Here is that remarkable video from last night, just after the debate. The news channels quickly cut to their commentators and spin rooms and such, but the C-SPAN cameras stayed as long as there was a candidate in the room. Here’s what to watch for:

00:00:13 — Cindy McCain walks out to greet her husband, and follows him awkwardly around the room for 25 seconds, until 00:00:39, when McCain finally acknowledges her presence with a quick, one-armed hug and a split-second glance at the side of her head.
00:01:19 — McCain may have patted Obama’s back here. Impossible to tell what exactly he is doing with his left arm. But if it was a pat on the back, however patronizing, it somewhat negates the handshake snub. Somewhat. But not really.
00:01:20 — The snub. Obama reaches out to shake McCain’s hand. McCain makes a weird face and points to Cindy McCain. Nonplussed, Obama smiles and takes her hand, says some pleasantries, and returns to the voters in the audience.
00:01:34 — McCain glances at Cindy, nods towards the exit door, and gives a spastic little bug-eyed wave goodbye to … the exit door he’s approaching?
00:01:35 — That’s it, the McCains are gone.
00:01:36 — Tom Brokaw is in the room, talking to the audience members. Barack and Michelle Obama are in the room, talking to the audience members. It’s almost as if there was an agreed-upon protocol — you know, basic manners.
00:01:36 through 00:11:11 — For the next 10 minutes, Barack and Michelle talk to people, post for pictures, make jokes, have apparently serious conversations with people, sign autographs, shake hands, and otherwise engage with literally everybody in the room, a hundred people or more.

At 00:05:06, a woman slips under Barack’s arm and hugs him. He hugs her back, and she actually dances back to her seat, which makes a bunch of people laugh.

At 00:09:26, Barack starts talking to (we think!) the guy who asked the first question of the debate, the one about everybody losing all their retirement savings in the economic collapse. And he keeps talking to him, and keeps talking to him, and listening to him, for more than a minute.

At 00:10:42, a black guy in glasses and a gray sportscoat asks to have his picture taken with Obama, who motions up to the seats just out of view of the camera, and seems to say he was headed up there, but he’ll come back. At 00:11:15, he comes back to the guy and happily poses for the picture.

And that’s where this C-SPAN clip ends. The live video feed last night went on for another twenty minutes, because that’s how long the Obamas stayed in the little theater, working the room, their “body language” betraying no exhaustion or wish to get out of there and have a beer and relax.

The debate may have been a bore, but what happened afterward was extremely telling.

Thanks to Simon Owens at C-SPAN for digging up this video for us.

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  1. great call ken. this is a fan-fucking-tastic illustration of cut and run mccain policies. He’s just so uncomfortable actually engaging in dialogue now, almost makes me feel sorry for walnuts.

  2. Did anyone notice that Cindy refused to touch the common people. She kept her hands clasped behind her back while John, Barack, and Michelle moved around the room shaking hands. It must have been very traumatic for her to have had to mingle.

  3. Senator Grampy heard that Iceland was going out of business, so he had to get over there to rescue them, after a quick “suspending my campaign” press conference.

  4. I guess Gramps had to get back to the center. It was “Meatloaf and Matlock Night” and he didn’t want to miss out on a good slice of meatloaf or any of the crime-solving action.

  5. Talk about connecting with people…Barry & Michelle totally worked the room. Unfortunately, now all the undecideds in the room have terrorist connections.

    Did Michelle and Cindy say hello to each other?

  6. McCain saw a room full of rubes he needed to convince to vote for him. He must’ve thought the debate did the trick. I guess he didn’t count on Barry thinking “Let’s go score a hundred new votes tonight!”

  7. This really humanized the audience for me. They were so robotic, sad, and round during the debate. Now they seem like living breathing humans. It’s cute how they all ready their disposable cameras for Barry. Undecided middle Americans; they’re just like us!

  8. [re=126561]Sussemilch[/re]: Not only that, but when Hopey said you’d hafta ask Michelle what he didn’t know, the camera picked her up. Every woman in the country knew what her eyes said: “That’s right, Mr Thing, don’t make me get up outta this chair, DON’TMAKEMEGETUPOUTTATHISCHAIR, I’ll tell you want you don’t know, SAYMYNAME, SAYMYNAME, SAYMYNAME…” then she bummed a smoke off of him.

