Your associate editor was prepared to go to this funny-sounding debate party last Friday at the D.C. headquarters of libertarian masturbation pamphlet Reason, one for which Bob Barr was invited to yell at Obama and McCain on the teevee, live. Ineffectiveness and vanity on this level is, of course, the very essence of libertarianism. So instead your editor incoherently liveblogged from home, viciously drunk (sorry!) and FAR AWAY from the old yelling octoroon. But Liz Glover went in our stead, and she brought a sidekick!

Liz’s sidekick in the first segment of this video is a gal named Christina Tkacik. You “blog people” may recognize that last name! Christina’s sister is Moe Tkacik, the roaming Gawker Media editor who now writes about, uh, robot gadgets for the porn blog, Jalopnik. In this video, Christina interviews a self-identifying Paultard, who is drunk. Not an excuse! Wonkette subscribes to the drinking theory that alcohol only makes you more honest.

Then Liz interviews Bob Barr, who, again, was yelling at the teevee all night at a secretly communist magazine’s editorial offices.

Reason Debate Party with Bob Barr [Liz Glover]

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  1. “Bob Barr is debating.”

    Well, at least he has the appropriate delusions of grandeur to handle the presidency. And also the throne of France.

  2. The person with the video recorder obviously doesn’t speak libertarian.

    “The constitutional party is very theocratic”

    Translation: Oh god, let’s party.

    “We have to be quiet.”

    Translation: let’s go to the library bathroom and turn off the lights.

    “I could care less about facial hair.”

    Translation: I’m Bob Barr.

  3. [re=114354]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: i’d like to go on record as disagreeing with the pro-Xanax contingency, the filthy stuff interferes with excessive alcohol consumption……

    its a matter of principle..

  4. No “position” on facial hair, correct on gays in the military–what’s not to like?

    Is it true that a Libertarian is just a Republican in mirrored sunglasses?

  5. Bob Barr, 100 percent keereck on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Whoo. Feelin’ a little dizzy here; Bob Barr being right about something.

    BOB BARR ’08!!!!111!!!

  6. [re=114457]anabellum[/re]: Everything in moderation Anabellum and Shorts! A coupla xanax with a nice elitist bottle of chardonnay will do the trick quite nicely.

  7. Pfft, beltway libertaricrats. The day I started calling Reason a bunch of commies was the day I realized I was a fringe nutjob.
    I’m going back to my tinfoil shack with my tinfoil hat and tinfoil cat.

  8. I went to the party. Reason’s DC headquarters is pretty nice. They do like to drop the f-bomb. One of the Reason employees came over after the debate and makes the following announcement, “We’re taping a segment with Bob Bar, so please shut the f-k up!” This was after some guy during the debate watch yells, “Shut the f-k up!”. When did Reason turn into a surly band of sailors?

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