Dunno, this name looks suspiciously ItalianOh hell here is your dumb graphic that you have already seen on a million Left-wing Liberal Media Blogs this morning, because why not. Only other news is our little subprime mortgage meltdown suddenly becoming a world-devouring financial virus that has ushered in a Global Panic, so we hope you have been hoarding your pinto beans and corn husks! They are all you will have to eat for the next five (5) years. But hey what about that time John McCain sort of half-gestured in Barack Obama’s direction and called him “that disrespectful colored”? Hilarious! [“That One” 08]

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  1. I liked Capt. Sen. POW McCain’s plan to buy my house and sell it back to me on eBay. Surely someone with photoshop can make a catchy logo for that

  2. One singular sensation
    Every little step he takes.
    One thrilling combination
    Every move that he makes.
    One smile and suddenly nobody else will do;
    You know you’ll never be lonely with you know who.
    One moment in his presence
    And you can forget the rest.
    For the guy is second best
    To none,
    Ooooh! Sigh! Give him your attention.
    Do…I…really have to mention?
    He’s the One?
    A Chorus Line

  3. The shirts on are absolutely terrible. It’s just a big rectangular photo of Barry with ugly red “THAT ONE” text in impact font and a white stroke around it. Do these people know how shitty it looks when you just print a glossy rectangular photo onto a cotton t-shirt? Couldn’t they have done a vector outline of Obama’s face and put THAT ONE under it in a classier font? Shit wouldn’t take that much time. It’s not like anyone will buy any of these Goddamn things that will only be relevant for another 3 days anyways.

  4. Christ, walnuts should throw in the towel and give everyone what they want: Sarah Palin unplugged- pay-per-view townhall. Thatone will jumpstart the economy which will help us buy the pinto beans to fuel our cars.

  5. [re=126223]mattbolt[/re]: Much better.

    [re=126222]SayItWithWookies[/re]: And holy crap, they’ve got him at 320 delegates. I didn’t even notice. It’s officially a monster.

  6. [re=126194]WhatTheHeck[/re]: haha, you must be a city boy (or girl). It’s the old corn cobs folks use for arse wipes. (And by “arse-wipes” I am not talking about David Brooks and William Kristol… oh wait)

  7. I thought it looked like maybe a new Stevie Wonder single:

    That One thinks that he’s so fine
    That soon he’ll take what’s mine


    etc., usw., you guys can make hay with the rest of the lyrics if you so desire

  8. [re=126244]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: After allowing Palin to test it in the Dade County area, McWalkingDead will start using the phrase, “the Shvartzer” *(pronounced “tah shvartzah”).

  9. Did anyone see the new PSA’s they’re showing in NY – signs of a stroke and why people ignore them? I think they’re trying to say something about “our friend”?

  10. They are all you will have to eat for the next five (5) years.

    Five and a half years, Sarah. Five and a HALF years.

    Who has the money to buy this kind of flash-in-the-pan crap memorabilia these days? I guess you can wear your “That One” button with your “You forgot Poland” t-shirt.

  11. It so easily coulda be “Thee One.” Still hoping McCain breaks down into colonial Olde English speak, ala the actors in Choke. YES, I SAW IT AND IT WAS GOOD. So there.

  12. “It was in 1985, when That One decided to become a Community Organizer instead of a Corporate asshole, that he became a little bit uppity.”

  13. [re=126205]facehead[/re]: And remember that Iceland is to Vikings as Australia is to syphilitic convicts. If their little volcano nation economy collapses–look out, England!

  14. McCain’s Top Gun Strategy . . . Sun Tzu Revisited, Volume 4 – Greatest Hits for losing an election . . .

    By Stephen Wood

    Here is my take on what Sen J. McCain, self designated call signer – Maverick – should have done. My 8 step program, er, rules of engagement, probably could have won Maverick the election.

    Oh, well – maybe its not too late. John, the Russians are coming . . . the Russians are coming . . .

    Rule 1 – Last Nights Debate

    Tom Brokaw: Excuse me, Lieutenant (senator McCain). Is there something wrong (with the economy)?
    Maverick (Senator McCain): Yes ma’am (Tom), the data on the MiG (American Economy) is inaccurate.
    Tom Brokaw : How’s that, Lieutenant (Senator McCain)?
    Maverick (Senator McCain): Well, I just happened to see a MiG 28 (the crash in 29’) do a…
    Goose (Palin) We!
    Maverick (Senator McCain): : Uh, sorry Goose (Sarah). WE happened to see a MiG 28 (the great crash in 1929) do a 4g negative dive.
    Tom Brokaw: Where did you see this?
    Maverick (Senator McCain): Uh, that’s classified.
    Tom Brokaw: : It’s what?
    Maverick (Senator McCain): It’s classified. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

    Rule 2 – When in doubt – suspend your campaign.

    Maverick (Senator McCain): I’m gonna hit the brakes and he’ll (Barry) fly right by.
    Merlin (Cindy McCain and the rest of the Republican Party): You’re gonna do WHAT?

