Creepy old war-nut John McCain was just having some fun with old veterans today when he called Americans “my fellow prisoners.” Nap time, Walnuts! [JED REPORT]

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  1. Ha! Ironic that he makes that gaffe while asking Hopey to meet his level of clarity and candor. Barry would, but it would mean removing most of his brain, Gramps.

  2. This right here is why he cant be president…FLASHBACKS. Five and a half years of beatdowns will do shit to a guy. Probably too many batons to the head. Too much hookers and blow? wait that was W. I still think this is some kind of repressed ‘hate the gook’ thing manifesting itself in him being a shithead and a moran.

  3. Sarah almost cracked on that line.

    Must pace ourselves. We can’t take three more weeks of this hilarity. We’ll all be giggling idiots like those gay Warner Brothers gophers, and will be unable to harness our cabal power to secretly rule the country. Pace ourselves.

  4. Walnuts sandwich. Grossest thing to ever hit Wonkette, and incestuous no less.

    Sarah to Megan, “No, honey, I’m not your new mommy. I’m just a piece of ass your daddy got to make him look good.” (psst – it didn’t work)

  5. [re=126732]StripesAndPlaids[/re]: I wanted to take the ferry to Ogdenville, which is what they called Shelbyville at the time, and the ferry cost ‘two bees’ on account of nickels having bees on ’em. ‘Gimme 5 bees for a quarter’ we used to say.

  6. [re=126753]StripesAndPlaids[/re]: Now all this took place in nineteen-hundred-dikety-two, my friends. We had to call it ‘dickety-two’ because the Kaiser had stolen all our tens.

  7. It’s so cute when he thinks he’s still in the prison camp, isn’t it? You can’t fault him – it’s not easy reintegrating after FIVE AND A HALF YEARS!
    And the Governor has a bit of the two-face quality when she lets her hair down.

  8. He’s a philosopher! I mean, aren’t we all just prisoners on this mortal coil? You know, just waiting for the glorious day when Zombie Jesus will eat our brains and take us to Nirvana?

  9. Holy Moly! I thought it was only us draft dodgers that had flashbacks. On the other hand I always heard the Viet Cong hash was pretty radical…., Lord knows 5 1/2 years of it would make anybody lose the ability to know what century it was.

  10. [re=126771]iwillsavethispatient[/re]: No he’s just a paltry old fuck stick from AZ land, Anal Blasting his base into there retirement-home-crazies future.

  11. I can’t believe you didn’t keep the tape rolling:

    As the crowd reached it’s crescendo he yelled, “You bastards won’t break me this time!”

    Then he talked about how he didn’t hate Obama and then related the complete synopsis of his favorite episode of “Amos and Andy”–the one where they bought the Stutz Bearcat.

    Then he conga’d off the stage humming “Brazil”.

  12. Take a look at his smile at the very end of the clip – I bet any amount of money he just shit himself. Probably the first time he took a crap for days. That would explain his behavior at the debate.

    Less than a month before the debate and he is still pandering to the base. He won’t be satisified until he drives every single independent to Obama. Maybe he is talking about himself, Schmidt & Palin are holding him prisoner. They are a lot nastier than the Viet Cong.

  13. [re=126841]nyhfrog[/re]: And finally he looked through the trap door and asked Steve McQueen: How do I look? Feel ok…but how do I look?

  14. Well John, you’re not going to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but you WILL be going to another new home with a big staff, prepared meals, and lots of people to talk to daily…

  15. No way, this isn’t funny. He’s so exhausted and sick, he’s going Hanoi Hilton on us.

    My friends… chết bạn con hoang rộng rãi !!! chết bạn con hoang rộng rãi !!!

  16. It was at that point in the speech when a Vietnamese bystander flashed the Queen of Diamonds card and ran out of the building.

    Things are going to get exciting now.

  17. I wish I weren’t so attracted to McCain’s daughter. She reminds me of the full bodied white girls who tend to go for me…

    that’s the creepiest thing i’ve ever written in a while.

  18. [re=126931][/re]: A full-bodied rich white girl. Rich enough to plaster right over the creep factor. Give in, my friend, give in.

  19. [re=126746]Baconcat[/re]: and then I sat on the davenport, listening to the wireless and enjoying a cold glass of milk from the icebox.

  20. When are the mainstream news outlets going to pick up on this already?? This could be McCain’s campaign-ending-Dean-Scream moment!

    Or not… Some people like bondage.

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