Once we asked ourselves, How does Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy get out of bed each morning knowing that he’ll have to be Steve Doocy all day long? Well, he’s so dumb that he doesn’t “know” anything. We even feel sorry for John McCain in this clip, because he actually has to *talk* to this jerk-off for a few seconds. The topic is “gotcha journalism,” and Steve Doocy asks John McCain a personal question about Steve Doocy, because Steve Doocy has no clue what “gotcha journalism” means at all. [YouTube]

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  1. [re=116018]spencer[/re]: Yep, the irony being that Steve Dooky is an Anti-Fag!

    The feeling you got when you watched that is called a “douche-chill”, everyone.

  2. I love how both of their favorite colors are blue! I thought for sure those Republicans douchebags would say red. I have to give Walnuts a little credit on his answer–it was pretty funny.

  3. Jeebus. That’s just pathetic. If you want Johnny Walnuts to buy your a sweater in your favoritist color ever, just ask, you pussy! Don’t make him guess!

  4. That news show is a whole new caliber of douche. And “chartreuse?” That’s some elitist shit right there. REAL bitterz would have said “sea-green.”

    Also, Chartreuse is a tasty aperitif (I’m an elitist to the core so I should know.)

  5. I can’t believe McCain picked Blue as his favorite color. The Conservative Media Lemmings should be up in arms that their candidate is secretly Blue.

  6. WALNUTS!’s favorite color is blue? Is WALNUTS! in the tank for Obama now, too? Why does WALNUTS! hate Republicans and, thusly, America?

  7. How cool would it be if McCain went apeshit and told Doocy what a stupidfuckingidiot he is?

    Almost cool enough to consider voting for him. Almost.

  8. [re=116056]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Then realizing she would think it was some kind of dessert, probably produced by freedom-hating French foreigners who hate freedom and probably go backpacking.

  9. Of COURSE, because there’s NO difference between not being able to answer a foreign policy outcomes question from a Random American Voter and not being able to answer a personal question that’s got no bearing on anything from a news foof.

    We could fund the bailout with a telethon to waterboard these people. I’ll send in the change in the couch cushions before the repo men haul it away.

  10. During long scilence

    McCain: OMG! I think he’s a gay!
    Doochey: Why do birds poop on me?
    McCain: Think think think think.
    Doochey: I like going to the zoo and watch monkeys masturbating
    McCain: My god, I hate these long awkward pauses. Reminds me of Nam. Oh god NAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!
    Doochey: Next time, I’ll wear red. It brings out my eyes.

  11. I bet he practiced the Stephen Colbert eyebrow in front of a mirror, under the impression that Stephen Colbert is a highly successful conservative television commentator.

  12. Lol! McCain’s contempt is all but palpable, and yes, he did just call Douchy a fag in not so many words.

    Oh, speaking of “gotcha journalism” and other empty marketing slogans, “let Sarah be Sarah” sounds like it’s going to be the next GOP talking point de jour. Buchanan kept spitting it out on Hardball. So repeat after me, O ye, brainwashed millions – Let Sarah be Sarah, Let Sarah be Sarah, Let Sarah be Sarah, Let Sarah be Sarah.

  13. Did I hear at the end they were in Des Moines? Seriously? Why? No real city has space for them? I hear Aljazeera in Doha has extra studio space (and ZERO taxes, woohoo!) Allu Akbar!

    (Eid Mubarek everyone)

  14. aaargh McCrackers. Don’t feel sorry for him he is a robot, he doesn’t care!

    I was waiting for his head to explode; this R2 unit has a bad motivator.

  15. Doocy needs to give up and change the name of his show to “Mommy Issues” and only give interviews while curled up in the fetal position. It would make more sense for the viewers that way.

  16. [re=116095]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: A favorite! I was all of twelve when it was on teevee but I knew it was something special.
    Carvey does the nicknames and WRONG! with mastery. It develops a real fever pitch at the end there.

