. I stopped watching after “one man terror cell”. And what’s with “from the ages of 1 to 6” he was with radical islam. From the ages of 1 to 6 I think all I did was play with trucks in a sandbox. Is that why Obama is so much smarter than I am???

  73. [re=127465]Johnetic[/re]: Nah. I’ve lived in the Cleveland area all my life, and I turned out okay. Just avoid the western suburbs if you can (example: blonde cuntbag had an unmistakable western suburb accent).

  74. just keeping the perspective that they have to live with their own pathetic misery everyday. I only have to experience it for 4 minutes at a time..

  75. Actually. Is there no fucking well-known Republican remaining who will say slowly and clearly on Fox teevee or somewhere like that something like “I am voting for McCain. I don’t like Obama’s policies and I am worried about the direction he would take the country. But for Fuck’s Sake, he is not a Muslim Terrorist Mole Radical Child Molester, he is a decent American I happen to disagree with, and anyone who believes or implies that he is hasn’t a shred of intelligence, honour or decency.”

  76. Can someone please come help me close my mouth?? My tongue is drying out. If someone will pay off my student loans, I’ll take out the whole fucking lot of them.

  77. nothing like an unhealthy dose of leaded, high octane white trash in the morning to get you going. reminds me of the christo fuck-all neighbors across the street with their two mccain signs. i’m letting my lawn grow knee-high until that shit comes down. and if their fucking german shephard shits in my back yard again or barks all night, they’re going to find a nice palinesque trophy in their mailbox, macacawitz-style.

    the joys of the american south… racism. inbreeding. no leash laws. jesus shouting. republican.

  78. I wish the guy would have asked the blond screamy lady in what capacity she had heard of Palin three years ago, since at the time as far as I’m aware she was doing absolutely nothing of even local note, let alone something someone in Ohio would have heard of, and her past accomplishments were solely her mayoralty of Wasilla and serving as one of three directors of Ted Stevens’ 527 group.

    Can’t decide if I like her better, or the guy who claims he has never heard of Obama.

  79. [re=127326]spencer[/re]: Biggest diff of course is that one is ignorance based on education and the other is racial intolerance.

    Hardly a comparison, boyo.

  80. How many planes would it take to 9/11 the whole of middle America?

    Think about it–we could make a big crater from the Appalachians to the Rockies and put a really great water park in it. Hopefully OBAMA HUSSEIN will come through for us!

  81. [re=127388]spencer[/re]: Hmm, either one of use can’t count, or I only counted 3 people talking about gassing people.

    Yes, there’s dumbasses on both sides, but that’s not what you were doing, my friend. Now whether or not you a Hil, Paul, or any kind of supporter other than Obama, is really none of my concern or my business, but don’t try “concern troll” your way through a thread pretend that you’re trying to shake-up the “groupthinking,” and then try to broad brush everyone because a few people didn’t agree with you.

  82. [re=127658]Das Storminator[/re]: I can’t believe these people openly espouse this nonsense! This guy is a brave soul to talk to those people. Thanks for the link.

  83. [re=127292]spencer[/re]: Spencer (a.k.a Team Heidi? Team Speidie?) is the type who claims Obama is racists because he called his grandmother a “typical white person.” Typically, he can’t see that Black people, by definition, can’t be racists.

  84. [re=127268]Jim Newell[/re]: HE’S BLACK? We should all go to Ohio and tell all these bigots! They looked they were gathering for a lynching anyway.

  85. I’m trying my best to take the Barack Obama approach and try to see the situation from their perspective, be the bigger person, but my efforts are in vain. HOW CAN YOU BE SO IGNORANT?! This kind of stuff scares me b/c I feel like McCain and Palin are getting people so worked up over absolutely nothing that these NUT JOBS are going to try to do something really crazy. I hate to say that I fear for Barack’s safety but this is really SCARY! Congratulations McCain and Palin…you have built a party base centered on hatred, lies, and deceit. I

  86. BTW, here is the address and phone number for the wonderful, beautiful, logical Mindy Green:

    Green, M
    17577 Whitney Rd, Apt 426
    Strongsville, OH 44136-9413
    (440) 891-1565

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