  9. Does Barry remind him of his arch enemy Spain? Barry does kind of look Moorish, I guess, which is double bad/un-American. And McCain may also still be bitter about the 8th century conquest of Spain by those swarthy Moors.

  10. 7:08 – McCain opens bottle of Wild Turkey in town car.
    10:09 – McCain begins to rant, “I should’ve said…”
    12:14 – Town car pulls into Applebee’s for emergency restroom visit

  11. My guess he had to bolt quickly because of some sort of urinary tract disorder….anything from an enlarged prostate to pregnancy.

    In tense negotiations with the Iranians, not that he’d ever really negotiate with them, he can exploit this pathophysiologically natural form of “impatience” to strategic advantage.

    After rushing from the room, not that he’d actually be in the same room, the Iranians suddenly left behind would look at each other quizzically and wonder if he ran out to order his new Secretary of Defense, the former CEO of a fucking toy company that makes toy rifles and shit, to launch an invasion.

  12. But the vetruns know that Panamanian strongman Juan McCain loves them. Not enough to vote for veterans’ educational benefits, but enough to know you need some sort of ignorant apes to hose the blood and wreckage off the deck of the carrier after John McCrash plunks another one. No point in going to librul “college” if it’s your fate to be one of the supporting actors in the Grand Saga of John McCain!

  13. …I have a feeling that the necromantic spell used to reanimate WALNUTS! carcass would run out at midnight! So he had high tale it out of there before he began to biodegrade on live T.V.

  14. Damn those Obamas, with their good looks and their manners and their working the room. All of those “undecideds” are in the tank.

  15. OH HO HO McMean is SO uncomfortable with EVERYTHING around him…a wooden figure of a dorky millionaire. You bet he was jonesing for a klonopin and a jim beam after that…i bet Cici calls him Pop Pop. Bitch.

  16. [re=126562]Steve76[/re]: Not fair, stevie. Poor Cindy bout had her hand wrenched off by some guy awhile back (back when people actually wanted to vote for McCain). That was why she wore that bright pink brace at the RNC. So she was just being careful. Don’t be mean. She has enough problems being married to an old fuck like that.

  17. Apparently later Obama was willing to pose for a group picture of everybody in the hall and waited around for all the people to get themselves into various positions…they all took one big group picture. Like a big happy family!

  18. I was sitting there, just basking in Barry’s glow for about 20 minutes before my wife noted that McCain had already fled the room. Pretty hilarious, actually.

  19. Oh, but you forget how much McCain “connected” with that fellow solider patriot dude in the audience, which was a talking-point some of the media idiots latched onto. (Which in fact, was just another cynical bit of opportunism by McCain who got to once again pimp his own “hero” narrative.)

    This is a race between The Class Act vs. The Classless Hack.

  20. I have to say, my staunchly republican mother in law saw this after the debate and it seems to have changed her thinking a bit… something I formerly thought to be impossible. She also thought Walnuts appears to be “old, tired and crotchety.” She blamed it on the venue though and continued to hold a grudge against my wife and I because we didn’t let them watch the debate on her favorite; Fox.

  21. Well ain’t that just like a terrorist… McCain goes back to his $2000/night hotel room while Barack saunters around, undoubtedly casing the place for a future Al Queda attack.


  22. [re=126633]Serolf Divad[/re]: Not surprising given that McCain has all the personality and aura of a men’s room attendant.

    [re=126637]stepovich[/re]: I refuse to go near my wingnut mother in law within 2 months of any election and when she comes over I make sure that Fox News Channel is deprogrammed from my cable box so she can ask me one more time “do you know what channel fox news is on” and I can say “hmmmm… I don’t think we get that anymore”.

  23. Did anyone notice that before The Snub McCain comes over to Obama and taps him on the opposite shoulder like the ol’ ha-ha-made-you-look trick (or in McCain’s case: “HEGGGHHNNGGH HEGGGNNNGH Made ya’ look, boy”)? I don’t think it is a snub now, it was just WALNUTS! trying to introduce Obama to Cindy but also show him that he is still as spry and silly as the day he first started running for President, 500 years ago.

