MCAIN-PALIN KKK CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Sarah Palin and John McCain have been holding KKK rallies all week, asking the klansmen “Who is the REAL Barack Obama” and getting all sorts of “colorful” responses. At today’s joint KKK rally in Pennsylvania, the dude introducing McCain and Palin fired up the racial death brigades by mentioning “Barack Hussein Obama” two times. Whaddaya think about that, HEGHH?? [HuffPo]

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  1. Ah, let ’em say it. The racists got used to sharing the same bathroom with black folks (well some of ’em did, anyway) — it’s about time they got used to President Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. [re=126600]jinmoom[/re]: Maybe Ms Sarah can stoop low enough to suck…

    Okay, let’s not sink to their level! We’re all about Hope® and Change©. The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present! As our situation is new, so must we think anew!

  3. Wait a minute. His name is John McCain? JOHN like JOHN WAYNE GACY the horrific serial killer? Like JOHN WILKES BOOTH who assassinated President Lincoln!? Like Elton JOHN that famous gay?! Quickly, to the press! We must inform the American people of this despicable TREASON!

  4. I just listened to the Palin/McCain speeches (obviously, because I hate myself and feel the need to be punished). They didn’t repeat the “palling around with terroists” line. Wonder if it’s been passed down the line to the crowd warmers for them to use.

  5. Yeah, they try to excuse the obvious race baiting by saying ” that’s his name, isn’t it?” But do you ever hear them introduce McCain as John Sidney McCain III. No? I thought so.

  6. Oh, I get it. It’s haloween and all those ghosts in the pixxx want to trick’r’treat Barry. How nice we can all get together as again as one.

    Wait, do one of those ghosts have tattooed lips? Sexxxy…

  7. [re=126615]Walter Sobchak[/re]: I understand this was a very important part of our history but is this picture really necessary? /or something.

  8. [re=126617]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: Oops. Meant to say that I listened to the Palin/McCain speeches from today in Pennsylvania, just a few minutes ago (helps if you know the speech to which I’m referring). Palin has cut the “palling around with terrorists” line.

  9. …the one consolation that I take away from these racist rallies is watching a bunch of skin-heads turning red in the face at the inevitability of having a “President Barack Hussein Obama”!

  10. This is all part of McCain’s “It’s not fair!!!!!” tantrum. Those kinds of things bring out the best in the one throwing the hissy. Like we should be surprised that he’s a racist.

    I feel more sorry for Cindy. How the hell is she going to practice her cougarly wiles upon the young….eerrrm….seamen of San Diego with Grampy around for the next 4 years?

  11. I don’t give a shit if they use his middle name. All things being equal, it’s still better than middle names like Leonard and Francine.

  12. [re=126635]tunamelt[/re]: Yeah, I was half-kidding, half referring to the controversy a few months back about some picture, I forget what. I dunno if using this stuff, even ironically, is exactly kosher. I personally am not offended by it, but I can understand why someone would absolutely reserve the right to be. We’re in on the joke, but I don’t know…

  13. Alaskan Supreme Court convened at 3 p.m. today to discuss the Republitard lawsuit against the Troopergate investigation. Fingers crossed.

  14. At least we’re sweeping all of this crap out from under the bed so we can deal with it directly and move on. Or maybe we can just offer them free one-way tickets to Germany.

  15. Cindy McCain has a Masters in Special Education, must’ve came in real handy when she stayed married to Johnny-boy all these years. Laura Bush knows how that feels. Sigh!

  16. [re=126617]Cogito Ergo Bibo[/re]: They dropped that line in favor of their new line: Barack Hussein Obama is in the tank for OVERHEAD PROJECTORS! Scary scary halloween is coming. Boooooooooooooo!

  17. That idiot sheriff in FL is now under federal investigation for stumping for Palin in uniform. MAJOR tension (racial/political) here in otherwise lovely SW Florida. Biden is here today – tickets sold out.

  18. [re=126681]tinybubbles[/re]: Biden rocked the house. I listened to him on the ‘tubes, today, as well. He does a fantastic job of explaining their health insurance program versus Grampy’s. In fact, Hopey did as well, in his speech today. It’s been a day full of speechifying. Listening to Paulson right now. He’s a tad less optimistic.

  19. [re=126681]tinybubbles[/re]: I was wondering if something was going to come of that, or has the south reverted to “good ol’ boy” sheriffs makin sure to keep the niggras in their place.

    Next, McCain will start calling Obama “That BOY” instead of that one….

  20. The reason the picture of the KKK is important is that they are still around, but no longer wear sheets in public. I’m waiting for Sister Sarah to slap them down: “Now wait, folks. We don’t shoot Husseiny black people, like That One, who pal around with terrorists from helicopters where I come from and you probably shouldn’t do much of it down here anymore either”…(wink).

  21. [re=126705]Worlds End[/re]: I’m in Naples – one county south of Sheriff Mike Scott “kuntry”, but smack dab in the county that voted 65% for Katherine Harris’ failed Senate bid. Lucky me!

    [re=126706]azw88[/re]: The investigation has something to do with the Hatch Act, I’m not sure what that is exactly. Local “newspaper” not helpful. This is the same sheriff who declared war on gangsta rap last year to combat crime. His predecessor is some anti-abortion nutcase who did all kinds of crazy shit in office. Yee-haw!

  22. I was traveling through the South by motorcar about 15 years ago, when I stumbled upon a real life KKK rally in downtown Raleigh, NC. Most frightening specimens of humanity I have ever seen. Moosellini would have been right at home.

  23. [re=126832]Worlds End[/re]: That missing-prostitute story ends with this classic quote from her mother: “This is not like her,” Dillion said. “Even when she’s out using (drugs), she always calls to let me know she’s OK.”


    Well, in any other year this might be the Mom of the Year, but Palin sure seems to have it in the bag this time around.

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