  17. Its just that type of “hard hitting” “TV journalism” that makes FOX “news” the number one rated “news” channel on the TV.
    Dan Rather, let alone Katie Couric, couldn’t have nailed Senator McCain the way Steve Doofey did.
    I wonder if any of the FOX faithful wonder why most of the female talking heads on the “news” channel look like Barbie dolls, while the men mostly look like your weird old uncle who smells bad and touches you in inappropriate places?

  18. Erm, they all laughed, so they all know that chartreuse is a color. Which was more cringe-inducing, the Colbert eyebrow attempt, or the attempt to cover up their knowledge of sissy elitist french colors?

  19. Actually, the reason McCain paused uncomfortably (more than he usually does before answering a question) was because a Fox intern was going down on him and that was his o-face.

    Was that inappropriate? That was probably inappropriate. My apologies to Wonkette and the world.

  20. Did Doocy & Bible Spice go to the same school of journalism? Brit Hume probably despises him & gives him swirlies in the toilet. Good God, they’ll put any moron on Fox, won’t they?

  21. Every time ya think Fox has reached a zenith of stupid, Steve Dookie opens his mouth and… viola! A new epoch of stupid is upon us.

    [re=116046]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: [re=116061]Dave J.[/re]: [re=116118]sanantonerose[/re]: Check back in 40 years. Trig Palin will have Steve Dookie’s job. And be better at it.

  22. Meanwhile, Governor Palin is calling on the rightwingnut talk show circuit, where she talked about health insurance today.

    “We’ve gone through periods of our life here with paying out of pocket for health coverage until Todd and I both landed a couple of good union jobs.”


  23. Doocy’s been getting on my nerves since he was on WRC-TV, in DC. He was always annoying the only thing added to the fetid brew is his shitty politics.

  24. [re=116081]Anonymous Office Zombie[/re]: I stayed up for days in the Chelesea Hotel, writin’ “Sad Eyed Lady of the Low Lands” for you. Sarah Oh Sarah!

  25. [re=116049]BillyClubb[/re]: but the sad thing is, he is pretty damn ugly. And a giant retard. And a sorry excuse even for a fake journalist. Makes me wonder if he has secret pictures of rupert murdock having teh buttsecks with a goat.

  26. OK, just got a chance to watch this, and all I can say is that the best part is probably when McCain starts smiling a goofy smile at the end there when he finally “gets it.”

  27. [re=116079]Borat[/re]: originally, blue was for the repugs and red for the demos but when cheney saw the colors on a teevee map, he thought the color red made it look like the demos were winning more states so than the repugs. he contacted the networks and had the colors reversed for future broadcasts.

  28. ohmydearsweetlord!! every time i see that guys name i think it’s douchey (why isn’t it, btw?) anyway – is he trying to say asking princess sarah hard questions like what magazines she reads is equal to asking mccain what what douchey’s favorite color is, o(or that it’s like mind reading to be able to talk about foreign policy or something?)i agree how does douchey even get up in the morning? better – why does he get up?

  29. Why is Steve Doocy on the air? Why is the Fox cable television network on the air? Why are most of the people on the Fox cable channel on the air? Why does anyone besides about 430,000 deluded morons watch the Fox channel? And how does this channel stay on the air, since no one is watching and it apparently doesn’t make any money and is among the worst television journalism in the business. What a bunch of untalented, unjournalistic morons. And McCain should know better–but the fact that he doesn’t know better than to appear on this pile of crap shows he is just as moronic as everyone on that horrible channel. They are all just morons.

  30. [re=116079]Borat[/re], [re=116402]mcfrady[/re]: True they are colors that have been used on TV (and earlier) electoral maps for some time. But there was no overall standard between network news organizations. In fact in 1980, NBC’s Reagan landslide map was almost solid blue.

    In the 2000 election they became cemented in people’s minds with the discussion and idea of “red states” and “blue states” so now the parties are pretty much stuck with what the standard was that year.

  31. Serially, where do they keep coming up with mutants like this? Steve Doocie, the self-anointed “weather guy” and political gadfly. Christ I can’t take it. Fux News, thank you!

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