  24. Yeah, confirmed, Cindy nearly had her hand shaken off by a Bitter. Possible a couple bitterz. But the percocets are keeping the pain down.

  25. Barry and his wife are like fucking machines. And no, I don’t mean fucking-machines, although I’m sure they are that too.

  26. “Oh god. He wants to TOUCH ME. Cindy, you go to the countries where all the brown people live, you handle that. Good. Now let’s get the hell out of here before any of these disgusting poor people want to touch me too!”

  27. My favorite part (not sure if it’s in this vid) is when the Obamas and like *half* the crowd pose for a group photo. At that point it was obvious he had just turned the entire room his way . . .

  28. [re=126545]Tommy Says Soooo[/re]: Have you ever met a really dedicated bicyclist? They all have stick frames like that, if you burn so many calories it’s hard to put on weight.

  29. Damn those east coast educated elitist smug Obamaists. Too good to spend even a fraction of an hour with the common man… probably both wishing they could get back to their Ritz Carlton Suite to do some terrorist fist bumps, and chortle about how they can take turns ass-raping the common man.

    What? They did? Both of them? For like 10 minutes? Oh.

    Well, what about President-Elect Walnuts? Really? Even after he almost jacked off that Chief in an effort to pander to every ex-Navy O-type out there who has heard the same old “listen to your Chiefs” speech during their commissioning ceremony?


  30. [re=126618]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: have you noticed any difference in the media covergae of attacks against Obama since the Fight The Smears website went up? At all? Yea, so have I. The Hopesters aren’t as dumb as they look.

  31. Don’t be so harsh; McCain had to run, his colostomy bag was full and all that nailing Jell-O to the wall talk made him hungry.

    Two old jokes for the price of one!

  32. A) What is UP with all those disposable film cameras? Does anyone know the story on that? Maybe it was to make McCain more comfortable since he’s scared of the internet(read: any post ’94 technology)
    B) Michelle is getting chunnnnky, which is awesome because she’s my role model and I’ve been craving cheesecake like CRAZY.
    C) I seriously doubt that dancing lady is an undecided voter. I’m not saying that cuz she’s black, guys, don’t be so racist. I’m just saying, that’s an awful lot of enthusiasm for an undecided, no?

  33. [re=126634]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: Best part of that was how the guy looked totally blank when Grampy was prattling at him, but when Hopey gave HIS response, the guy was all attentive and nodding in agreement.

  34. [re=126878]Lily Brown[/re]: Pretty sure those cameras were provided to the audience, as they prob weren’t allowed to bring anything in with them. I think McCain is most comfortable with cameras where the photog hides under that black cloak…and someone else holds the giant flashbulb. You know, one of those.

  35. McCain probably knew that the black guy in the audience he was talking down to was gonna be PISSED. (About the whole “You probably didn’t know Fannie and Freddie” thing and probably the “That one” debacle).

  36. The first thing I noticed was the people shaking McCain’s hand looked
    like they were being polite, while everyone else was wanting their picture taken with Obama. I was kind of
    embarrassed for him. They might have been undecided but they knew who’s picture they wanted. I thought it was telling that they didn’t want a picture of Obama, but they wanted to be with him in it.

  37. I do not understand how you can NOT think the Obamas are freaking awesome. Though most of those undecideds did end the evening with the undeniable look of love.

  38. 1. Michelle told Larry King that when Obama said she knew what he doesn’t know, she was thinking “He’s so cute. Then I started listing in my head all of the things he didn’t know.” They are adorable, and he is so cute.
    2. The thing you can see in this footage and in the post-debate footage on MSNBC is how happy those folks were to meet the Obamas. They really seemed excited to meet them in a way that surprised me.
    3. Michelle is so beautiful and elegant and I liked the sparkly bows on the dress even though I didn’t quite understand them.
    4. Let’s be real. Obama is doing a fine job in the debates, but he is getting at least ten points on looks alone. He’s dreamy.

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