Our condolences to new Democrat George Voinovich (R – OH). Just hours after the Ohio senator asked the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to “take a little bit more time” before voting on John Bolton, Move America Forward had an attack ad ready to go.

“WIFE: Did you hear how disloyal Senator Voinovich was to Republicans and President Bush? Voinovich stood with the Democrats and refused to vote for John Bolton, the man President Bush has chosen to fight for the United States at the UN…he missed most of the Bolton confirmation hearings, but then shows up at the last minute and stabs the President and Republicans right in the back…Shame on Senator Voinovich.”
HUBBY: “It seems like Senator Voinovich has become a traitor to the Republican Party.”

Want to help Move America Forward remind Republican legislators they’re all George’s bitches now? Then send them a few bucks.

Ad Targeting Voinovich [Move America Forward]

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