You may have seen this already, on a Liberal website, in which Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs gets in Sean Hannity’s face to ask him why he hates the Jews. This is in response to a question about Bill Ayers. Alan Colmes is his usual “in-house Fox News bitch” self for a while, and then has to mediate, because Robert Gibbs and Sean Hannity are both retardssss. [YouTube]

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  1. The best part of that video is the FOX NEWS FAIR AND BALANCED TEXT MESSAGE INSTA-POLL. Oh wow I guess McCain won according to 86% of viewers, when every single fucking source in the universe unanimously decided that Obama won. It’s good to keep that in mind while antisemitic space monster Hannity discusses the bredth of views and opinions offered on Fox News

  2. Love the weird on-cue laughing from the ladies in the background when Colmes starts talking. They were instructed to laugh when the liberal starts talking even if he is saying “Hannity is not anti-semetic”

  3. [re=126503]Dave J.[/re]: Unfair comparison. Michael Jordan is good at what he does, which is why he wins. Debating Hannity is like taking a free-throw, except there’s a cover over the basket that makes it impossible to score.

  4. I have an aunt and a cousin who are paraeducator as well as two friends who are paraeducators. That is to say, they work in special education.

    This is by way of saying you’re being incredibly cruel to retarded persons and the developmentally disabled by comparing them to Hannity. The developmentally disabled have souls, to start with.

  5. Serah Pehlin and Meghan are live on CNN. Drill baby drill USA USA
    Serah actually said we need to “explore alternative sources like energy and wind and solar”
    ohhhhhhhh god my head hurts

  6. Gibbs had that dumb mick O’Hannity on the defensive. I’ll bet Sean wanted to knee-cap him and toss him in the River Mourne, after a wee drink or two with his IRA pals.

  7. …frankly I don’t understand why any Lib that goes on FAUX news bothers to use facts in arguments?! Whenever those right-wing hacks start losing a debate they immediately start pulling shit out of their asses anyways. I would just make shit up as I go along to prove my point and let them sort it out.

  8. Being of Irish descent myself I completely and do hereby expunge Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly from my ethnic group. Don’t think I have the power to do that? That shit just fucking happened. They are now officially to be considered subhuman troglodytes.

  9. [re=126511]HomoPolitico[/re]: My wife teaches special ed at an elementary school, and she would prefer that I have a three-way with strippers before I ever use the word “retard[ed],” so you are right to call me on that one.

  10. [re=126540]facehead[/re]: awww, they changed it already. WAAA!

    P.S. The pig made of pork products, and now a clip of Hannity … I didn’t realize Wonkette promotes bulimia.

  11. I hear that John McCain associated with known communists and even helped them perfect their torture techniques for FIVE AND HALF YEARS, ALAN. And then, when we had a chance to shun them and leave, he decided to stay with his Vietcommie buddies.

    No wonder that Walnuts! supported the bailout bill, his old Vietcong buddies got to him and know he’s a Manchurian Commie Candidate looking to SOCILAIZE ‘Mericun bizness!

  12. [re=126536]dano[/re]: …in the African American community we have weekly meetings to discuss the people we are going to excommunicate from the ranks of our ethnic group. I suggest you guys setup something similar.

    I always thought I smelled
    whiskey everytime I read
    your post.

  13. [re=126535]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: That would have been easily the worst mistake of Bush’s career. 4-5000 soldiers on the streets of Arizona would disappear in a withering hail of gunfire……just because, you know, they were there trying to take Arizona’s guns.

  14. [re=126536]dano[/re]: I second the motion. As a half-breed Irish/Hungarian (fully Irish drinker) I hereby denounce there membership to the greatest ethnic alcoholics with pale skin and giant penises in the world. Also: little known fact- the Irish are somewhat responsible for the origin of the term “White Trash.”

    Hannity is the source of it’s current place in the vernacular (read: blowhard, idiot).

  15. [re=126525]Aurelio[/re]: Hey, hey…keep the feckin Provos outta this. For that matter, keep us micks out of it altogether. That execrable waste of protein is either a Prod, a Brit provocateur or an orphaned wombat adopted by a misguided Irish couple.

  16. [re=126605]dano[/re]: Pulled right, Guinness is the nectar of the gods. that is why the bubbles float ‘downward’…it is a miracle.

    [re=126582]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: I thought the Irish were the ‘blacks’ of Europe? Hannity is a disgrace.

  17. gibbs was a retard there. there’s so much more to go on than going after who someone HAS interviewed.
    rather than calling someone a racist FOR interviewing someone, maybe he could inquire as to whether hannity rimmed out the interviewee.

  18. Did anyone else notice around 2:30 that Hannity says “Barack Obama, the president, sat in a pew, etc…” That pretty much telegraphs McCain’s doom.

  19. [re=126565]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Oh god, I thought the first rule of Black Club, was that you don’t talk about Black Club. The Cos won’t like this….

  20. The crackpot named Andy Martin referred to is known to us in Illinois as Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona.
    A genuine lunatic & nut that ran for numerous elective offices here & lost. Then moved to Florida.

    I believe he holds another distinction: He’s the only graduate in the history of the University of Illinois law school to be denied a law license by the Illinois Supreme Court.

  21. Wait, isn’t there a presumption of innocence in the US legal system? Was Ayers ever convicted of anything related to the Weathermen? Was he even charged?

    By Hannity’s standard shouldn’t the entire US Senate be in jail because Senator Craig was convicted of public indecency or something for his wide stance? Now that’s guilt by association!

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