John McCain held a town hall for women last night in Denver and just could not resist making one of his patented “jokes” about women, which usually involve rape, bestiality, cunts, and chicks with dicks. This one is much simpler: he says it’s a very “emotional” town hall, “maybe because it’s a women’s town hall, heh heh, heh.” The Republican white women cheer because they are the worst demographic on Earth. UPDATE: Oh Christ there’s another awesome video out there too along the lines of, “How bout that dame in the debate, HEHH????” After the jump.

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  1. I had an uncle who told me that Rush said that women should be in the military and fight only during ‘that time of the month.’ I thought it was funny. I was 8. My uncle is dead now.

  2. Why did you cut the clip right before he said “Hmmm…, it sure smells like fish in here. I really hope that you are all not on the same cycle. Cause if there is one thing my father taught me, you should never trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn’t die.”

  3. I don’t think I’d be comfortable having Grampy point at me and thank me personally. Those people pointed out probably asked tough questions and will be immediately killed, now that he’s aimed the finger of death at them.

  4. Good Lord. They’re all white, they’re all blond, they all shriek with delight at the silliest things? I would pay mucho dinero to see them all — collectively — in a cage fight with Michelle.

  5. At least the GOP seems to only attract the fat, white, used-up, breeder women. We get all the smart hotties. (Liz, Sara, I’m lookin atchoo!)

  6. The ladies really went nuts at the end of the rally, when the McCampaing gave them all free vacuum cleaners.

    Eat your heart out, Oprah!

  7. …the ironic thing is that while all these Republican women are here listening to McCrusty, their husbands are giving each other “donuts” and blowjobs.

  8. [re=121205]StripesAndPlaids[/re]: He asked them to grind some maize on the mortar & pestle, just like his grandma used to make in the family cave, along with a side of mammoth meat.

  9. hengh? hengh?

    what was that sound? it seemed like he had a lugie caught in his throat!

    hengh? hengh?

    my head is gonna explode if this thing doesn’t get over with soon… *sigh*

  10. And then his alter-ego, John Dice McClay, comes out in a big studded leather biker jacket, taking exaggerated drags off a cigarette, and tells some more women jokes

    “Hey, noticin’ lotta you broads out there got watches on ya, heh, what’s that for sweetiepie, dontcha know the STOVE already has a CLOCK! OHH!”

  11. [re=121238]MoodProcessor[/re]: I hadn’t noticed that before but you are right. He’s the Penguin. Does that make Bible Spice Cat Woman or Poison Ivy?

  12. [re=121166]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: You call her a cunt! That’s how it goes right? No? no…. Ah well, I never was too good at emulating McCain’s HILARIOUS sense of humor.

  13. [re=121241]Gopherit v2.0[/re]: yeah kinda but i’m gonna put on the protective glasses just in case…

    (that noise is going to invade my dreams tonight — i just know it! must. drink. lots.)

  14. Any Hillary voters who vote for this piece of crap deserve forced impregnation with triplets and the requirement to raise the children by themselves with no government assistance and no spouse.

  15. Jokes I know of that McCain’s told:

    > Calling women emotional
    > Saying women love getting raped by gorillas
    > Singing “Bomb Iran” to a Beach Boys song
    > Saying “Gotcha Journalism” sounds like a pizza place

    So, he’s batting 0 for 4 in his career of intentional jokes. Unintentional, though…

  16. I want to see the gay town hall meeting video where he opens with “This might be the most mauve I’ve ever seen in one place”, makes a few homo jokes, and says, “yeah, I had a bit of man-to-man action with Bush but hey, we go way back…”

  17. Ohgod Ohgod, that grunting ‘hrrreh?’ is beyond revolting. As for the woman (lower left) gazing up at him in rapt adoration … I mean, you know, whatever does it for you, but how seriously f’ed up do you have to be before Walnuts!McCain makes you hot?

  18. [re=121172]greatgooglymoogly[/re]: *I* want to see Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Michelle Obama mud-wrestling. My money’s on Michelle, obviously. I just want to see somebody slam Miss Dollface Prissbutt Squeakyvoice’s soashy little simpering face into the mud, and I think Michelle’d be just the person to do it.

  19. McMange will soon stage a come-back, in the spirit of the first Britney fake comeback complete with belly shirt. Then he will prostitute out Cindy again to more bikers.

  20. Walnuts, “Wow, I’ve really won you ladies, over. Now would you like to hear a joke about an ape?” Cue minders dragging him offstage and cutting the microphone…

  21. Sigmund Freud tried to talk to McNutz back in Vienna in the 1920s – John was touring Europe with the Great White Fleet, he and some buddies stopped in Austria “to have some fun” – Freud felt that McCranky’s weird views of the feminine sex had a lot to do with his mixed feelings about Cindy (who is actually much younger than she appears – did you know she was born in 1876?)

    But Walnuts! would have nothing of it, and in fact resumed regularly beating up Cindy and leaving her tied up in the garage overnight once he returned home to the Arizona compound. Sad…he coulda been somebody!

  22. Cindy is such a hag–how can Walnuts keep his hot hands off Sarah?

    Oh, I remember–she isn’t rich.

    Seriously, why doesn’t that skinny-assed Cindy (wanta’ bet she eats her fist for dessrt?) get some value out of the thousands they pay stylists hourly? One more bottle of peroxide, and that cotton candy is going to fall out at the roots. And does any woman on the planet choose more unflattering colors?

    I could really do the white witch some good, believe me. I can barely stand to look at her. Even her makeup is crap.

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