    Rule 3 – When in doubt – consider repeating Rule 2 – especially after blowing your lead after the Republican primary

    Merlin (Cindy McCain and the rest of the Republican Party): What are you doing? You’re slowing down, you’re slowing down!
    Maverick (Senator McCain): I’m bringing him in closer, Merlin (Cindy).
    Merlin (Cindy McCain and the rest of the Republican Party): You’re gonna do WHAT?

    Rule 4 – Correctly assess the situation

    Jester (Karl Rove): That was some of the best flying I’ve seen to date – right up to the part where you (your Presidential campaign) got killed.

    Rule 5 – Beware of a political opponent who compliments you

    Hollywood (Barrack Obama): Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav. (John)

    Rule 6 – Rules are meant to be broken by Mavericks

    John McCain announcing that election rules be dammed. He and Sarah will be back to give it another shot in 2012.

    Charlie (Sarah Palin) Hello, Pete Mitchell (John Sidney McCain III). I heard the best of the best were going to be back here, so uh…
    Maverick (Senator McCain): This could be complicated. You know on the first one I crashed and burned.
    Charlie (Sarah Palin) And the second?
    Maverick (Senator McCain): I don’t know, but uh, it’s looking good so far.

    Rule 7 – Insert at will in between any of the following rules.

    Goose (Bush) Come on, Mav, (Mac) do some of that pilot s%@#!

    Rule 8 – Follow all of the Rules – Mavericks don’t wimp out!

    Maverick (Senator McCain): Too close for missles, I’m switching to guns. (Figures, we knew all along that McCain was a softy)

  15. Why is the “0” an exponent? Why is “thatone” all one word? I’m so confused about this horrible design.

    Shouldn’t the designer really have investigated [lim t->0 (thatone)^t] ?

  16. Democraps know that the best and fastest way to destroy America’s Freedom is to work from within the system. And LIBERAL DEMONCRAP LEFT-WING EXTREMIST activist judges are their best and longest lasting assault on YOUR Freedom. These judicial insects believe, as AlGore said, that “the Constitution is a living document”. We, your nearest and dearest colleagues, stand here today under the
    impact of the most extraordinary and overwhelming votes of support
    ever accorded by a nation to its leader. Through the genius of your leadership
    and through the ideals you recreated before us, you have succeeded
    in just 6YEARSin creating from a nation torn by internal strife and
    bereft of hope, one united AMERICA with hope and faith in the future.
    Nations yet to come will look back upon his history as to some grand
    and supernatural romance. The fiery energy of his youthful career, and
    the magnificent progress of his irresistible ambition, have invested his
    character with the mysterious grandeur of some heavenly appearance; and
    when all the lesser tumults and lesser men of our age shall have passed
    away into the darkness of oblivion, history will still inscribe one
    mighty era with the majestic name oF GW BUSH

  17. [re=126362]TRUECRISTIAN[/re]: Try spelling “Christian” right, dumb ass. Unless that’s your real name, which if it is, is totally gay.

  18. It’s revenge for the first SNL Palin sketch in which I think “Hillary” referred to Palin as “that one.” Of course Secessionist Barbie totally deserves it.

    (And yes, after seven years of Michigan’s Hobo Economy all I have in my life is memorizing entire shows from the teevee machine.)

  19. [re=126362]TRUECRISTIAN[/re]: I am so sorry Reagan kicked you out of your ‘home’ at the institution in the ’80’s.
    Very sorry indeed. Hope things get better for you soon.

  20. am grieved
    by the sight of the unique injustice in.icted on this man [gwbush] and the
    degrading treatment meted out to him, whose only care these last twenty
    years and more has been for his people, as though he were a common criminal.
    I was and am glad to call this great and loyal man my friend.

  21. [re=126380]Tommy Says Soooo[/re]: I’m trying to find the one that’s still legible at this size since Ken Layne would rather have his drinks budget than upgrade.

    I liked the Natalie Wood one myself ’cause she was hot. But then my mind would wander, I’d touch myself, and then I’d think, whoa, shit, she’s dead.

    I’m still on the hunt for the ultimate one, though shortshortshorts would be hard to beat (no pun intended). So Paul Weller is hokay by me for now.

  22. I was truly offended that McCain called Obama THAT ONE. McCain is a disrespectful doucebag to women, to people of color, to anyone with a conscience, to anyone with any semblance of intellect. What a shameful, sorry sorry man.

  23. [re=126411]TRUECRISTIAN[/re]: george bush is a war criminal and a worse human being than osama bin ladin. tell that to your fucking asshole shitwad friend!!!

  24. Why did wathe dc drink? Probably for the usual reasons . to mask stress or
    suppress inhibitions, or to feel more capable. But there is a rising price to
    pay for such blessings. Alcohol also anæsthetises the brain centres, affect-
    ing judgement, knowledge, and social controls. In extreme cases it can
    cause the permanent loss of higher mental functions. Under the stress of
    war, people were readier than usual to accept this price.
    The most dangerous thing about society today is its lassitude and
    indifference to the fact that so many psychopaths and people who are
    dangerously mentally unstable are roaming free. Your freedom to make
    Usenet postings is proof of this.

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