… That’s the mostly likely explanation for this — that Sullivan got mad about Joe Biden’s health records and then took out his crayons and scribbled this new cover, which the publishers just assumed was artistic because Sullivan is gay. This is unreadable and very communist-looking. A cursory glance suggests that this issue is about how women and blogs are coming to kill us, but we knew that already. [Marc Ambinder]

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  1. Is the Atlantic really sure it wants to question/promote a female-centric political system when Caribou Barbie and known sociopath Hillary Clinton are our options?

    It’s like saying “Should 70+ year old nutjob POWs rule the world?”

  2. The only think that offends me is the 1960s Pan-Am advertisement font for the magazine’s title. All I can imagine below that title are a couple of eager stewardesses smoking Lucky Strikes as they pour you a martini in first class. Is that the impression you want to give Atlantic Monthly? Is this a gay sensibility, along the lines of camp?

  3. Should women rule the world? Sully, if you weren’t such a faggot you would know, they already do. Pussy is better than any coin in any realm. You and George Bush proffer pretend pussy, and truthfully, it’s not kissable and smells a whole lot worse, has a beard stubble or is brown. I guarantee you, given a choice between, say a senate vote or a board of directors meeting, every three legged politico, banker, whatever would rather dip his wick than do his job. And will blogs replace writing, absolutely, so kiss your fairy tale brown eye balls hangin love stories adios. I look forward to being able to call a fag a fag, not the real ones, just the ones that lie about it and put people down for their sexuality, up front, or the back door.

  4. I for one love it. It’s sort of Soviet retro chic.

    And while we’re at it, could you fucksticks lay off the gay thing a little? I’m beginning to feel as persecuted as if I’d walked into an Assembly of God whichamacallit.

  5. “I’m beginning to feel as persecuted as if I’d walked into an Assembly of God whichamacallit.”

    The word I was searching for was ASYLUM.

  6. [re=122841]Strappo[/re]: I love gays, personally. Just not in that way.

    Think of it as muslin half-breed. 99% of wonketteers don’t mean it.

  7. This is their Halloween cover, right? The colors are appropriate, and I figure they’re just trying to scare people. This frightens most Americans right off, ’cause they’ve never seen so many words all in one place. Then anyone with any sense of composition is thrown into paroxysms of fear by the juxtaposition of the quaint “Atlantic” and black sidebar with the oodles of garish crap on the right. What small remainder there is sees “women” and “blogs” and runs away screaming.

  8. I’ve been a graphic designer for 30+ yrs. I think I know what he was trying to do here. I don’t think it works though.

    It’s unreadable so it doesn’t communicate the information well. This is the anthesis of what it should do. Be creative, but there’s something to be said for the ‘form follows function’ school of thought!

  9. [re=122841]Strappo[/re]: Ah shuttup, homo.

    Ooops, what I meant to say was, I’m pretty sure that’s just (hetero) Jim’s awkward way of making a “gays are good at artistic stuff like graphic design and whatnot” type of stereotype joke thingee. Honestly, don’t be so sensitive, I swear sometimes you gay guys are as emotional as chicks… (Oops. Again!)

    But I actually kinda like the new Atlantic cover too. It reminds me of the design on some of my old jazz and R&B vinyl from the 50’s. Some of then might even be on the Atlantic label; come to think of it.

  10. [re=122884]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Can we, as a nation, go back to bagging on the French? I miss being offended and outraged by everything all the time constantly.

  11. Wounded Vet:

    My Corporate Law professor, an ancient learned light, a contemporary of the Javits brothers, told my class in all seriousness that corporate governance is a function of public relations and pubic relations.

  12. Sully really, really needs to leave that to the professionals. He bitches about Palin running for Vice President unqualified, but thinks nothing about pretending to be a graphic designer and unleashing that visual vomit on the world.

    It really is offensive. In so many, many ways, Andrew Sullivan just is not gay. I would love to see Chip Kidd give Andrew the what-for for that mess.

    Egads. I’d still fuck him, though.

  13. [re=122965]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Let’s do this in a way our Anglophonic brethren can appreciate. We Fronch har zo verrrry jalouse of ze Hamericans, hand we hatez zer freedomz. We har NOT how-you-say fromage-heating zurrender monkees, mais non! We har nothing like monkees–zose are ze fakeen gitanes, er, gypsiez hoo har ze monkees!!! Now we will make ze pee-pee in your brioche hand you will heat it, hand zen we will laf hat you! Buy honly hafter you leev, becoz we har hafraid of Hamericans.

    No, I’m not feeling it. Won’t someone please offend me with exaggerated French stereotypes? I’m just not up to the task today.

  14. Gay Republicans annoy me almost as much as black Republicans. I have a self-righteous screed on the latter. Luckily for you, I don’t feel well enough to post it.

  15. [re=122834]WoundedVeteran[/re]: Apart from your declared homophobia, can’t find a coherent theme or idea in your words, just a repeated intimation of your dark lust for a succulent, pulsing male member. — John Boehner.
    PS: No shame in that. Your secret is mine. Mine. — JB
    Country first.

  16. Think. Again. (before purchasing) The Atlantic. If anyone. Does So Anymore. haha
    Why didn’t he gaydesign such a cover promoting his ‘Repub ideals’ in the past?..

    (excerpt)…of course I do, I’ve lived here for 7 years! I’m Gay and Christian andRepublican! I hate everything everyone else does, because I Matter! I Need To Comment! If I can’t Comment, I’ll Die!

  17. [re=123159]S.Luggo[/re]: My words were cruel and needlessly vicious. Like Joe Biden, I retain Catholic guilt. Unlike John McInsane, I can’t just blow it off.
    Now to cuddle into the deep comfort of my hairshirt.
    — S.
    Layne, when the hell will you install a ‘delete’ function for posts? I mean, when?

  18. [re=123169]S.Luggo[/re]: Do you have the OCD? I was baptized Catholic when I was 3, and according to witnesses, I was dancing on the altar havin’ myself a time.. I guess that’s why my grandmother used to use her wiping of the cross on my forehead when she put me to bed; to ward off the evil that was me.
    Seriously, Fuck Catholics.

  19. look. i know every latte drinking liberal (I am one!) likes to hate Sullivan and all, but seriously, he actually has been kicking McCain and Palin’s collective asses over the past two months. Give the dude some cred.

  20. From his site this morning:

    07 Oct 2008 08:58 am

    I haven’t been able to read my own blog for ten minutes now, so please hang in while I try and find someone who can fix it.

    Really? I thought it was unreadable the moment Hillary announced.

  21. What a stupid, ugly magazine cover. Who the hell designed that, and who the hell thought that that would appeal to anyone, anywhere? Since when is that a decent magazine cover? It’s incredibly ugly–and dumb-looking.

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